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SG Writers: So Katie, we decided an Ex of Lena would appear on the show and put you on ease.

Katie: Oh, that’s sound great. Who is she?

SG W: Humm… actually, is a He. A genius she used to date.

Katie: Oh. Oh, yeah. Alright.

SG W: … (blinks)

Katie: … (Smiles)

SG W: … Soo, you’re okey with that?

Katie: Yeah, I mean…It seems like is going to be something important in Lena’s life. I think they would love it.

SG W: Really? (Stares between them) Oh. Oh, well, Thanks. W-we are glad you approve that.

Katie: Of course! Who would not love to know how Lena discovered she’s a useless Lesbian? 

SG W: W-wait, what?…

Katie: It would be awesome guys. Kara is going to be super Jealous too. Nice shoot. (Winks) 

SG W: N-no, Katie, that’s not w-

Katie: I’m gonna tell Melisa. She’ll be so happy to know she’s leaving that frat boy. See ya! (Leaves)


friendly reminder that Boze and Damien are not replacing Sohinki and Lasercorn !!! While they will no longer be active members of Smosh Games they can never be replaced !! Boze & Damien bring their own wonderful talents and personalities to the channel !! love all of them & hope them the best endeavors in their own channels, and in Smosh Games. ❤


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