n. a. cope and d. e. arnold

anonymous asked:

If you need a distraction how about you answer this ask with one thing you love that starts with every letter of the abcs. It might take your mind off of it for a minute or two plus it reminds you of all the things you love

!!! this is a rly good idea?? dang i might use that as a coping skill from now on thank u

a. arnold cunningham
b. boys
c. cockatiels
d. dogs
e. eeyore
f. falsettos
g. gordon michael schwinn
h. hamsters
i. icecream
j. jonathan groff
k. kissing my gf
l. loving my gf
m. mochi (my dog)
n. noodle (my dog)
o. otters
p. pugs
q. quails
r. 💖💖💖 ry 💖💖💖
s. snails
t. tail wags
u. ugandan villagers from bom
v. volcanoes
w. wamen
x. xenopus (i had to look this up)
y. yelling
z. zooming in on my pet’s faces