Bts reaction to you fangirling over their baby photos:

Request: Can you perhaps do a scenario where you find their baby pictures and you’re just fangirling over how cute and adorable they are please? I would be so happy if you do this and I’m nervous because this is my first ask ever 😅 I’d like to thank you in advance! I’m also a fan of your work! 💕

Al N: wow I’m so honored that I’m your first, there is no need to be nervous ;)  I hope it lives up to your expectations.


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Joins you in your silly session as he is the most confident memeber in himself. I can see him going like wow! look at how beautiful I was!


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Shy baby as he watches from a distance, a gummy smile itching on his face involuntarily while you go through old pictures and gasp at his cuteness. He won’t get involved but damn watching you was so fun.


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The one to actually squeal along you and start rummaging through the old photos, if you didn’t know better, you would think he was a a proud dad showing his baby pics.

Rap Monster:

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Shy af Namjoon might as well snatch the papers from your hands only to give it back seconds later after earning a very displeased growl from you. Probably the only one who will feel really awkward and hesitant. Although when he saw only cute and happy responses he felt a lot easier.


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Watching you getting all cute and squishy was the best part for him. Sure he complained a few times that he is a man and not a cute baby bun but at some point he stopped paying attention to the pictures and just started shamelessly taking your beautiful reactions in and trying not to kiss all over your face.

V/ Taehyung:

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Who are we kidding he probably found them and showed you himself because he has so much pride in his baby self. Tae will explain each pic like this was taken by my Grandma, that one at the subway, It was my birthday in this pic. A lot of cuddling and cute names really.


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It’s as if we didn’t see it coming. Shy shy shy and he won’t hide it. His face will turn red, he will ask you multiple times to drop it but Jungkook’s curiosity will eventually get the best of him and he will painfully sit down next to you and remember the old days.
i loved you, then i lost you {3}

a/n: al r i g ht im starting this early lets see if i can not be a disappointment (i swear to god if tumblr keeps lagging im going to go insane)

pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: fluff + angst

summary:  you watched and watched as taehyung suffered from his one-sided love, comforting him when he cried, comforting him as he threw up those fucking flower petals. it hurt you whenever he would stare lovingly into that girl’s eyes, giggling and playing with her hair. it pained you when he kept throwing up flowers, pushing the thought that his lover didn’t love him away; he was so dejected, yet he never saw how much happiness he brought to you.

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Jimin accompanied you on your way home, trying to lighten up the mood. “Hey, (y/n)! Wanna get ice cream?!” He pointed at a small convenience store, his face lighting up. You looked up to where his finger pointed at, shivering. 

“It’s cold, Jimin,” you protested only to be shushed by the smaller male.

“That’s alright! I can pay, too! I got lots of money!” Jimin grinned, grabbing your hand and skipping happily into the store. He waved at the cashier, rushing over to the ice cream on display in the mini freezer. “Which one do you want?” He turned to you, the bright smile lighting up the gloomy store. 

You felt yourself smiling back, sticking your cold hands in your pockets. “The Oreo one.” 

“Oo, nice choice!” He opened the freezer door, reaching his hand inside and grabbing the Oreo ice cream, handing it to you. “I’ll just get a pint of vanilla~” He sang, grabbing his own ice cream and dragging you to the cashier. He whistled happily as he payed, grabbing two spoons from the little box provided on the counter. “Thank you!” Jimin yelled as the two of you exited the store swiftly.

“Ice cream is the best for these kinds of nights, ya know?” He whispered, opening the ice cream and sticking his spoon in. You opened the wrapper, biting down on the ice cream. 

“Shit!” You yelped, feeling a shiver run down your spine. “Fuck, I shouldn’t have bitten down with my front teeth,” 

Jimin laughed as the two of you walked, eating his own ice cream. “So..” he mumbled after a while of eating. “What’s with you and the Taehyung dude?”

You paused, staring straight forward. “W-What do you mean?”

“I mean, you seemed super uncomfortable when he came by.” Jimin explained, looking up at the house in front of him. “Is this your house?”

You nodded, clutching on the ice cream stick tightly. “Yep.” 

“Did he live here, too?”

You rushed up the stairs to your front door, walking inside and shutting the door closed. “Wait, was that too personal? I’m sorry!” Jimin whined, walking up the stairs carefully. 

“I-It’s fine, Jimin,” you yelled through the door, coughing loudly onto the ground. 

“(y/n)?! Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, just go!” You continued to yell, struggling to speak with the flowers interrupting you. The ice cream fell onto the ground as you trembled, slamming your hand on the floor. Tears fell down onto the flowers, splattering into tiny drops. You covered your mouth to muffle the hiccups, the tears streaming down your hand and chin, dropping onto the floor. “Mmf..” You murmured, curling up into a ball. 

Both you and Jimin never finished your ice cream that day.

You groaned as your phone vibrated on the wooden table next to your bed, covering your ears. “Who the fuck is calling me at this time!”

You grabbed your phone, letting out a hiss of pain at the brightness of the screen, and stared at the caller ID. ‘Unknown,’ it read. You gulped, answering the call hesitantly, putting it on speaker and clearing your throat. “Hello?”

“H-Hello? Is this (y/n)?”

“Jungkook? How- why-” You cleared your throat once again, sitting up-right in your bed. “How did you get my number and why are you calling me at six AM?”

Jungkook chuckled nervously, letting out a shaky breath. “Yoongi gave it to me.”

“Look, I only know you as a bartender,” you mumbled, rubbing your temple. “This is weird, you know that? Someone at a bar, that I was forced to go with against my will, has gotten my number and called me at six AM,”

“Wait, it’s not like a creepy thing or anything!” Jungkook argued. “I rarely have, um..normal friends, so I got excited.”

You sat there silently for a few seconds before continuing. “What do you mean, normal friends?”

Jungkook sighed. “They’re all drug addicts and alcoholics.”

You brought the phone up to your ear, taking him off speaker. “Drug addicts, not to mention also alcoholics?” A chuckled escaped your lips. “You don’t seem like the kind of man to be friends with those people, international playboy.”

Jungkook laughed. “Hey, that’s just a nickname I have. Call me Jungkook, it feels less awkward!” You laughed with him, covering your mouth to somehow silence it. After a while, Jungkook laughed quietly, sniffling. You looked up at your ceiling, laying yourself back into the comfort of your bed.

“Ahh..April, huh?” You murmured. “You got allergies?”

“Yup.” Jungkook groaned, blowing his nose. You laughed. 


“Hey, it’s part of human nature, man!” He joked, putting an obnoxious accent to pair with his words.

“Still gross.”

He laughed again. “I have to go. Have a nice day, (y/n).”

You let out a sigh of satisfaction. “Yep. Hope you have a nice day too, playboy Jungkook.”

“Hey, it’s Jungkook!” He grumbled, hanging up the call. You threw your phone onto your bed, standing up and stretching your arms. You did the usual routine you did everyday, combing your hair slowly. 

Cursing at the knots in your hair, you checked your side of your head to hide the small mishap in your hair. “God, I need to cut my hair soon,” is what you always said, but was too scared to do so. You sprinted downstairs, glancing at the clock. You were skipping college classes. That wouldn’t be such a problem, right? You shrugged, grabbing a granola bar and walking out your front door.

