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||❥ locker room dates (m)

s e o k m i n ! s c e n a r i o

b a s k e t b a l l  p l a y e r ! a u

Originally posted by j1nwoo

word count: 2,677  

genre: smut mixed with minor fluff? 

request: seokmin being a basketball star on the college team and one day he (meaning teammate hoshi) accidentally hits the reader and friendship/fwb starts idk

✎ finally completed this seokmin request :^) i already have another planned for him and it’s a combination of two requests so thank u to the anons who suggested!!

When Kwon Soonyoung had angled his elbow and placed a concentrated palm atop mahogany leather, he certainly didn’t expect the three point shot to bounce right off the rim of the net. It was simply a practice, a mere exercise before the tournament rumbled like a stampede of bulls around the corner. His coffee flecked irises feathered after the basketball’s jump off the net, sharp enamel piercing a soft lower lip as he watched it land directly where it shouldn’t have.

Your head.

Now Soonyoung didn’t mean to imbue the deathly fizzle in your glare, how you grasped the basketball and pulled back a swift leg before booting it toward his chest. It was by all means an accident, his feet lightly shuffling over a polished gymnasium floor as he barely stopped the leather from plastering his flesh poppy red. But what sunk everything even further into murky waters was the basketball team’s star player, Lee Seokmin, sauntering over to check of your state. Soonyoung studied the situation with pupils a thin line, eyelids nothing but tiny slits. You and him were somewhat friends after all, at least enough for Soonyoung to be aware of your heart’s content for Seokmin.

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S L E E P | Arabic

● V O C A B U L A R Y | مفردات

Bedroom| Ghurfat Annawm = غرفة النوم
Bed| Sarir = سرير
Pillow| Makhadda / Wisada = مخدة / وسادة
Pillowcase| Kis Al Makhadda = كيس المخدة
Mattress| Martaba = مرتبة
Bedcover| Ghita’ Assarir = غطاء السرير
Blanket| Battaniya = بطانية
Sleep| Nawm = نوم
Asleep| Na‘em/a = نائم / نائمة
Sleepy| Na`san/a = نعسان / نعسانة
Dream| Hülm = حلم
Nightmare| Kabüs = كابوس
Snore (n.)| Shakhir = شخير
Yawning (n.)| Tatha‘ob = تثاؤب
Nap| Qailüla = قيلولة
Sleepwalking| Assayr Athna’ Annawm /or (Assarnama) = السير أثناء النوم (السرنمة)
Oversleep (n.)| Al Itala fi annawm = الإطالة في النوم
Fast asleep| Müstaghriq/a fi annawm = مستغرق/ة في النوم
Comfortable| Murih = مريح
Cozy(warm)| Dafi’ = دافئ
Alarm clock| Munabbih = منبه
Crib| Sari Tifl = سرير طفل
Cradle| Mahd = مهد
Nightgown| Qamis Nawm = قميص نوم
Pajama| Bijama = بيجامة
Slippers| Khuf/Ni`al/Shibshib = خف/نعال/شبشب
The middle of the night| Müntasaf Allayl = منتصف الليل
Staying up late| Sahar = سهر
Stretching| Tamaddud = تمدد
Insomnia| Al Araq = الأرق
Waking up| Al Istiqaz = الإستيقاظ

● P H R A S E S | عبارات

Good Evening| Masa’ Al Khayr = مساء الخير
Good Evening (Response)| Masa’ Alward = مساء الورد
Goodnight| Tusbih/i `ala khayr = تصبح/ي على خير
Goodnight (Response)| Wa Anta/Anti min Ahlüh = و أنت/أنتي من أهله
● S E N T E N C E S | جمل

I want to go to sleep| Üri Athahab ila Annawm = أريد الذهاب إلى النوم
I want to sleep| Ürid an Anam = أريد أن أنام
I feel sleepy| Ash`ur Binnawm = أشعر بالنوم
I had a nightmare| Halimtu Bi Kabüs = حلمت بكابوس
I feel cosy| Ash`ur Biddif’ = أشعر بالدفئ
This bed is comfortable| Hatha Assarir Murih = هذا السرير مريح
I need a new bedcover| Ahtaj Ghita’ Sarir Jadid = أحتاج غطاء سرير جديد
I should set the alarm clock| `ala yya an adhbüt Al Munabbih = عليا أن أضبط المنبه
I will take a nap| Sa’akhuth Qailüla = سآخذ قيلولة

hERES ZARYA with roses n chrysanthemums (тбх я поорала когда увидела эти хризантемы они идеальны для неё)

