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Deep Blue Sea - Jason Todd x Reader

Anon requested: Jason and his s/o go to the aquarium for a date and he just spends his time watching all the fishes with immense interest and his s/o just falls so hard for him right then and there and hugs him from behind while he looks at the biggest tank

A/N: I think this is my favourite fic I’ve written for Jason tbh, also headcanon accepted that Jason watches fish to relax and calm him down. I hope you like it, also the reader totally gets Jason a fishtank for Christmas just saying :D Hope you like it, thanks for the request.


“I told you already, it’s a surprise, it’s our first proper date, I want it to be special”

Y/N rifled her wardrobe with an exaggerated sigh, her phone pressed to her ear.

“Yes I know Jason, and I really appreciate the romantic gesture, but all this secrecy isn’t helping me to pick an outfit” she commented as the pulled out a blue top and considered it for a moment before throwing it on the reject pile, which was already quite large.

Y/N had met Jason a couple of weeks ago at a coffee shop. She had managed to bump into him and spill coffee down his front. Not the most promising start to a relationship, granted, but it had gotten the two of them talking…Or more accurately Y/N had been apologising profusely and insisting on paying for the dry cleaning bill, whilst Jason had been staring at her in wide eyed amazement at how utterly gorgeous he thought she was.

“I don’t see why it matters, you’re gonna look amazing whatever you wear” Jason replied, sounding slightly out of breath, Y/N could hear faint shouting in the background.

“Flatterer” Y/N smiled as butterflies erupted in her stomach at his compliment. “Where are you anyway? Who’s that shouting?”

“Oh um no one…It’s just the t.v. hold on, I’ll turn it down” there were some muffled noises and then a thump which sounded more like Jason had hit the t.v. than turned it down. “Sorry about that Y/N, where were we?”.

“You were just telling me where the hell we’re going tomorrow so that I don’t turn up dressed completely inappropriately and look like an idiot”

“Okay, okay you win. Just wear something… I dunno, casual I guess, we’re not going anywhere too fancy”

“Hmm anything else you can tell me?”

“Nice try but no, look I’ve got to go, I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning at 10 okay?”

“Okay, it’s a date”


“See I told you you’d look amazing no matter what you wore” Jason smiled, eyeing Y/N with appreciation as she opened her door and descended the steps towards him.

“Tsk tsk five minutes late, not a good start Jason” Y/N teased.

“Hey it’s not my fault some idiot decided to rob a bank on route and cause a huge traffic jam” Jason said, leaning casually against his motorbike.

“Oh really who was it?”

“Black Mask”

“Urgh I hate that guy”

“Me too. Shall we go?” Jason asked, tossing Y/N a helmet, which she deftly caught.

Y/N nodded, slid ob the helmet and climbed on the bike behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist. It certainly wasn’t her first time on the bike, Jason had given her a couple of lifts home on it, but she still  jumped a little when the engine revved.

She soon relaxed though as they began to speed along the roads towards their mystery destination. she couldn’t really talk to Jason on the way which gave her plenty of time to speculate on where they might be going.

Jason had said something casual…Maybe they were going to see a movie? No, they’d be going in the other direction if that were the case. A picnic in the park? No, Jason didn’t have any food with him. Y/N continued to think of the possibilities for the remainder of the journey, however she never would have predicted where they eventually pulled up to.

“An aquarium? Huh, well you certainly surprised me that’s for sure” Y/N commented as she handed Jason her helmet.

“I just thought it’d be something a bit more special than a movie or whatever” Jason said, busing himself with packing away the helmets, he seemed a little embarrassed. “If you wanna go somewhere else, that’s totally fine, we can-”

Y/N stood on her tiptoes and pressed her lips against Jason’s for just a moment before pulling away, interrupting him mid sentence.

“I thinks it’s an amazing idea, you’re right this is way better than going to see a movie, this way I actually get to talk to you”

With that she and Jason linked hands and headed in.


“Do you reckon they have any sharks here” Y/N asked as they passed a tank full of clown fish.

“Yeah they do, they’re on the other side though, we’ll work our way round to them”

“How’d you know that? Have you been here before?” Y/N questioned curiously.

