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Breaking News: Local Troubled Teen™ Sprains His Ankle, Then Is Carried By Fellow Troubled Teen™ And They Both Hate It

Imagine people assuming you and Jared are a couple so he gets asked about you a lot in interviews, which makes him shy because he has feelings for you.

“It must be amazing to have such a great addition to the cast for this season huh? Everybody is so eager to see (Y/n)’s character interact with Sam and Dean!”

“Yeah the entire cast and crew is really excited for this.” Jensen nodded his head “You know, she’d always come around and everybody already adores her because it’s impossible to not love her. You know, there was never really a reason but she loved to pay a visit to a certain someone-” he glanced at Jared who rolled his eyes with a smile “Claiming it was just to see all of us, but I never once believed it.”

“Come on man, you’re just jealous she loves spending more time with me than you!” Jared exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air and Jensen merely shrugged.

“Yeah, hanging out is what we call it now.” Jensen scoffed “You know, it’s just a good thing she won’t have to try and come up with a reason now every time she visits.”

“Well, I am sure that despite everything this is going to be a great experience! And I’m sure, Jensen, that since (Y/n) and Jared are such a lovely couple it is only fair they spent some more time together.” she said with a shrug and both Jensen and Jared’s eyes widened, but unlike the younger man Jensen burst laughing.

“Wh-what?” she chuckled.

“We- we’re not together.” Jared shook his head and hands “We’re just- (Y/n)’s my best friend, we’ve known each other since we were kids. It’s all- we’re friends, that’s just it.”

“Oh oh? Really? I’m- Forgive me, it’s just with all the pictures the two of you upload and with how much you’ve been seen out, hugging and almost cuddling, going grocery shopping together and actually seeing you get out of her house early in the morning it’s-” she shook her head with a laugh.

“Yeah, no we’re just friends. It’s friendly.” Jared said with a shy laugh, mostly because he knew that at least from his side it wasn’t like that.

“Hey, we’re friends too but you’ve never went grocery shopping for me!” Jensen exclaimed, all the time that wide grin on his – knowing above all – annoying but mainly scaring Jared. Who knew if you were actually watching the interview or not? He swore if you ever found anything he’d just crawl under a hole and die of embarrassment.

“Are you jealous now?” Jared asked him with a nervous smile but Jensen just shrugged trying to seem innocent.

“All I’m saying is: You don’t usually want to marry your best friend and have kids with him!” he raised his hands in the air as Jared’s eyes widened “So yeah, you and me are best friends. What you have with (Y/n) I am not going to say because I’ll be found dead in my house tomorrow morning!”

“Oh no don’t worry, you’ll be dead by tonight judging by the look on Jared’s face!” the interviewer laughed, pointing at the younger man.

“Oh you bet!” Jared exclaimed “I am already trying to find a way too!” he laughed awkwardly, hiding his face behind his hand “I still have no idea why I hang out with you.”

“Oh no no, you hang out with (Y/n).” Jensen pointed, making quotes with his fingers “Let’s not confuse those two! Cause I really bet you don’t have the same intentions you have for her when we are out.”

Jared opened his mouth to speak but actually didn’t when he felt his phone vibrate. He did shoot Jensen a glare when he spoke “Ten bucks it’s her!”

And as much as Jared wanted to retort the message he got from you made all air leave his lungs and his heart leal to his throat “We are so not naming our first son Jensen! Pick me up at seven so we can hang out a little more ;) xx’

Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - @averagefangurl23 

Hi, I love your work so much so I decided to request an imagine.Could you write a Thomas Doherty imagine where the reader has been getting a lot of hate on social media and the Descendants cast notice she isn’t herself so they all try to cheer her up and Thomas is being all cute and sweet and the cast die over it as the reader and Thomas both like each other but both are scared to admit it. Just a like lot of fluff. If you could do this I would die

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Thomas Doherty x Reader

Summary – (Y/N) is one of the stars of Disney Descendants who is beginning to get backlash and the cast, including her crush Thomas Doherty, try to cheer her up. 

Warning(s) - people being mean (Play nice!), fluff

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"You're Irish"

“You’re Irish.”

Anti confusingly turned his head to his accomplice, Dark. The red-haired criminal sat at the foot of Anti’s bed, his laptop’s screen leaving Dark in its iridescent glow.

His companion, Anti, put down the book he was reading and sat up, moving slightly to rest his back on his bed’s head board.

“Pardon?” He asked, breaking the comfortable silence the two lingered in.

“You’re Irish,” Dark repeated. “Am I right?”

It took a moment for him a moment to process what his partner repeated, seeing as it was so out of the blue.

Once the words sunk in, Anti’s eyes widened. His heart began to beat faster, and his hands grew into fists. He suddenly felt as if he needed to run, or kill, or do.. something to escape the question.

