Today is the 1-year anniversary of my brother’s death from ALS, which came not long after the death of my father from ALS. With these diagnoses we discovered that our family carries the gene for ALS, and that members of our extended family have died from the disease as well. It has been a long and hard road and unfortunately, the road may continue due to the possibility that others (including myself) may get the disease.

I am asking for any donations for this year’s Walk n’ Roll for ALS, hosted by the ALS of Michigan organization. My personal goal is to raise $100–right now I am almost halfway! The Walk n’ Roll is a charity walk event to raise money for the ALS of Michigan.

ALS of Michigan provides invaluable services to people with ALS and their families, including medical equipment, social resources, volunteer services, and many other services that make life for people with ALS and their families easier–a very difficult task with this diagnosis.

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I'm surprised nobody's thought of sea creatures as a patronus. Imagine 2nd yr scor thinking abt his mum n her deteriorating health but he really wants to remember her as being happy n healthy. He just wants to immortalize the good times give them shape and form. And albus realizes that a patronus is perfect for this( also coz he wants to beat Harry's record for being the youngest to produce a corporeal patronus😉) so they practice n one day scor manages to produce this huge orca

Orcas are supposed to be really intelligent, playful and fiercely loyal to their family. Al n scor are so excited watching the patronus swim abt their common room, attracting the attention of several mermaids that come up to the windows to watch this weird creature. Years later proud dad!Draco tries to show off to Harry how his son managed a patronus at such a young age w/o any tutoring

I really like the idea of an orca for Scorpius! It really fits with his personality and i bet it’d look so majestic. :) I wouldn’t know about Scorpius learning the spell on his own though. I feel like patronus is a pretty complex and difficult charm to master, even for some adults. Harry himself had issues with it when he was learning and he had brilliant teacher on top being an exceptional student in DADA. As far as i can remember some of the DA members couldn’t cast a corporeal patronus until the battle of Hogwarts as well. I personally think that it’s not a charm two twelve year olds can learn to cast efficiently enough to achive a corporeal shape, especially without any adult guidance. It would make a really interesting story though, even imagining Draco’s proud smug face makes it worth it. :D

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s p u t n i k

                                                  it is not instantaneous ; there is a space between where the word slips and where bucky picks it up. a yawning expanse. seconds. but bucky is a man whose life is measured in seconds, in the flutter of lungs, in pieces, so it’s enough for the intent to strike his bones, shock that wants to dig into his joints, hold him still, hold him steady before dropping him like so much stone. but this is better, maybe, because what comes after is nothing. this is easy.

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ok but j teachin ty how to french kiss bc you n ky are adorable -r👼🏽 (can i sign off as that?)

sure honey ! n aweeh its so cute sittin on th couch in their jammies as j giggles “you just, like…stick your tongue out, babe. an’ wrap it around mine. like—look.” n he slowly does it t ty who messily fllws along til theyr both grippin each others sides josh nudged into tylers lap as he kisses th fuck outta him n whn they pull back j’s lips r swollen face red “y-you learn fast.” n they giggle al shy

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srar where they go to one of the pop up carnivals & bren is drinkin and acting crazy & pat & pete r the daredevils goin on all the coasters & j wins ty a huge stuffed animal bc he's sweet and also to make up for the fact the haunted mansion gave him an asthma attack plz

aw ty holds his hugs stuffed bear n walks holdin j’s hand tryin t ignore th fact tht bren’s tryin t pee in th corn hole game n pete n pat go on the rollercoasters n pat probably throws up n pete gets him ginger ale n sits w him on th bench

Chaos pt 3 preview

Bucky x avengers x reader

And it all goes to shit.

Bucky’s POV

‘I saw you Buck’ he says as he rubs his hands to his face. ‘I saw you with Y/N’

I feel al color being drawn from my face.

‘You.. followed me?’

‘I did’ he answers as he stands up.

I feel anger take me; why the hell would he follow me? Does he not trust me? his best friend, and he doesn’t trust me?

‘Why did you follow me, Steve?’ my voice is lower than I intend, but I don’t feel the need to address it.

‘It doesn’t matter why, Buck! You know her! You kissed her!’ he yells at me.

‘I kissed her, so what!’ I yell back at him.

‘So what?!’ he’s furious. ‘She’s dangerous! She killed so many people! Why would you keep this from us?’

‘Because I love her!’ I snap. I yell at him from the top of my lungs.

Steve gapes at me like he’s seen a ghost. Much like the first time he saw me after 70 years.

‘You.. love her?’

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tlk bout joshie bein left tied to a radiator pls

nw fav .. beggin f ty t come back bt he dsnt he wnt return til th nxt evening bt j’s so hard stil bloody n sweaty n hot f tyler so mch so he strts t scream n tht makes tyler sprint in smackin josh so hard he sees stars “what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” n j smiles al crooked “need you, daddy, s'all.” n tys mad bt nt mad enough t walk away frm his hard naughty boy

Airport bulk

I find it really odd that both AL and NR were at the same airport at the same time and it was a coincidence.
Hes probably trying to split his time between the 2 so no one feels left out of the bromance.

For just call me Lee: Did the person who said N and AL didn’t leave together say where they were going?

Anyone know where Norman was headed when he left Atlanta?
Not as of yet, most think NYC but there’s been no sightings of him.

If you look at the time on the IG posts, Norman and Andy were at Atlanta airport around the same time. The guy who got his pic with Andy said Andy was in the bar. Maybe he and Norman did go somewhere together. Seems odd they would both be there at roughly the same time on the same day. Maybe Andy was waiting for Norman at the bar. Seems to odd to be a coincidence.
Booze brings people together.

The photo taken of Andy yesterday is tagged as Atlanta Airport. Also, if N is trying to be vegan, he’s not doing so well since there are pics of him and JDM at a BBQ place in Nashville.

It’s odd that Andy is still in Atlanta and then seen at the airport the same day as Norman. Maybe there is a Leedus brocation brewing. You would think is Andy was going to England, he would have left earlier. I can’t wait to see where Waldo, I mean Norman, turns up.
Brewing bromance sounds like a hipster beer micro brew company. 😛😛😛😛

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Soy virgo con medio cielo en tauro, estaría bien estudiar Diseño Gráfico? O algo con el arte?

Si! n.n/ de hecho al signo tauro en general se le van bien esas cosas aunque no es algo que destaque dentro de las opciones es por venus la inclinacion a las artes pero tu eres virgo e.e…. hallaras el diablo en el detalle n.n ustedes son detallistas c: .. no es de las carreras habituales para un virginiano pero, si te gusta te ira bien :D