ALSO FUN FACT ABT THE BG COLOR: i once had a dream that ended in a phrase “honey, thats a lesbian color” n since then i wanted to draw zarya with it

||❥ the pitcher

m i n g y u ! s c e n a r i o 

b a s e b a l l ! a u

Originally posted by 7teans

words; 2.5k

genre; fluffs + mingyu bein a flirt, the good stuff

synopsis; an anon requested a baseball!au with mingyu and though it is no where near as long as woozi’s, it’s just something that i’d been thinking about. basically it’s you and mingyu bein’ cute when he tries to show you how to do his famous pitch and just know it hurt me a lot writing this :’)

“If you keep staring at yourself in the mirror, you’ll miss practice." 

The words wryly rolled off your tongue upon watching a very meticulous Kim Mingyu rake crooked fingers through his hair, brows pinched together in pure focus as his gaze bore into the tiny mirror magnetized to his locker. You had been fiddling with his baseball cap for the past few minutes or so, trying very roughly to scrape together some patience.

"My hair looks stupid.” Mingyu mumbled in a manner that made it seem he was containing a conversation with himself. A sigh that stretched deeper than the ocean heaved past your lips, a stiff hand thrusting Mingyu’s baseball cap directly into his chest. You examined how he brushed back his messy bangs of dark gingerbread before fitting the cap rightfully so over his head, giving himself one final inspection that you secretly deemed unnecessary.

“It won’t matter anyways,” you balked to Mingyu while slamming his locker door shut, “your hat is covering it all up.” He faced you with a pout that only brought out the natural pink tint to his lips, sultry eyes of darkened oak gleaning over you petulantly.

“You’re not suppose to agree with me, babe.” The lanky boy protested, though his sulky ways were suddenly disintegrating with a snap, hands pushing up the sleeves on his worn out baseball uniform while he bounced on the heels of his feet.

 He was gazing somewhere past the top of your head, presumably littering himself with encouragements to get himself excited for practice. That is until he checked his watch, pupils blowing into full and inky discs before Mingyu was sprinting down the hall.

“Shit,” he had warbled, “I’m 12 minutes late!”

Shocker. You couldn’t avoid thinking, a grin just peaking along your lips as you wandered down the empty hall and out the doors, a glimmer of sunlight languidly washing over the schoolyard. 

Mingyu was still rushing toward the baseball field, one of your featherlight chuckle’s ringing in the air upon the sight of a much shorter baseball player whacking him on the head. You made your way to the bleachers to watch him practice, soaking up the sunlight while it was pleasantly available.

Mingyu was the baseball team’s best pitcher, and someone you befriended while accidentally getting hit in the stomach with a baseball bat during eighth grade. He was the one who struck you rather harshly, though it was completely your fault for concentrating on your iPod while approaching some scruffy kid rambling over his, new and improved striking power.

 He spent a good amount of breath apologizing to you, but even spent even more breath bombarding you with questions of, did you see my stance though? First impressions were, yeah, he’s kinda dumb and a bit cocky but he’s cute and one of the only people here who talk to me.

You could and would easily say to anyone that you had a strong bond, the two of you sticking it out through the hellish ways of high school. Under a very watchful eye did you get to see that scruffy and kinda clueless kid flourish into some rich gift from the heavens, your heart slamming into your throat when you snatched a proper glimpse of him on your first day of senior year.

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It bugs me how some people disbelief that Seventeen is a self-composed idol group. To people who are in disbelief and questioning about them, watch Seventeen Project, their interviews, radio talk shows like Sukira and Vixx n kpop, OBS self cam, etc. Do research before you start judging them. They heavily participated in almost EVERYTHING and it’s seriously daebakk. They’re seriously talented guys. Believe it or not, but don’t discredit them if you don’t know crap about them.