In my personal headcanon, Lillie and Gladion meet N and Silver at some point to start a sort of “kids of crappy supervillain parents” support group and they end up being friends and Gladion and Silver share stories about Team Rocket and Team Skull’s respective incompetence, and Lillie gushes about her little Pokemon nebula baby while N gladly listens, and Silvally becomes the group’s therapy pet, and everyone’s happy.

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I hv this feeling/headcanon that despite having type-disadvantage against Guzma, Nanu could still beat the shit out of Guzma with ease if they were ever battle (fortunately or unfortunately for Guzma, Nanu tend to be lazy & not willing to fight 99.99% of the time >w>)

that, & ol’ Nanu probably treat the “Your boy, Guzma” like a literal 10 or 12yo boy, despite Guzma’s annoyance. Sometime the older man will also tease &/or verbally embarrassed the team skull boss whenever he has the chance as well; at least he was kind enough to only do it when Guzma was alone by himself X’D

last but not least, Guzma’s floofy hair was surprisingly fun to draw! 8D ♥ 


red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes