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More of Len S. N. Frames! Featuring (my badly drawn) renditions of Professor Pippy P. Poopypants and @guiltyhipster‘s Nurse Offstill! (who is the best oc ever)

#1. Just Len being an excited bean.

#2. Len S. N. Frames, before her (first) defeat, was hired as Nurse Offstill’s assistant. She is.. very annoying. Also very small and very creepy. I would go in more detail but it’s a long story and my cat demands I return to bed to cuddle her.

#3. She and Professor Poopypants having an argument, and also a relative size thing, showing how much of a smol bean that Len is. She is 25 but commonly mistaken for a 16 year old or less. They are five year olds, both of them.


Untitled by Monica Forss


Untitled by Monica Forss


Prompt: This story is still based on a chat room conversation and can be seen here

Warnings: Still angst man. Some pseudoscience where I pretend to know what I’m talking about after some google research.

Pairing: Bones/Reader (predetermined)

A/N: one more after this. Then it all comes to an end. Catch up on this series if you haven’t! PART 1 PART 2

Word Count: 1627

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Ebenezer Scrooge [a Leonard Snart imagine]

Request: Could you do 12 and 14 with Leonard Snart (Christmas prompt) Hugs and kisses ;)

‘12: “Why are you humming ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’?”’ and ‘14: “Ew being nice to people for two days. Not my kind of holiday.”’

a/n: hell yea Xmas Len! BEWARE: FLUFF WARNING

For some reason Len hates Christmas. Which is crazy; who hates Christmas?! With your reindeer headband on, you skip around the Waiverider, trying to find the blue eyed man. Each step you took jangled thanks to the bells on the antlers.

“I don’t want a lot for Christmas…” you begin to sing, music echoing through your head. “There’s just one thing I need…” your voice grows soft, into a slight buzz of the melody as you turn the corner. Your hands behind your back as your feet shuffle from one to the other, heading towards the main room.

But you ram into someone, putting a pause on your glee. You peer up to see Len, smirking ever so slightly. “Why are you humming ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’?” he drawls, huffing out a sigh while he glances down at you.

A smile stretches your face. “‘Cuz all I want for Christmas is you!” you cheekily muse, shaking your head from side to side. The tiny jingle bells ringing with your movement. Ah, how you love this headband.

Len eyes the reindeer antlers with his icey aqua colored orbs, a petty grin sneaking on his lips cautiously. “Cute.” he snorts. His navy button up crinkles against his body as he crosses an arm over his chest; the other arm being used as support on the wall.

One loud huff exits your lips and you pout. “Look, Ebenezer Scrooge, I don’t get it! Why don’t you like Christmas? Everyone likes Christmas! Why don’t you, Len, huh?” you whine, hitting his shoulder. “It’s when everyone is nice for once!” you protest, balling the end of your ugly off-white Christmas sweater in your fist.

For a moment, he’s silent; just gazing at you and your attire. “Ew, being nice to people for two days. Not my kind of holiday.” he shrugs nonchalantly, ignoring your (adorable) glare.

You give him a death stare, “Are you kidding me? Can’t you just…be happy? Do I need to get a Christmas miracle up in here?” you grumble, pouting at your shoes. “Can you at least wear the hat? Please?” you beg, revealing the bright red Santa Claus hat from behind your back; looking up at him with pleading eyes.

He breathes out through his nose, bending down to your level. “Fine.” You rejoice, jumping a little before sliding the hat over his buzzed head. The white pompom hangs to his shoulder. He smiles, rolling his eyes, “Lead the way, deer.” he snickers; his heart racing when you hold his hand. Christmas isn’t too bad Len supposes…

godalmightyscarlett  asked:

I hear you're new to the Captain Underpants fandom? Welcome! Everyone in it is, like, the nicest thing ever, and your oc is super awesome.

I KNOW RIGHT? I just talked for like forever with two great awesome people and got accepted like immediately,

Thanks! I’m trying, and honestly, so is Len. I have some things about her that are kinda pitiable. If any of you watch KND and have seen the Toiletnator, just imagine that kind of personality and whole deal and maybe a pinch more peppy denial and… yeah you’ll see.