“Once or twice” Jason replied nonchalantly. He gave Y/N a look out of the corner of his eye as they stopped in front of a tank with various small, brightly coloured fish flitting around inside. “So you like sharks then?”

“Yeah, I reckon they get a bad rap you know? Just cause they look scary and menacing doesn’t mean they should be treated like monsters, I saw this video of a shark and it was practically cuddling it’s keeper it was really sweet actually”Y/N concluded, feeling slightly embarrassed that she’d rambled so much, but one look at Jason told her she needn’t have worried, he was smiling at her fondly, and there were the butterflies in her stomach again.

Mercifully Jason turned away to look at the tank before Y/N could start blushing. His eyes began to follow the groups of fish as they swam through the tank, in and out of coral, sometimes fast, sometimes slower. There was a silence between them for a while, before Jason spoke up.

“I really like fish, not just the cool ones like sharks, all of them, not really sure why but I’ve always loved watching them” He paused for a moment before continuing. “You were right, I have been here before, too many times to count, I just love to  watch the fish swimming around, it’s really…calming and peaceful I guess. I used to come here all the time as a kid, if I was ever upset or stressed about anything coming here for a couple of hours always made me feel so much better”

His brow furrowed for a moment as if remembering something unpleasant, but his eyes remained focused on the fish in the tank. “I guess that was the reason I wanted to bring you here, partly cause it’s an important place to me and partly so that if I got nervous I could just watch the fish and calm down a bit”.

Whilst Jason hadn’t taken his eyes of the fish, Y/N hadn’t taken her eyes off of Jason. Hearing him be so open and honest with her and knowing that he wanted to bring her somewhere that meant so much to him had made her heart clench in the best way possible.

He had been right too, watching the fish had relaxed him, she could see it in his posture, his shoulders were lowered, his hands held loosely at his sides and his face had a soft expression on his face with a slightly goofy smile on his lips.

Y/N felt a warmth spread through her entire body at seeing Jason like this, and a desire to be the person that could give him that relaxed feeling, fish or no fish.

She didn’t say a word as she walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist in a tight embrace before going on her tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

Holy crap I think I’m falling in love with him Y/N thought absently, but you know what? She was completely fine with that.

One Shot Zayn Malik 

  • Pedido​ - Oiii, Poderia fazer um com o Zayn que ele sofre um acidente e a mãe dele contratada a (s/n) para cuidar do mesmo contra a vontade do filho. Ele é mt rude com ela, mas acaba se apaixonando pelo jeito dela. - Mais ou menos baseado do filme Como eu era antes de você Obs: ele n fica paraplégico. Obg😍

    — Pode entrar. Ele vai ficar um pouco relutante no começo, mas logo ele vai se acostumar com a ideia.

    Trisha sussurrou para a jovem que estava pela primeira vez em sua casa em função de cuidar de seu filho mais velho recém acidentado, ele não estava aceitando que teria que ficar um tempo na cadeira de rodas até se recuperar o suficiente para fazer as fisioterapias, mas nem mesmo o fato de que tudo será temporário, não consegue fazê-lo entender e aceitar.

    — Ele não sabe que a senhora me contratou? — a jovem estava um pouco apreensiva com a forma que seria recebida pelo rapaz, palavras às vezes podem ser mais dolorosas do que uma porrada.

    — Não se preocupe, não é como se ele fosse agredi-la. Zayn só precisa de um tempo e eu acredito que a sua simpatia irá amolecer a casca que ele criou em volta de si. — sorrindo a senhora Malik empurrou de leve as costas da jovem até que ele estivesse dentro do quarto e fechou a porta.

    (Seu nome) ficou completamente imóvel ao olhar para trás e dar de cara com a madeira, ela estava sozinha com o rapaz que ajudaria nos próximos dias e pelo que pôde perceber com poucas informações, ele não estava nenhum pouco conformado com o estado em que está. Voltando a olhar para frente, seus olhos encontraram o jovem sentado na sua cadeira de rodas olhando a paisagem do lado de fora da janela sem ao menos se mexer, parecia apenas um enfeite do quarto.

