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Meanwhile in Mexico

Rock n’ Roll, the musical style and movement that birthed modern music. Born in the USA in the early 1950s with roots in African Music, Blues and Gospel, and destined to forever change the way we listen to music. Rock n Roll arrived like a storm changing everything on its path, the music of youth and rebellion, with icons like Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly amongst others. It inspired an entire generation to create their own music and to evolve the genre into endless possibilities forever changing the way we create and listen to music… But what about other countries? Ever wondered how has Rock n’ Roll affected different places on earth?

Since its beginnings, Rock n Roll has never been popular with authority, and in Mexico it was no different. Rock n Roll has always been an expression of freedom and rebellion which to the government was nothing more than an all-out assault on tradition and morality, a violation of the ideological foundations of a country that has always been highly catholic with little to no separation between church and state. Rock n Roll was an explosion of youth expression a very strong contrast with the generations that came before that moment, and with it came new fashion, miniskirts and tight jeans, colorful shirts and long hair…it was definitely not something the government of Mexico was prepared to allow and it soon begun to link this new movement to immorality, depravity and even satanism.

Rock n Roll became public enemy number one and since the government owned and controlled all media, the president at the time Miguel Aleman Valdez and the Regent Uruchurtu launched a nationwide campaign to eradicate this new movement of Rock n Roll that was a danger to society. Places called “Cafe Cantante” which were dedicated to playing Rock and Roll became illegal and closed down. Most shops and restaurants adopted policies that would not allow long hair or immoral clothes in their premises…imagine the town of Footloose but as an entire country.

For the next decade, Mexico was under authoritarian rule. Young people were expected to submit and obey without question, any expression of rebellion as small as it was could be seen as a threat to the state and would be silenced, this included freedom of speech and any dispute against the ruling powers. The government begun to forbid gatherings of young people justifying this act as a threat to national security.

In 1971 during the boom of psychedelic rock in USA and England, Mexico was still behind, with two decades of prohibition of Rock n Roll the youth was restless. Two young impresarios decided to organize a car race in the town of Avandaro and figured it would be a nice moment to promote some healthy concert featuring Rock n Roll. Well the word spread like fire through Mexico about this event. A nation thirsty for Rock n Roll couldn’t care less about car races but they traveled long and wide to attend this Rock festival that would later be known as Mexican Woodstock. An estimate of 500,000 people showed up to the festival…the music starts and people loose it. Decades of oppression go up in smoke in a couple songs, people dance and have the times of their lives…some sets into the concert and people start chanting “tenemos el poder” (we’ve got the power) The government was not cool with that.

When the festival ended, the government took to the media again to satanize the festival, all headlines read SEX, DRUGS, RIOTS, FRENZY, WILDNESS! And from that moment the Rock prohibition comes back stronger than the first time around. Radio and Television were forbidden to broadcast the music, it became illegal to listen to Rock n Roll or dress like a Rocker, police were allowed to detain, arrest and eventually brutalize any “rockers” they found on the streets, being a rocker was outlawed and you could go to jail…or worse. It was a complete blackout for Rock n Roll in the entire country.

But like anytime anything becomes illegal…it will find a way to thrive, and in Mexico that came in the way of “Hoyos Fonqui” (Funky Holes) Illegal places where people would gather to play and listen to Rock. These places were often somebody’s garage or an abandoned house, some construction site, a warehouse or literally any damn place where you could hide from authority to get your music on. Unlawful places where anyone could go and some even profited from this by selling beer in plastic bags or any substance you could think of. Oftentimes even bent cops would assist these concerts selling whatever they had confiscated earlier or charging for the concert as if they owned the place. Every once and then the real police would raid these places arresting hundreds of people at once.

It took 15 years for Rock n Roll to become accepted into Mexican society. In 1986 a publicity campaign called “Rock en tu Idioma” (Rock in your language) begun to promote Rock and Roll in Mexico for the first time. A great number of Mexican rock bands begun to surge…only thirty years after the rest of the world had lived through this movement.

To date there is a delay in modern musical styles in Mexico as several stages and sub-genres of Rock never had the time to thrive in the country where the music was prohibited for so long.


Problem Child Pt 1 Winchesters X Daughter! Reader

A/N: This is the first part of a Winchester X Daughter! Reader I’m making. It might eventually contain some Cas x reader in future chapters. This first chapter is mostly a set up for the story. Next chapter will have more of the back story of the reader. Stick with it, I promise it will get more interesting. 

Word Count: 2994 sorry

Warnings: Language

Problem Child Pt 1

Dean stumbled into the bunker kitchen.

The world around him was a blur as he struggled to regain his balance. Feeling the result of last nights binge drinking, he swore that he would never drink again. Which was a lie. The pounding in his head intensified as he reached for the steaming pot of coffee. The bitter smell of the coffee beans seemed to clear his mind a tiny bit. Dean silently thanked his baby brother for making the coffee extra strong. Running a hand through his messy bed head, he turned and nearly bumped into Sam’s hulking figure. Dean jerked backwards. His coffee was now dripping down his bare chest. He let out a hiss as he hot black liquid hit his skin. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sam failing to hide a smile.

“Find something funny, Sammy?” He asked his gruff morning voice.

“No nothing at all,” Sam chuckled, “Get cleaned off. I found us a case and it’s a 12 hour drive from here.”

“You found us a case? Dude, it’s like six in the morning!” Dean threw his hands up.

Sam rolled his eyes and pursed his lips together,“ Dean it’s three in the afternoon.”

Dean rubbed his eyes,“ Well, shit!”

Sam grabbed a towel off of the table and tossed it to Dean, who used it to wipe the rest of the coffee off himself.

“Now come on, Dean. This case isn’t going to solve itself.” Sam’s voice faded as he disappeared from the kitchen.

With a sigh and an unintelligible grumble, Dean started after his brother.  

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“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by Santana

Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time (2010)

Perspectiva y en planta de una casa de dos recamaras de viviendas populares propuesta del fraccionamiento Lomas Pitic por ARCO S.A., Lomas Pitic, Hermosillo, Sonora, México 1950

Arq. Felipe N. Ortega con Carlos Gajon

Perspective drawing and floorplan of a proposed low cost two bedroom house in Lomas Pitic development by ARCO s.a., Lomas Pitic, Hermosillo, Sonoroa, Mexico 1950