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Do you want to play with us?

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Pairing: IvarxReaderxHvitserk
Rating: Explicit
Words: 8587
Tagging: @inthenameofodin @tiyetiye @rockyrascal

Warning: Smut, dom/sub dynamic, cursing, hair pulling, rough sex, spitting, spanking, orgasm denial/delayed. (I suck at warning tags so if you think one needs to be added, please tell me.)

Notes: My first threesome and let me tell you it was hard to write! First time writing Hvitserk too, I hope it went well. Sorry for the length, I don’t know how this monstrosity ended with so many words but I hope it’s worth it. Thank you for your advice concerning it. Ivar and Hvitserk love each other in this (take notes Hirst). Again, sorry for any mistakes! Enjoy, sisters! 

King Ivar and his great army advanced through England quite easily, pillaging and killing every single person that stood on their way. Today was a great day for the King; he had won the ultimate battle that raged for almost four months. He had slaughtered the entire royal family without a second thought and had taken the praised crown of York. Soon, the news would spread, giving Ivar the fame he craved, the fame he deserved. For he was the most brutal yet the most worthy man you ever met. The kind of man you dreamt of but never could admit it out loud. It didn’t help that he was unfairly attractive. So attractive that even Balder, the most beautiful god in Asgard, would be jealous. 

You tried to fight the attraction you had for him but you couldn’t fight the feelings you felt in his presence. You couldn’t deny the wetness between your legs every time he roared one of his clever speeches, perched proudly upon his throne or his chariot. You couldn’t deny the dreams you had. Him above you, taking whatever he wanted from your willing and helpless body.

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Schrift und Bild / Schrift en beeld / L’art et l’écriture / Art and writing, Typos Verlag, Edited by Dietrich Mahlow, Frankfurt am Main, 1963. Design: Wolfgang Schmidt. With contributions by Jean Arp, Hugo Ball, Herbert Bayer, Raymond Hains, Haroldo de Campos, Christian Chruxin, Heinz Gappmayr, Eugen Gomringer, Ludwig Gosewitz, Raoul Hausmann, Asger Jorn, Jørgen Nash, Guy Debord, Ferdinand Kriwet, El Lissitzky, Kasimir Malevich, Stéphan Mallarmé, Laszlo Moholo-Nagy, Franz Mon, Gastone Novelli, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, Diter Rot, Mommo Rotella, Wolfgang Schmidt, Kurt Schwitters, Wolf Vostell, H. N. Werkman, et al

Chiar dacă zâmbeşte, ochii ei ascund durerea pierderii cuiva care era totul pentru ea. Ar vrea să urle, să plângă şi să spună tuturor cât îi e de dor, dar nimeni n-o înțelege. A ales să renunțe la ea fix când îi era mai greu, nepăsându-i de ce câtă iubire îi purta. Acum a rămas c-un gol în piept, sufletul distrus şi nimic n-o mai poate vindeca.


Bts reaction to you fangirling over their baby photos:

Request: Can you perhaps do a scenario where you find their baby pictures and you’re just fangirling over how cute and adorable they are please? I would be so happy if you do this and I’m nervous because this is my first ask ever 😅 I’d like to thank you in advance! I’m also a fan of your work! 💕

Al N: wow I’m so honored that I’m your first, there is no need to be nervous ;)  I hope it lives up to your expectations.


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Joins you in your silly session as he is the most confident memeber in himself. I can see him going like wow! look at how beautiful I was!


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Shy baby as he watches from a distance, a gummy smile itching on his face involuntarily while you go through old pictures and gasp at his cuteness. He won’t get involved but damn watching you was so fun.


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The one to actually squeal along you and start rummaging through the old photos, if you didn’t know better, you would think he was a a proud dad showing his baby pics.

Rap Monster:

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Shy af Namjoon might as well snatch the papers from your hands only to give it back seconds later after earning a very displeased growl from you. Probably the only one who will feel really awkward and hesitant. Although when he saw only cute and happy responses he felt a lot easier.