    — Você pode sair, minha mãe deveria saber que eu não te quero aqui. Saia! — a voz grave e até um pouco enfurecida quebrou todo o silêncio do quarto a dando um susto por não saber que ele sabia sobre a sua presença no quarto.

    — Eu não vim com intenção de ser sua inimiga… Eu apenas quero ajudar. — a voz calma de (seu nome) rebateu a grosseria do Malik o deixando ainda mais irritado.

    — Procure uma pessoa doente que realmente mereça cuidados, eu não preciso. Não estou doente.

    — Claro que não está. Você está apenas passando por um momento difícil, é normal ter certos tipos de dificuldades na vida. — parada no mesmo lugar e continuando com os olhos presos nas costas do rapaz, (seu nome) segurou um suspiro quando ele se virou. Ele era realmente muito bonito.

    — Não me venha com frases bonitinhas quando não é você que está presa nessa droga. — Zayn esbravejou batendo a mão no encosto da cadeira — Eu não preciso da sua pena e tão pouco da sua ajuda. Se retire ou eu terei que empurrá-la até a porta.

    — Boa sorte para tentar me pegar com essa bunda colada na cadeira. — um sorriso desafiador tomou os lábios de (seu nome).

    Esse era seu novo plano, o de ser amável e simpática não funcionou muito bem, não que ela havia ensaiado agir assim, pelo contrário, ela sempre é amável com as pessoas mesmo quem não conhece. Zayn havia a interpretado mal, ele viu boa educação como uma forma de piedade por ele estar sobre uma cadeira de rodas, então talvez tratá-lo como igual ou até mesmo cutucá-lo um pouco faça ele abaixar a guarda.

    — O que disse? — com as sobrancelhas quase juntas Zayn perguntou para ter certeza de que ouviu certo.

    — Eu disse que você não vai conseguir fazer nada contra mim nessa cadeira. Para me chutar daqui você vai ter que ficar de pé e eu tenho quase certeza que você não consegue fazer isso, por isso estou aqui. — o sorriso convencido brilhava em seus lábios.

    — A ideia de levantar para dar um chute na sua bunda é tentadora. Talvez esse desejo sirva como fisioterapia. — os lábios de Zayn repuxaram para o canto e (seu nome) teve quase certeza de que ele queria sorrir.

    — Vamos lá, então… Posso te irritar até você se levantar para me chutar. — a jovem o chamou com as mãos como forma de incentivo.

    — Por que está agindo assim? — os olhos castanhos de Zayn estavam pregados na moça com tamanha intensidade que era como se ele estivesse tentando ler sua alma.

    — Assim como?

    — Como se fosse uma amiga e não como se eu estivesse prestes a morrer, confesso que no começo você estava exatamente assim, mas de uma hora para outra ficou diferente. — ele fez sua avaliação — Se está achando que eu vou te aceitar aqui como uma espécie de babá gostosona, está enganada.

    — Babá gostosona? — (seu nome) riu — Me acha gostosona?

    — Não, eu só fiz uma colocação. Você não é uma babá.

    — E nem gostosona? — (seu nome) fez um bico.

    — Talvez bonita… Hm… Gostosa, mas não gostosona. — Zayn segurou a vontade de rir.

    — Pelo visto não foi somente eu que mudei. — sorrindo (seu nome) se aproximou.

    — Não vá cantando vitória porque eu ainda não gosto de você. — Zayn se permitiu sorrir.


    Os dias foram se passando e a relação de (seu nome) e Zayn foi melhorando, o que começou com uma decisão secreta de uma mãe preocupada, se transformou em momentos alegres que poderiam ter sido horríveis sem a presença da jovem. Zayn secretamente em sua mente agradecia a Trisha por ter encontrado (seu nome) para fazê-lo companhia e ajudá-lo quando precisa, o que o deixou satisfeito com a presença dela é a forma que ela o trata, nada de pena, ele até a ouvia de vez em quando fazer alguma piada com o fato dele estar em uma cadeira de rodas.

    Os meses voaram e (seu nome) estava presente em todas as sessões de fisioterapia o incentivando a ir mais e mais em busca de uma melhora e foi isso que aconteceu, Zayn já não precisava mais de (seu nome) e isso o deixava deprimido, ele aprendeu a estar na maior parte do tempo em sua companhia e agora tudo se limitaria.