You walked around the street in your neighborhood, munching quietly on your breakfast. Not many people were up and about this early in the morning, they themselves also not good with mornings from your observations. “Hey, (y/n)!” A strong voice echoed from behind, making your turn behind with the granola bar in your mouth. 

“Hmf?” You took the bar out, staring at Yoongi panting with his hands on his knees. 

“Fuck, you walk too fast..” He groaned, walking over to you with quick breaths. “I can’t keep up.”

You giggled, breaking the granola bar in half and handing a piece to Yoongi. “What are you doing here this early, grandpa?”

“I am not a grandpa,” he scoffed. “And I could say the same about you.”

“I asked you first.”

He stuck the granola bar in his mouth, shrugging and pointing at his stuffed cheeks. “Canft talg.” 

You rolled your eyes, crossing the street and patting down your hair. “No, seriously, why are you here? I didn’t tell you where I was going and I don’t remember us making any plans.”

Yoongi gulped down the rest of the bar, wiping his mouth. “Jungkook kept bothering me to give him your number. I couldn’t go back to sleep.” You chuckled. “Did he actually call you?”


He cursed loudly, jumping himself up onto the edge of the sidewalk. “That kid, I swear to god if he wakes me up one more time-”

You paused. “..Wait, was he in your house?”

Yoongi froze, scratching the back of his neck. “Yeah. He would’ve gone with his friends if I didn’t bring him.” he shrugged. “It’s the normal.”

“Must be hard for him, huh?” You murmured as the two of you reached a small cafe. You read the large letters on the front. “Rose D’or,” you read, grabbing Yoongi’s arm. “Wanna sit?” He nodded, sitting down across from you. 

“The kid has a really messed up past, you know.” Yoongi spoke, leaning back in his chair. You cocked an eyebrow, staring at him with interest.

“Really? All I know is that he has weird friends.” Yoongi shrugged. You continued, “Can you tell me more?”

He tilted his head. “I can. But if something happens because you did something or said something about his past, I’m not part of this.”


Yoongi sat up, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Jungkook’s parents weren’t really that bad. They just fought a lot and..the fights were intense.” He gripped his hand around the arm rest of the chair. “He told me that they’d throw stuff everywhere, then have sex later,” he chuckled softly. “His family was poor, too. Mother was a prostitute to earn money, no one knows what the dad did. Dad left not a long time after Jungkook got into middle school.” You tightened the grip on your knees, biting down on the inside of your cheek. Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows. “His mother got fucked up after that. She wasn’t great with people leaving her. She went all..psycho and did fucked up shit.” His eyes followed a man walking into the cafe, wetting his lips with his tongue. 

“She started getting abusive until Jungkook found out about me in high school.” 

You blinked. “Wait, high school? Weren’t we friends at that time?”

“I didn’t wanna tell you. He was super shy at that time, too.” He continued, “Anyways, he somehow became friends with those..people. I don’t know how he got to know them, but he almost got cuffed up by being with them during their weird acts.” He rolled his eyes. “Those people are obnoxious as fuck, not to mention sneaky.”

You waited for him to finish, surprised when he didn’t. “That’s it?”

Yoongi shrugged. “Jungkook’s really closed up about his past. That’s all I got, (y/n).” He took his phone out, checking the time. “It’s 8 AM. Don’t you have classes?”

“Don’t you have them too?” You retorted, smiling evilly at him. He rolled his eyes, shoving his phone back in his pocket. 

“Hey, I’m only skipping because I have a good reason. You’re the goody two-shoes whatever kind of kid.”

“I am not a kid!” You grumbled, crossing your arms and turning your head away. 

“You only prove my point more by doing that,” he laughed, raising his hand to let a waiter bring the two of you menus. 

“Oh? Was my granola bar not enough?” You asked as the waiter brought two menus, opening it up and scanning the items. Yoongi groaned, ignoring your question. 

“Shit, never knew a cafe had so many food selections..” he murmured quietly, his eyes darting from item to item. You smiled at his reaction, glad he was starting up his normal eating routine. Yoongi was a fairly skinny boy, but his legs were stick thin when you first met him in high school. Of course he ate healthy, but you were still genuinely worried he only ate when near you so he wouldn’t have to deal with anything. You shrugged, realizing you were over-thinking. 

After a few minutes, the two of you ordered your food; you ordered a croissant and he ordered pancakes. The waiter grabbed your menus and handed the two of you cups of waters, nodding and walking away into the cafe. Yoongi sat there silently, playing with his thumbs. “You know,” He said abruptly, catching your attention. “We were really worried for you back there in the club.” 

Your facial expression darkened. “Not now, Yoongi.”

He shook his head. “I’m serious. Why did you suddenly stand up like that? The two of you could have just talked it out, you know.” 

“Yoongi, this isn’t the time.” You whispered, glaring at him. “I don’t want to even remember him.”

Yoongi opened his mouth to talk back, but only closed it when the waiter brought over the food. He sighed, “Fine.” He grabbed the knife and began to cut into the pancakes while you took a bite out of the croissant. 

“Anyways!” He ate a piece of the pancake, looking up at you. “Did you get to meet Jimin well enough? He said he ate ice cream with you.” He chuckled at the thought. “He’s like a little kid.”

You took another bite, raising your shoulders up and down. “I guess.” You shot a curious glance at him. “You really do get..acquainted with weird people.”

He paused, staring up at you. “What do you mean?”

“Jimin seems like..rich, Jungkook is just out there..” you chuckled. “It’s weird.”

Yoongi snorted, taking a sip of water. “Are you saying I’m not supposed to have friends?”

You shook your head. “Nah, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that you seem unique with the two.” 

The two of you ate while chattering about random things - college, friends, all that. You laughed at Yoongi complaining about how annoying everything was, feeling the life come back to your world.

June 20th, Saturday, 1 PM in the afternoon. Yoongi showed up at your door, knocking on it loudly. “Let me in, (y/n)!”

You opened the door with a slam, staring at him with a glare.  “What?”

Taken aback, Yoongi sighed. “Taehyung’s wedding is today.” You froze. “Come on, you can get over this.”

Your eyes wandered over to your phone, checking the date again. “Why should I? He doesn’t want to see me, I wouldn’t want to see me either.”

“Cut the bullshit, (y/n).” He grabbed your shoulders, shaking your roughly. “You were just happy yesterday. Get dressed and lets go.”

“No.” You mumbled, still dazed from being woken up early and allowing your hair to fall in front of your face.

“You’re really making me do this,” he groaned, grabbing your arm and dragging you upstairs to your room. He went inside your closet after setting you on your bed, looking for an outfit for you to wear. It almost made you laugh at how frustrated he was. “Do you not have anything good to wear?!”

“I don’t get dresses, they’re uncomfortable.” You finally said, somehow relaxing at his frustration. Yoongi glared at you, annoyed that you were satisfied at how much he tried to find a dress.

“You’re a pain in the ass.” He pulled out a light, flowery blouse and jeans. “Wear it, lets go.” He threw the clothes at you and slammed the door closed, waiting for you outside your door.

