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i’m so happy for him oh my gosh like ahhh favorite breakout artist!!!! that’s huge!!! and all on his own!!!! and with just the one song!!!!!!!! he did it!!!!!! i’m!!!!!! so!!!!!!!!!! proud!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he’s been consistently done well on the itunes charts and i hear him on the radio all the time and i just!!!!!!!!!!!! HE’S DOING IT!!!!!!!! HE’S SHINING SO BRIGHT AND I WANT EVERY BIT OF SUCCESS IN THE WORLD FOR HIM FROM LETNIALLSING TO A PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD FOR FAVE BREAKOUT ARTIST I JUST!!!!!!!!!!!

young, naive, and immature cheryl at sec 2: I can handle so many content-heavy subjects, no problem

stressed, dying under the amount of content to remember , and anxious cheryl at sec 4: why

((ft @theorganisedstudent ’s topics to study printable and I used @studyjewel’s way of writing headers hehe it’s so nice!!! c: ))