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Watching you getting all cute and squishy was the best part for him. Sure he complained a few times that he is a man and not a cute baby bun but at some point he stopped paying attention to the pictures and just started shamelessly taking your beautiful reactions in and trying not to kiss all over your face.

V/ Taehyung:

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Who are we kidding he probably found them and showed you himself because he has so much pride in his baby self. Tae will explain each pic like this was taken by my Grandma, that one at the subway, It was my birthday in this pic. A lot of cuddling and cute names really.


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It’s as if we didn’t see it coming. Shy shy shy and he won’t hide it. His face will turn red, he will ask you multiple times to drop it but Jungkook’s curiosity will eventually get the best of him and he will painfully sit down next to you and remember the old days.

Sloss Furnaces (Birmingham, Alabama) 

ADDRESS: 20 32nd St N, Birmingham, AL 35222

COORDINATES: 33.520589, -86.791296

From 1882 to 1971, Birmingham’s Sloss Furnaces transformed coal and ore from surrounding acres into the hard steel that would pave the way for the industrial revolution. It operated as a pig iron-producing blast furnace from 1882 to 1971. It closed due to the newer, more preferred methods of obtaining iron. 

Needless to say, there are urban legends about this complex. While legends tend to be just that, perhaps the most terrifying tale, is the true story of Samuel Blumenthal. Blumenthal was the night watchman for the Sloss Furnaces and took his last night watch on the night before the plant would shut down, Blumenthal found himself face to face with, “the most frightening thing he had ever seen”. He described an entity that was “half man and half demon” but entirely evil. Blumenthal claimed that the entity had tried to push him up the stairs, and when Blumenthal tried to fight back, the half demon beat him with his fists. When examined by Dr. Jack Barlo, Blumenthal was found to be covered with intense burns. 

What’s even more terrifying about this place is that the Birmingham Police have over 100 recorded reports of unexplainable activity that has been experienced by people while at the Sloss Furnaces. 

INTOXICATED [the cullens]

Note: This is playing on a theory I’ve had for a while now - Could a Vampire of the twilight kind ever get drunk? I am very bad at writing but would not be opposed to doing a part two should this be we’ll received :)))

Pairing: None

Characters: the Cullen’s + You

Warnings: Alcohol (obviously), swearing.

The Graduation party was coming to an end, (Y/N) was positively buzzed - having chugged beers and thrown back shots throughout the night. She wasn’t irresponsible, just looking to let loose after the stress of school.

The Cullen’s; being as they were, were fully aware of everything that was going on around them. They could smell the alcohol in the air and their supernaturally inclined human friend (Y/N) reeked of it. Edward and Alice were constantly checking to make sure she was okay, Rosalie stood in the corner glaring - maybe wishing she could have gotten drunk too. Emmett stood beside her, trying to coax her into dancing the last dance.

They wouldn’t say they were having a bad time - but their enjoyment would be seriously improved by being drunk with the rest of the kids.

Intoxicated graduates stumbled through the doors of the Cullen house till only (Y/N) and them remained. Even with the music now turned off, it didn’t stop (Y/N) from dancing - when Edward and Bella both tried to encourage her to go to sleep, she simply replied with;

“Fuck off guys! You’re not my - parents!” Pausing to hiccup and laugh at Edwards disgust at her language.

Emmett wasn’t being much help, as he was whooping from the sofa and laughing at their strange friend.

“You know what you guys ne-ed?” (Y/N) stopped dancing, but continued to sway on her feet.

“What, (Y/N)?” Jasper asked, concealing the amused smirk at her slurring

“Alcohol! You guys need to driiiiinnnnkkkkk.” (Y/N) just about yelled, giggling away.

“(Y/N), you know alcohol doesn’t effect vampires.” Bella said tiredly, even though she couldn’t necessarily get tired.

“Oh… yeah.” (Y/N) pouted, her mood suddenly switching. She stood perfectly still for a few moments, the Cullen family watching curiously.

(Y/N) gasped, an idea forming in her head and a crazy kind of smile growing on her face. Edward, having read her mind, widened his eyes.