No one was supposed to know that. Not even Dark. How did he find out? Was he a spy this whole time? Why confront him now? If he needed to kill him, he could’ve easily done that while he was asleep. How the fuck did he-

“Greenie? You okay?”

His partner’s soothing voice broke his thoughts. He took a deep breath and collected himself.

“Yes. Why do you ask?”

“You kinda.. Froze for a second.” His half-blind friend paused, his brows furrowing slightly. “Is there something you mind telling me?”

“No. End of discussion.” Anti was quick to grab his book from his bedside table and focus back on the page.

He tried to think back to every conversation that they had. Did he accidentally let slip about his origins? Of course not. He would never be that sloppy. Maybe his accent showed? He doesn’t remember. By all means, he’s trained himself to talk like an American ever since..

Anti got lost in his thoughts, his focus barely on the page in front of him.

“Anti.” Dark put his laptop beside him and reached his hand out to gently take the book out of his partner’s hand. “You can tell me anything. I won’t judge.”

“I know you wont, but it’s not like that,” he said monotonously.

“Then why not tell me?”

No reply. The green-haired man just shifted further away from his companion on the bed.


Still no answer.

“Look. I told you everything about me. Every time you asked, I answered without hesitation. We’ve been partners in crime for what- two years now? And I barely know anything about you.” Dark moved closer to his companion, making him curl up against the headboard.

“So maybe,” he said softly, “maybe you could start opening up? To me at least.”

‘He has a point there,’ his thoughts said to him.

'Shut up, will you? Leave me alone to think,’ he said back.

Even if he didn’t want to admit it, Dark did have a point. Anti was quite the curious little thing, always asking questions without clear reason. With Dark, he honestly thought that the red-haired man would call him out on it- hell, he thought that he’d leave him after the first few weeks.. but he stayed. Not just for a few weeks like they originally planned, but for longer. Much, much longer. Look at them. Two criminals with trust issues a two years later, living with each other, killing side by side, and watching each other’s backs.

It takes Anti a moment to process it all.

However, one question rang in his mind in that moment: “Why.”

Why did Dark stay. It was him who first suggested that, 'A month. I’ll watch your back for one month if you get me out of here.’ But after the final day came, he stayed. He didn’t even bring up the subject of leaving. In fact, neither of them did.

Silence lingered in the warehouse for a few moments, before a soft sigh coming from Anti’s lips broke it.

“How did you know?” He asked, relaxing his tense posture. “Rather.. How did you find out.”

He saw Dark reach for his laptop, grabbing it and flipping it towards him. He seemed to be reading an outdated news article.

'Relentless killer escapes Irish facility. 30 casualties.’

Anti flinched as he read the title. Memories of the day bombarded his mind. Scenes that he repressed long ago came flooding back.

“The government was supposed to wipe out all evidence of that.” He said through gritted teeth. “Where did you find this?”

“I did some digging.” Dark closed the laptop’s screen, placing it to the side as he moved closer to his companion.

“It cannot be that simple. Especially with you.” His tone was.. confusing. It sounded as if he was defeated- vulnerable, even. There was even a bit of fear that leaked into his sentence. Was he afraid of this conversation? For how long?

“Of course it wasn’t that simple.” Dark moved closer so that he was sitting right next to him, his back leaning on the headboard. “Last night, when you killed.. what was her name?”

“Aubrey Dentrid.”

“Yeah, her. You got carried away and I heard a bit of an Irish accent while you were mocking her.. y'know, before you landed the final blow.”


He took a breath. “And, I got curious. So, I tried to find out more. I searched for any mass murders in Ireland in the past five years- and nothing. Well, nothing that fit your profile.”

He glanced over at his companion. Anti’s gaze was fixated on the floor beside the bed. His arms wrapped around him in a position similar to a straight jacket.

Dark sighed, but continued.

“But I remembered what you said when you first met me: 'I’ve been doing this for seven years. What you’ve done is nothing compared to me.’ So I searched again. 'Mass murders in Ireland in the past ten years’ instead. There was a few.”

Anti scoffed, “I bet there are.”

“And then I remember seeing the bar code at the back of your left ear. It has the initials, 'I.U.F’. So I dug around and found a single article by an underground online newspaper regarding the massacre in the Ireland Underground Facility.”

“Hey Greenie, I’m busting for a piss right now. Are you done?” Dark asked, banging the bathroom door with his fist.

“Yeah, just drying up. The door’s unlocked; Come in.”

Dark smiled. 'About fucking time,“ he thought.

He turned the door knob and pushed the wooden door open. The first thing he saw was his companion half naked with a towel wrapped tightly around his waist.