You stared down at the clothes. It had been exactly three months since the incident with Taehyung happened. Your sickness had gotten worse, and you felt weaker, less energetic. “I’m not going,” you whispered to yourself.

“Hurry the fuck up!” Yoongi complained outside the door, knocking on it once.

The numbers on your phone signaled the time as it changed. 1:03. You let out a small sigh before slipping into the clothes. As you changed into the jeans, memories flashed in your mind. It had been three months since the fight with Taehyung, and neither of you had talked to each other since then. Jungkook and you became friends, along with Jimin. You zipped yourself up, not bothering with makeup and combing your hands in your tangled hair. 

Swinging the door open, Yoongi yelled in surprise. “For fuck’s sake,” he grabbed your arm. “It’s starting in thirty minutes. Lets go.”

The car ride to the wedding was silent, the two of you focused on the road ahead of you. “Why am I going again? I’m sure Taehyung hates me.”

“Don’t say that.” Yoongi tightened his grip on the steering wheel. “He got over it. Probably.” He turned the steering wheel to the left, parking the car in a small space between two large ones. Unbuckling his seat belt, he nodded at you. “Lets go.”

You kicked the floor of the car, unbuckling yourself as well and got out the car. The building was large and tall, balloons surrounding the opening. “Congratulations, Love Birds!” The banners hung above the doors. You stared at it before being dragged inside by Yoongi, shoving past other guests. “Hey! (y/n)!” A familiar voice ringed in your voice, putting a hand on your shoulder. Yoongi halted, letting out a ‘tch’ sound. 

You turned around to meet Jungkook, his hair slicked back and eyes wide. “Hey! I didn’t know you’d be here!”

“I didn’t want to be here.”

He glanced at Yoongi, faltering and nodding in apology. “Oops..sorry, Yoongi! I just finally found another person I knew!”

“It’s fine, kid. I have to take (y/n) to someone, though.”

Jungkook raised an eyebrow, turning his gaze towards you. “Oh..okay. Be careful.” He smiled, waving at the two of you as you walked away.

Yoongi barged into a room around a corner, clutching your arm tightly. “Ow.” You muttered, struggling to move your arm away. 

“Yoongi!” A woman’s voice shouted loudly, making your cringe. You looked up, staring at the groom and bride smiling at Yoongi. Not at you, Yoongi.

“Hi.” He grumbled, letting go of your arm. Your eyes meet with the groom’s, identifying them as Taehyung’s. The rest of the guests in the room continued chattering, keeping their voices low. “Talk to him at least, kid.”

“I’m not talking to him. I’m going back to find Jungkook.” You hissed, glaring at Yoongi. “He’s the only one who seems to allow me to have freedom.”

“(y/n)!” Taehyung’s cheery voice rang in your head, causing you to freeze up. You stared at him. “Hey! Come over here, at least!” He motioned for you to come over, his smile glowing upon his skin. Yoongi pushed your forward, murmuring in your ear. 

“Just do it, (y/n). It’ll be fine. I’m gonna wait outside.” He left the room, leaving you there, stuck in your spot with widened eyes. Suha smirked, walking over to you and looping her arm with yours. 

“Hey, Taehyung wants you to come over, lets talk!” She giggled, dragging you towards Taehyung. You struggled, trying to get her grip off of your arm without causing a commotion. You stumbled over a shoe, leaning forward and gritting your teeth together. Suha let out a quiet laugh, pulling you back up and bringing you to Taehyung.

“I’ll let you two talk. I need to go talk to daddy.”

Suha left the room, leaving you and Taehyung together. You felt relieved other people were in the room as well, but their chatter dialed down and only a few whispers came out and drifted about. You felt your heart flutter when Taehyung took your hand, fingering his hands through your hair. “You look different. Did you loose weight?”

You stayed silent, staring down at the floor. ‘I didn’t want you to get married. I didn’t want you to leave me, why did you do it? I can’t function anymore. You’re gonna go away. You’re leaving. Why?’ you thought to yourself, not gathering the courage to say those words. He sighed, letting his hand fall from your hair, the one gripping your hand still holding on tight. “You have to eat. It’s bad for you if you don’t, and I’ll spank you if you refuse.” He pulled on your cheek, surprised when he struggled. “Did you not put makeup on?”

“Yoongi dragged me here.” You whispered, taking your hand out his grip and shoving it in your pocket. The rest of the guests shuffled out the room, shutting it softly. “I didn’t want to come.”

Taehyung let out a small laugh, adjusting his sleeves. “I should’ve expected that, I guess.”

You raised your hand to your mouth, biting down on your thumb. You gnawed on it before Taehyung forced you to stop, eyes wide. “What are you doing? You’re bleeding!” Your eyes trailed down to your hand, noticing the blood trailing down your wrist. 

“Oh, shit.” You jerked your hand away, wiping the blood away from your thumb. “It’s a habit.”

Taehyung stared at you while shaking his head, turning around to face his back towards you. “You know, I really regret having that fight at the club.” 

“You didn’t seem so sorry when you didn’t bother to call me.”

“I thought you’d call back, even if I didn’t have you number, you always used to do that.” You scoffed, shoving your injured hand in your pocket as well and turning away. “I don’t even know why I’m here. I’m going to go to Jungkook.”

Taehyung grabbed your arm, pulling you back. “Stay here for a while, it won’t hurt!” He pressed, smiling brightly.

“Why should I?” You grumbled, pulling your arm away. “Why would I watch you get married to a slut?”

His fists trembled as they clenched into a tight fist, a small smirk forming upon your lips. “Hurts, doesn’t it? Reality does really fucking suck.” You turned around to face the door, grabbing the door knob and leaving Taehyung in the room alone. 

You stumbled into Yoongi on your way out, letting out a small “oh.” Yoongi stared down at you and dragged you up. “How did it go?” He asked quickly, glancing at the room. “You guys took a lot less time than I thought you would.”

“Yoongi, can’t we just go already?” You whined, crossing your arms. “I have nothing to do with these two.”

“Yes, yes you do.” He snapped, leaning against the wall. “You’ve been friends with him for years now, (y/n). Don’t do this to them over a small fight.”

“Small fight?!” You raised your voice, unaware of the stares you were causing the two of you to get from the others. “Yoongi, he’s about to get married to a prissy princess who just likes sex! Does no one fucking believe me?!” You wrapped your hand around his collar, staring him dead in the eye. “I’ll say it again. I have nothing to do with them.”

“So, you’ll just act like Taehyung was nothing to you?” 


Yoongi smirked. “Then I don’t know you either.”

You faltered, your grip loosening on his collar. “Excuse me?”

He moved your arm away. “Taehyung was the one who introduced me to you, anyways. So if you just want to discard all the shit you’ve been through with him, I’ll make sure I can’t contact you at all. In fact, I’ll just move.” You felt your stomach churn as sweat dripped down your face. 

“You wouldn’t do that, Yoongi,” you said shakily, “I know you wouldn’t. Why are you doing this to me?”

Yoongi growled at you angrily, “You’re acting like a bitch at his wedding. Do you know how much he’s been yearning to find the love of his life? He’s having this great party right now, but here you are, acting up like a child!”

