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To Evangeline’s guardian angel,

Hey, man. I personally have.. 0 idea? How to start this letter?

I’ve seen you around quite some time, and I’ve wanted to write something as reply for quite some time as well. I haven’t, until today, that is.

I can’t 100% tell if Evangeline’s good for you, since, y'know, I’m not you, I don’t know her and all that jazz. But from the letters you’ve made, she doesn’t sound swell.

You’re fucking yourself up over her, man, and that’s not good. You deserve to have good care, and it doesn’t sound like Evangeline is going to do that any time soon if ever. Unless you tell her, maybe, but that’s up to you.

I think there’s a few options: Staying and keep going the way it is, staying but telling her and breaking away.

It’s pretty obviou the last two would be the better options, right?

I mean.. I can’t tell how she’d react if you told her what’s been happening to you due to her actions, and that might be scary, but, sir, lemme tell you- It’s okay to need help.

You deserve some loving and a good pat on the back and some good fucking care. Because honestly you seem like.. Dude, a fucking sweetheart.

But it’s a shame to see you be hurting, especially if you don’t deserve it.

It’s going to fucking SUCK breaking away from her if that’s what you’re planning to do- And possibly also quite long, but, hey, little snippets each day/week and you’ll be surprised at the road you’ve walked in a long time.

I wish you the best of luck, my dude.
May your well-being and health be top notch.

- a muffin.

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And July - Heize x Dean

Silver Spoon - BTS


Why So Lonely - Wonder Girls

Intro: Boy Meets Evil - BTS

The 7th Sense - NCT U

Cloud 9 - EXO

Hero - Monsta X

Hold Me Tight - BTS

One Of One - Shinee

Save me - BTS

Eureka - Zico 

Overdose - EXO


(I dont rlly listen to that much kpop besides bts n exo so I i couldnt do all of it;;;)

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I was tagged by the amazing and wonderful @serafiiina-redux. Thank you!! Anyone who wants to play along is encouraged to free-associate and make your own alpha-factoids. ❤ 

A - apple slices for breakfast
B - boys; as in my delightful 8 year old twin boys
C - cat; he’s sleeping around here somewhere
D - discipline; as in I need some
E - Elizabeth; but I go by Liz
F - funny friends and family
G - God
H - happy
I - ice skating but not this weekend…
J - Japanese food (or should this be under S for sushi??)
K - karate lessons for my sons 
L - love and light 
M - Minecraft mom
N - naps 
O - ocean
P - pineapple on pizza
Q - queue is not very well sorted these days but I try
R - rebel
S - spiritual and at the same time, silly
T - tenacious
U - urban life; I miss you Chicago!
V - vexed on occasion, mostly with politics
W - wanton on occasion as well
X - what could I put under X?
Y - You
Z - zees was fun, thank you if you read zees far :D

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