“STOP THAT WEDDING!” (HR Wells x reader x Harry Wells) Part4

Hello, my lil’ wings! How are you doing? Hope you’re okay!

Thanks to @letyourimaginationrun , @ccorpuz1214 , @pippicchan @srawells @deviandrite , @wennbergbabe , @iamthenightiambatman , @wonderfulmagnificentrose , @geesshoku , @quailey-vail and @alonegirlsadsblogs for comenting! i LOVE reading your opinions and decisions!

Also, answering @alonegirlsadsblog Yes! there will be 2 ends! One for Harry and One for HR. Your idea is great, I’ll consider it, depends on how things go!

And @srawells thank you for your kind words! I’m glad you like this story! I also like Harry, but Hr.. well… I also like making your heart confused! That make this so much more interesting!

So here it is! The 4 part of STP!. In the last poll’s results there was a tien between 2 and 3.


-Turn around, look at them and hug them. III

-Turn around and kiss them. III

So I wrote the two! 

Also all of you thought it was Harry or HR, well there’s a small surprise for you!

Part1 Part2  Part3 Part4 (here it is!)


You hummed yours and HR’s song as you entered your bedroom, a pair of arms grabbed you and pulled you towards a hard chest, a familiar scent overwhelming your senses.

You turned around and hugged them, kissing their cheeks.

“Len!  Lisa! It’s been forever!” You hugged your siblings to death.

That’s right, Leonard and Lisa Snart are your (adoptive) siblings.

“I heard you’re going to get married, it’s that true?” Lisa asked

“W-well yeah…I-I was going to tell you as soon as I could, but with all the wedding stuff and the Harry problem…”

“The what?”

“The nothing!!!” You smiled sheepishly as Len raised an eyebrow.

“Well, are you going to…introduce us to him?” Len said.

“Yeah, I wanna know who I have to maim if they as much as hurt you.” Lisa smiled.

“Well, come with me” The three of you exited the bedroom and went towards the kitchen, where HR was making dinner.

“HR, we have company.” You sing-sang

“Oh, who is it?” HR twirled around with the spatula in hand.

“My sibllingsss!!!” You smiled sheepishly, HR’s eyes widened and dropped the spatula, cleaned his hands in the kitchen rag and accommodated his shirt and hair.

“Hi, I Harrison Wells! Everybody calls me HR thought. Pleased to meet you!” HR stock his hand towards Len and Lisa,smiling. The Snarts, only looked at him with an eyebrow raised and a sarcastic smile. “…heh, not fans of shaking hands,eh? Heh” HR smile dropped a bit as you hugged his waist, comforting him. He smiled at you and kissed your nose, as Lisa gagged and Len just glared.

“Do you wish to stay for dinner?” HR asked.

“Yeah, we have so much to talk to!!” You smiled and dragged them towards your counch.


After dinner, the four of you sat in your counch talking about how were things going, how you two meet, threats to HR’s life, glares and sarcastic coments.

You know, usual Snart stuff.

“They’ll come to our wedding right?” HR asked, and your smile dropped.

“First, I have to talk to the team…” You fidgeted.

“Why?” HR asked.

“You are the only one who knows of our relation.” You looked at HR’s confused eyes.

“And what’s the problem?”


“We are the bad guys, the goody-two shoes Flash and I…have a history” Len said

HR’s mouth formed an O at the revelation when suddenly your phone started ringing.

“Sorry! Be back in a flash!” You apologized before went to your room and closing the doors, leaving a nervous HR with your witty siblings.

“Harry, what do you what now” You asked.

“(Y/N),We need to talk.”

“Can’t talk right now.” You said

“(Y/N), I’m serious. We need to talk. Tomorrow, we get lunch together and talk.”

