n. hawthorne


“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” 

Close To You

Pairing - Teen!Dean x Teen!Reader

Summary - Dean is in the area for a hunt and it’s prom night but he doesn’t want to let down his best girl.

Word Count - Approx. 2900

A/N - [Only AU in here should be Dean’s knowledge on vampires] You know how Dean’s life sucks? Well here’s how it must’ve been as a teen :))))

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The last few prom flyers balanced between your lips as you stapled one to the bulletin board. As you were circling the school making your rounds as a member of student council, people were pooling around you to eagerly gather information about the night.

Practically shoving your way through the mass of people, you huffed out to one of your friends that had joined you in walking through the narrow strip of empty hallway. “I swear, have they never seen a flyer before?”

Sheryl hugged her math binder closer to her chest. “Oh c’mon, Y/N. It’s prom, lighten up and don’t be a mood killer.”

“I am happy. I am lightened up. No mood killing here,” you said. “I’m just tired of being shoved around, that’s all.” She nodded her head in agreement, slightly distracted by a passing couple.

“Don’t think about Shawn. He’s a dirtbag who couldn’t commit to something longer than 10 minutes,” you said as you noticed the saddened expression of the once cheery girl. She exhaled deeply and delivered a smile you could’ve detected as fake a mile away.

“Forget about my pathetic love life. Let’s talk about who you’re going to prom with, Y/N.” She playfully bumped shoulders with you as you stopped at one of your last designated bulletin boards.

You groaned. “First my mom, Jen, and please for the love of God, not you too,” you begged.

She threw her hands up, “Fine. I won’t badger you.” As you were organizing your papers from flyers, Sheryl stopped in front of your shared chemistry class. “Are you ever going to tell me about what happened to Dean?” You tilted your head at her. You weren’t angry, just slightly stunned at her question.

“It’s totally fine if you didn’t wanna tell me. But, I don’t know… It seems like you had a good thing going and it just… ended,” she rushed out.

“We just sorta broke up, I guess.” The truth was, it wasn’t nearly as simple as that. The relationship had instantly budded when he moved to the area when easy-going, friendly banter turned into emotional closeness. You learned that Dean was never into titles, but you had liked to think that you were dating exclusively.

You tried to be okay with the fact that he left. In fact, he had warned you that he moved around due to his father’s job. One day he was here and the next day, he wasn’t. You couldn’t possibly be angry at him for leaving out of his control, so you gathered yourself and tried desperately to push him out of memory and label him as one of your stupid high school relationships.

Sheryl pursed her lips. “Oh… Well, lucky we got each other then, huh?”

You smiled at her genuinely and chuckled. “Yeah.” You nudged her towards the doorway of the classroom where students were beginning to clear their desks. “Now, let’s go get this test done before we have to repeat senior year again.”


You miscalculated. Sure, prom was fun in theory but actually being at prom, somewhat sucked. With multiple and relentless invitations to dance from your friends, you joined them on the main dancefloor with your group and their dates. It had started as fun at first but then, teachers began to buckle under pressures of dealing with drunk or promiscuous teens and prom-crashers, leaving you with mundane tasks like punchbowl duty or the occasional vomit duty.

With your lip curled in disgust and knees bent, you threw away the last of the soiled paper towel. You pumped the nearest sanitizer bottle and rubbed vigorously. You rolled your eyes at the fact that no teachers were on site and the fact that the school hadn’t anticipated the need for more chaperones

As you collected whatever pride you had left from cleaning up spilled punch by straightening your dress, an acquaintance you recognized as Daryl, approached you. “Hey Y/N. Someone’s looking for you out in the hallway. Told ‘em you were busy but they said it was important.”

You nodded. “Alright, thanks Daryl.”

When you opened the door to the empty hallway, you were completely relieved to escape from the booming music, sweaty bodies, and demands.

You took all of two steps left and right before you were tugged to the corner of the hallway. You were prepared to scream after letting out a gasp of surprise. A hand clamped over your mouth with quick reflexes and you were met with green eyes. Your eyes widened before he put his finger over his mouth, signaling that a teacher was nearby, scolding a student.

When you were certain that the teacher was gone, his hand fell naturally away from your mouth.

“Dean,” you breathed out. “I thought you were gone for good.”

“I was. And I guess I still will be after tonight but I was in town when I heard that prom was happening tonight and I thought I’d surprise my girl.”

“Well, I’m surprised.” You embraced him into a tight hug before placing a kiss on his lips, seemingly like nothing had happened, like there was no time gap.

“How did you get past security?” you asked as you pulled away. 

Dean, who was still undone by the moment, rubbed his hands along the curve of your dress casually. “Y/N c’mon, it’s me. You really think I can’t slip past a few underpaid mall cops?”