“I am not acting like a child!” You gasped. “You’re the one who brought me here, anyways! If I had a choice, I wouldn’t be here, you little sh-”

“You came here yourself. I never forced you.” He glared at you. 

Plus, you still love Taehyung.

You fell silent and lowered your head. “I do not.”

“You do.”

“I don’t fucking love him!” You screamed, tears dripping down your face. Yoongi blinked twice, standing up correctly with wide eyes. “For fuck’s sake, Yoongi!” You cried, wiping at your eyes furiously. “I thought you would help me with this, you know. But now, here I am, acting like a child, as you said!”

“Shit, I didn’t-”

“Oh, yes you did.” You interrupted, gritting your teeth together. “Don’t put all that on me this time. You meant every word you said that came out your mouth.”

“(y/n), calm down, people are staring..”

You slammed your fist on the wall. “Is that all you care about, people staring?! Not helping your friend crying, who’s suffering, everything?!”

Yoongi raised his hand, the sound of his hand and your cheek colliding echoing throughout the hallway. Everyone froze in surprise, some covering their mouths and some murmuring to their friends. Your head stayed in the position where Yoongi slapped you, lip trembling. The stinging sensation spread throughout your body, sending shivers down your back. You put your hand to your cheek, not bothering to wipe your eyes. “I think I’m gonna go now.” You muttered, turning away. 

“Wait, I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me-” You raised your hand to stop him, shaking your head. 

“No, really, I should have gotten hit. You can run me over with your car too, you know. Would take me out of my misery faster.”

“(y/n), you’re thinking about that way too fast!” Yoongi rushed to your side, hesitant to touch your shoulder. You stumbled, letting out a loud cough into your hand. Both you and Yoongi stared at the flowers falling out your mouth, letting them flutter onto the ground. The guests stared in horror, as well as awe, at the flowers coming out your mouth. 

“Shit!” Yoongi glared at the others, taking off his jacket and wrapping it around you. “We’ll deal with this later. Get in the restroom.” He ushered you to the bathroom, closing the door after you entered. You threw his jacket off, quick to go to the toilet and throw up. 

“S-Shi-” God, your condition was really getting worse. You felt as if you were suffocating, that damned disease. If only it didn’t exist, if only you hadn’t loved Taehyung - you’d be free. Free, free like all the other people. You gripped the handle of the drawer in the sink next to you, coughing loudly and painfully while trying to keep your hand on the handle. Your palms became sweaty, sweat ran down your face, and your body lost it’s energy. 

The flowers continued to flow down and down, the horrendous sound paired along with your choked sobs. You smiled at yourself shakily, wondering how embarrassing it was to be with you. Ruining a wedding, friendship, what else was there for you to ruin?

You calmed down after a steady hour, flushing the flowers down and washing both your hands and face. Your knees knocked together while you bent down to pick up Yoongi’s jacket, opening the door. He grabbed your shoulders as you fell down, all energy that was once in your body now gone. “I guess I really shouldn’t have brought you here..Jungkook, stop, she’s not feeling well..no, I swear to god, don’t touch..it’s nothing bad…” The voices floated around your head, drifting in and out of consciousness, only to be jerked up again when a blast of pain shot through your head once in a while.

“(y/n)? Can you hear me?” Jungkook’s voice whispered near your ear. You felt his hand comb through your hair, reassuring you that you were fine. “The ceremony already started. No one’s here. It’s okay if you leave, we’ll come with you. Sleep for now, okay?” Hands gripped around your arms, helping you out the door. “Yoongi, hurry up, I think people are starting to notice..”

“Shush, I’m trying.” Yoongi hissed, opening up the car to the back seat and carefully placing you on the seats. “Get in, Jungkook.” 

“What? But then who’ll tell them that-”

“No one needs to know, Jungkook. That’ll make things worse.” He murmured, getting in the driver’s seat and revving up the engine. Jungkook quickly jumped into the passenger’s seat, closing the door shut. You struggled to keep your eyes open, your surroundings slowly becoming pitch black.


“Shut up, that’ll wake her up!”

“But that’s what we want her to do, don’t we?”

“You little-”



You open your eyes slowly, blinking twice to refocus your vision. You stared at the people around you, squinting your eyes to try to make out who they were. “..Jin?”

Jin looked up at you from his clipboard, letting out a sigh of relief. “Oh, thank god you woke up.” He pointed at Jungkook and Jimin, rolling his eyes. “The two thought you were going to die.”

“No! It’s called worrying for a friend, Jin!” Jimin whined, shooting you an awkward smile. 

You moved your hand around on the unfamiliar material underneath your body, sitting up slowly. Looking around, you sucked in your breath. “Am I in a hospital?”

“Since you see me, duh.” Jin scribbled onto the paper on his clipboard, glancing at the boys. “Never knew you had such weird friends.”



You smiled. “Can someone explain why I’m here, though?” 

Yoongi leaned against the wall, raising his eyebrow. “You fainted when we were driving you to your house.” He rubbed his temple, furrowing his eyebrows. “I still think I’m deaf from Jungkook crying.”

“I really thought you died, (y/n)!” Jungkook whimpered, placing his hand on your shoulder. 


You cleared your throat loudly, glaring at everyone around you. “So, you brought me here because I fainted? That’s it?”

Jin blinked, adjusting his glasses. “Uh..yeah.”

You groaned, stretching your arms. “I didn’t need to be escorted to the hospital, I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not.” Yoongi pushed you back down onto the bed and stared at Jimin and Jungkook. “Can you guys wait outside for a sec? We need to talk.”

Jimin glanced at you with a worried expression, grabbing Jungkook’s arm and nodding at Yoongi. “Don’t die!” Jin started to turn around to leave as well before Yoongi grabbed his arm. 

“You stay here.”

Jin removed his arm from Yoongi’s grip, setting his clipboard down. “Okay, what do we need now?”

“Get (y/n) the surgery.” 

Your eyes widened as you sat up, staring at Yoongi. “Are you crazy?! Why are you deciding this for me?!” 

Yoongi stared down at you, running his hand through his messy hair. “It’s for the best. You’ll die soon if you don’t.”

“That isn’t for you to decide, Yoongi!” You argued, grabbing his arm desperately. 

Jin sighed, pushing up the rim of his glasses. “He’s right, (y/n). The disease is serious.” He pushed his hair back, staring at you. “The surgery is pretty much the only option you have left.”

You bit down on your lip, tossing the bed sheets aside and stood up. Your knees failed on you, trembling and slamming down onto the ground. Yoongi bent down to help you up, but you shook your head at him.  “No,” you whispered. “I’m not gonna get that damned surgery. If I wanna die, I will. I’ll do it without hesitation.” You shot your head up at the two boys, struggling to get up. 

“Are you seriously going to do this?” Yoongi said harshly, his hands clenching into tight fists. “I’m doing the best I can to help you yet all you do is say ‘no, I won’t.’ This is all about Taehyung.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Why can’t you realize how stubborn you’re being with us? Taehyung got over it, you should too.” 

“He’s not over it. He never will get over it.” You snapped, forcing yourself to get up. “He’s not cured yet.” 