To most people, this is a sight you’d kill for- both metaphorically and literally. To even dream of getting so close to the mass murderer as to see his pale, well-built torso, you’d have to commit a decent amount of murders to earn the criminal’s trust.

Seeing as they’ve lived together for a few months now and shared one bathroom, Dark was used to this. Sure, he hasn’t seen Anti fully naked, but the point still stands.

Anti trusted Dark to a certain degree, and Dark trusted Anti completely.

Dark casually entered the small bathroom, already undoing his zipper as he walked over to the toilet.

As he began to do his business, he glanced over to his relatively recent partner in crime. He had his head buried in a towel, his hands aggressively rubbing the towel into his green hair.

Then Dark spotted something.

Usually, Anti swept his hair to the left, causing it to cover his ear. However, this was the first time he’s actually seen his left ear.

It was pointed just like his other ear, but a bit of it near the top was cut off, like something was torn out of the skin.

Anti turned slightly to his right to dry the ear, giving his companion an opportunity to see the back of it.

In what looked like faded ink read, 'I.U.F’ followed by a a series of thin and thick lines.

”..Barcode,“ he said aloud.

"Pardon?” His accomplice turned around, hands still ruffling the towel against his head.

“Oh nothing, just..”

“Getting too into yer- your own head again?”

“Yeah.. yeah.” The red-haired man was quick to focus back on what he was supposed to be doing.

They settled into a somewhat comfortable silence, only the faint noise of a ruffling towel and a flush of the toilet followed after.

“And here we are.”

“Here we are.”

An uncomfortable silence filled the air. Anti didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he looked content to just leave the conversation there.

The half-blind man cleared his throat. “So?”

“So what?”

“Are you?”

Dark tried to look his companion straight in the eye, but all the green-haired criminal would have non of that; Anti looked away.

He’d never seen him like this. Anti was usually the overly-confident, cocky, intelligent, precise killer who always knew what to say.

But now, he just looks like a scared boy.

Dark saw his companion take a deep breath in, his hands firmly placed on his knees. Anti’s face fell stoic. Like, the kind of face you’d see on a soldier after a battle. The expression of 'Ive been through some shit’ glazed over his entire facade. He sat up straight, hands tightly clasping his knees.

“…Greenie?” Dark asked, cautiously. A little spark of fear ignited at the back of his head. Had he gone too far? Did he strike something that should have been left to rot? Would Anti kill him right there and then? Despite Dark having the bigger build, Anti was quicker, more precise. Oh god he really messed up-

“Ah sher jaysus, ya fookin got me! That’s mah-ty fierce, laddie!” Anti’s usually serious and annoyed facade faded into this goofy, fucking hilarious side that Dark has never dreamed of seeing. The lips, that he was so used to seeing either with a sickly menacing grin or no expression at all, were curved up to his cheeks, forming the goofiest grin he’d ever laid eyes on.

“Ya look like yer about to get a baytin! Alright there, lad?” His Irish accent was exaggeratedly thick, his hands swung back and forth like those stereotypical leprechauns you see on tv.

The shift was so sudden and out of no where Dark was at a loss for words. All he could manage to do was leave is mouth gaping with a pointer finger up as if asking a question.

Anti chuckled softly, “Come on, Dark. I’m trying to be funny,” Anti said, a smile etched on his lips. He still had an Irish accent but it seemed more relaxed and.. casual? He would never associate the words 'Anti’ and 'casual’ ever before. But now.. It seemed right. Like the wall he was trying to see pass for months finally crumbled away.

“Dark?” Dear god the way his voice curved over the 'ar’. It felt so.. natural to hear.

“Hey, are you okay? Is this too much?” Anti, for the first time in so long, sounded scared.. insecure, even. “Come on man, I’m feelin’ a bit vulnerable right now-”

“Holy fucking shit.”


“Holy fucking shit!”

“Did I.. do something wrong?”

“Holy! Fucking! Shit!”

“Jesus, okay. Let’s just forget that this ever happened and go back to what I was before-”

Dark suddenly lunged towards Anti, their faces inches away from each other.

“Don’t you dare even think about putting up that wall ever again.”

“W-wall? What are you-”

“You actually sounded comfortable with me for once!” A genuine smile grew on the the red-haired criminal’s face. “If this is the real you, then jesus christ I do not want you going back to the stuck up, constantly frustrated bossy asshole facade you put up.”

“..You knew it was a facade?”

Dark sighed. “I spent years in a mental asylum, Greenie. I’m pretty good at figuring out if people are lying about themselves.”


“Oh indeed.”

Silence lingered over the two of them for. It wasn’t tension or comfortable. It was more or less because neither of the two knew what to say next.

The silence was broken by a slight chuckle from Dark’s lips.

“What so funny?” Anti asked, still talking in his native accent.

“I think that’s the first time you ever sounded human.”


'He said 'human’.’

