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Hey Emma, just wondering if you could please rec me fics that like, have an existing plot from a movie/book/tv show? So like fics based off of movies etc, if that makes sense. Thank you love! Have a good day xx

I made a list of fics with plots that are based on existing plots from films or TV shows, but since it’s not a very long list, I also made a second list of fics that are inspired by or based in the same universe as TV shows or films, but that have an entirely unique plot. Hopefully something here will strike your fancy.

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a redraw of this year old thing!! had a lot of fun w this one despite having to kick my own ass for a whole month in order to actually finish it


Once in a while when I wake up, I find myself crying. The dream I must’ve had I can never recall. But the sensation that I’ve lost something lingers for a long time after I wake up. I’m always searching for something, for someone. This feeling has possessed me, I think, from that day…that day the stars came falling.

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Bruh ur comic is fuckin legit I'm so glad I found it since I'd just only seen snipits of the gaster memes around👌 and gasters origin story idea that's so cool?? Over all the art, memes, and story r great I'm lookin forward to the updates! Good stuff dude c:

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i just beat chapter 15 in fe8… whew

I’m having fun imagining ephraim’s reaction to returning to eirika’s army. When he left everything was pretty much normal except maybe Vanessa and Lute batting eyelashes at each other a bit but he wasn’t around long enough to notice.

Now he returns and quickly realizes that Eirika is a bit too chummy with L’Arachel and that his sister has comprised an army of mainly women not-so-secretly dating/super crushing on other women. Oh yeah and Josh and Artur might have a thing going on too. 

reaction? adopt the army’s spirit and start not-so-subtly hitting on kyle