Yoongi shot his hands up in the air, eyes going wild. “Are you listening to yourself right now?! You’re saying Taehyung won’t be cured, you’re worried about him, worry about yourself god damn it!” He raised his fist as it slammed into the wall, startling both you and Jin. 

“Yoongi..” You murmured quietly.

“Leave me alone.” He whispered as tiny droplets of blood dripped down his fist. 

“You have to-”

“Get the fuck out!” Yoongi yelled, turning to face you with his fiery eyes. You stared at him with horror, backing up and quickly walking out the room, shutting the door closed behind you. You flinched at Jin’s desperate attempts to calm Yoongi down, looking up at Jimin creeping behind the corner.

“Is Yoongi okay?” He asked softly, his slender fingers wrapped around the edge. “He’s yelling pretty loudly..”

“He’s fine.” You sighed, shaking your head again. “Stay here. I’m going home.”

The two boys stared at you with confused expressions before Jungkook gabbed your arm. “Wait, aren’t you supposed to stay inside?”

“I’m fine. All I did was faint.”

He looked at you with sincere worry. “Yeah, but..you looked really pale when you got into the car. You couldn’t even talk, or even walk!”

Jimin stared at you with surprise written all over his face, obviously confused. You shook Jungkook’s hand off your arm, shooting a glare at him. “I said I’m fine and I’m going home.” His hand grabbed your arm again, and you opened your mouth to tell him off again - but there he was, tears falling down his cheeks. His lips trembled, his shoulders bounced up and down. 

“A-Are you really okay?” He whimpered again, hiccuping between his words. 

“Hey, hey..why are you crying? You haven’t done anything,” you talked quickly, unsure what to do in this situation. Jimin rushed over to Jungkook’s side, eyes wide and hand wiping his tears away. 

His hand fell from your arm as his weight fell into Jimin’s arms, sobbing quietly into his shoulder. You watched in surprise, backing up once again. Jimin stared at you with confusion, his hand combing through Jungkook’s hair. You pushed yourself out the doors, walking away quickly. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” You cursed at yourself, keeping your head low. Why was everyone having such a big reaction? This was your problem. This was your life. Why were people being hurt instead of you? Yoongi was becoming frustrated, people are crying because of you. You found your way back home quickly, opening the door to your house and slamming it closed. 

You laid there in front of the door for hours, just thinking. Thinking how you’d escape. How’d you escape from this hell you were forced to live in - you could move. You could just avoid everyone. You could simply just kill yourself. 

You took a moment to think again. What the fuck were you thinking? Killing yourself? Both sides of your mind fought against each other - die, move, die, move, die, move. But then one small idea popped in your mind.


You could just forgive Taehyung. It would be that simply, right? This would all be over. All this would end. Relief washed over you until one small problem broke in. 

That damned disease.

It would and will not go away. It will stay there for the rest of your life unless you finally get the surgery. You will not get that surgery. You will not, you will not, you will not; you will not.

It was until then the tears came. Your hand stayed on your chest, your left arm extended out on the left of you. The tears rolled down your cheeks, down your chin, and onto the ground. It made you chuckle - could the amount of tears you cried make an ocean where you could just sail away?

9 PM. You had gotten up and slept on the couch to try to escape your burdens. Loud knocks banged on the door, awakening you. You slowly got up from the couch, opening the door without a care. 

Taehyung stood there, still in his tuxedo. His hair was slicked back and his smile was big.

“(y/n),” he said, surprised you opened the door. You took a step back, quick to force the door closed. Taehyung blocked the door from fully closing, pushing his body weight onto the door. 

“Get out,” you cried, struggling to close the door shut. “Stop coming here!”

Taehyung’s strength was far more superior than yours, easily forcing the door open. You stumbled back, your body still not fully energized to it’s maximum. You wiped your tears away angrily, stepping back once again. “(y/n),” Taehyung repeated, his voice now softer. “I heard what happened.”

You froze, your hand stopping mid-way. “Yoongi told me you fainted.” He stared down at the ground. “Why didn’t you tell me you were sick?”

“I’m not sick.” You whispered. 

“Why did you faint then?” 

“It’s nothing, alright?! Get out!” You screamed at him, pushing him away. He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth, slapping your hands away.

“What’s wrong with you these past days?” He asked, keeping his posture. 

“You married a girl. You’re leaving me. You’re making me suffer even more.” You trembled, staring up at him with teary eyes. “You don’t realize how much I’m hurting because of the decisions you’re making.” You turned on your heel and raced upstairs. “That’s why I’ll be taking my leave.”

Taehyung ran up behind you, watching you in terror as you rummaged through your closet. pulling out a small suitcase. “You’re kidding,” he gasped, trying to stop you. “Are you serious?! What are you doing? Why are you packing up?!”

You grabbed as many items as you could, zipping up your suit case. “I can’t stay here, Taehyung.” You extended your arm to the window, tightening your grip on the suitcase handle. “Do you know how much trouble I’ve caused?! And to top it all off, don’t even get me started with you.” Taehyung bit down on his lip as you shoved past him, grabbing your phone to call a taxi. 

Taehyung pleaded with you, trying to bring you back into the house. You ignored him as tears dripped down onto the ground, opening the door and stepping outside. The taxi arrived shortly, beeping loudly. 

You opened the backseat door, struggling to get inside from aehyung pulling you back. “Don’t go!” He cried, clinging onto your arm. “Why are you leaving us all?! Stay!” 

You took one look at his ring on his ring finger, grabbing his hand and taking it off. “I fucking love you.” You breathed. “I have the Hanahaki Disease and I’ll die.” You threw the ring to the ground, lowering yourself down into the backseat and slamming the door shut. You locked the door and told the driver to take you to the airport. Taehyung banged on the window, his screams muffled from the barrier. You hugged your knees as the taxi drove off, Taehyung’s yells become weaker and weaker until they no longer were able to be heard. 

a/n: honestly i was going to make more plot in between this situation but i think i have a steady idea of how the story will go for now on 


YAY REQUESTS! Could you write a spence x reader where the reader is a badass, and introduces spencer to her friends which makes him really nervous about their relationship since he’s such an adorable lil geek? THANK YOU ILY  -Anon

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Word Count: 1929

Warnings: none really

A/N: I kept most of the requests from the old blog and will be doing them here. I have been working on this one for a while and since school is over, now i have some time to myself to write. I hope you guys like this, and share it with your friends :)

Originally posted by jeichanhaka

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Jeśli czujesz, że zaraz rzucisz się na jedzenie pomyśl o tym co juz masz, a czego nie. Nie chcesz chyba stracić tego, że schudłaś i jednocześnie chcesz dalej dążyć do celu! Pomyśl o tym naprawdę 😄


Na sam początek ogranicz sól, cukier, tłuszcz i białe pieczywo. Nie sól potraw, to ona sprawia ze w organizmie zatrzymuje się woda. Zamiast tego, potrawy przyprawiaj pieprzem aby pobudzić metabolizm! Nie słódź herbaty! Możesz zacząć sypać 1 łyżeczkę a potem wcale. To przez cukier mamy wałeczki na brzuchu! Wybieraj produkty z mniejsza ilością tłuszczy! To pozwoli na szybsze spalanie! Ogranicz białe pieczywo, a w zamian kupuj pieczywo ciemne/pełnoziarniste.