'He called you, the labrat, 'human’.’

“Anti, you alright- oof, okay.” Before Dark knew it, Anti- the cold-hearted killer, mass murderer of thousands, the anonymous hired gun- was hugging him. He was taken aback.


“You don’t know how much that means to me.” His voice was quiet and genuine.

“O-Oh. Okay, uh.. Your welcome?” He awkwardly hugged back.

The two just stayed there for a few moments, embracing each other as if the other was the only anchor each of them had to reality.

They have hugged before, like the time Dark had to shield Anti from shrapnel, or the time Anti held him as they both fell from a crashing helicopter into the sea, but this time.. It was like they haven’t met before. This was not a red-haired, half-blind, mental asylum escapee, man-for-hire holding a green-haired, serial killer, mass-murderer, lab-experiment-gone-wrong. This was a concerned, caring man accepting his insecure, vulnerable friend.

When they finally released the other, Dark saw something that he swore will never forget.

Anti was crying.

“Oh my god, Greenie. Are you-”

“Yeah yeah. I am.” He laughed, but it came out as a choke. “God, I must look disgusting,” he said, wiping his eyes on his sleeve.

“No no, you look fine.” He said in an attempt to reassure him. “But I have to ask.. Why are you crying?”

A million responses filled Anti’s head. He could say it was because he finally trusts Dark, or because he’s was so sick of keeping up a wall of false identity up, or that he finally felt free. Maybe it was he felt so vulnerable to the point of tears or because someone knows his past. Maybe it was because a giant burden was finally lifted. Maybe it was because he realized that Dark accepted him.

Anti smiled and looked him straight in the eye.

“I feel human.”

Imagine Jared and Misha teasing Jensen because you, his favorite actress and celebrity crush, got a part in Supernatural and he acts like a fanboy.

“So how’s it going guys? It’s been quite some time since I last saw you and so much has changed!” the interviewer said with a smile as the three men nodded their heads.

“Oh yeah definitely! I mean I- I died, so there’s that.” Misha said with a shrug and Jared and Jensen snickered “You know-” he spoke up again, raising a finger “I think the only sad thing about it is that it wasn’t Jared that did it, it’s sad for him at least.” he looked at the taller man you nodded his head with a grin.

“Agree, absolutely agree! So I am just here and apologizing to you Misha, I will try harder next time to convince the writers to let me do that!” he said and Misha laughed himself.

“Well, glad to know you guys are taking well to that!” she laughed.

“Oh yeah, he’s a Winchester. He’ll be back, we don’t worry about that.” Jensen shook his head and Misha grinned.

“I love just how normal this sounds in the fandom to be honest!” she chuckled “Speaking of which: there has been a new addition to it, right?”

“Uh the Nephilim, right?” Jared spoke up with a smile “Yeah, I am sure this will be so much fun, we have already filmed a couple scenes and I’ve read some of the future scenes too and it’s all so much I honestly didn’t know they could take it this far! I really think he’s one of the most interesting characters we’ve ever had.”

“That’s amazing, try not to kill him to fast boys.” she chuckled an they laughed.

“Well, I’ll- I’ll try to hold Jared back since he wants to turn this into Friday the 13th all of a sudden!” Jensen said with a grin, pointing at his friend.

“Me or you? Dude, we need to avenge our friend’s death even if he is not directly responsible!” Jared shook hs head with a laugh.

“You said you’d like to kill me yourself just a second ago!” Misha exclaimed and Jared shrugged.

“That’s exactly what I mean. Took away the perfect opportunity!” he said so simply that it actually made everybody laugh.

“Glad to see you still love each other just as much as the first day, even after all these years.” she said with a giggle.

“Oh trust me!” Jensen piped in “I still want to off both of them just as much as the first day of meeting them!”

“Seriously?” Misha laughed at him as Jensen grinned “What am I supposed to say then you assholes?” he said in disbelief and Jensen shook his head, laughing wholeheartedly.

“Yes, yes we really are a family here as you can see!” Jared said with a big smile.

“That is great to see then.” she chuckled, flipping through her card for the next question “Other than this one addition to the show, one we’ve really been waiting for actually there was one that has been announced this summer and it really surprised everybody! I’m talking about a new ally that we may not know the actual name of but know is going to be one hell of an appearance since she’s portrayed by an amazing actress as (Y/n)!” she said with a grin and Misha and Jared smiled widely as the glanced at Jensen, whose head hang low.

“Oh there we go.” he mumbled and she raised an eyebrow.

“And that would mean?” she asked as she too a look at the snickering Jared and Misha.

“You know I actually thought I was going to avoid the embarrassment but nope, here comes possibly the worst moments of my life.” Jensen rested his chin on his palm and sighed, a little too dramatically.

“Why so?”