    — Guarde as muletas, caso algum dia você sinta saudade de usá-las. — (seu nome) riu e empurrou Zayn pelo ombro.

    — Só se com isso você volte a cuidar de mim.

    Os dois estavam saindo da clínica onde Zayn passou pela sua última sessão de fisioterapia, ele não precisaria mais delas e (seu nome) como sempre estava com ele, hoje apenas ela havia o acompanhado como ele pediu a sua mãe para ser.

    — Achei que não gostava de ser cuidado, Zayn Malik. — (seu nome) o olhou de forma provocante.

    — Eu gosto apenas dos seus cuidados.

    — Você está mais uma vez tentando me paquerar? — ela parou e colocou as mãos na cintura esperando a resposta.

    — Agora é diferente, eu não estou mais naquela cadeira horrível, então tenho grandes chances de te conquistar. — Zayn sorriu e (seu nome) negou com a cabeça.

    — Isso não tem nada a ver com você conseguir usar as suas pernas ou não.

    — Eu sei, foi só uma brincadeira. Você nunca me deu atenção quando eu tentei algo.

    Os dois estavam parados no estacionamento onde está o carro do pai de (seu nome), ela o pegou emprestado, como nas outras vezes, para levar Zayn até a clínica.

    — Eu nunca levei a sério por que era o meu trabalho ajudar você e não paquerar. — (seu nome) apertou o botão da chave destravando o carro.

    — Agora você não trabalha mais para a minha mãe. — um sorriso de lado apareceu no rosto do moreno.

    — Tecnicamente trabalho sim, ela ainda não me dispensou. — (seu nome) riu baixo com a cara que o Zayn fez.

    — Só me escuta, ok?! — Zayn olhou nos olhos da jovem — Eu estava perdido para caralho quando você chegou, perdido mesmo. Eu não me importava que eu voltaria a mexer as pernas, eu só queria mexê-las naquele minuto e não depois de algum tempo. As pessoas que iam até a minha casa me visitar me lançavam olhares repletos de pena, como se eu fosse um coitado e isso me deixava muito irritado… Então você chegou. Você tentou ser legal e eu ameacei levantar apenas para chutar a sua bunda. — os dois riram baixo — Quando você começou a fazer piadas e me tratar diferente das outras pessoas, eu me senti o mesmo Zayn de antes e amei essa sensação de novamente ser tratado com indiferença. — ele fez uma pequena pausa —Durante o período que passamos juntos você foi tão atenciosa comigo, seus toques eram suaves como se tivesse medo de a qualquer momento me machucar, você sempre fazia o possível para me ver bem e isso foi muito importante para mim. Você é o tipo de mulher que quero na minha vida sempre, carinhosa, companheira e dedicada. Você foi me conquistando até que eu estivesse perdidamente apaixonado por você.

    — Zayn, eu…

    (Seu nome) se afastou quando Zayn se aproximou para tocar seu rosto, mas isso não o parou, ele continuou seguindo até que o corpo dela estivesse contra o carro e a mão dele contra sua bochecha fazendo uma leve carícia.

    — Não precisa dizer nada agora… Eu aprendo a ser paciente por você. — ele sorriu — Mas tem uma coisa que eu não aguento mais esperar.

    Zayn fechou seus olhos e aproximou seu rosto do de (seu nome) até que seus lábios estivessem colados em um selinho demorado, (seu nome) demorou a processar o acontecimento e só fechou os olhos alguns segundos depois. Decidida a transformar aquele selinho em um beijo de verdade, ela levou suas mãos até a nuca de Zayn e passou a língua sobre os lábios dele pedindo passagem e logo a recebeu.

    O beijo foi intenso e demorado, ambos precisavam daquele tipo de contado e agora que estavam tendo, era difícil parar. Os dois desejavam poder pausar o momento.

    — Nós podemos tentar… Vamos aos poucos, isso ainda é novo para mim. — (seu nome) sussurrou ainda de olhos fechados depois que finalizou o beijo.