Pamiętaj żeby pić min. Litr wody dziennie (wskazane są dwa ale wiem ze nie jest to proste) Pij wodę, herbatę ale NIE SOKI/NAPOJE niech nikt nie wciśnie ci kitu że do każdego posiłku musisz pić sok! Organizm składa się w dużym procencie z wody więc to ją najlepiej pić!Jeśli będziesz trzymała się tej reguły to organizm nie będzie kumulował jej w sobie, dzięki czemu nie będziesz miała problemów z cellulitem, wahaniu wagi 😁🌸


Wybij sobie z głowy samookaleczenie dziewczyno!!!! NIE WARTO!!! Chcesz mieć te “cudne” blizny na łapach? Uwierz mi, ludzie widząc coś takiego nie bedą mieli o Tobie dobrego zdania!!!!!!! Do dobrych kar dojdziemy zaraz. NAGRODY czyli to co tygryski lubią najbardziej 😄pamiętaj aby w diecie nie nagradzać się jedzeniem! Nie jesteś psem, prawda? Może to być przyjemna kąpiel, pomalowanie paznokci, ogółem coś co lubisz! Następny punkt poświęcę jednej SUPER nagrodzie. Ale teraz KARY, np. 1h uczenia się więcej, schowaj sobie ulubione ciuchy na tydzień, kara na internet/telefon/komputer. Coś lekkiego ale dobitnego. Za co się karać? Nie rób sobie kar odrazu jak zobaczysz fałdkę lub jak waga podskoczy. Zrób sobie karę jeśli będzie sie to utrzymywało lub jak będziesz miała napad. Teraz mega nagroda!


Cheat-meal day czyli dzień, w którym nie ma żadnych kalorii!
Najlepiej ustalić sobie kiedy, np. Sobota co drugi tydzień (polecam). Nie róbcie tego w każdym tygodniu! Wiadomo ze tez nie można zjeść całego KFC lub coś w tym stylu 😂😄😄 najlepiej zjeść sobie kebaba, pizze, frytki, hamburgera i tyle (propozycje najlepszych posiłków na tem dzień) Można mieć wątpliwości “po co?” Ja juz wam tłumacze 😊 Kiedy macie ochotę na pizze czeka was wielki zawód “nie mogę, jestem na diecie” i nie wiadomo kiedy będziecie mogły ją zjeść, za miesiąc? Za rok? Mając z tylu głowy kiedy zjecie sobie pyszna pizze odrazu lepiej na duchu! Jedząc ja będziecie miały 150% satysfakcji i 0% poczucia winy 😄😁


Wiem jak bardzo nie lubimy ćwiczeń ale trzeba ustalić sobie minimum, np /10 brzuszków, 10 przysiadów i spacer/ Kiedy złapie was leń zrobicie tyle i koniec. Oczywiście robienie tego na dłuższa metę nie pomoże w traceniu na wadze. Możesz ćwiczyć około 30 minut, ponieważ po tym czasie zaczynamy spalać kalorie. Jest to można powiedzieć max. Wiec coś takiego robimy Ok. 3 razy w tygodniu. Na codzień odpalcie sobie na yt mel-B lub coś w tym stylu. Dieta to 70% odżywiania i 30% ćwiczeń.


Załóż sobie bloga lub przeglądaj coś co Cie motywuje, mogą być to zdjęcia, piosenki itp. Znajdzie się bardzo dużo takich blogów jednak szerokim łukiem omijaj zdjęcia wychudzonych dziewczyn, którym widać każde żebro. Dziewczyny takie maja problemy z miesiączka (można nawet być bezpłodnym) wypadającymi włosami i innymi. Wiedz ze może sa szczupłe ale N I E S Ą P I Ę K N E. Sa wychudzone

To na tyle kochane w razie niedociągnięć piszcie do mnie na priv lub tutaj komentarze. Pozdrawiam 💞🌸

That’s not yours

I got a request  for an imagine in which the reader is a new arrival in Kattegatt and the Ragnarssons take an interest in her. One night she asks one of the brothers if she can borrow a shirt to sleep in. The next day, the other brothers notice this and become jealous.

Sorry it took so long to finish.

Reader insert

You x one of the Ragnarssons

Warnings / tags: Flirting, drinking, drunken groping, partying with the Ragnarssons

”(y/n)!” You turn your head to see who is calling for you. Hvitserk comes sauntering towards you, a wide smile decorating his face.

”Hello, Hvitserk. You seem to be in a good mood today.”

”I certainly am now that I’m talking to you.” He replies. You feel yourself blush lightly at the comment.

”My brothers and I are having a small gathering tonight, to celebrate that our call to earls and kings has turned out to be so successful. You should come.” You hesitate for a second; in the few days that you’ve been in Kattegatt almost all of the Ragnarssons have shown an interest in you. Going to this celebration will likely just increase the tension between the brothers and according to rumours they already have a very strained relationship. On the other hand, he will be there. You realize that you’ve been quiet for quite some time and that Hvitserk is staring at you.

“I’ll come.” You answer, maybe a bit too eagerly.

“Good.” He turns on his heel and begins to walk away again. After a few steps he turns to face you and grins like a wolf.

“Prepare to get shit faced.” He takes off running before you can answer.


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Pocket Bestfriend (Part 1)

Summary:  Modern AU. This series is loosely based from a manga entitled “Dengeki Daisy”. It’s about a girl (the reader) who finds herself comforted by the words of an anonymous message-sender.  

Pairing:  Bucky X Reader, Steve X Reader

Warning/s:  Fluff (FOR NOW), Sick brother, Language

A/N: Y/N = Your Name. Enjoy reading!

Number of Words: 1,723

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Allora di ogni persona ce n'è solo una al mondo?” domandò Ben.
“Si, ce n'è solo una” disse la mamma.
“E perciò sono tutti soli?”
“Sono un po’ soli ma sono anche un po’ insieme. Sono sia l'uno sia l'altro.”
“Ma com'è possibile?”
“Ecco, prendi te per esempio. Tu sei unico” spiegò la mamma, “e anch'io sono unica, ma se ti abbraccio non sei più solo e nemmeno io sono sola.”
“Adesso non sono solo.”
“Vedi” gli sussurrò la mamma,“ proprio per questo hanno inventato l'abbraccio.
—  D. Grossman
Choking On The Heat (Usnavi de la Vega x Reader)

Author’s Note: I made myself cry with this during midnight. Also, thank you @hamlltvn for helping me with this fic and calling me satan through it. Also, yes. I wrote that rap part. I know, it’s awful. Blame Poppy, she wanted me to keep it.
This is kinda the sequel to another Usnavi fic I did called ‘For Better Or For Worse’ which you can find in my masterlist!