Your face split into a grin as you giggled. “Hey, I’m just asking!”

You began walking slowly, keeping in close spaces with him. You walked with comfortable silence through dimly-lit and empty hallways.

“Dare I ask what you’re doing in town? Or do I not wanna know?”

He pressed his lips together thoughtfully as he intertwined his hand with yours easily. “Probably the second option. But since you asked,” he paused for a moment, “vampires.”

“Vampires.” You laughed and shook your head.

He caught your smile and copied the action, “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing. Just gets weirder every time I hear it.”

“Yeah. They’re a real joy.” You pushed at him playfully as you continued walking. Suddenly, he paused, listening carefully, eyes searching. You were put on edge as you thought something was going on.

“Do you hear that?” 

You listened carefully for any alarming sounds. With the exception of the distant but loud music booming from the gym, the hallway was dead silent.

“Just an old song, why?”

Crimson and Clover,” he said with disbelief.

“Dean Winchester, am I hearing you utter admiration for something other than hard rock?” 

He shrugged his shoulders and your mouth fell open when he offered his hand. You stared at the hand like it offended you.

“I’m not letting you roam the hallways on your prom night. C’mon, it won’t bite.” He wiggled his hand towards your direction, solidifying his offer. You rose an eyebrow as you took his hand hesitantly.

“So you finally decide to dance and it’s in an isolated and dark hallway to a song my dad probably listened to?” You clasped your hands around his neck. “You’re just a mystery that’s never going to be solved, huh?”

“There’s probably a million other things you need to know.” He controlled the dance by swaying your bodies side to side, as well as backward and forward. His concentrated look on you reminded you of only a few select times you had caught him looking at you the way he was.

You constantly had to remind yourself that Dean was temporary. His very presence was so fragile and tonight had taught you that although he would never be a permanent settlement, he would always a significant part of your growth. He wasn’t going to be labeled as an unimportant part of your life because that would be a lie.

At an appropriate part, he twirled you down a small portion of the long stretch of the hallway before abruptly dipping you backwards. 

Your position allowed you to feel your pulse beating and blood rushing through your veins as you looked up at him. As quickly as he lowered you, he pulled you back up at eye-level. You could feel his breath on your face at the same time you expelled yours. You couldn’t even bring yourself to conjure up a joke at risk of ruining the moment.

You rested your head against his chest, breathing him in. “When do you think you’re leaving?”

He held you closer to him. “Probably tomorrow.” 

You stayed quiet, listening to the soft music, barely audible from your place in the school. You wanted so bad to tell him to somehow stay, somehow return to the way things were. You knew it was implausible and stupid of you to even think of it so all you could do was accept his closeness for the moment.

“Y/N, Ms. Hawthorne needs you asap,” Parker, a shy senior you had only talked to once, said.

You closed your eyes for a second and smacked your lips together. “Alright. I’ll be right there.” 

With an exception of a questioning look towards Dean, she scurried away.

“Stay below the radar. Stay for a little while longer, I’ll be right back,” you said as you let go of him.

“Not a thing I’d rather do more.”

You offered him a toothy grin in which he returned back as he shoved his hands in leather pockets. With eager speed, you walked as fast as you could to find the chaperone.

When you reached the heavy set of metal double doors, the crowd remained the same as when you left. As predicted, Ms. Hawthorne was becoming overwhelmed by her duties and started panicking at the low supply of refreshments and appetizers. 

Whether or not you were motivated to get back to Dean, you worked twice as efficient by calling the caterer for emergency orders, constantly checking the time passed.

After shuffling to get everything done quickly and painlessly, you exhaled deeply in relief.

Mrs. Hawthorne appeared behind you and touched your shoulder, “Y/N, you’ve done so much for us already. Go enjoy your prom.” 

You expressed your gratitude by smiling widely.

“Oh, tell Dean I said hi. And also tell him I haven’t forgotten about that English paper.” 

You narrowed your eyes, about to question her knowledge on his presence.

“Parker has a mouth on her,” she read your mind. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell,” she said with a lowered voice and winked. You couldn’t resist a slightly exaggerated laugh. You barely looked back as you rushed to off to the exit.

Only when you were on a different floor and away from everyone, did you feel the hairs on your neck rise and goosebumps rise on your skin. 

The overhead lights flickered once and then twice before everything got eerily quiet because you were on guard. Your paces rapidly increased in rush to find, logically, the only person that could protect you.

You were struck with fear and panic when a door closed from down the hall that distracted you. Suddenly, you took a blow to the head by a strong force towards your temple that caused you to completely lose balance and sense of direction. Black dots started to infiltrate your vision as excruciating pain rooted from your temple and currented to your toes. You felt paralyzed and out-of-touch to comprehend what was happening, let alone move or speak. Choosing to stay dormant, you closed your eyes as the remaining light faded away from you.


