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Untitled by Monica Forss

Reader x Scotty - THE ART OF HEALING

Stage One: Perforating wound

A penetrating wound which extends into a viscus or bodily cavity.

Scotty walks into engineering to see you dangling haphazardly from the ceiling.

“Ach!” he shouts without meaning to, feeling his heart race in his chest. He takes a deep breath and then calls in a much steadier voice. “You be sure the straps are tight an’ proper, lass!”

It’s one thing to repair the main warp generator, Scotty thinks.

It’s quite another to watch the love of your life do it.

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why is he like this


Mick: “You obviously have feelings for (Y/N), man. I don’t understand why you don’t just tell them”

Len: “What good could possibly come from that?”

Mick: “Well, there is the small possibility you could be happy together. You’re already a better person with (Y/N) in your life”

Len: “Better? You mean softer”

Mick: “No, I mean better”

More of Len S. N. Frames! Featuring (my badly drawn) renditions of Professor Pippy P. Poopypants and @guiltyhipster‘s Nurse Offstill! (who is the best oc ever)

#1. Just Len being an excited bean.

#2. Len S. N. Frames, before her (first) defeat, was hired as Nurse Offstill’s assistant. She is.. very annoying. Also very small and very creepy. I would go in more detail but it’s a long story and my cat demands I return to bed to cuddle her.

#3. She and Professor Poopypants having an argument, and also a relative size thing, showing how much of a smol bean that Len is. She is 25 but commonly mistaken for a 16 year old or less. They are five year olds, both of them.


Untitled by Monica Forss

Ebenezer Scrooge [a Leonard Snart imagine]

Request: Could you do 12 and 14 with Leonard Snart (Christmas prompt) Hugs and kisses ;)

‘12: “Why are you humming ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’?”’ and ‘14: “Ew being nice to people for two days. Not my kind of holiday.”’

a/n: hell yea Xmas Len! BEWARE: FLUFF WARNING

For some reason Len hates Christmas. Which is crazy; who hates Christmas?! With your reindeer headband on, you skip around the Waiverider, trying to find the blue eyed man. Each step you took jangled thanks to the bells on the antlers.

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas…” you begin to sing, music echoing through your head. “There’s just one thing I need…” your voice grows soft, into a slight buzz of the melody as you turn the corner. Your hands behind your back as your feet shuffle from one to the other, heading towards the main room.

But you ram into someone, putting a pause on your glee. You peer up to see Len, smirking ever so slightly. “Why are you humming ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’?” he drawls, huffing out a sigh while he glances down at you.

A smile stretches your face. “‘Cuz all I want for Christmas is you!” you cheekily muse, shaking your head from side to side. The tiny jingle bells ringing with your movement. Ah, how you love this headband.

Len eyes the reindeer antlers with his icey aqua colored orbs, a petty grin sneaking on his lips cautiously. “Cute.” he snorts. His navy button up crinkles against his body as he crosses an arm over his chest; the other arm being used as support on the wall.

One loud huff exits your lips and you pout. “Look, Ebenezer Scrooge, I don’t get it! Why don’t you like Christmas? Everyone likes Christmas! Why don’t you, Len, huh?” you whine, hitting his shoulder. “It’s when everyone is nice for once!” you protest, balling the end of your ugly off-white Christmas sweater in your fist.

For a moment, he’s silent; just gazing at you and your attire. “Ew, being nice to people for two days. Not my kind of holiday.” he shrugs nonchalantly, ignoring your (adorable) glare.

You give him a death stare, “Are you kidding me? Can’t you just…be happy? Do I need to get a Christmas miracle up in here?” you grumble, pouting at your shoes. “Can you at least wear the hat? Please?” you beg, revealing the bright red Santa Claus hat from behind your back; looking up at him with pleading eyes.

He breathes out through his nose, bending down to your level. “Fine.” You rejoice, jumping a little before sliding the hat over his buzzed head. The white pompom hangs to his shoulder. He smiles, rolling his eyes, “Lead the way, deer.” he snickers; his heart racing when you hold his hand. Christmas isn’t too bad Len supposes…

To Be Upfront

Request: Anything fluffy with Leonard? Reader is a hero. Preferably set in the Waverider. Thanks love your work! I hope your writers block wears off!

A/N: Of course! I already had something planned for Len a while ago so, when you sent this in I was excited! Sorry about the wait, hope you like it!

Pairing: Leonard Snart x Fem!Reader

Words: 563

Summary: (Y/N) makes Len weak in the knees. But can he muster the courage to ask her out?

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Prompt: This story is still based on a chat room conversation and can be seen here

Warnings: Still angst man. Some pseudoscience where I pretend to know what I’m talking about after some google research.

Pairing: Bones/Reader (predetermined)

A/N: one more after this. Then it all comes to an end. Catch up on this series if you haven’t! PART 1 PART 2

Word Count: 1627

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