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Return of the Truth

I’ve wanted to do a picture of this kind for AGES! :D A tribute to my fav pick of my favourite set of Pokemon games, Black and White! If you’re one of the haters, come and try to tell me these games are shitty. I’ll gladly laugh in your face :3

Anyway, it has been a year since my first piece done with tablet. I tried something new again, something a bit more “painty”. I’m planning to add a similar piece with N and Zekrom on Dragonspiral Tower. So one day, hopefully.

N with a s/o headcanons

• If N likes someone, he won’t really handle it that well. He’d be kind of creepy but it’s entirely accidental
• He’d see you out in public and try to talk to you but he doesn’t know what to say. N will then wind up following you around to try and think of a good way to start a conversation
• You’ll definitely have to be the one to initiate things and start an actual relationship with N yourself
• N enjoys going on dates in the forest. He really likes seeing you interact with all the different kinds of Pokemon
• Asks your Pokemon for gift advice
• Loves it when you sit between his legs so that he can rest his head on yours
• Not really one for watching movies or tv shows, he prefers reading together
• His hair is an absolute mess but it’s fun to comb and afterwards it’s really soft
• N can’t really buy you nice things but he’ll definitely make you gifts like flower crowns and seashell bracelets
• Likes getting take out food and then sitting around and relaxing with his s/o
• You and N sometimes go out for long walks in nature while holding hands

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fucking. finally.

The voice cast is amazing, by the way:

Iris:日高里菜 (Hidaka Rina)
Giallo:小室正幸 (Omoro Masayuki)
Vio/Zinzolin:志村知幸 (Shimura Tomoyuki)
Shaga/Drayden:岩崎征実 (Iwasaki Masami)
Sumra/Bronius:松田修平 (Matsuda Shohei)
Ryokushi/Ryoku:岡部涼音 (Okabe Suzune)
Azula/Gorm:安部亮馬 (Abe Ryouma)
Rot/Rood:伊原正明 (Ihara Masaaki)
Aloe/Lenora:高宮彩織 (Takamiya Saori)
Kamitsure/Elesa:北原知奈 (Kitahara China)
Fuuro/Skyla:芝崎典子 (Shibasaki Noriko)
Akuroma/Colress:川島得愛 (Kawashima Tokuyoshi)
N:石田彰 (Ishida Akira)
Ghetsis:速水奨 (Hayami Sho)

congrats, N and Colress, you both have three different seiyuu now xD
tbh I had hoped Kamiyan would do N again but Ishida is fine too because ISHIDA