I have a headcanon that N doesn’t know that there are Pokemon that eat other Pokemon so when Touko catches him feeding them purely vegan food and getting them ill by accident she has to sit him down, hold his hand, look into his innocent eyes and tell him the truth.
He doesn’t believe her at first. Pokemon would never eat other Pokemon! That’s cannibalism! But then she has to show him a video of a Serperior swallowing a Torchic whole and it scars him for life.

Pokemon Calendar Challenge - February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day! Who is your favorite Pokémon Ship? It could be from the games, manga, or anime! If you don’t ship… here’s another - if your partner had to propose to you using the tools of Pokémon, how would you want to be proposed to?

WARNING: There’s gonna be ship hate. On Valentines Day, the day of love and embracing romance. What a day for hating on other people’s fun. I’m such a bitter and nasty person. No seriously there’s gonna be anti-ship stuff based on my own personal interpretations of the characters (specifically regarding most Steven Stone ships e.g. Origin/Hoennchamp/whatever the Brendan version is and Riley ships, aside from Steven/Riley itself) so if you ship any of those, yeah, just a warning. I mean there’s cute stuff about N first if you want to read up to that part.

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Headcanon that N has no idea what ice cream is so when Touko surprises him with a special sundae that looks almost exactly like a Vanilluxe he starts talking to it before she beheads it with a spoon. He starts screeching and crying. He cradles and rocks it in his arms, whispering things like ‘I’m so sorry this had to happen to you my friend…you will be at peace soon…’ as it melts to nothingness.
Everyone is staring and murmering but Touko is very patient and understanding and glares at anyone who gives him a funny look. She helps him clean himself up and waits for him to stop sobbing to reassure him that it wasn’t a real Pokemon and she gets him a normal ice cream cone for him to try and he falls in love with it