Summary: Usnavi has one last thing to do before he closes the shop, something he has refused to do for a year. (i can’t do it better than this)


Word Count: 1,978


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S L E E P | Arabic

● V O C A B U L A R Y | مفردات

Bedroom| Ghurfat Annawm = غرفة النوم
Bed| Sarir = سرير
Pillow| Makhadda / Wisada = مخدة / وسادة
Pillowcase| Kis Al Makhadda = كيس المخدة
Mattress| Martaba = مرتبة
Bedcover| Ghita’ Assarir = غطاء السرير
Blanket| Battaniya = بطانية
Sleep| Nawm = نوم
Asleep| Na‘em/a = نائم / نائمة
Sleepy| Na`san/a = نعسان / نعسانة
Dream| Hülm = حلم
Nightmare| Kabüs = كابوس
Snore (n.)| Shakhir = شخير
Yawning (n.)| Tatha‘ob = تثاؤب
Nap| Qailüla = قيلولة
Sleepwalking| Assayr Athna’ Annawm /or (Assarnama) = السير أثناء النوم (السرنمة)
Oversleep (n.)| Al Itala fi annawm = الإطالة في النوم
Fast asleep| Müstaghriq/a fi annawm = مستغرق/ة في النوم
Comfortable| Murih = مريح
Cozy(warm)| Dafi’ = دافئ
Alarm clock| Munabbih = منبه
Crib| Sari Tifl = سرير طفل
Cradle| Mahd = مهد
Nightgown| Qamis Nawm = قميص نوم
Pajama| Bijama = بيجامة
Slippers| Khuf/Ni`al/Shibshib = خف/نعال/شبشب
The middle of the night| Müntasaf Allayl = منتصف الليل
Staying up late| Sahar = سهر
Stretching| Tamaddud = تمدد
Insomnia| Al Araq = الأرق
Waking up| Al Istiqaz = الإستيقاظ

● P H R A S E S | عبارات

Good Evening| Masa’ Al Khayr = مساء الخير
Good Evening (Response)| Masa’ Alward = مساء الورد
Goodnight| Tusbih/i `ala khayr = تصبح/ي على خير
Goodnight (Response)| Wa Anta/Anti min Ahlüh = و أنت/أنتي من أهله
● S E N T E N C E S | جمل

I want to go to sleep| Üri Athahab ila Annawm = أريد الذهاب إلى النوم
I want to sleep| Ürid an Anam = أريد أن أنام
I feel sleepy| Ash`ur Binnawm = أشعر بالنوم
I had a nightmare| Halimtu Bi Kabüs = حلمت بكابوس
I feel cosy| Ash`ur Biddif’ = أشعر بالدفئ
This bed is comfortable| Hatha Assarir Murih = هذا السرير مريح
I need a new bedcover| Ahtaj Ghita’ Sarir Jadid = أحتاج غطاء سرير جديد
I should set the alarm clock| `ala yya an adhbüt Al Munabbih = عليا أن أضبط المنبه
I will take a nap| Sa’akhuth Qailüla = سآخذ قيلولة

CDM: Episodio 34 “Síntesis, Reflexiones y Teorías”


Nombre y numero:

Cantidad de Imágenes: 5 una por cada chico

Gasto de PA: Entre 480 y 890 PA 

Dinero Extra: $12 en el almuerzo con Priya 

Atuendos: 3 atuendos

Hada: Yo no la encontré… me dijeron que estaba por el sótano al principio del epi pero la verdad yo no la vi y siendo sincera el regalo no me gusto…. Nos da el plato de pasta en la cabeza!!!!! es un recordatorio del mal momento que nos hace pasar Amber!!!! Eso es no tener corazón señores!!! 

Objetos Extras: 

Bolso: Cuando terminamos de hablar con Armin después de ir a la casa de Iris debemos volver a casa y nos conviene ir por el lado de las tiendas. Allí nos llamara la atención un bolso en la tienda de Leigt.

Vamos a tener la opción de comprarlo o no (El bolso cuesta $130)

Celular de Iris: Hay varios lugares donde puede aparecer. Yo lo encontré en el Comedor y en el Jardín. Otro lugar donde también fue encontrado es el Aula de Plástica 

El Episodio

Nuevos Diseños

Por el lado de los escenarios tenemos el nuevo Patio 

y como escenario nuevo tenemos el Comedor

Con respecto a los personajes tenemos a la Directora… nosotros nos fuimos de fiesta pero esta señora se hizo cirugía plástica!!!! a mi no me engañan… 


Nota: Chico N°1 (novio, chico con mayor afinidad) Chico N°2 (el segundo con mas afinidad)

Esta vez no voy a hacer un resumen muy detallado porque hay algunas diferencias entre la Ruta de Armin y la de los otros chicos (las cuales explicare mas adelante en este post) 

Así que a grandes rasgos el capitulo comienza con Sucrette preocupada por la relación con su chico, una vez solucionado ese dilema creemos que todo va a estar bien de ahora en adelante… grabe error.

Amber decide darnos una lección, porque?? bueno se ve que no tiene vida propia… La cuestión es que nos hace una zancadilla en el comedor y terminamos cubiertas por nuestro zukulento plato de pasta (tendríamos que haber pedido un sándwich) 

Quien viene al rescate es Priya la cual nos ayuda a calmarnos.

Terminada la odisea y mas tranquila Su comienza a darse cuenta que Iris sigue recibiendo msj y se esta poniendo muy mal. Al punto de casi colapsar por perder su celular.

Aunque intente mantenerse al margen Su es Su y decide  ayudarla, asi que termina con Armin en casa de Iris para averiguar que es lo que le pasa. 

Una vez que obtenemos un poco de información gracias a Armin y sus habilidades, volvemos a nuestro hogar en donde pasamos un rato MUY MUY MUY AGRADABLE con nuestro chico y colorin colorado este epi se ha terminado. 

Diferencias entre rutas

A lo largo de este episodio van a aparecer un par de diferencias entre la Ruta de Armin y la de los otros chicos. En si no afectan en nada a la historia principal pero me parece bueno remarcarlas.

1) Escena de celos 

En el episodio anterior en el juego de la botellas Sucrette esta por ser besada por el Chico N°2 lo cual pone celoso al Chico N°1. Pero en la ruta de Armin es el quien esta por besar a Melody poniendo celosa a Su.

Ruta Armin: En el vestuario hablando con Violeta viene Melody a contarnos sobre la clase de gimnasia y Sucrette (no importa la opción que elijamos) la trata de manera cortante. Al terminar la clase Armin nos hace un comentario al respecto.

Ruta Castiel, Nath, Lys y Kentin: En el vestuario hablando con violeta escuchamos una fuerte discusión que proviene del vestuario de los chicos. Vamos a ver que pasa y vemos a nuestro chico N°1 discutiendo con nuestro chico N°2. Luego de clase de Gimnasia nos enteramos del porque de la pelea.

2) Charla con Alexy

Hablamos con nuestro amigo sobre nuestro chico

Ruta Armin: Alexy nos dice que NO quiere saber nada, ni el mas minimo detalle de lo que hace su hermano y Su jajajajaj Se pone como loco jajajja

Ruta Castiel, Nath, Lys y Kentin: Alexy nos dice que debemos tomar el toro por las astas jajajaj

3) Invitar a nuestro chico a casa 

(nuestros padres están en una cita romántica de Cena y cine así que la casa esta sola XD)

Cuando nos vamos de la casa de Iris, nos dirigimos a la escuela con Armin para hablar sobre los E-mail. El gamer nos da un poco de información y nos dice que mejor seguimos el tema mañana.