“You’ll see. Oh you’ll see.” Jensen mumbled, glancing at his friends from the corner of his eyes.

“Oh relax, we’re not gonna embarrass you… a lot.” Misha said with a shrug as Jensen scoffed.

“Well, let me explain everything cause you seem confused.” Jared got on a serious face and Jared just hid his face behind his hands at what was coming “Jensen is a fan of (Y/n)’s. Like not the normal kind, if there is that, no. Not the ‘Oh I love your movies, can I have an autograph?’ absolutely not. He’s more like- Do you remember Becky from the show?” he asked and she nodded her head.

“Yeah, yeah I do. That kind of fan?”

“No, no.” he shook his head “Worse! Actually much much worse!” he exclaimed and Misha snickered “He’s seen all of her movies at least ten times each, and his favorites- oh those I can’t even count. He knows the dialogs better than the actors that have actually been in them. And he’s seen every interview she’s ever had, like every one of them I am not kidding you! And- and Chuck forbid if she uploads a photo or video on any of her social media oh dear! The first like will always be his! Always I swear!”

“And he sure as hell won’t stop talking or at least thinking about it all day!” Misha spoke up, looking at Jensen who was shaking his head with a small whine leaving his lips “He hasn’t commented on any of them, not yet but oh Castiel help anyone that dares say they are her biggest fan! Nope, they don’t live to see the next day come!” he shook his head “Absolutely not! And let’s not get started when someone mentions her, he will pop in worse than Castiel himself! He almost gave one of the make up artists a heart attack!”

“So as you expect-” Jared wet on from then “When we found out that she had actually audition for a role in Supernatural, we did our best to avoid him at all costs!”

“Why that?”

“Because he was a mess of nerves and stuttering and awkwardness. Dean around a woman has nothing in common with what he was just at the mere thought she’d be on set with us! He’d ask questions about himself, and what she’d think and then thing of everything that could go wrong and all the ways he could embarrass himself in front of her!” Jared said with a chuckle as the only thing Jensen could do was mumble 'I hate you’s.

“Wow I really think that filming this season is going to be interesting then huh?”

“Oh I’m already sure we’ll have the best gag reel ever!” Misha said proudly and Jared nodded his head.

“We can’t wait for the teasing- er I mean shooting to begin!” he said and Misha snickered.

“I- I don’t really know why I hang out with these guys anymore.” Jensen huffed, shifting in his seat.

“Well, although Jared and Misha made it pretty clear I’d like to ask you Jensen if you have anything to say about (Y/n) being in Supernatural?”

“Well, uhm I’m sorry for a moment I was too caught up planning their deaths.” Jensen cleared his throat, blinking.

“Pff as if. He’s too caught up thinking about her. Cough – celebrity crush for life – cough some more.” Jared said with a smirk and Jensen only rolled his eyes.

“I’m gonna try to ignore the moose and uhm say that, honestly and all jokes aside I was really excited that we were going to have such an amazing actress on the show. It’s not every day an oscars’ winner wants to be part of this. I know she declined several movies to be able to be here with us, at least for this season and if that’s not honoring enough I don’t know what is.” he shrugged “I think- honestly, know she is going to do an amazing job in bringing this character to life and give her the depth and feelings she really needs and yeah maybe it’s the fan in me talking but I really think this is going to be my favorite season so far!”

“Alright, it’s great to hear that from you guys now.” she flipped through her cards, her eyebrows shot up once she read the question.

“Oh wow, alright- so I have a you could say question here that has been sent by the actual authors of the show to me. They told me they wanted the reactions captured on camera and I couldn’t understand then but now I really do understand.” she chuckled, catching their attention.

“They said they wanted to tell it to you when giving out the script for the next episode you have to film but found this as a great opportunity to let you, especially Jensen, know.” she looked at them.

“I’m… kinda scared now.” he mumbled.

“They’re killing you off dude!” Jared said with a snicker “Shame you won’t have a scene with your princess.” he said and only got a hit on the head from him.

“Uh actually quite the opposite.” she spoke up “To Jensen: How does it feel being told that (Y/n)’s character is going to be Dean’s most serious love interest along with everything that comes with that?

KJ x Reader: A Romantic Kiss

this is from “A Dog’s Purpose” but hes so cute how could I not put this photo in?

Warnings: none
Requested: yes
A/N: this is kinda short (I think?) but I didn’t know how to elaborate

*KJ’s POV*

Today was the day that we started shooting for season 2 of Riverdale and there was a new cast member on set, (Y/N).

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So I’m taking some more commissions!!! Single character, waist/thigh up, like the example shown. I will draw original characters and fanart. I won’t draw real people (sorry!) n/s/f/w, complex characters or furries.