“(Y/N) No.” he scolds, but she’s already gone - running to the kitchen, calling over her shoulder;

“(Y/N) Yes!”

She grabbed the last two bottles of Jack, determined to get her friends as drunk as her.

Alice laughed as she saw what she was going to do, the rest of the Cullen family - aside from Carlisle, Esme, and Renessme who had gone on a trip, wanting to be away from the major party animals environment - looked to her in intrigue.

(Y/N) ran out of the house, and into the forrest; ready to find an animal of any kind. When the Cullen’s found her, she was trying to get a deer to drink from the bottle.

“(Y/N) that’s not going to work.” Rosalie chuckled; she’d warmed to this human much easier.

“It might! Don’t lose hope Rose-y.” (Y/N)’s loud, drawn out words disturbed the deers quiet grazing and it ran off. “Damn it!” She said, frustrated. (Y/N) sighed, pouting again.

The scene would have made anyone laugh - an incredibly intoxicated young girl sat on the dirty forrest floor, pouting because she couldn’t feed a deer alcohol in hopes to get her blood-drinking friends drunk.

“We should totally test this.” Emmett says, a new plan forming in his head, probably one that was more detailed than (Y/N)’s. The girl in question had peeked up at the support of her theory, furiously nodding her head in agreement.

“Emmett, no it’s not going to work.” Jasper shook his head.

“Al’” (Y/N) called, struggling to her feet. “Level with me; does - it work?”

Alice zoned out for a few moments, and came back too with a smile on her face. Both she and Edward became pleasantly surprised and the rest of the Cullen’s seemed astonished.

“Yes, (Y/N) I do believe it does.” Alice said, smiling at the girls elated expression

“(Y/N). You’re a genius!” Emmett laughed, lifting the girl in the air.

“Yeah I am.” (Y/N)’s voice seemed sleepy now “Lets get drunk! But -” she yawned “maybe tomorrow…”



Jeśli czujesz, że zaraz rzucisz się na jedzenie pomyśl o tym co juz masz, a czego nie. Nie chcesz chyba stracić tego, że schudłaś i jednocześnie chcesz dalej dążyć do celu! Pomyśl o tym naprawdę 😄


Na sam początek ogranicz sól, cukier, tłuszcz i białe pieczywo. Nie sól potraw, to ona sprawia ze w organizmie zatrzymuje się woda. Zamiast tego, potrawy przyprawiaj pieprzem aby pobudzić metabolizm! Nie słódź herbaty! Możesz zacząć sypać 1 łyżeczkę a potem wcale. To przez cukier mamy wałeczki na brzuchu! Wybieraj produkty z mniejsza ilością tłuszczy! To pozwoli na szybsze spalanie! Ogranicz białe pieczywo, a w zamian kupuj pieczywo ciemne/pełnoziarniste.


Pamiętaj żeby pić min. Litr wody dziennie (wskazane są dwa ale wiem ze nie jest to proste) Pij wodę, herbatę ale NIE SOKI/NAPOJE niech nikt nie wciśnie ci kitu że do każdego posiłku musisz pić sok! Organizm składa się w dużym procencie z wody więc to ją najlepiej pić!Jeśli będziesz trzymała się tej reguły to organizm nie będzie kumulował jej w sobie, dzięki czemu nie będziesz miała problemów z cellulitem, wahaniu wagi 😁🌸


Wybij sobie z głowy samookaleczenie dziewczyno!!!! NIE WARTO!!! Chcesz mieć te “cudne” blizny na łapach? Uwierz mi, ludzie widząc coś takiego nie bedą mieli o Tobie dobrego zdania!!!!!!! Do dobrych kar dojdziemy zaraz. NAGRODY czyli to co tygryski lubią najbardziej 😄pamiętaj aby w diecie nie nagradzać się jedzeniem! Nie jesteś psem, prawda? Może to być przyjemna kąpiel, pomalowanie paznokci, ogółem coś co lubisz! Następny punkt poświęcę jednej SUPER nagrodzie. Ale teraz KARY, np. 1h uczenia się więcej, schowaj sobie ulubione ciuchy na tydzień, kara na internet/telefon/komputer. Coś lekkiego ale dobitnego. Za co się karać? Nie rób sobie kar odrazu jak zobaczysz fałdkę lub jak waga podskoczy. Zrób sobie karę jeśli będzie sie to utrzymywało lub jak będziesz miała napad. Teraz mega nagroda!


