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Actual Softie: A Draco Malfoy Imagine

Requested by happybullshitter: 
Can I request a Draco oneshot where it’s the readers and his one year anniversary (I’m in slytherin and mudblood) and he forgets and the reader gets really upset and ignores him and he asked her best friend (whoever) and she tells him and he makes it up to her and it’s really fluffy and cute.

This is my first ever Draco Malfoy imagine! I hope you like it! xx 

Y/N opens her eyes, smiling as the light hits her face. Her dorm room is, surprisingly, empty. After fixing her bed, she proceeds to get a shower. It was a Saturday, and she hoped that her boyfriend of exactly a year today would do something very sweet for her. 

She and Draco had a peculiar relationship. She was a Slytherin, yes, but a Muggle-born, as well. This was often a subject of debate for him and his family. Again and again, he’s defended her. Again and again, she falls in love with him. 

“Oi! Y/N!” Her best friend, Janice, shouts as she turns the tap off. 

“In here,” she responds, stepping out of the shower in a towel.

“Excited?” Janice asks, smiling as Y/N blushes. Draco had always been someone they were good friends with, someone who was very close to them. Seeing Y/N and Draco happy as they were was a constant relief for her. 

“Very,” Y/N smiles, “I wonder what he’ll do.”

“Should be something special,” Janice replies as Y/N puts on her underwear. They didn’t have much boundaries, these two. 

“I’ll be happy with just spending the day with him. What should I wear?” 

“The emerald dress. He likes that one,” Janice says, grabbing a simple dress from her closet. “This would go nice with flats.” 

“Agreed,” she smiles, “I wonder what he’ll do.” 

“What’d you do for him?” 

“I bought him a little something. He likes Muggle music. I bought him an iPod. I enchanted it myself to make it work here in Hogwarts. It wasn’t easy.” 

“His parents?” 

“He bought a flat last summer so he doesn’t have to stay with them. He had his own savings, really, and some benefactor added quite a sum to his account. We still don’t know who, honestly. But we’re thankful.” 

“Geez,” Janice says, laughing slightly, “you sound like a wife.” 

Y/N laughs, putting on the dress and shoes. She brushes her hair and puts it into a messy braid. Draco always did like it when he got to remove the braid and play with her hair. “I don’t expect a lot. I think I’ll be happy with us just spending time together.” 

Janice stands, smiling, and heads for the door, “love is so stupid.” 

“You don’t believe that.” 

“Sure I do. Ba-bye, Mrs. Draco Malfoy,” Janice says, causing Y/N to turn red remarkably. Despite this, of course, she’s thought about how it would feel like to be Mrs. Malfoy. To wake up next to Draco everyday and sleep beside him each night. She thought about carrying a small blonde-haired child on her hip, or maybe waking up to Draco tickling him. She always did want a son. Scorpius sounded like a very good name. She smiles to herself, grabs his gift and walks out the door, hoping to bump into her boyfriend of exactly a year today.

“Crabbe,” she shouts, seeing his big friend. She is mad and desperate. She hasn’t found Draco despite an hour of vigorous looking. 

“Yeah?” He asks, munching on a muffin. 

“Have you seen Draco? I’ve been looking for him everywhere, and I can’t seem to find him.” 

“He’s playing Quidditch with Blaise and Theo.” 

“Wha- why?” 

“Um,” Crabbe, sensing a bit of annoyance, does not know what to say. Red alert. Angry girlfriend. Red alert. Remember the protocol. What did Draco say when he made the protocol? Oh my Merlin, I should’ve listened. Tell her he loves her. Girls like that. “Because he loves you?” 

“I don’t see how that’s interrelated.” 

Oh my Merlin, I’m screwed. “I like muffins.” Changing topics. Great. I’m a genius. I should be in Ravenclaw. 

“Wrong answer.” 

Oh no.

Crabbe is very thankful that he was not hexed into oblivion by his best friend’s very talented and strong girlfriend. What he did get, though, was a lifetime of fear. He is not getting a girlfriend or a wife - they are too scary for him. He is not a Gryffindor. He is not required to be brave. 

He shudders at the thought. He also concludes that if the Dark Lord was a woman, he would be 100 times scarier. It remains to be his personal opinion. 

Goyle almost experienced the same faith. That, until he saw her fuming, and he did a quick 180 degree turn and ran as fast as he could. 

Gosh, she could be so sweet sometimes, but then when she’s mad… It has always been known to never cross an angry Malfoy. (Or a future one, in this case.)

She heads straight for the Quidditch pitch, sitting on the third row, getting a clear view of her flying boyfriend. His smiling face almost makes her forget. But, oh, not this time. 

Blaise notices her first, and, when she didn’t return his smile, he knew something was wrong. 

“Mate,” Blaise shouts to Draco, “Y/N is here.” 

Draco smiles widely, then, and starts to look for her. When he finds her, pouting and arms crossed, he smiles even wider. She always did think she looked scary when angry. (She did sometimes, though, when she really, really was mad.) She looked cute to him now. Especially in that dress. 

Oh Merlin, he loves her so much.

He flies down, and steps off his broom, going up to her. 

“Hello, love,” Draco smiles and kisses her cheek. “Why are you so upset?” 

