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A/N: so I looked up skandar keynes’ ethnicity (Edmund Pevensie from Narnia) and I found out that he’s tURKISH, PERSIAN, AND LEBANESE and I got super excited bc my ethnicity is close to his; then I decided to write this bc I’m also learning turkish so why not lol… btw half of this was edited at my school’s library, that shows how dedicated i am to you guys ;)

  • PAIRING: Skandar Keynes x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which a pair of 20 year-olds have a horrible time at a wedding, but end up having fun with each other.
  • WORDS: 509

He was never fond of coming to these events. The dancing, the older women asking when a marriage is going to emerge, or when he even gets a girlfriend for that chance. Twenty-five and still single. A sigh escaped the dark-haired man’s lips, mentally cursing his parents for inviting him here.

However, one thing distracted Skandar from his dreadful thoughts, a girl. The brown-eyed man studied her from where he was sitting, her head resting on the palm of her hand as she stared off into the distance. She looked as if she was deep in thought. The girl was a beauty though; her flowy dress complimenting the color of her eyes, her hair cascading down her shoulders, an obviously bored look that hung on her face. A tiny smile found it’s way on his lips just looking at the beauty. At least he wasn’t the only one having a dreadful time.

A few girls were surrounding her, in the same table. Though no one could compete with her beauty.

She was at least two tables away from the dark-haired man, she smiled when a girl, about the same age as her, came from behind to sit next to her. A look of enthusiasm was across her face. 

The man just stared from afar, tilting his head a bit to look at her. The girl actually looked happy now, as a laughed escaped her putting a hand over her mouth to cover her teeth. 

Skandar was determined to talk to the girl now.

A few moments passed. All filled with dancing, singing, and eating. Yet the man was still having a terrible time. Though when he saw that her table was empty now, and realization hit him when he thought now was his shot.

Skandar took a deep breath, his hands jittery, as he got up from his seat and waltzed over to the girl.

Her head shot up when he took a seat next to her, muttering a sentence in Turkish, an accent laced in it, “Kötü bir zamana sahip olan tek ben olmadığıma sevindim.” 

She shook her head, “I’m sorry I don’t speak Turkish.” Which caused Skandar to have a relieved look on his face. 

“Oh thank God, because I can barely speak Turkish.” He smiled, showing off his pearly whites and that’s when the girl noticed he had a nice smile, “I was saying though, I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s having a bad time.”

She gave him a sly grin, “yeah…I usually don’t come to these type of events, I’m more of a stay-at-home-eating-ice-cream-while-watching-Netflix type of girl.”

The pair chuckled, once the laughter had died down he introduced himself. “I’m Skandar by the way.”

“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N.” 

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” He smirked, but immediately regretting what he had said when she responded with silence. Though his nerves were calmed down once he heard a giggle escape her rosy lips. 

“Okay, lover boy you don’t have to flirt to get my attention.” Y/N laughed. Skandar smiled, she was truly something else.

[A/N: i know this was extremely short, but if you guys want a part two just ask in my ask box! yes, i made an ask box lol]

Oh, my…

I really am a lazy ass. I can’t believe I started this like on Friday. I am ashamed of myself. Now, maybe the fact that I only worked on this while watching Allesia’s stream may have something to do with my slowness. 

I got the idea for this on the stream. We know that in Alessia’s “behind the scenes” AU, Sans and Alphys are not married, tho they still have a cute little baby. Anyway, I thought that Alphys would look really good in a wedding dress, so I drew her. This is TimeTale’s Alphys by @allesiathehedge but really it could be any Alphys you want.

Dunno if this really looks like a Wedding Dress, I mean, I got the idea for the dress from Leannkan and Drawingwithgreen (i really hope that this is how it was spelled). I don’t know if they have a tumblr so I can’t tag them.. I didn’t want to do the traditional white dress, but maybe i should have.

Y’know, I have the impression that this dress could be worn even if you aren’t a bride. Really, If it was black in place of white I would wear this.

Edit: I knew it. This really is @leannkan ‘s blog. 

Wedding Series #2 - He Proposes (Harry)

A/N: This is long but I’m so not even sorry because I think Harry is hella cute when he is all awkward and shy and yeah…hope you guys like it !

Harry had been acting remarkably out of character for the whole day. He was jittery and nervous and nothing like the carefree man you were dating. Every time you looked at him he was running his fingers through his curls or muttering something incoherent under his breath; whatever it was that was causing it however had you worried.

The only time you’d ever seen Harry so stressed was when management was breathing down the bands necks for the next single, album or tour date; it wasn’t often that anything else bothered him to this capacity. Moving to sit next to him on the couch you touched his shoulder lightly.
“Haz, you okay?”
“Huh? Oh yeah, I’m fine Kitten,” He replied, forcing a smile onto his face.
“You can tell me if anything is wrong Harry, you know that right?”
“Y/n,” Harry said, taking your hand in his and giving it a loose squeeze. “Don’t worry about me alright? I’m fine.”

You raised your eyebrows but left the subject alone. You trusted Harry and you weren’t about to go prying into anything he didn’t want you to know; sooner or later he’d talk to you. Getting back up off the couch you pressed a quick kiss to his forehead before moving into the kitchen, intent on making you both a cup of tea.

You were going about doing just that when you heard Harry’s voice, muffled from the living room. Curiosity got the better of you and you stepped closer to the arch way.
“I can’t do it!” You heard Harry say and you gathered he was on the phone; he sounded so defeated.  “I don’t think I can ask her.”

You were thoroughly confused, was he talking about you? You kept listening as Harry sighed heavily.
“No, no your right,” He said. “Rip it off like a bandaid.”