If you’re interested email me at vasiradraws@gmail.com. (don’t message me about it on tumblr please, tumblr likes to eat asks and i also lose info when i respond) Payment is upfront and via Paypal only. I’m only taking 5 slots at a time and I’m also currently busy with school so I’m not as fast getting these done but email me if you’re interested!

In the past I’ve given one slot to a commissioner and they could have two characters for one slot however because of school it is one character per slot so if you want two or more let me so I can plan accordingly.


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I am really trying to make everyone I know get into the adventure zone podcast because it’s the single most breathtaking adventure my ears have had the pleasure to listen too. There hasn’t been a single book, movie or game that have been able to beat the characters and world bulding of taz It’s just that amazing!

The problem is that all that starts appering later on and it’s really hard convincing someone to stay put for the 8 first hours (or so) Like “Hey this podcast is great you just have to listen to it for half a day before the really good stuff starts”!

Imagine Jensen confessing he accepted a role in a movie because he knew you, his celebrity crush, were in it.

Originally posted by dustydreamsanddirtyscars

“And here we are with the star of the movie, Jensen Ackles!” the woman grinned as Jensen did the same at her “Jensen, it’s so great to see you here! Tell me, how does it feel to be on the big screen after all this time in Supernatural?”

“Wow it is certainly… weird, I must admit. I mean I was and still am so used to the Supernatural family that I had a hard time processing it when I got asked for this movie, I almost asked them if they had the wrong number and wanted to call Ryan Gosling or something but no- they insisted they wanted me!” he laughed, shaking his head as you smiled behind the camera. Seeing as your own interviews were over about half an hour ago you decided to hang out behind the cameras to watch your co-star and… more than just that, have his own last interview.

“But I think everybody will agree to hear and see that you actually accepted it, right?”

“Well, my friends and family really were. I was so glad that above all I didn’t have to stop Supernatural for some time or anything, we managed to make it all work; because I honestly could not say no to this movie! There were so many things that made me say the big yes, but above all it’s Blade Runner who would say no to this role?” he laughed softly and the interviewer nodded her head.

“Agreed, and I think everybody was very pleased to see that you indeed were the best choice for Officer K to the point that they want more than just one movie now. Tell me, though, if you could pick the three top reasons that made you take the role: what would they be?”

“Uhm well, in no particular order I think one would definitely be me being a huge geek when it comes to Blade Runner. I’ve been a really big fan of the first one since I was a kid, you’d have no idea!” he chuckled “Another one would definitelybe the amazing cast and crew. Getting to work with such amazing directors and Harrison Ford himself is a dream coming true and something that really made me want to jump at the opportunity the moment I heard it!”

“That would seem as a good reason too, yeah. And one more?”

“One more, oh.” he chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck “I- I think I’m going to regret saying this, out loud that is but uhm-” he cleared his throat “Alright I’m just- I should say it quick and without waiting so-”

“So?” she asked “Your main reason I’m guessing would-”

“(Y/n)!” he exclaimed, cutting her off and her eyebrows shot up. She giggled as Jensen laughed nervously.

“(Y/n), wow that is something I… didn’t expect to hear and now- now I am intrigued. Do tell more?” she insisted and Jensen laughed nervously.

“Oh gosh, time to turn this into fifty shades of red.” he cleared his throat “I- I mean, have you seen her? There is no way I’d pass a movie when I found out she’d be my costar!”

“Costar and a lot more in the movie actually.” she said with a smirk and Jensen laughed, shrugging.

“Guilty” he shook his head “Point is, I know I am her biggest fan and I can fight anyone that dares to claim different, those scenes were just… an extra bonus.” he laughed “It would be a dream to be in a movie with her and- honestly? That was the first and main reason as to why I said yes.”

“So you’d say she’s your celebrity crush?”

“I would actually but-” he glanced around “Just because she always finds her way around here somehow I am going to refer from that because I won’t hear the end of it.”

“But you’ve become great friends, haven’t you? And you’ve only knows each other for what- two years now?”

“Uhm well, I’m going to be honest: it’s longer, much longer than just that. We- we met back in the beginning of Supernatural actually. I- I can’t remember why she was there during season 1, and neither does she, but yeah- we go way back.” he grinned nodding his head.

“Wow, really? I’m surprised something like this has slipped the fans’ radars considering how much of a buzz there isaround you two lately!”

“Trust me, that I know! Jared must be the number one shipper, that I am sure about!” he leaned back in his chair “And he sure as hell finds every possible way to tease me about (Y/n) whether I am talking with her on the phone, skype or just texting. He’s just found his new favorite hobby that is most certain!”

“I’m sure he has a lot of fun with that! But uhm let me ask you something else too: Seeing as your character actually proposes in the very end to (Y/n)’s character, do you think – being single for so long – you would ever take this step and with who?”

