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Can I just tell you how much I love your art and how sweet a person you are? Your art is so relaxing to look at, and you're really good get feelings out. Recently I really enjoy your Gladestone and the triplets comic :) (I'm sorry for the bad English, but I really wanted to tell you how happy your comics make me and how sweet you are <3)

th-thank? you??? omg

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Name: Laura
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hey there! I’m interested in the fine arts though I focus primarily on the visual spectrum. Art is something I’ve always been really into and I love to talk about it often (so hopefully you’ll be into it too). I enjoy conspiracy/paranormal theories, watching documentaries, comedies (stand-up comedy) and animated films. I’m open to book and music recommendations, learning about new cultures and backgrounds, history, listening to people talk about something they’re really into and know what they’re about is great. I’m trying to learn Russian (so anyone out there who knows the language or is from Russia, welcome!), if you’re looking to improve your English I wouldn’t mind helping! I also know Spanish. I’m not so particularity great at small talk so if you wanna jump into any sort of conversations or topics that’d be great. Communicating with someone from another country would be amazing but I don’t mind anyone from the US either. I’m here for the laughs and a good (hopefully lasting) friendship

Preferences: I prefer those who are relatively within my age range (15-19), understanding and respectful towards the lgbt+ community and are capable of discussing a wide range of topics. I’d really like it if we can laugh and have really funny conversations but also sit down and have serious ones where we can exchange genuine opinions and talk about deep/serious things. Probably most available through email (kik or even tumblr) and I’m looking for someone who I can actively communicate with.

I’m not interested in someone who is racist, homophobic, sexist or an islamophobe. I am interested in feminism and am supportive of that community. If you aren’t religious that’s okay (I respect that and understand) so long you aren’t disrespecting anyone’s faith we’ll be okay:) I can’t promise I can do snail mail cause I’m not into giving out my address (maybe someday though when there’s more familiarity cause I find it very endearing) so sorry if that’s an issue

hello people!!

my name’s minnie, I’m turning 17 this summer (but I feel 60+ at heart!!) and I live in europe.

I really enjoy learning, especially biology and literature. I can literally spend hours searching for those amazing facts about the human body.

I absolutely love animals, they’re the cutest beings on the earth. my love for them is one of the reasons I went vegan but I’m definitely not here to judge you for your dietary choices. oh and I also love cooking and baking. I always pretend that I have my own cooking show when I’m in the kitchen.

In general I feel like an old grandma living in a tiny house with a beautiful garden who likes to sit on the porch everyday sipping green tea and who’s really into herbs and alternative medicine. but at the same I’m often so childish that I keep wondering if perhaps I stopped my mental development at the age of 5.

my biggest dream is to travel the world with friends. I’m definitely taking a gap year after high school for visiting those amazing countries. I’d love to visit australia and new zealand, india and the whole south america.

my music taste is literally one big mess, I can go from listening to old jazz and david bowie to the weeknd.

I’m looking for open-minded and nice people. your age, nationality, gender, sexuality etc. don’t matter. we can chat here or send emails but I’m okay with writing letters to each other as well (maybe skype or facetime in the future, who knows) as long as you’re comfortable with it. I’m so down for a friendship where we can tell each other secrets and have a deep conversation like we’ve known each other for years.

kik: caelesty
email: caelesty6 @gmail.com
tumblr: @caelesty

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Name: Grace
Age: 18
Country: United States

Hi there! My name is Grace, and I’m terrible at writing bios. I’m finishing up my last year in high school and I’m taking a gap year next year, and I’d love pen pals to talk with about anything and everything. I love the environment, especially conservation and animals. I’m hoping to go into environmental science in college!
I love reading, journaling, tea, watching netflix (the office, pretty little liars, parks and rec, john mulaney, etc), animals, listening to music, and many other things. I like talking to people from all other countries but I only speak english. :( I am open to learning about other languages and culture though!
I’m really chill in general and will talk about pretty much anything.

 Probably 17-25 but thats about it. No perverts or creeps, and I am a democrat so be warned.

Hi! I’m Aspen and I am a 16 year old trans boy! I am looking for someone (preferably from Spain) who speaks Spanish as well as English! I am trying to learn Spanish better and I could really appreciate the help!
I am interested in: theatre, art, drawing, weightlifting, TV shows, movies, and books! Some of my favorite music is Fall Out Boy and the 1975. I also listen to CNCO occasionally!
If you are interested, message me on tumblr @centurieshurley and I will give you my kik from there on! :)

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Name: Megan
Age: 17
Country: Australia 

Since I was a little girl I have wanted a penpal from another country. I love ancient history and culture and am very interested in learning other languages but I have never had anyone to practise with. I love classical music and the theatre and would enjoy someone to talk to who has a different perspective in life. 

Preferences: Between 16-24 please

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Putting up with furry haters I see. U^U I don't understand why people are so shallow minded and cruel towards people who's done absolutely nothing wrong but draw anthropomorphic creatures(not counting porn cause this is the internet and theirs porn for everything). I say, if a person thinks they're all that and superior just because they judge you on what they don't understand, they have nothing to be proud of in life. TnT *hugs* UnU

I needed to show a drawing of him to,because i dunno where my brain was when i forgot his pattern XDDD

But i WON’T draw them on around 40 frames again XDD

So yeah,sorry about that(his original pattern is on the single pic.)

Hi! My name is Sonia and I am a 16 year old girl from Spain. I am a shy girl who would like to meet new people from other countries and hopefully make some good friends :)

I love reading and some of my favourite books are Harry Potter,Shadowhunters, Percy Jackson,… I also like watching movies and TV shows like Teen Wolf, Star Wars, Narnia,Skam,13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things,…

I like listening to pop and rock music. My favourite singer is Ed Sheeran and I also like bands like 5sos,My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Green Day, Bon Jovi, Arctic Monkeys,..

I am into history and languages. I speak Spanish and English and I am learning French and German. I love traveling and I want to go to as many places as I can!

Oh and I fangirl a lot.

I am looking for someone who is near my age and shares some interests with me, but if not I don’t mind, you just have to be nice and not racist,homophobic,sexist,.. I think I am a good listener so you could talk to me about anything and we could tell each other how our days went.

I don’t have a tumblr account but if you are interested you can send me an e-mail : sonia.pm.00@gmail.com

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Name: Veronica
Age: 24
Country: USA

Hi, my name is Veronica. I’m 24 years old and I’m from the US. I speak English, Spanish, and just a little bit of French. I love animals, crafting, reading, and binge watching TV shows. I will forever be obsessed with Harry Potter and I love stargazing. I’ve never had a pen pal before but it sounds interesting and hope to make some new friends.

Preferences: No preferences on gender or age. I’m open to talk to anyone.