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saw a shitpost pic of lance walking through doors like "HUNK HOLY FUCK YOURE NEVER GONNA BELIVE THIS" and all i could think of is after a long day lance just waltzes into hunks room and just starts ranting, could be abt the mission they just went on, his homesickness, anything, and hunk just listens

aw i completely agree, hunk is so soft n sweet n understanding when it comes to lance, he knows lance is extra af and he just accepts it bc he also knows he’s fragile and sensitive deep down so he listens n hugs lance n is there when he needs,, gosh i just love them so much and i love hunk bc he’s the only one who would never do or say a thing to hurt lance im crying

i finally found him a name!!! this is rocket hes my eeveelution sona… pls draw him im begging omg

I’m still sad but I’m happy to be alive tonight.

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That's ridiculous that Finn even felt the need to explain himself. People are so quick to be like "protect him" or " paps are so annoying" but they're doing the same thing. They have no boundaries when it comes to privacy and they say he should be "used to it". The hypocrisy blows my mind. Millie isn't pressed so why are they?

HOOOOO BOY DO I AGREE WITH THIS ON SO MANY LEVELS i literally woke up and saw the whole situation on twitter with finn’s tweet and honestly ?? i was so mad, i’m still mad honestly !!! like !!!!!! HOO MAN i can’t believe some people were seriously getting on his back so much about this dumb insta post that he felt the need to make a whole tweet addressing it and explaining himself like ???? he shouldn’t have to !!!! because it’s not our business ??? it doesn’t effect us in any way ?????? it’s his life and his friendship and we should respect that !!!!!!!! i know not everyone is like this in this fandom, but hooooo boy i am just,, so annoyed right now just thinking about it lmao (also you don’t need to make a freaking insta post about your friend’s birthday to prove your friendship with them i’m just sayin bc some ppl really blew this outta proportion smh)

dragonoussenses99 said: // You always know my answer XD Though I do need more art of Kiyo or maybe Ki this time? He’s me snarky boxer half of Kiyo ^^ His eyes also glow. -ultimateheroandsorcerer

i forgot abt the glowy eyes and also kno like… nothing abt boxers/////

its 3:30 am and i just finished a little!phil drabble that is definitely crap considering the time and it being the first thing ive wrote in weeks. ill prob post it soon (like tomoro or the day after that) so look forward to me Finally publishing some of my writing on here for the first time since ive made this blog

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um riverdale for the tv series meme :(

*  send me a tv series   !   accepting.

my all-time ultimate fave character:  barry b benson
a character I didn’t used to like but now do:   the kfc colonel
a character I used to like but now don’t:   shrek
a character I’m indifferent about:   santa
a character who deserved better:   eeyore
a ship I’ve never been able to get into:   harley quinn   +   jack skellington
a ship I’ve never been able to get over:   me   +   money
a cute, low-key ship:   me   +   food
an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it:   me   +   death
a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened:   me   +   boys
my favourite storyline/moment:   the deleted scene where i get rich
a storyline that never should have been written:  me havin 2 clean my room
my first thoughts on the show:   i’ve never watched it rest in pieces KLSJDKLS
my thoughts now:   literally all i kno is veronica lodge’s specialty is ice w / e that means