“…Okay, We’ll talk tomorrow. Good bye, Harry”

“Night, (y/n)”


You sighed and let yourself drop to the ground. Your heart beating fast, your mind clouded with Harry’s kissed and HR’s everything.

“(Y/N)? Are you alright in there?” Lisa asked before opening the door and making you move of your position on the ground.

“(Y/N),, What are you- Are you crying? What’s wrong?” Lisa sat next to you on the ground after closing the door, we don’t want Big Bad Len after every guy you know.

“It-I-Liss” You broke down crying in your sister’s shoulder. She caressed your hair and shushed your cries.

“Tell me (y/n). I’m here for you”

“ It-It started after Harry left. I was so in love with him, but he seemed to hate me. But then, before going back to his Earth, he-he acted so nice, he looked at me with so much love-I thought he was going to love me back. When I-I was going to confess, he just said his goodbyes and l-l-left me. Saying that I could go back with him, b-but I couldn’t leave you and Len, and my friends. I-I-” You wheezed

“Breath, (y/n), in, out, in out” Lisa calmed you.

“Then, I meet, HR. Wonderful, loving HR. He asked me to marry him, via posits all around the city. It was adorable! I-I love him so much! And he loves me back. T-Then I decided, against my best judgement, to invite Harry. And-And he kissed me, he-he said he was so jealous and that he still loved me, that he never stopped loving me. And-And my heart is so confused. I love HR so much! But-But I still have feelings for Harry. And-And my friends found out and they support me, and Harry just called me. Asked me for lunch, to talk.”

Lisa looked at her little sister. Not knowing if she had to hurt that Harry-fellow or not.

“And are you going?” She asked.

“..Yes. I think I have to get my feelings straight.” You smiled at Lisa, the tears still falling. Lisa cleaned your face and kissed your nose.

“I’ll support you in any of your decision.” Lisa helped you up. And hugged you. “I’ll turn them to gold if they as much as insult you. They won’t be safe in any Earth.”

“Thanks Liss!” You smiled as Len opened the door.

“What’s taking you so long? I think your husband isn’t going to make it to your wedding with how much anxious he is. He looks like he’s going to have a heart attack.” Len said

“Well, he wouldn’t if you stopped glaring at him as if you are going to kill him.” Lisa smirked.  “We were just talking, girl stuff. You’re not interested.”

“…Peachy” Len looked at the two of you, suspicious. “Well, let’s go.”

After that all of you ate and talked a bit more before Len and Lisa had to go.

“I hope you come visit soon, (n/n). Mick misses you.” Len said, messing your hair.

“Well, I hope now you include me in all that wedding stuff. I want to help my lil’ sister in her big day! Who knows, maybe you’ll get a golden something! Your big sis’present!” She winked at the two of you. “Maybe I can…buy your ring!”

“Please don’t.” You sweat dropped.


“Well, your siblings sure are something else.” HR said as he sat in your bed, pulling the covers over himself and opening them so you could enter.

“Yes, they are.” You smiled before sitting next to HR. Kissing him slowly. “Thank for putting up with my brother, he can be… intimidating.”

“Yeah, he sure is. I swear he looked like he was going to kill me in my sleep.”

“That’s not his style” You said before turning the lights off.

“W-What do you mean “it’s not his style”?!”

“Good night, Love”



“Good morning, dear!” HR kissed you passionately. “What are you going to do today?” He said as he put a plate with (f/b) in front of you.

“Oh, well. I’ll go with the girls around the mall today and after that I’ll go have lunch.” You munched your breakfast, your cheeks were full like a hamsters!

She’s so adorable! HR thought.

“What are you going to do today?” You asked him, after swallowing the (f/b).

“I will help in the Lab, today. Then I think the boy will take me to go look for a suit.”

“Great! I know you’ll look breathtaking in any suit!” You made HR blush.

“Oh, (n/n)! You know how to make a man blush!” HR smiled shyly before pulling you in a passionate kiss.

“You think you have time for a quickie? “ HR smirked

“I think the girls could manage a bit without me” You kissed HR again, he pulled you up and ran towards your room.


