n. portland


Nadalind - Adalind Schade x Nick Burkhardt

Grimm 5 x20

With 38% of the votes counted, Channel 8 has declared Sean Renard the new mayor of Portland. 

Nick and Adalind reactions when the announcement Sean is mayor. They are anxious. Worried. When will this nightmare be over? 

plan for next five days

-get up get food get dressed n get to Portland not necessarily in that order
-go to power rangers

-maybe make dinner for my mom n sister for when they come home
-otherwise fucking uhhh??? more bonding time w my dad n brother I guess

-lunch with my mom
-maybe do some more downtown Portland stuff (maybe take my sister?? If she’s up for it she might like going to red light or pioneer courthouse square n the mall n shit)

-go to get my haircut FINALLY I can have volume again
-go get lunch with Samantha (sidenote: need to find a good lunch spot in Portland that isn’t overplayed like waffle window or tea bar or anything like that)
-whatever happens then just happens

-go home n hopefully just like do something but also relax