“Taking this step hm. Uhm well, honestly first I would really have to find the one-” he chuckled, glancing at the camera where he had spotted you from before and grinned “-uhm yeah, done already I think. There are a lot of things that need to be in a relationship especially if someone wants to spend the rest of his life with another.”

“Would you? I mean as I said you’ve been single for very long, do you think you could make it? Leave all you have for something unknown actually.”

“Well, it really depends on how I’d feel for the person and how they too would respond to be honest. But you know, if they’re the one- I wouldn’t hesitate to give up my life for them.” he shrugged, this time completely serious and only a soft genuine smile on his face.

“So this… one you found, because you said it don’t think I didn’t catch that-” she smirked pointing a finger at him as he laughed “Do you think she’d be the one? And no vague answers here, Mr Ackles because all these years of hunting have rubbed off on you and you are still avoiding to answer.” she narrowed her eyes at him and Jensen looked at you laughing as you grinned at him.

“I am not!” he raised his hands in the air “But if you so want an answer, ask her to walk in!”

“Ask who?” she looked around.

“The answer, obviously.” you said with a smirk as you made your way around the cameras to your costar and wrapped your arms around his shoulders from behind as you kissed his cheek.

“The answ- oh!” her eyes widened as hiding your face in the crook of his neck you raised your hand to show her the classic diamond ring on your finger.

“He’s a sap.” you chuckled, as he kissed the side of your head.

“Just the best for my fiance!”

Imagine Jared letting it slip that you’ve been together for very long during an interview.

“Who is…” Conan laughed softly “I think I know the answer to this, myself. Who is (Y/n)’s favorite character?”

You laughed, your head hanging in shame as Ryan laughed next to you and you glanced to see Harrison chuckle softly to himself “Conan what did I ever do to you?!” you exclaimed as the host laughed.

“No, seriously nothing!” he raised his hands “I didn’t choose this questions, I swear!” he laughed, leaning back in his chair and you bit your lip, glancing to your right to see your husband already scribbling his answer on his small white board with a wide adorable smile on.

Husband, well, in secret. The amount of people that knew about it, considering that you were both famous, was surprisingly small especially since you’ve been together for a good six years. But you loved keeping it low, just enjoying the privacy and being just the two of you without your relationship being all over the media. Not that all this quiet didn’t have it’s drawbacks, you couldn’t go for a walk just holding hands like most couples.

“Why must I get all the embarrassing questions?” you asked, practically at nobody as you looked at the audience.

“Uh uh you must write your answer!” Ana said with a smirk and you tried to glare at her but you just couldn’t keep your smiled off your face.

“You already know it, what’s the point?” you huffed as Ryan laughed more to your left. You hit him on the side with your elbow but he didn’t stop, so you just tried to give him the meanest “I hate you” you could muster but he just brushed it off.

“I hate this game already.” you muttered, writing your own answer.

“Alright, ready?” Conan asked as you all gave him nods.

You were playing a game of questions to see how well you knew each other while promoting your new movie, Blade Runner 2049. You were very surprised when you first found out you would be getting to chance not only to work with such amazing actors and directors, not only your husband but also be his love interest in it. That alone made the number of people that shipped accelerate to a great amount, to the point that during the movie’s premiere your shipping name was trending on twitter along with the title of the movie itself.

“Yep, I’ll go first!” Ana said with an excited smile , she was included in the few people that knew about you and Jared, after she had walked in on the two of you in his trailer that is “Mr Neander Wallace.” she said with an accent, grinning as you laughed at her.

“Alright, Harrison?” Conan asked and with a smirk the man turned his own white board.

“Mr Wallace.” he said, glancing at Ryan.

“Neander.” the younger man said with a grin and you gave him a look, because he loved teasing the life out of you about it.

“Jared?” Conan asked and the moment your husband turn his board he broke into a wide childlike grin, closing his eyes.

“Me!” he exclaimed, glancing at you “I mean, yeah Neander as well but we all know-” he put a suggestive look on his face “It’s all actually me!” and he gave you a playful wink that truth was he actually meant, but maybe it seem all comical.

You scoffed, laughing with a shake of your head at him as the crowd cheered at the two of you “Alright, yeah it’s Neander.” you smiled shyly, shrugging as you turned your own board.

“Yes!” Jared cheered, raising his fist in the air and you giggled as the audience went on with encouraging you. Oh if only they knew.

“Yeah, I was gonna vote for that as well!” Conan chuckled, checking his next question as you whipped off the name from your board.

“I was going to say your lovely hubby, but that seemed too straightforward.” Jared leaned in to whisper in your ear and you chuckled, giving him a look.

Oh how many times you were going to see the photo or video of this moment on instagram in a few hours. It seemed like the smallest thing the two of you did would go either viral, like that first video of you two, or moments in interviews like this.