You and the girls were looking over the rings in Central’s jewelry, All were very beautiful and very expensive.

“Look at this one!” Iris said, showing the most beautiful ring ever. Also the most expensive.

“It’s beautiful…” you said, your fingers caressing the twin rings. “But so out of my league.”

“Can I help you, young ladies?” An elderly woman said.

“Oh, no. Thanks! We were just looking. We have to go, thanks and bye!” You said as you dragged your friends out of the store.

“What was that about?” Caitlin asked.


“Okay, calm down (y/n). Let’s go eat something and then we’ll go see the new sale on your favorite store.” Said Caitlin.

“That’s a great idea Caitlin! I’m hungry and I saw the perfect place to eat.” Iris said

“And where is that?” You asked.



After a wonderful brunch with your friends, you all went to see the sales on your favorite shops. Trying out dresses, pants… The three of you had a lot of fun, laughing, fooling around the shops. All of you took silly photos in silly outfits, and those later would appear in your social media.

It had been a while since the three of you had so much fun. Time went on so fast than before you knew it …

The time to go meet with Harry had come.

Harry was sitting in the restaurant, waiting for you. He looked to his watch once again, he sighed but then he saw you entering the restaurant and smiling at him.

The light reflexed you silky (h/c) locks, the (f/c) shirt clung to your curves and you (skirt/pants) drove him towards the edge.

“(Y/N).” Harry kissed your cheek.

“Harry.” You greeted him. “ There was something you wanted to talk about?”

“Yes, please. Sit” He pulled the chair out for you and then he sat himself. A waitress came soon after, taking note of your order.

“We need to talk about what happened at the park. What’s been happening since my return to this earth.” Harry took your silence as a go on and continued his monologue.

“It all started when we meet. I was attracted to you, but seeing as I was much older than you, Our different dimensions and my fear of loving again… Jess kidnapping, I was a mess, a mean mess. But I fell for you, every day I found myself falling for your light. You were the light in the storm that was my life back then, I thought “She never will be attracted to me” I couldn’t see, I was so blind (y/n). Then I got Jess back and we had to return home, You could have come with me. Be together, forever. But you couldn’t let your family out of your life. After months of thinking of you every second of my life, I got the news. You were going to marry Harrison Wells. Another version of me. But that wasn’t me, and it broke my heart. I thought I wouldn’t never feel this much pain, but I was wrong, oh so very wrong. I won’t give up, I’ve lost to many precious things in this life, but I won’t lose you too. I want to hold you, to kiss you, to make love to you, be together, have a child, and build our memory lane of precious moments. I want to age with you next to me, together. And die with your face and your sweet voice whispering “I love you Harry” as the last things I see/hear. You don’t have an idea of how much I crave hearing those words of your soft, plump lips. Been able to kiss you without your friends getting angry. Please, don’t ask me to stop trying, to stop loving you. Because I won’t. I’ll never stop, I’ll never give us up. Please, just-just love me again”

What are you going to say, (y/n)?

-No words, just running away.

-Cry and probably confess

-Reject him, Saying it isn’t right.  

Little Touches

Request: 13, 14, 17, 18 and 100 with none other than Leonard Snart please! My internets been down for the last few days so i havent been able to submit this. I hope its not too late.

A/N: No worries! I wasn’t super strict on time tbh, TO LET EVERYONE KNOW I AM NOT ACCEPTING ANYMORE PROMPTS! Anyway, was about to post this when I had forgotten to put in 18 but it’s in there. I feel like this whole week had slightly helped me improve my dialogue. I hope. Let me know. Thank you to everyone who requested prompts! Enjoy the last one!

Pairing: Leonard Snart x Fem!Reader

Words: 447

Prompt(s):  13. “Don’t ask me to say I don’t love you.” 14. “I want you so much. You’re all I fucking think about.” 17. “We’re not just friends, you know that.” 18. “I’m nothing without you.”  100. “I love you.” 

