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Hello, I have a quick Q- do you have any OCs from Haikyuu?? I'd love to draw them if you do. If not, who is your favorite character(s) and I'll draw them. I just really want to draw you something because you're amazing and always draw my favorite team (Dateko) --S

Anonymous said: have you ever thought of making a Haikyuu OC? or have you already? please show!!!!!!!! i can tell they are gonna be the shiniest sunshine ever

aaahh!! yes, meet my children!! don’t worry about drawing them though, they’re happy to just chill here (and keep bullying Iwasa with affection, poor guy). I appreciate the sentiment regardless! ♡ thank you so much for asking!! and thank you second anon for having faith in their sunshine(?) hahaha 

⌒▽⌒)ゞI hope you both have beautiful days!

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Teen!Dean Drabble #2

Characters:  Teen!Dean x Reader

Summary:  Dean’s first time

Warnings: sex

Originally posted by winter-hunters

Dean hesitates, his nerves getting the best of him. He has a feeling things are going to be going further with (Y/N) tonight. Things had been getting more hot and more heavy over the last few weeks.  

The last time (Y/N)’s parents were out for the night it had almost happened. They’d almost done it.

Dean decides he better play it safe, just in case. He listens to John in the shower - he’ll be in there a while. Sam’s at the library with his study group or chess club or whatever.

Dean quickly makes his way to John’s duffle and rifles through it until he finds what he’s looking for. He slips the shiny foil packet in his back pocket before slipping out the door.


He’s never done this before, but he’d never admit. (Y/N) has more experience than he does. Which makes him more nervous. What if he does it wrong? What if he - you know - blows his load early?

Dean tries to shove those nagging thoughts from his brain, focusing on being cool. On being collected. (Y/N) is straddling him on the blue and white checked couch in her parent’s living room. There are more important things to focus on at the moment.

He’s painfully aware of how his erection presses against the inside of the jeans. (Y/N) is grinding against him while they make out, his hands exploring her body. She tastes like sweet strawberries and it’s his favorite taste in the world.

Their kisses are sloppy and inexperienced, but it’s all consuming, the lust, the desire. Dean forgets his shyness and stops worrying about doing it wrong. He lets her guide him, listening to her body, following her movements, matching her.

(Y/N) pulls back from him, her cheeks pink. Her eyes sparkle, she’s so beautiful. “Dean, I want to…I’m ready…do you…do you have a condom?” she asks hesitantly.

Dean swallows hard and nods. (Y/N) stands and takes his hand shyly, leading him to her bedroom. Quickly, averting their eyes while also stealing glances, they strip their clothing.

Dean opens the small packet and rolls the contraceptive on. He’s never done this before and regrets not practicing. He plays it cool though, slipping into the covers as quickly as possible.

He feels jittery, half in disbelief that this actually happening. Dean covers his body with hers, propping himself up on either side of her. He worries that he might crush her with his larger frame.

He fumbles about for a moment before finding what he seeks. He takes a deep breath and reminds himself to go slow, not to seem too eager, not to move too fast.

And then he’s inside of her and he’s worried for a moment that he’s hurting her, because she makes this little sound he’s never heard before. When he moves, she makes more sounds, sounds that run right down his spine. It’s the sexiest thing he’s ever heard.

It’s awkward and clumsy and sweet and right. Dean imagines this is what heaven feels like. To him, she’s perfect, for a brief moment he feels an emotion he’s unfamiliar with.  

He loses himself in her, she moves with him. He feels untethered, he feels free. His world expands, opening and unfurling, bringing him to a level of bliss he never thought possible.


Afterward, he lets himself be vulnerable. Maybe for the first time ever. He snuggles into her, kissing her skin, whispering in her ear.

All his life he’s been strong, he’s been in charge. He’s been thrust into roles he never asked for. He never lets his guard down.

But here, in the afterglow, he lets himself feel. It’s a pattern he’ll follow for the rest of his life, searching out women, making love to them, seeking comfort in their arms.

For a boy who grew up with so little tenderness, with so little simple affections and touch, this is almost better than the sex.  


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