Cheat-meal day czyli dzień, w którym nie ma żadnych kalorii!
Najlepiej ustalić sobie kiedy, np. Sobota co drugi tydzień (polecam). Nie róbcie tego w każdym tygodniu! Wiadomo ze tez nie można zjeść całego KFC lub coś w tym stylu 😂😄😄 najlepiej zjeść sobie kebaba, pizze, frytki, hamburgera i tyle (propozycje najlepszych posiłków na tem dzień) Można mieć wątpliwości “po co?” Ja juz wam tłumacze 😊 Kiedy macie ochotę na pizze czeka was wielki zawód “nie mogę, jestem na diecie” i nie wiadomo kiedy będziecie mogły ją zjeść, za miesiąc? Za rok? Mając z tylu głowy kiedy zjecie sobie pyszna pizze odrazu lepiej na duchu! Jedząc ja będziecie miały 150% satysfakcji i 0% poczucia winy 😄😁


Wiem jak bardzo nie lubimy ćwiczeń ale trzeba ustalić sobie minimum, np /10 brzuszków, 10 przysiadów i spacer/ Kiedy złapie was leń zrobicie tyle i koniec. Oczywiście robienie tego na dłuższa metę nie pomoże w traceniu na wadze. Możesz ćwiczyć około 30 minut, ponieważ po tym czasie zaczynamy spalać kalorie. Jest to można powiedzieć max. Wiec coś takiego robimy Ok. 3 razy w tygodniu. Na codzień odpalcie sobie na yt mel-B lub coś w tym stylu. Dieta to 70% odżywiania i 30% ćwiczeń.


Załóż sobie bloga lub przeglądaj coś co Cie motywuje, mogą być to zdjęcia, piosenki itp. Znajdzie się bardzo dużo takich blogów jednak szerokim łukiem omijaj zdjęcia wychudzonych dziewczyn, którym widać każde żebro. Dziewczyny takie maja problemy z miesiączka (można nawet być bezpłodnym) wypadającymi włosami i innymi. Wiedz ze może sa szczupłe ale N I E S Ą P I Ę K N E. Sa wychudzone

To na tyle kochane w razie niedociągnięć piszcie do mnie na priv lub tutaj komentarze. Pozdrawiam 💞🌸

Reaction to the boys catching you masturbate

Anonymous asked:’can u make a reaction of the boys caughting you masturbate pls? thnx lol’

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long. It’s hard doing these reaction without having your own computer !

Jin: “Babe, why do you have the door closed?” He asked our shared bedroom door open,”Are you al- Y/N! Oh my god!” He exclaims and you yell at him telling him that he should knock before just walking in,“But this is our room!”

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Yoongi: Once Yoongi entered your shared flat, he heard a few small moans of his name coming from you guys’ bedroom making a smirk pull on his lips. He made his way up to your bedroom letting a light chuckle escape him as he shook his head which startled you. He found it amusing how needy you were without him there.

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Namjoon: Namjoon sighs and rubs the nape of his neck, making his way up to your shared bedroom. Once entered, his eyes laid on your body flat on the bed touching yourself and the sight brought him to run his tongue along his bottom lip and take some steps closer.

“Couldn’t wait for me, could you?” He smirked.

Originally posted by jenorise

Hoseok: “If you wanted some relief, princess, all you needed to do was ask” He grinned and made his way towards the bed.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Jimin: “You’ve been away for too long..” Jimin whined, jogging up the steps to your bedroom,”and why do you have the door closed?” He asked and his pouty expression flushed when his eyes met your unclothed body. “Sorry! Sorry!” He exclaimed before closing the door hurriedly, a quiet giggle escaping him once he was far enough from the door.

