Surprise! New toys! You can expect #pole classes and #lollipoplyra #freestandinglyra lessons on the menu very soon!!!!

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Workout - Bodypump 60mins

Breakfast - four pieces of whole wheat bread with hummus, vegetables and egg + coffee = ~500kcals

Weight - 51,6kg

I’m starting to suspect that my scale is broken. How can I not gain weight? I count my calories very carefully. And I don’t even look underweight at all. I need to find some other scale for a ‘second opinion’. Anyway, I guess I’m adding another 100kcals to my daily limit, so now it’s 1700kcals.

Oh, and those are my kitties having a moment of guy love.

for people who don’t know this already: when moogles say ‘kupo’ they say ‘crap’ in second person singular in polish. as in ‘you, the crap’. every moogle name that contains ‘kupo’ is a permutation of polish word for ‘crap’ in increasingly bizzare ways that don’t necessarily make grammatical or vocabular sense in polish but. that’s final fantasy for you.


I know it’s old af and we’re way too late

But it’s only now that I found it :’)