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” 

“I’m sorry, love, Blaise dragged me here. We plan on getting a pint afterwards.” 


“Well, yeah, after our mini-game, if you call it that.” 

“Today? On this specific day? At this specific hour?” Draco knew that tone. He was forgetting something, and she planned on using the hated guessing game. She usually did this when he was forgetting something important. 

“Um, uh, well,” Draco does not want to say the next word, “yes.” 

She stands up abruptly, arms still crossed, and starts to walk towards the exit. 

“Love, what’s wrong?” Draco asks, trying to remember what he’s forgotten. 

“I-,” Y/N tries to say, and she faces him. She doesn’t look angry anymore. She looks upset, and hurt. He did not like seeing her hurt. “I wanted today to be special.” She places a small package on the bench. “I’m sorry I forgot the card. I didn’t think you’d need one.” 

“What’s this?” 

“Something,” she says and sighs audibly. Her eyes are downcast, and her usually smiling face is trying its best not to frown at him. It isn’t important, she decides. It’s just one day. She didn’t feel like crying, no, but she was very, deeply upset. It is important to her, after all. “Bye,” she says before scurrying off, probably to her dorm room. 

“Why does Y/N look upset?” Blaise asks, appearing next to Draco. Draco grabs the package and begins to unwrap it slowly, finding a muggle gadget. 

A small note sticked to it read, “I love you.” 

“What did you do, Mate?” Blaise asked again. 


“That could be a potential problem,” Blaise says, looking at the package. 

“Y/N, love, talk to me,” Draco almost begs, as she sits in the Great Hall, having lunch.

“No thanks.” 

“Sweetheart, please.” 

“Good bye,” she says swiftly as she picks up her books and heads straight back to her room. 

“Great job, dunghead,” Janice says, “I spent half an hour convincing her to go down to eat, and now, she’s gone.” 

“Shut up, Janice,” Draco says, “why is she mad at me?” 

“Do you honestly not know, Malfoy?” 

“If I did, I would be fixing it by now.” 

“Look,” she says, with a tone of annoyance, “she really wanted this day to be special.” 

“I know! But why?” 

“It’s your first year anniversary, dumb-dumb! She would have been happy with you just remembering it!” Janice stands up, grabbing her own books, and heads for their room.

“Crap,” Draco says, “we’ve been together for a year today.” 

“Nice going, mate,” Theo says, “what do you plan on doing?”

“He’s going to kill himself,” Blaise responds, getting a sharp stare from Draco. “Or he’s going to stop moping and do something while he can.” 

Draco raises his left eyebrow, “you have a proposal?” 

“’Course I do, you filthy idiot. You were bound to forget something. But it might cost you.” 

Draco thinks for a moment. “what is your proposal?” 


“Y/N, I have something for you,” Crabbe said from the other side of the door. 

Y/N sighs and opens the door, smiling at the boy in front of her. “Hey, Crabbe, how are you?” 

“I’m okay,” Crabbe says, “I have some chocolates for you.” He shoves it into her hand. 

She laughs and hugs him, “I’m sorry about how I acted with you earlier. It was uncalled for. I’ll bake you some cookies, if you want.” 

Crabbe hugs her back, “that would be great, Y/N.” He does not let go until Pansy has finished her mission. After said girl enters Y/N’s room, and comes out after a few minutes, he sees this as an okay sign.

He lets go, “okay, alright, bye. I want those cookies.” 

Y/N laughs, “oh, alright.” 

She enters her room, only to find a dress in a light shade of (favorite color), some matching jewelry are set next to it, and new flats are under her bed. 

‘I’m sorry, love. Wear this and come outside.’ 

She smiles to herself, and proceeds to wear the garments, unable to hide her giddiness. 

She goes outside, only to find a trail of rose petals. There is a note pinned on her wall. ‘I’m so sorry that I forgot.’ 

She smiles wider and follows the path. They seem to dissolve once she’s passed them. She sees more notes spiralled across Hogwarts. 

She saw one when she exited their common room, ‘I’m an idiot.’

And another sticked to the corner of a painting, ‘I just hope you know that…’

She found another on one of the knight’s armor, ‘every day was special…’

And, finally, the petals finally led her to where Draco is, in the Astronomy Tower. He holds a single rose with a small note and he gives it to her, ‘… if I got to spend it with you.’ 

“I love you,” Draco says, almost quietly, “I’m sorry I forgot.” 

She smiled at him, and kissed him full on the mouth. After a moment, she parts their lips, “I love you, too.” 

He grins and pecks her on the lips once more, “may I have this dance?” 

She smiles at him again, “of course.” As if on cue (and it probably was), music begins to play. 

There, under the constellation Scorpius, Draco and Y/N dance and dance and dance and fall in love with each other over and over again. 

She would not have it any other way. 

And neither would he. 

Theo and Blaise sit in their dorm room while Draco is having the time of his life with the woman he loves. 

“Thank goodness he didn’t follow your advice,” Theo says, smirking slightly. 

“Believe me, mate, “shagging her brains out” was not one of my best ideas.” 

I hope you liked it! xx I did. :) Haha :) I’m sorry if this took a while. :)) I’m sorry if it sucks. :(

I accept requests!