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Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC
Fufifilm X-T20, 16-50mm

superhighschoolleveldemigod  asked:

Hi!! Len sounds so cool and I totally can't wait to see her interact with other villains! Wanna do questions 10-15 for the meme?

Absolutely and OH MY GOD HELLO HI FAMOUS PERSON HI!!!! (I get super excited about everyone in this awesome fandom!!)

10. What is your villain’s biggest insecurity?

… Well, shiiit, that’s a long list. Basically, Len… she’s kinda like the Toiletnator from Kids Next Door; she just wants to be included and she super really just wants to be a part of something, but is constantly insecure and needs validation, so I suppose basically any indication that a person is not interested in being her friend/nemesis/just not paying attention to her and validating her ideas. 

11. Your villain is a bad guy, but are they REALLY a “Bad Guy”?

Definitely not really… well, I mean, she’s trying to cause ocular osmosis so everyone’s in need of glasses, so that is kind of.. bad? But also she’s super BAD at it. In fact, she thinks she’s doing the right thing; if everyone’s equal, nobody will bully another kid for having glasses again! But she calls herself evil and goes along with evil villain conventions because she wants to be accepted in the villain community just as much as she thinks her cause is good. She’s also easily defeated. Nurse Offstill managed to destroy er first plan before it got started by just giving her a stern talking to. She turned into an incoherent sobbing wreck because SHE’S JUST TRYING TO DO GOOD! WHY IS EVERYONE SO MEAN TO HER!??. Luckily, she’s a pro at repression and pretended nothing happened soon afterwards.

12. What would your villain do with their abilities if they were a hero?

Well, she thinks she IS a good guy? And she doesn’t have any abilities, just Blinding Googly Goggles and a Blinding Googly Ray Gun… She’s actually genuinely good at optometry, but she, again, is convinced she’s doing good. So… I don’t know? If it means if she considered herself a hero, she already does, so she’d keep doing it, but if she was ‘good’… probably just do her job as the nurse’s assistant/teacher’s assistant (whoever she’s been assigned to this week)

13. It’s karaoke night at the villain’s club! What song does your villain select?

Part of me wants her to burst out into some kind of super swear loaded song that no one expects to come out of her tiny mouth, like something by Eminem, but also, part of me wants to say probably something super dorky. Maybe a Weird Al song. I don’t know… ‘All About The Pentiums’, probably.

14.  What other villain does yours get along best with?

… I don’t know other people’s villains well enough to really say?? I mean, I look at them but I don’t know the owners? If anyone thinks their villain would get along with her, feel free to say!  But honestly she’s like a friendship leech so if someone is nice to her, HOOO BOY, she’ll attach herself at the hip to them and they are friends forever in her eyes. So basically anyone who gives her positive attention.

15. What other villain does yours get along the worst with?

OH BOY. OOOH BOY. Professor Poopypants; yes, I’m going with a canon character, but hear me out; her evil plan is basically his original plan in the book to make everyone have just as stupid of a name as he does so no one laughs, her plan is make everyone need glasses, so basically, Poopypants and Len will fight over who stole who’s evil plan (even though she came up with hers independently and she’s just not original) and it turns into a slapfest where they’re both the squabbling five year olds they really are inside.
Like, ‘I started the whole ‘make everyone suffer like me’ plot, young lady! I was evil-ing before you were in diapers! How dare you claim you’re original?’
And Len just goes like ‘I came up with it on my own! I didn’t even know you existed! And anyway, mine’s way better because I have a themed costume! You just dress like a normal professor!’
‘Well duh! It’s a secret identity, you don’t just shout your plans at the world before the big speech!’
‘Yeah well then do you have a themed suit for the big reveal?’
‘Well no but-’
'HA! I win!’
'That is not a win!’
'Is too!’
'Is not!’


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Baby Jim - Christmas

So it’s kinda short, and kinda lame, but I was a little rushed! So sorry in advance!


It’s Jimmy’s first Christmas on the Enterprise and you want it to be special. With the help of the rest of the Command crew you decorate Observation room #2 for a surprise Christmas party while Jimmy is in his tutoring session with Spock.

