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Draw Dazatsu cosplaying. One of them is Barry B Benson and the other is the woman from Bee Movie.

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Now listen here you lil shit there are two things Im not drawing, and they are The fucking Bee movie that youre obsessed with and you need to stop.

And poop.


*Y/N/N = your nick name

‘So this is all, you’re just gonna break up with me’ Ezra shouts with anger, you have decided to break up with him, It’s the better thing to do with all the 'A’ mess
'It shouldn’t be this hard’ tears began to fall down your cheeks
'Aren’t you even gonna give me a reason, Y/N. People don’t just break up, something has to happen’ you can see his anger growing with every tear that goes down your face, but you don’t blame him
'It’s better if you don’t know’
'Don’t tell me what its better for me’
'Please, don’t make me do this. It’s only gonna be harder for us’ you practically beg him
'It’s because of A? He’s making you do this?’ suddenly his anger disappears and is replaced by concern
'Yes, no. I mean, A has taken away everyone that I love. I don’t want you to get hurt because of me’
'He’s not gonna hurt me, Y/N/N. I love you and there’s nothing he can do to change that, ok? I love you’ he hugs you and you feel like someone has taken off a load from you, as if everything was fine again.
'I love you too’ you respond and he places a kiss in your head

Hope you like it
Sorry if there’s a grammar mistake or something, I did this on class so I was kind of busy trying to not get caught

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Under the St. Louis Train Shed – 2 Photos by Marty Bernard
Via Flickr:
Look what Roger Puta found under the Union Station train shed in St. Louis, MO on December 14 and 15, 1970. Missouri Pacific E9Am 43 (ex-C&EI 43) with Train 17, the Missouri Eagle, and Louisville & Nashville E7A 791 with Train 5, the Georgian, on December 15, 1970.

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I've got a requeeeest. Basically, Jughead has to interview the reader for the Blue and Gold because she's quite popular at school but he thinks she's not really interesting and arrogant. But when they meet, tadaaaaa, he was wrong. Lot of love x

Author’s Note: Hi!! This is written in Jughead’s POV. Thank you so much for requesting! I actually really liked this request and I hope I did it justice for you! Let me know if you want anything changed! xx

Summary: Jughead is dreading his interview with (Y/N), a River Vixen. Preparing for her to be arrogant and boring, he realizes never to judge a book by it’s cover.

 Being the lucky one I am, Betty suggested I interview (Y/N), one of the most popular River Vixens in Riverdale. I was currently on my way to the gym, where I’m confident (Y/N) was, considering all she does is practice her routines for different, dumb cheers Cheryl most likely came up with. Making my way through the gym doors, I quickly spotted her. Her yellow and white baseball style tee shirt instantly catching my eye. “(Y/N)” I called her name. “Oh hey, Jughead, right?” She quickly replied. Wow, how stuck up can one person be, this interview will be the death of me. “Yeah, that’s me. Can I interview you for the Blue & Gold?” I got right to point, trying to get this over with as fast as possible. “Um, sure, I guess.” She replied. I nodded my head as a sign for her to follow me. We walked to the bleachers and I pulled out my pen and notebook. “Has Cheryl said anything to you about Jason’s death?” I asked. “Honestly, I’m not sure. I try to block Cheryl out of my head all the time.” She laughed. “Hey, Jughead, can I ask you a question?” She caught me off guard. “I guess, if you feel the need to..” I replied. Waiting anxiously for what rude thing she was going to ask me or ridicule me for, I was shocked with her actual question. “I always see you at Pop’s, I just like watching the way your brows furrow when your focusing on your computer. You’re very intriguing to me, you know, but you’re always alone, why is that?” Wow, she actually asked a question about me and didn’t comment about me being weird, that’s unlikely of a River Vixen. “Well, I just like being able to focus on my novel, without interruptions, I guess.” I answered warily. “ Well I’d love to see what you’re always typing about one day. I love reading and writing too, believe it or not. The art of it all is so fascinating.” She said. “ Um, well, maybe one day. I actually am surprised. I thought this was going to go a lot different.” I said, feeling a little bad for judging her so quickly. “How so?” She asked. “Well I thought you were going to be stuck up, arrogant, rude, any other word to describe a River Vixen.” I laughed, surprised that we got along so well, also by the fact that I was enjoying her company. “Well I guess you ate your words then, so how about I change, we go to Pop’s, and you can buy me a milkshake while I read some of your writing?” I just nodded my head, thinking about how smart and kind she was. I definitely ate my words.


I heard something down the stairs and grabbed my old baseball bat. Creeping down the stairs suddenly there was the sound of glass breaking. I took my bat and kicked the door open.

“WELL HELLO (Y/N)” The doctor shouted and hugged me. His bowtie ticking my neck.

“No you’re not real!” I shouted and backed up from him. He seemed hurt. Like I had told him santa no longer visited his house.

“This is the dream” This was the dream I’d been having since I was little.

“How do you know?” he said and looked at my eyes searching each iris for a chance that something in them would spark and I’d remember.

“Because nothing that good could be true” a small tear welled up in my eyes, the doctor tilted his head and reached out rubbing my cheek, affectively getting rid of the water.

“Doctor?” I whispered

“(Y/N), It’s ok, I’m here.”