“And the next one is for Jared.” Conan said, gaining your attention “What is Jared’s… favorite scene?”

“My favorite scene.” Jared mumbled as he thought about it.

“What could your favorite scene be?” Ryan asked, glancing at Jared.

“Does it have to include him or not?” Harrison asked and Conan shrugged.

“Anything, just his favorite scene. Whether he is in it or not.” he said and Harrison looked down at his board in thought.

“My favorite scene.” Jared mumbled again “My favorite. My fave-”

You were in deep thought as well, trying to think of something until it dawned on you, and probably him because he stopped. You looked up, your back straight and face already red “No!” you exclaimed, seeing the grin already spread on his face “No, hell no!”

“No, Conan!” you pointed at him with your marker “Stop, nope. Skip. Skip, we ain’t answering that. No. Cut. Enough, nada. Nopity nope! Skip, skip!” your voice came out squeaky as somewhere in between Jared started laughing and you saw your costars smile knowingly.

“No, forget it! Skip, skip!” you shook your head stubbornly as even more people from the audience realized it was probably the heated bed scene you two had in the movie before you character ran away.

“He’s not answering that, he’s not-” you looked at your husband who had a mischievous smile on his face “Jared Joseph Leto I swear if you dare answer that question you are sleeping on the couch!” you had never used that threat, because you were nothing like most couples, but he always found it amusing to see you act like this.

The audience didn’t get it, neither the host, but your costars did and everybody laughed. You husband almost to tears “That’s-” he whipped away a tear as he looked at you with a wide grin before glancing at the crowd that calmed down.

“This-” he said with such pride “Is just why I married this woman!” he exclaimed, as he looked at you full of love and before you could even look fully surprised, he grabbed your face and kissed you; making the audience go wild.

Terrible Things

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Summary: Basically the whole plot of the song Terrible Things by Mayday Parade

Warnings: A N G S T, childbirth, character death (basically, fluff-to-angst-to-fluff-again)

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(is this everyone’s reaction to my angst?)

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(Single!Chris Pratt sort of but still yeah, you know the drill)

“So tell me, how was it working with (Y/n)?” the interviewer asked.

Chris glanced at you for a second and then looked back at the interviewer “Great. I can tell you for sure. I mean, I’m not saying this because she’s here or my wife and will probably kill me later at home if I say otherwise- ow.” he interrupted himself to groan slightly as you hit his shoulder playfully “See, that’s what I mean” he added and you playfully glared at him.

“Anyway, yeah I’m not telling this because she’s here because well, everybody already knows it but she is a great actress. Honestly. As much of a great wife. But well, even though I had had the pleasure to work with her in the past this time it was much better.” he said and you nodded with a small smile, looking down at your hands; truly feeling the same way.

“But really, amazing. That is honestly the only way I can describe it. We had so much fun, we always do, but believe me this is the first time- the first time after such a long time of acting that I looked forward to going on set every morning more than anything else!” he added with a chuckle and you laughed slightly as well.

“Fantastic, fantastic indeed” he added in a low voice with a small nod.

The interviewer nodded as well “And what about the fact that (Y/n)’s character also happened to be Owen’s, your character’s, love interest?” he asked.

“Uh that- that was certainly something interesting. I mean, I got the chance for extra kisses so hey, I’m not complaining! Besides, she looked so badass with the Raptors that I could hardly keep my hands off of her! Not that I ever stop, but still…” Chris said with a small laugh and shrugged, trailing off.

You shook your head with a laugh but nodded nonetheless “That is true!” you pointed out.

“Yes, but I’m telling you at some point I honestly freaked out!” Chris added.

“When? Why?” the interviewer asked.

“Well, we were shooting that scene and- (Y/c/n), (Y/n)’s character, was like glaring at Owen while petting the Raptors and he of course was all flirty and trying to seduce her and then she goes like ‘You say something like that again, and I’m not going to stop them from eating you’ and she motioned to the Raptors and my eyes, I’m telling you, widened and I just stared at her in shock. And- and I was like ‘(Y/n) is that you baby?’ because really I thought we had stopped shooting!” he took in a breath and continued.

“And honestly it was so scary because I realized then that that’s what they talk about when they say deja vu! I honestly felt like I was years back to when I first met her! I fell head over heels in love with her ever since the first second but she was like playing hard to get and pretending not to be interested. And- and I tried to use a pick up line on her and she had that glare on her face and said ‘You say something like that again, and I’m not going to stop them from eating you’ and she had motioned to the lions close to her. We were at a zoo that first time.” he finished.

“Chris!” you exclaimed with an embarrassed laugh “I hate him” you added with another chuckle and shake of your head, hiding yourself behind your hands.

“I love you too, honey” he said.