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German Vocab: Countries and nationalities (+languages) - Europe

Europa - Europe

Albanien - Albania 🇦🇱
der Albaner (m) - Albanian
die Albanerin (f) - Albanian
Albanisch (n) - Albanian (language)

Andorra - Andorra 🇦🇩
der Andorraner (m) - Andorran
die Andorranerin (f) - Andorran
Katalanisch (n) - Catalan (language)

Belgien - Belgium 🇧🇪
der Belgier (m) - Belgian
die Belgierin (f) - Belgian
Französisch, Flämisch, Deutsch (n) - French, Flemish, German (languages)

Bosnien-Herzegowina - Bosnia and Hercegovina 🇧🇦
der Bosnier (m) - Bosnian
die Bosnierin (f) - Bosnian
Bosnisch bzw. Serbokroatisch (n) - Bosnian i.e. Serbo-Croatian

Bulgarien - Bulgaria 🇧🇬
der Bulgare (m) - Bulgarian
die Bulgarin (f) - Bulgarian
Bulgarisch (n) - Bulgarian (language)

Dänemark - Denmark 🇩🇰
der Däne (m) - Dane
die Dänin (f) - Dane
Dänisch (n) - Danish (language)

Deutschland - Germany 🇩🇪
der Deutsche (m) - German
die Deutsche (f) - German
Deutsch (n) - German (language)

Estland - Estonia 🇪🇪
der Este (m) - Estonian
die Estin (f) - Estonian
Estnisch (n) - Estonian (language)

Finnland - Finland 🇫🇮
der Finne (m) - Finn
die Finnin (f) - Finn
Finnisch (n) - Finnish (language)

Frankreich - France 🇫🇷
der Franzose (m) - Frenchman
die Französin (f) - Frenchwoman
Französisch (n) - French (language)

Griechenland - Greece 🇬🇷
der Grieche (m) - Greek
die Griechin (f) - Greek
Griechisch (n) - Greek (language)

Irland - Ireland 🇮🇪
der Ire (m) - Irishman
die Irin (f) - Irishwoman
Irisch (Gälisch), Englisch (n) - Irish (Gaelic), English (languages)

Island - Iceland 🇮🇸
der Isländer (m) - Icelander
die Isländerin (f) - Icelander
Isländisch (n) - icelandic

Italien - Italy
der Italiener (m) - Italian 🇮🇹
die Italienerin (f) - Italian
Italienisch (n) - Italian (language)

Kosovo - Kosovo 🇽🇰
der Kosovar (m) - Kosovar
die Kosovarin (f) - Kosovar
Albanisch (n) - Albanian (language)

Kroatien - Croatia 🇭🇷
der Kroate (m) - Croat
die Kroatin (f) - Croat
Kroatisch bzw. Serbokroatisch (n) - Croatian i.e. Serbo-Croatian (language)

Lettland - Latvia 🇱🇻
der Lette (m) - Latvian
die Lettin (f) - Latvian
Lettisch (n) - Latvian (language)

Liechtenstein - Liechtenstein 🇱🇮
der Liechtensteiner (m) - Liechtensteiner
die Liechtensteinerin (f) - Liechtensteinerin
Deutsch (n) - German (language)

Litauen - Lithuania 🇱🇹
der Litauer (m) - Lithuanian
die Litauerin (f) - Lithuanian
Litauisch (n) - Lithuanian (language)

Luxemburg - Luxembourg 🇱🇺
der Luxemburger (m) - Luxembourger
die Luxemburgerin (f) - Luxembourger
Luxemburgisch (n) - Luxembourgish (language)

Malta - Malta 🇲🇹
der Malteser (m) - Maltese
die Malteserin (f) - Maltese
Maltesisch, Englisch (n) - Maltese, Englisch (languages)

Mazedonien - Macedonia 🇲🇰
der Mazedonier (m) - Macedonian
die Mazedonierin (f) - Macedonian
Mazedonisch (n) - Macedonian (language)

Moldawien/Moldau - Moldova 🇲🇩
der Moldawier/Moldauer (m) - Moldovan
die Moldawierin/Moldauerin (f) - Moldovan
Moldawisch/Moldauisch/Rumänisch (n) - Moldovan/Romanian (language)