Ruta Armin: Nos propone pasar un poco de tiempo a solas y Su lo invita a su casa. Así que directamente nos vamos a casa con el.

Ruta Castiel, Nath, Lys y Kentin: Nos despedimos de Armin y nos dirigimos solas a casa. Una vez que llegamos decidimos llamar a nuestro chico y lo invitamos a pasar el rato en casa.

Finalmente sin importar la ruta tenemos la posibilidad de obtener la ZUKULENTHA imagen final.

Escena de Celos 

Menos Armin, el resto de los chicos protagonizan una escena de celos con el Chico N°2. Cada uno de estos cuatro muchachos tiene una forma particular de callar al otro chico por estar hablando de lo linda que estaba Sucrette con su sexy vestido en la fiesta de Iris.

Lysandro: Le dice al chico N°2 muy cortesmente “Que se busque su propia chica” Como bonus si el chico N°2 es Castiel ademas de la frase anterior le dice “Imbécil” (puedo confirmar que esto pasa con Castiel, Armin y Kentin. Con Nath no lo encontré pero supongo que es igual)  

Nathaniel: Abre de golpe la puerta de su casillero golpeando en la cara al Chico N°2 (lo confirme con Castiel, Armin y Lys supongo que con Kentin pasa lo mismo) Si el N°2 es Castiel se están por ir a las trompadas y Su se mete en el medio.

Kentin: Le tira al Chico N°2 un balón en la cara. (confirmado con Lys, Armin y Nath. Pienso que con Castiel pasa lo mismo pero la verdad no se)

Castiel: El hace una diferencia… A Armin lo choca y lo hace caer al piso, pero con Lys y Kentin les tira el bolso de Gimnasia en la cabeza… Como no encontré lo que pasa con Nath no se si lo empuja o le tira el bolso…

El turno de las Chicas


Nos enteramos gracias a Armin que a la pobre Iris la esta acosando/chantajeando una persona anónima hasta el momento.

La obliga a cumplir ciertas pautas como “sacar bajas calificaciones” o “estar horas parada en alguna calle desierta” con el fin de no revelar un secreto de Iris.

La verdad no puedo imaginar quien puede querer hacerle daño a Iris… creo que es uno de los personajes mas buenos (sin contar a Violeta) de todo el juego… Esa chica es un amor y espero que ya en el próximo epi podamos resolver este problema.


Confirmamos lo que ya veníamos sospechado desde el episodio pasado… Priya es BISEXUAL

Lo cual a muchas nos llena de esperanza de poder tener una Ruta o al menos un mini arco con ella jajajaj 

Con respecto a este episodio ella es nuestra gran salvadora, nuestro caballero en brillante armadura, que nos socorre y nos ayuda cuando Amber nos hace pasar ese mal rato en el comedor

I LOVE YOU !!!!!!! 


Dejando de lado lo ocurrido en el comedor, nos enteramos que Amber y su pandilla tiene un sistema de puntos para calificar chicos del 0 al 5. Si la nota obtenida es de 0 a 2 queda rotundamente prohibido salir con ese chico. Si el 3 esta en el limite y depende de la aprobación de grupo y 4 o 5 es aceptable.

Cuales son los criterios que usan para calificar no los sabemos pero personalmente creo que se trata de Físico, Rostro, vestimenta, posición social en la escuela (atleta, músico, nerd básicamente si es popular o no) y obvio posición económica.  

Dependiendo quien sea nuestro chico el nos cuenta maso menos de que se trata este sistema. Entre los datos relevantes Nath nos cuenta que muchas veces Amber les prohibió a sus amigas salir con un chico por sacar bajo puntaje cual dictadora y líder del grupito que es.   

Castiel nos cuenta que Amber le contó lo del sistema y le dijo que podían salir porque el es un 4.5…. Sin ofender pero como carajo Castiel puede ser un fucking 4.5????? Lo podemos Odiar o Amar pero Castiel es un 5!!!! La verdad no que que clase de criterios tiene estas chicas para que Castiel no saque la nota mas alta!!!! 

 (estoy a full con este meme jajajaja)


La vimos muy nerviosa con respecto al tema del alcohol en la fiesta y si elegimos bien las opciones de dialogo ellas nos cuenta la razón

Yo no estaba tan perdida cuando dije que seguro tenia algún pariente con problemas de alcoholismo. Ahora es comprensible el porque actuaba de esta manera en la fiesta y aunque todos pensemos que sigue siendo exagerado, tenemos que ponernos en su lugar, ella vio como casi pierde a una persona muy querida.

Reflexiones Finales

Estoy muy feliz que por primera vez juguemos un arco que tenga como protagonista a una de las chicas. Hasta ahora entre los arcos de los chicos hemos tenido historias de un episodio o eventos en el instituto que duran dos o 3 epis. Y con respecto a las chicas son episodios únicos a modo de presentación como fue el de Rosalya y Priya. 

Otro punto a favor de comenzar a jugar arcos que tengan a las chicas como protagonistas es que vamos a tener CDM para rato jajajaj 

Sin contar con el hecho de que vamos a poder conocer mas a fondo a los personajes que nos acompañan desde el comienzo de juego. Claro que también estaría bueno que personajes no tan recurrentes como Dake y Laeti también tengan su momento para contar su historia.

Bueno nos leemos en el proximo Episodio Besitos!!!!

Imagine like a big cars fandom meetup where we’re all in this room and like everyone’s talking and we have ginger ale n shit and there’s like a screening of both (soon all three) cars movies and its just an overall good time

Emotions | Arabic

Emotions| Al `awatif = العواطف
Feelings| Al masha`er = المشاعر

● N O U N S ●
Fear| Al Khawf = الخوف
Anger| Al Ghadhab = الغضب
Love| Al Hubb = الحب
Happiness| Assa`ada = السعادة
Joy| Al Farah = الفرح
Depression| Al Ikti’ab = الإكتئاب
Sadness| Al Huzun = الحزن
Calmness| Al Hudu’ = الهدوء
Guilt| Athanb = الذنب
Hurt| Al Alam = الألم
Nervousness| Attawattur = التوتر
Confusion| Al Irtibak / Al Hira = الإرتباك / الحيرة
Amazement| Addah.sha = الدهشة
Boredom| Al Malal = الملل
Helplessness| Al `ajz = العجز
Hopelessness| Al Ya’s = اليأس
Exhaustion| Al Inhak = الإنهاك
Tiredness| Atta`ab = التعب
Sleep| Annawm = النوم
Hate| Al Karahiya = الكراهية
Loneliness| Al Wihda = الوحدة
Regret| Annadam = الندم
Jealousy| Al Ghira = الغيرة
Achievement| Al Injaz = الإنجاز
Frustration| Al Ihbaat = الإحباط
Defeat| Al Hazima = الهزيمة

To form a sentence using these nouns, you can simply say:
Ash`ur or/ Ahiss b… [Enter emotion as noun]
أشعر / أحس ب… = …I feel

* It might not make much sense to say in English:
“I feel Boredom” or “I feel Frustration” -and such-, but in Arabic this sentence construction makes more sense and is used alot.