Distant shuffling filled your ears as a barely familiar room started to slowly fill your vision. Your automatic response was to touch your head, which was still painfully tender. You winced immediately as you tried to move and certain points on your body felt too sore to move.

“Don’t try to move. You’ll make it worse.” 

Your eyes blinked copious amounts of times and you searched the room a couple times before identifying the voice.

“Dean.” Your voice came out hoarse before clearing your throat. “What happened?”

“The vampire I was hunting, I killed him. I didn’t realize that son of a bitch was from a nest in town,” he began. “I guess his mate was tracking me since yesterday to get revenge.” 

He shook his head, the tip of his tongue running over his back teeth, “I was trying to find you and keep out of teachers’ radars and I found her carrying you to God knows where.”

“Did anyone else get hurt?” you questioned.

“No, everything is still in full swing downstairs,” he said. You nodded in relief.

“How you feelin’?” he asked.

“Like if someone hit me over the head with a bat, I’d thank them because it would hurt less than this,” you joked as you tenderly rubbed your head, searching for any other wounds your assailant could have inflicted on you.

Dean kept a straight face, occupying himself with putting together his disassembled gun, the parts spread out on the nurse’s bed you were laying on. You chewed on the inside of your cheek, watching his skilled hands handle the gun with practiced ease.

“You need to get out of here. Get home, and lock your doors. I’ll pull the fire alarms, cut the night short.” 

You had just noticed the machete tucked neatly on the inside of one of the lapels of his jacket and syringes poking out of the other.

He prepared to rise up but you stopped him prematurely by gripping his forearm. “What? Why? I thought you killed her.” You looked up to his eyes from the lowered position but he avoided your gaze.

“Chances are, the rest of the nest knows where she was, which means they’ll be looking for her if she doesn’t come back,” he responded curtly. “I won’t take the chances of this high school becoming a bloodbath.” 

You wanted to say something but were weighted down by the way he was talking to you - like a stranger waiting for orders.

You found your voice soon enough. “So you’re just gonna put yourself in danger? Just like that?”

“I’ve taken down a nest before but my father will be here soon,” he said with a slightly annoyed twinge.


“I can’t get clearer than this: go the hell home, or you will die,” he ordered.

“What the hell is your problem?” you finally snapped. He narrowed his eyes at you before you continued. “I didn’t do a damn thing to you and you’re treating me like crap! You don’t want me around, fine. But you don’t gotta be all hostile about it.”

He sighed, seemingly collecting himself. “Look, you could’ve been hurt - no,” he swallowed thickly mid-sentence, “would’ve died if I hadn’t found you immediately.”

A small smile twitched at your lips. “Dean, you did that. You saved me.”

He shook his head. “If I hadn’t been sloppy in the first place, and then noticed her trailing me, you wouldn’t have been in danger.” You looked down when he continued. “I don’t think you understand that you would’ve been gone for good.”

Your smile faded as you tried not to let your voice waver. “Don’t you get that I know that? I don’t want to say aloud that I could’ve died because everything you warned me about, everything you said about never having you in my life is gonna be true.”

“Listen Y/N. For the longest time, I knew the risks of getting close to you but seeing you lying there, barely a pulse left in you was the final thing that pushed me to actually understanding. I’ve done a lot of crap in my life and it caused things to go south but you… I realized that I can’t let you get hurt. I wouldn't be able to handle it.“

You were left speechless, forced to open your mouth and then snapped it shut when you couldn’t find the right words at that second.

Finally, you pressed your lips together and exhaled deeply. “When you left, I’ve been acting like everything’s okay because in the back of my mind, I so stupidly felt like you were coming back for me or something, I don’t know.” 

You laughed mirthlessly, “I think it’ll take a long time for me to accept that you’ll be gone when tomorrow rolls around but I’ll be okay.”

He smiled sadly at you before cupping your cheek and placing a lingering kiss on your forehead. You closed your eyes, savouring the moment with one of the only boys in your life that truly cared about you.

The air was dense and quiet with words that could never be said as you watched him pack up the hidden bag underneath the nurse’s desk.

At this point, you were sat up on the edge of the bed, aware that you needed to get home with Sheryl immediately. You wanted to wait for Dean to leave first before you stepped out to leave because you felt your goodbye would have more validity.

When Dean reached the door and as you watched him open it in preparation to leave, he held the door frame with one hand before turning back to you.

“Hey, you still my girl?” he asked, almost timidly, but at the same time, keeping his confident demeanor.

And although there was a mutual understanding of what could never be between the two of you, you smiled and responded, “Always.”