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Title: All This, and Hell Too 
Words: 2547
Notes: AU where Maki is the princess of Hell and picks Rin to be her wife. loosely based off a thing i saw @yellowgalex reblog uhuhu. also possibly nsfw bit but it’s just a ftb. 

It’s Maki’s 200th birthday.

“You shall be allowed to choose a spouse for yourself, my daughter,” the Lord of the Underworld says to her, “as a reward for your undying loyalty and obedience. Choose anyone you like in Heaven, Earth, or Hell— I shall retrieve that person for you even if it takes all my power and more.”

Secretly, he’s crossing his fingers that his daughter chooses the High Angel of Heaven. Binding her to the Underworld’s royal family would mean that he gets to take power over Heaven and extend his rule. But instead, Maki conjures an image of a person that is definitely not the High Angel of Heaven. She points.

“I want her.”

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