    — Você nunca…

    — Não. — (seu nome) o cortou — Você e eu… Isso é novo para mim. — ela riu baixo abrindo os olhos.

    — Tudo bem para mim, contanto que eu possa fazer isso sempre que eu te ver.

    Zayn mais uma vez tomou os lábios de (seu nome) em um beijo, dessa vez mais urgente e necessitado enquanto seu corpo a encurralava contra o carro e suas mãos apertavam e leve a cintura dela.

    Espero que tenham gostado… ❤

    Eu nunca assisti ao filme Como Eu Era Antes De Você, então não tive como basear nele.

    Adivinhem quem está completando 19 anos hoje? 😋🎈

    - Tay

||❥ cold water, rated; M

w o o z i ! s c e n a r i o

b a s e b a l l ! a u                                                   

words; 19.8k

genre; hahaha u know some fluff, smut, tears??

synopsis; a very lengthy story regarding the school’s most talented baseball player and you, his precious girlfriend, surviving the year based on a promise and many… interesting events to come;)  

A chilly breeze swept crinkly brown leaves across the grass and onto the rippling sheet of water before you, the air crisp yet dry as the months got colder. Goosebumps began to prick along your skin, a sudden shiver trickling down your spine and forcing you to wrap the thin jacket you were wearing even tighter against your body. 

The ground felt lumpy and some grass patches had not yet defrosted their morning sheen. You were never a fan of the cold, though it did give you an excuse to wear oversized sweaters and thick, fluffy socks. But today, you were without both of those things, the tip of your nose slowly turning more numb by the second.

When is he getting here? You grumbled inside your head, an impatient huff of air pushing from your lungs. Around 15 minutes had passed since you arrived at the lake and he was still a no show.

The school is right around the corner, you cast a glance over your shoulder, the only sight being a lady bundled in a red coat walking her dog, if he doesn’t show soon then I’m gonna spilt. You turned back to face the lake, the silvery glaze of water reflecting the sturdy willow trees that dotted along the shoreline. Another shiver rushed down your back at the thought of how cold the water must be, it’s icy currents nipping and swirling around your delicate flesh. Subconsciously you started to grind your teeth.

Almost any body of water made you uncomfortable, and when you were left alone with your bustling thoughts, you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking about how awful it would be to get sucked underneath the liquid surface, all the breath being ripped from your lungs as your limbs thrashed wildly through a darkening abyss. Your own heart beat began to quicken, eyes unable to look away from the sight in front of you.

If it weren’t for the hand that slowly slid over your shoulder, you might have pushed yourself crazy, a slight gasp escaping your lips as you turned to see who disrupted you. An immediate warmth flushed through your body at seeing his gummy smile, the pearly glow of his teeth almost too bright for your widening eyes.

“Sorry I was late, the line for hot chocolate was long as fuck.” A vibrant laugh rumbled in your chest, the rich smell of the steaming drink in his hands causing you to inhale a deep breath. You felt nothing but a tingly warmth when you took the cup from his grip, the bitterness to your fingers now fizzing away until you could fully sense their movement. He shuffled beside you and adjusted the hood over his baseball cap, his glossy eyes reflecting the sheen of the water.

“I was gonna cuss you out for being late but since you brought me hot chocolate, I’ll let it slide, Jihoon.” His crackly laugh almost warmed your heart more than the smooth velvet sliding down your throat, a satisfied exhale of air leaving your lips to fade into the parched air.

“But baby, you’re so cute when you’re mad.” He sang, his fingers coming to pinch the flushed skin of your cheek. You were expressionless as Jihoon grinned at you, his eyes falling to crescent moons at your tasteless response. A snarky comeback was ready to fire from your tongue, but a sneeze beat you to it, Jihoon’s hand snapping away from your face as your upper body jolted forward.

“Thanks for the warning.” You were lucky you pressed the lid over your hot chocolate before you took your first sip, because you may have spilt the broiling liquid all over your lap. Maybe then you wouldn’t have to worry about the cold, but it didn’t seem too worth it to scald yourself in the process. After fishing around in your pocket for a tissue, Jihoon began to unzip his much thicker black jacket, a heavenly warmth suddenly covering your back and around your shoulders.