Monaco - Monaco 🇲🇨
der Monegasse (m) - Monégasque
die Monegassin (f) - Monégasque
Französisch (n) - French (language)
(Monegassisch (n) - Monégasque [language])

Montenegro - Montenegro 🇲🇪
der Montenegriner (m) - Montenegrin
die Montenegrinerin (f) - Montenegrin
Montenegrinisch, Serbisch (n) - Montenegrin, Serbian (languages)

Niederlande - Netherlands 🇳🇱
der Niederländer (m) - Dutchman
die Niederländerin (f) - Dutchwoman
Niederländisch (n) - Dutch (language)

Norwegen - Norway 🇳🇴
der Norweger (m) - Norwegian
die Norwegerin (f) - Norwegian
Norwegisch (n) - Norwegian (language)

Österreich - Austria 🇦🇹
der Österreicher (m) - Austrian
die Österreicherin (f) - Austrian
Deutsch (n) - German (language)

Polen - Poland 🇵🇱
der Pole (m) - Pole
die Polin (f) - Pole
Polnisch (n) - Polish (language)

Portugal - Portugal 🇵🇹
der Portugiese (m) - Portuguese
die Portugiesin (f) - Portuguese
Portugiesisch (n) - Portuguese (language)

Rumänien - Romania 🇷🇴
der Rumäne (m) - Romanian
die Rumänin (f) - Romanian
Rumänisch (n) - Romanian (language)

Russland - Russia 🇷🇺
der Russe (m) - Russian
die Russin (f) - Russian
Russisch (n) - Russian (language)

San Marino - San Marino 🇸🇲
der San Marinese (m) - Sammarinese
die San Marinesin (f) - Sammarinese
Italienisch (n) - Italian (language)

Schweden - Sweden 🇸🇪
der Schwede (m) - Swede
die Schwedin (f) - Swede
Schwedisch (n) - Swedish (language)

Schweiz - Switzerland 🇨🇭
der Schweizer (m) - Swiss
die Schweizerin (f) - Swiss
Deutsch, Italienisch, Französisch, Rätoromanisch (n) - German, Italian, French, Romansh (languages)

Serbien - Serbia 🇷🇸
der Serbe (m) - Serb
die Serbin (f) - Serb
Serbisch bzw. Serbokroatisch (n) - Serbian i.e. Serbo-Croatian (language)

Slowakei - Slovakia 🇸🇰
der Slowake (m) - Slovak
die Slowakin (f) - Slovak
Slowakisch (n) - Slovak (language)

Slowenien - Slovenia 🇸🇮
der Slowene (m) - Slovene
die Slowenin (f) - Slovene
Slowenisch (n) - Slovene (language)

Spanien - Spain 🇪🇸
der Spanier (m) - Spaniard
die Spanierin (f) - Spaniard
Spanisch (n) - Spanish (language)

Tschechien (Tschechische Republik) - Czechia (Czech Republic) 🇨🇿
der Tscheche (m) - Czech
die Tschechin (f) - Czech
Tschechisch (n) - Czech (language)

Türkei - Turkey 🇹🇷
der Türke (m) - Turk
die Türkin (f) - Turk
Türkisch (n) - Turkish (language)

Ukraine - Ukraine 🇺🇦
der Ukrainer (m) - Ukrainian
die Ukrainerin (f) - Ukrainian
Ukrainisch (n) - Ukrainian (language)

Ungarn - Hungary 🇭🇺
der Ungar (m) - Hungarian
die Ungarin (f) - Hungarian
Ungarisch (n) - Hungarian (language)

Vatikanstadt - Vatican City 🇻🇦
der Vatikaner (m) - Vatican
die Vatikanerin (f) - Vatican
Latein / Lateinisch (n) - Latin (language)

Vereinigtes Königreich - United Kingdom 🇬🇧
der Brite (m) - Briton
die Britin (f) - Briton
Englisch (n) - English (language)

Weißrussland(Belarus; amtlich) - Belarus(official; colloquial: “White Russia")🇧🇾
der Weißrusse/Belarusse (m) - Belarusian
die Weißrussin/Belarussin (f) - Belarusian
Weißrussisch/Belarussisch (n) - Belarusian (language)

