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So can you do a little bit on what rin would do if he and his S/O went on a date? Like what would he wear, where would they go, flowers or no? Would he bring his S/O a gift? Etc.

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  • It would probably be his first girl/boyfriend 
  • And his first date
  • So he’d be hella nervous
  • He’d take them to a nice cafe or restaurant
  • And maybe also to Mephhyland or the arcade either before or after eating
  • He probably wouldnt bring any flowers or a gift because he’s forgetful like that
  • If it was Shiemi or someone he knew loved flowers he might bring them some just because they know they like flowers
  • If he didn’t know them much he’d probably not bring anything
  • Rin doesn’t see the need to dress up so he’d just wear something casual, but clean and fresh
  • Something typical and average 
  • Something non constricting and easy to move freely in
  • He would pay attention to what food you order
  • So he can take into account your favourite flavours
  • So next time he can make you a delicious meal
  • He would be thinking about wanting to hold your hand
  • But would be to shy to ask or to just do it
  • So he just awkwardly keeps his hand available incase you wanna hold it
  • If it were cold he’d give you his jacket
  • He’d pay for everything 
  • Not because he believes in sex roles
  • Just because he’s trying to be nice
  • If you’d been dating a while he may bring you a gift
  • Just something small but cute
  • He doesn’t have a ton of money and he feels really bad about that 
  • Because he wants to give you everything
  • But he can only give you everything he has
  • Even when you reassure him he’s still a little sensitive about it
  • He’d totally wanna get a milkshake with two straws and drink it with you in a cafe
  • But would’t ask that on the first date, maybe the fifth or something?
  • Despite how much he wants to, he also would not kiss you on the first date
  • He’d probably wear something like this, the sorta thing he usually wears, or maybe a little tidier but he wouldn’t dress formally unless you were going somewhere really nice, but even then he’d probably ‘Rinify’ himself a bit

I drew Roci from sthlm AU in hir business clothes (expensive suit that I draw ill fitting, but suits are hard ok), and felt a bit bad for hir so then I had to also draw hir in hir (at one point probably also expensive) ratty old faux fur jacket, lipstick and no hair gel

Nuevos diseños de personajes de la película de ‘Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei’

La película se estrenará el 17 de junio en cines de Japón.

La edición de junio de la revista Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh ha revelado nuevos diseños de personajes de la próxima película de Anime basada en la serie de novelas ligeras Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei por Tsutomu Satou e Ishida Kana. La película titulada Gekijouban Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Hoshi o Yobu Shoujo (The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie: The Girl Who Calls the Stars) se estrenará el 17 de junio del 2017 en cines de Japón.

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This scene man. I have a lot to say about this scene but also Im at such a loss for words.

For those of you who haven’t read the manga these lines were added in.

And personally I found it added so much more to both her character and death.

We knew NOTHING about Nanaba’s past other than she was one of the few remaining veterans alive from before the fall of the walls. Erwin, Mike, Hanji, Nanaba, and Levi were the only veterans from the survey corps everyone else came in later on after the fall.

Thats literally all we knew.

Aside from the fact that she looked up to Mike but really who wouldn’t? He was humanity’s strongest soldier until Levi came around. He was also her squad leader. Who wouldn’t look up to a man like that?

But this. Fuckin’. Scene. Right. Here.

It gave us insight into her past. Granted its only canon in the anime but thats perfectly fine with me and probably a lot of you too for once. (Since normally most manga readers aren’t fond of changes in the story)

Because now we know more about an amazing soldier.

Her father obviously heavily abused her if while being /ripped apart/ by /titans/ she saw him doing it instead. Its pretty obvious she was hallucinating. Possibly from blood loss. I mean she did have her leg torn off. Also maybe from the amount of sheer pain she was going through. Just like Mike, Nanaba was ripped into pieces by a bunch of smaller titans. An agonizing death for sure.

And think, her father abused her so heavily yet she still went and became one of the stronger soldiers in the Survey Corps (Well I always assumed she was since shes one of the only survivors from before the fall)

Look how many titans she took out on her own alone. Both her and our boy Gelgar took out even more together. They didn’t even keep count.

Survey Corps soldiers take pride in how many titans theyve killed because it shows how skilled they are. But these guys weren’t worried about their skill at the time being. They were worriedabout saving a bunch of defenseless kids. Sure they’re all trained soldiers but currently they had no weapons or gear aside from a single knife.

They weren’t looking for fame. They even admitted from the beginning they thought they were going to die. For a moment there was hope they wouldn’t but they quickly lost it once more titans attacked and they lost two of the four capable soldiers.


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