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Taehyung; “Y/N!” Taehyung, your roommate, calls as he makes his way to your room,”Do you know wh- oh! oh my..” was all he could mutter before quickly exiting and closing the door behind him with a faint smirk on his face.

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You’re startled as Jungkook enters into your bedroom and quickly find your blanket to cover yourself. “No no. Continue, I’ll watch.” He smirked and takes a seat. You furrow your eyebrows and watch him sit at the foot of your bed.

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dois passos do precipício (e eu ainda penso em pular)

e eu achei que depois de tanto sangrar a dor iria passar
mas ainda parece que tem um par de mãos no meu pescoço
me sufocando
me apertando
me impedindo de respirar
de falar.
achei que depois de tanto doer eu fosse gritar
mas eu só sussurro
as mãos que sufocam são minhas
de tanto ouvir os ditadores de regras
cuspindo por aí padrões que eu nunca alcanço.
achei que depois de tanto tentar eu iria voar
mas meus pés estão presos ao chão
me impediram de sonhar
e eu fico aqui escrevendo sobre a dor que escorre do peito
e o grito que não sai da garganta.
achei que depois de tanto olhar o buraco aberto do peito eu iria pular.



S L E E P | Arabic

● V O C A B U L A R Y | مفردات

Bedroom| Ghurfat Annawm = غرفة النوم
Bed| Sarir = سرير
Pillow| Makhadda / Wisada = مخدة / وسادة
Pillowcase| Kis Al Makhadda = كيس المخدة
Mattress| Martaba = مرتبة
Bedcover| Ghita’ Assarir = غطاء السرير
Blanket| Battaniya = بطانية
Sleep| Nawm = نوم
Asleep| Na‘em/a = نائم / نائمة
Sleepy| Na`san/a = نعسان / نعسانة
Dream| Hülm = حلم
Nightmare| Kabüs = كابوس
Snore (n.)| Shakhir = شخير
Yawning (n.)| Tatha‘ob = تثاؤب
Nap| Qailüla = قيلولة
Sleepwalking| Assayr Athna’ Annawm /or (Assarnama) = السير أثناء النوم (السرنمة)
Oversleep (n.)| Al Itala fi annawm = الإطالة في النوم
Fast asleep| Müstaghriq/a fi annawm = مستغرق/ة في النوم
Comfortable| Murih = مريح
Cozy(warm)| Dafi’ = دافئ
Alarm clock| Munabbih = منبه
Crib| Sari Tifl = سرير طفل
Cradle| Mahd = مهد
Nightgown| Qamis Nawm = قميص نوم
Pajama| Bijama = بيجامة
Slippers| Khuf/Ni`al/Shibshib = خف/نعال/شبشب
The middle of the night| Müntasaf Allayl = منتصف الليل
Staying up late| Sahar = سهر
Stretching| Tamaddud = تمدد
Insomnia| Al Araq = الأرق
Waking up| Al Istiqaz = الإستيقاظ

● P H R A S E S | عبارات

Good Evening| Masa’ Al Khayr = مساء الخير
Good Evening (Response)| Masa’ Alward = مساء الورد
Goodnight| Tusbih/i `ala khayr = تصبح/ي على خير
Goodnight (Response)| Wa Anta/Anti min Ahlüh = و أنت/أنتي من أهله
● S E N T E N C E S | جمل

I want to go to sleep| Üri Athahab ila Annawm = أريد الذهاب إلى النوم
I want to sleep| Ürid an Anam = أريد أن أنام
I feel sleepy| Ash`ur Binnawm = أشعر بالنوم
I had a nightmare| Halimtu Bi Kabüs = حلمت بكابوس
I feel cosy| Ash`ur Biddif’ = أشعر بالدفئ
This bed is comfortable| Hatha Assarir Murih = هذا السرير مريح
I need a new bedcover| Ahtaj Ghita’ Sarir Jadid = أحتاج غطاء سرير جديد
I should set the alarm clock| `ala yya an adhbüt Al Munabbih = عليا أن أضبط المنبه
I will take a nap| Sa’akhuth Qailüla = سآخذ قيلولة