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forgot to post this because was busy trick or treating to each houses lol

all-nighters in companionable silence, texting in the same room, “shall i doxx those dirty loot-stealers~?”, fetching a pillow and blanket for the first one to pass out, midnight Taco Bell trips, B-movie Netflix marathons, “that firewall’s got nothing on you!”,dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets.

the YooSeven aesthetic, too strong. too good.

shichigatsu-no-shoujou  asked:

Awwww your writing is so amazing! So what about headcanons for RFA (+ V and Saeran if possible, I luv them...) come back home and find MC getting crazy over boys in otome game **cough** just like me **cough**



  • he’s so annoyed
  • when mc finally explains that it’s just an otome game i mean he’s a lil offended but glad that they’re enjoying themselves
  • he’s kinda confused if this counts as cheating or not but…. definitely not??
  • but still mc u got the real deal …. why chase after the generic otome cool guy when u literally have the cool guy in front of you
  • jumin likes making a point that he’s probably richer than every character in that game but not in a mean way just in a showy way
  • also will get all snide and snippy if they play while spending alone time with him mc he is only free so often with his schedule treasure him


  • when mc said they were playing a game he did not expect this kind of game
  • “oh… but am i not doing a good job?”
  • NO YOOSUNG ST oP THAT???? ur FINE shut uP
  • yoosung literally goes into a crisis like oh no did she have to resort to games because i was not satisfactory
  • mc needs to have a talk with this boy and sort his shit out like no they love u, that doesn’t change just cus a dumb game and he is then ok
  • but sometimes he gets a lil jealous and grumpy and wants mc’s attention
  • hug him and let him know he’s loved mc yr his first….. he needs all the support he can get what a bub


  • understands the concept of it pretty easily
  • is pretty ok with mc playing it, it must be lonely while jaehee works
  • but regardless jaehee is pretty firm knowing that mc loves her and that’s all she needs to go on
  • games like that will have her heart temporarily, but she’ll have mc’s heart for much longer
  • what a princess no one fucking touch her
  • not even jumin like back off she’s so pure but anyways
  • probably the only one in the rfa who’s okay with this LMAOAOAOA
  • shiiii son jaehee probably downloads the game herself to see what the hypes about
  • she lw gets hooked on it too oops


  • he is salty. saltier than the sea. someone help him he’s so extra and theatrical but what did u expect,,,
  • literally dies because “but mc i’m so much better LOOKING than all of them!!!!!”
  • um,,,, get it together zen…
  • he actually physically and mentally cant so just clingwraps himself to mc like love me!!! i am!!! right here!!! look at me!!!!
  • okay okay ok   a  a y y y and mc just has to remind him that it’s just a game
  • he needs to repeat it like he’s at rehearsal just to finally get it i stg he’s 6


  • wants to know everything about this game. he’s designed a few games himself so he is curious what the hype is all about.
  • lowkey criticizes every character
  • he shits on this game and goes like “pffft i’ll make a BETTER one”
  • is also pretty salty that mc is playing a dating game when THEY ALREADY ARE DATING SOMEBODY
  • since he’s a little shit he literally makes an otome game
  • the romantic interest options? there’s only one it’s seven lol
  • creates a currency in the game too as honey buddha chips 
  • this is ridiculous but actually kinda genius and come on that’s so cute
  • mc literally spends days playing this game there’s so much content seven h o w ??
  • he even added the whole rfa as secondary characters in the game
  • and when mc reaches the end the ending screen literally just says “i love you” and honestly someone kill me


  • hm. interesting.
  • he only finds out when he peeks over mc’s shoulder one day just lovingly and out of the blue
  • who r u texting??? that’s not the rfa chat??? but ??? ok he stays outchea business
  • but when mc brings it up to him he’s so confused?? but he takes it with grace he’s like. “oh that’s nice what are each of the characters like”
  • probably handles it second best to jaehee because he’s not super secure abt mc’s love for him but 
  • as long as mc’s happy he’s grinning ear to ear as mc talks about what these characters are like
  • and sometimes when mc needs help with choosing an option he can step in and he’s very good at this
  • but of course he knows how to respond to everything
  • he offers in depth and insightful answers and even mc sometimes is like bro,,, it ain’t that deep fam…..


  • he has no concept of this
  • doesn’t this basically count as cheating
  • but it’s even worse the other man isn’t even real
  • he’s so Bitter like even seven is like chill,,,,,, it’s.,,,, it’s o k
  • mc literally has to pull saeran aside and explain that none of it is real and her feelings aren’t actual feelings for them it’s just for fun sorta
  • regardless mc is always gonna be there to luv n support saeran and real life does have priority yanno mc isn’t dumb!!!
  • so mc probably ends up putting the game aside for a day or two and spend quality time with saeran who’s still kinda like just woke up from a nap grumpy since this revelation
  • he evens out, maybe after like…. two weeks of trying to explain it
  • better late than never???

Some YYS (Yandere YS) angst for you all!
This scene came out of a(n incredibly WHACK) RP with @11daysofhell and @nayeonniekim where a marriage proposal makes YYS scared and run tf away. Normal YS then goes to him to help him come to terms with whatever is going on in his messed up head. Yeah both YS and YYS coexist together in this AU don’t ask YYS getting character development? Lololol