Zypern - Cyprus 🇨🇾
der Zyprer (entire island)/Zypriot (Greek-speaking part) - Cypriot
die Zyprerin (entire island)/Zypriotin (Greek-speaking part) - Cypriot
Griechisch, Türkisch (n) - Greek, Turkish (languages)

anonymous asked:

(I can't find the upside down black triangle) what are their greatest fears? (I'm sorry)

America- Literally life right now.
Germany- Losing his brother or friends as well as failure.
N. Italy- His friends and brother leaving him.
S. Italy- Not being good enough/ being compared to his brother.
Prussia- Leaving his friends and family while they still need him.
England- Knowing he had so many great family members and that he pushed them away.
France- People not liking him/ finding him useless so he isn’t needed.
Denmark- His family hating him
Iceland- Never growing older
Russia- Forever being alone
China- Losing everything he has including his friends, family, money, culture, self.
Japan- Being bombed or losing culture/ value to something else.
Lithuania- Never having independence and always being someone’s pawn.
Poland- Not being relevant/cool and everyone leaving him because of this.
Spain- Everyone he knows dying and him not being able to help.
Netherlands- Drowning, financially or literally.
Cuba- Being taken over again and used.
Belarus- Never having meant something
Vietnam- Being exposed and taken advantage of.
Romania- Being seen as something he’s not and letting his friends/ family be taken away.
Bulgaria- Being taken over again
India- Not having enough food and loosing all the advancements he has made so far in life.

Canada- Everyone forgetting he exists.
Hetalia Marching Band AU

It’s 5a.m. I can’t sleep and have been feeling a bit nostalgic for my high school marching band days so here you go.

Band Directors: Rome and Germania.
Rome is the happy easy going one. Good with precision and wood winds and is one of those “I’m just one of you!” Teachers.
Germania is the strict one. Good with brass. The one who can get all the rambunctious teenagers attention with one yell. Strives for perfection and holds his band kids to high standards.

Drum Majors: Hungary, Switzerland, Austria Hungary Is a junior and a great drum major. First year as drum major was in color guard.
Switzerland is a Senior. Good drum major. Doesn’t get along well with Austria all the time.
Austria is a senior and head drum major. Been drum major since he was a sophomore. Beat out Prussia at auditions and they’ve not gotten along since. Thinks Switzerland should’ve stayed in the pit.

Trumpets: America, Romano, Denmark
America is the Freshmen of the group is a great player but a big to cocky for his own good.
Romano is a Junior and the Band directors kid. Gets embarrassed by his dad a lot and wants to prove he’s a great player and not getting the best parts just because his dads playing favorites.
Denmark is the senior and Section leader. Is a good player but knows Romano and America though younger are on the same level as him.

Tubas: Russia, Sweden
Russia is a Sophomore and is a good player. Still a bit shy and gets teased a bit by other band members.
Sweden is a senior and the section leader. Great player. Doesn’t talk much. Sectionals tend to get awkward.

Mellophone: Canada, Latvia
Canada is a freshman. Great player but needs to ply out more. Shy and nerdy. Hangs around with Latvia or with his brother and his section.
Latvia is a sophomore and technically the section leader but doesn’t really play into that title. Gets along well Canada and has a few other friends in the band.

Baritone: Estonia, Turkey

Trombone: Finland, Netherlands, Ukraine

Wood Winds
Flutes: Prussia, Lichtenstein, Japan
Prussia is a senior and section leader. Good section leader and really popular. Goofs off a lot though and drives his dad crazy. Also really good with helping the freshmen learn to march. Wants to be a band director himself.
Lichtenstein: Freshmen and struggling a little with nband. Joined because she always admired her brother for doing it.

Clarinets: Germany, Norway, Luxembourg

Saxophones: France, Spain, England

Pit: Egypt, China, Iceland, Greece, Romania

Drum line: Cuba, Hong Kong, South Korea, Lithuania
Hong Kong
South Korea

Color Guard: Poland, Belgium, Seychelles, Belarus, Vietnam, N. Italy.
N. Italy is a junior and the band directors kid. Played the flute his freshman year then switched over to color guard. p>