You stepped back as you thought about his words, your mind immediately jumping to the worst case scenario, Harry breaking up with you. Sure he was away a lot and you didn’t always see eye to eye on that, but surely he wasn’t going to end things because of it. You had always stuck by him through the band’s career, ever since you started dating him; you put up with the rumors and the magazine articles and the paparazzi and almost everything else that came along with dating a celebrity and you’d never complained once, because you loved Harry more than you’d loved anybody. Now that there was a possibility that it was all going to come to an end you found you couldn’t quite breathe.

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Runaway Groom

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky goes missing before the wedding.
A/N: This is based off this post, after I read it I just couldn’t get it out of my head and had to write it. Come let me know what you think!
Word count : 1,348

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You nervously flatten the soft white fabric of your dress, taking a shaky breath. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you fix a stray hair and adjust your dress. “You look beautiful, Y/N” Natasha’s hands are cold on the warmed skin of your shoulders. You smile at her in the reflection of the mirror. “Barnes is a lucky guy” she says sincerely, her beautiful eyes locked on yours.

You cant help but shake your head and a small laugh escapes your mouth before you speak “pretty sure, I’m the lucky one Tasha”.

“You’re both lucky-” she moves a curl of your hair back in place “-to find such perfect love in this world” she smiles but you notice the sadness behind her words.

Turning around you take her into your arms, a strong loving embrace. Clearing your throat of the tears you murmur “I wonder how Bucky is doing” laughter dancing in your words. 

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These handsome watercolors were created by みーな via Pixiv. 

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Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read my One Shots. More is on the way!

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Wedding Series #4 - Telling Someone (Harry)

Harry could barely contain the smile on his face as he walked into the pub he was meeting the boys in, wanting to tell them that you’d said yes to being his wife, something he still couldn’t quite believe no matter how many days had passed since he’d asked. It was almost unbelievable to him that soon you’d be his forever, that he’d never have to worry about losing you again.

You’d both agreed on keeping the engagement quiet so you could just enjoy the bliss that came along with being engaged. Harry didn’t want to deal with the whiplash of hate that was sure to find the both of you as soon as it was announced and he didn’t want you to deal with it either. That being said though, Harry wanted to at least tell his best mates, knowing they wouldn’t blab about it to anyone else until you and Harry were comfortable with it.

Looking around the modestly crowded bar Harry spotted Niall first, sitting at a booth further towards the back. He weaved himself around people and across the dance floor until he was sliding into the seat next to Liam, giving each of his friends a beaming smile.
“Hey lads.”
“Harry,” Louis nodded, taking a sip of his beer.
Niall slid a schooner over the table and Harry took a mouthful gratefully.
“So, I have something to tell you all.”
“What’s that mate?” Liam enquired, raising one of his eyebrows.
“She said yes.”

Harry stated it simply, watching to see the reactions as soon as the boys understood what he was saying. He looked around at all their faces, noting the same confused expression.
“Wait,” Louis said a minute later, his eyes widening slightly. “Did you ask y/n what I think you did?!”
“Asked what?” Niall cut in, scrunching up his nose.
“Did you ask her to marry you?” Liam continued, clapping Harry on the back.

Harry just nodded. “Yep, and she said yes!”

Written By Bree xx 

Wedding Series #1 - He Asks Your Parents For Permission (Harry)

Harry took a deep breath as he finished buttoning up his shirt, trying to will his fingers to stop shaking. He shouldn’t be this nervous, what were the odds of your Father saying no to him? After all you’d been dating just shy on two years and Harry had never gotten the impression your parents didn’t like him.

Still, his heart was hammering violently against the inside of his chest and he was finding it hard to breathe normally. Harry turned away from the mirror in the bedroom when he heard your feet on the stairs, seconds later your head popping around the corner.
“Hey, I got us a movie to - are you going somewhere?”
Harry swallowed thickly, forcing a smile onto his face. “Yeah, I’m just going out with your Dad.”
“Oh,” You answered, frowning a little. “You are?”
“That’s okay right?”
“Of course it’s okay Harry,” You chuckled, shaking your head. “I don’t have a problem with you spending time with him, I just wanted to watch a movie with you that’s all.”

Harry took the few steps between the both of you, wrapping his arms around your body and bringing you close to his chest; the feeling of you there calming his nerves a bit.
“How about we watch it tomorrow?” He asked, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “We’ll have a proper movie night.”
“I’ll hold you to that,” You replied, leaning up to kiss his lips quickly. “Have…fun with my Dad I guess.”
Harry chuckled nervously. “I’m sure it’s going to be a blast.”


“So Harry,” Your Dad said, taking another mouthful of his beer. “What’s up?”
“How do you know something’s up?”
“I like you Harry, but you aren’t great at hiding things,” Your Dad shook his head, frowning slightly. “Is everything with you and y/n okay?”
“Yeah, yeah we’re perfect,” Harry replied, running his fingers through his hair, glancing down at the table top. “That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about.”
“Go on.”
“Sir…I love y/n with all of my heart, she is the only woman I want to be with,” He took a shaky breath. “And - and I really would like to ask her to marry me, but only if you’re okay with it.”

Your Dad looked slightly taken aback, his beer paused halfway to his mouth as he regarded Harry up and down, noticing the way that he was wringing his hands together in his lap, looking anywhere but at him. He couldn’t help but smile, knowing that there was no one else he’d trust his little girl with more.
“Of course you can Harry,” Your Dad answered, clapping a large hand on Harry’s shoulder. “Thank you for asking me.”

Harry sighed in relief, feelings his nerves melt away. Now all he had to do was ask you.

Written By Bree xx