“You dork,” you hissed as Jihoon scooted closer to you, now reduced to a hoodie, “you’ll freeze.” His arm slipped around your waist while he took a long gulp of his hot chocolate, clearly unbothered by the cold. Before you could nip in with another retort, Jihoon nuzzled his lips against your cheek and placed continuous splotches of kisses, and though you wanted to further pester him about why he shouldn’t always be giving you his jacket, you were finding it difficult through the ear to ear grin that was forcing its way across your lips.

“Well you’re already freezing, now shut up and drink your hot chocolate. I spent more than I wanted to on it.” And just like the flip of a light switch, Jihoon was back to his snappish ways, though you knew there was nothing but affection behind it. Stifling the grin and intense butterflies that tickled the inside of your stomach, you returned to finishing your hot chocolate rich with flavour and warmth, enjoying every minute of it before school started. As you were getting ready to leave the lake, Jihoon tossed your cups out in a nearby garbage and proceeded to stretch his arms high above his head, a tiny whine escaping his lips.

“So, will you let me teach you to swim this summer?” Jihoon asked with a soft glow in his eyes, your hand instinctively reaching for his on your way along the sidewalk. While rubbing your thumb over his milky skin, you cast a look towards the cracked cement and shook your head, every single one of your worries weighing you down like lead.

“I don’t think so.”

“Seriously? I’ve been asking since forever, you know I won’t let you drown, right?” Jihoon replied in a longing tone. He felt a slight sting at the thought you didn’t trust him enough, he knew full heartedly he would never let anything bad happen to you, after all you were the one he loved. Your jaw tightened and your lips pressed into a thin line, nothing but images of swirling water sucking and dragging things under its dark blue surface making you stumble on your words.

“I-I, know… It’s just, I don’t think I can do it, I’ll suck.” The school started peaking into view, the final bus slowly rolling away from the curb after a swarm of grumpy looking students stepped off. Jihoon’s grip momentarily tightened on your palm, a light sigh heaving past his pink lips.

“You won’t suck, it just takes some adjusting, some getting use to.” He mumbled. Eventually you both came to a halt near the entrance to the school, Jihoon’s jacket still heavy on your shoulders. Your morning classes were different, so you had to get your goodbye over with. After regretfully returning Jihoon’s jacket, his hand slid around your waist and he smoothly tugged you close to him, his tongue slowly licking the plump flesh of his lower lip. 

Your fingers took purchase in the sleek material of Jihoon’s coat, the fabric slightly balling in your grip when his warm palms delicately cupped your cheeks. The top of your head lightly pushed up his baseball cap during your sweet and slow tempo kiss, the only taste being the chocolaty flavour of your past drink. It was hard to pull away from his encompassing warmth, even when your kiss was interrupted by the loud cheering of Jihoon’s name, his friends from the baseball team clapping loudly for him.

The bubbling fire in your stomach still blazed when you both shared a breathy chuckle, his forehead resting against yours so he could admire the depth of your glittery eyes. Jihoon’s thumbs affectionately brushed against your now heated cheeks, the kitty curl to his lips growing wider when his friends continued to shout for him.

“I’m pretty sure I gotta go,” he sighed while you returned his stare, “but I’m not dropping the swimming thing.” You snickered as Jihoon placed one final peck on the tip of your nose, your hands coming to fold together in the warmth of your thin jacket. When he began to move away from you, you swallowed the lump in your throat and called out to him,

“If you guys make it to the championships this summer, I promise i’ll let you teach me how to swim!” You never thought the words would leave the tip of your tongue, yet here you were, standing in the bitter breeze with your toes about to fall off, putting one of your biggest fears in the hands of your boyfriend’s baseball team. Jihoon turned around while still shuffling backwards, his fingers coming to adjust the black cap on his head,

“Piece of cake, baby.” He chimed, his little smirk making you bite the inside of your cheek and cast a shy glance towards the brick wall. You were sure you’d just screwed yourself, Jihoon’s team didn’t whip baseballs out in fields of wispy snow for the hell of it. They loved to win, and you were positive you were going to lose.

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