“We need more tinsel on the tree guys!!”

Arms wrap round your waist, “Calm down darlin’. Everything’s gonna be perfect, there’s no reason for you to be runnin’ ‘round like a chicken with your head cut off!”

You lean back into your husband, “I just want everything to be perfect, Len. He’s never had a real Christmas”

“Well, Spock just commed me, they are on their way down now, so quite your fussin’ and put your hat on”

Grumbling your put on the reindeer antlers that Jimmy had picked out for you, “Your hat’s crooked, Santa”

Len batted your hands away, “Leave me be, woman! Look Pasha is having trouble putting on his elf hat, go help him”

Waving your hand, you make your way across the room, “Hey, Pasha. Hey, Pasha. You look like you could use some help”

“Zat vould be much appreciated, Y/N”

You reach out, smoothing down is curls slightly before putting the hat on him. You have to use a bobby pin to make sure the hat didn’t fall of his curly head.

“There! All fixed!” You glance at your watch, “Come on everyone, lets hide before he gets here!”

Once everyone is in position all you have to do is wait for Spock and Jim to walk through the door. Two minutes later you can hear your sons voice, “Uncle Spock, why are we going here? I want to see mommy and daddy”

“You will see your parents in a moment, Jim. First we must go to the Observation room”

Maybe you should have picked someone else to bring Jim here. As Spock likes to remind you, Vulcan’s can’t lie.

As soon as the door swishes open, the Christmas tree lights up and everyone jumps out from their hiding place, shouting “Merry Christmas!!”

Jim’s eyes go wide, his face breaking into a delighted grin. He immediately caught sight of you and ran forward, flinging himself into a hug, “A Christmas party? For me?”

“Yeah, baby, for you. I know you didn’t get to have Christmas parties when you lived on Earth, so we decided to have one on the Enterprise.”

He looked at you with wide blue eyes, “Mommy … do-do I get a present?”

“You get lots of presents, sweetheart. Look under the tree” underneath the tree is overflowing with presents, many of them for the crews former Captain.

Upon seeing that several gifts had his name on them, Jim started to cry. He went around to each and every person, giving them hugs and thanking them.

When it was time to open presents Jim seemed to hesitate. He looked like he didn’t know what to do with so many options, so you reached out and placed a present in his lap.

“Can I open it?”

“Yes you can”

“Who’s it from”

Nyota stepped forward, “That one is from me and your Uncle Spock, Jimmy”

Tearing into the paper, Jim pulled out hand painted planets, “Those are the founding planets of the Federation, Jim. They are meant to be hung on the ceiling, and they have the ability to glow in the dark.”

Jim jumped up, tackling both of them into a hug, “Thank you, Auntie Ny, thank you, Uncle Spock”

Nyota reached down, squeezing Jim tightly, “You’re welcome, Jimmy” she glanced up “It looks like Uncle Scotty has your next gift”

Jim grinned and ran over to Scotty, who scooped the boy up and had him open the present in his lap. Scotty had made a perfect replication of the USS Enterprise, the toy even had the ability to fly with a remote control that was modeled after the helmsman console.

Sulu gave Jim a plant that would sing him lullabies, Pavel got him a new PADD, Len got him a doctor’s kit, and you had gotten him a book of planets and several star maps.

Jim couldn’t have been happier. Several crew members had worked together to create a Captain’s Assistant uniform for Jim, so he looked like he was on duty. Jim had immediately put it on, and started flying his model Enterprise around the room.

Several hours later, close to midnight, Jim finally crashes. Everyone quietly ushers you, Len, and Jim out of the room, telling you that they will clean everything up.

“Wake up, Jimmy. You have to get ready for bed”

Jim just mumbled something into your shoulder.

“What was that?”

“This was the best Christmas ever. I love you, mommy, love you, daddy”

“We love you too, Jimmy”

“’m really glad that I got to stay with you”

“We are too” you whisper, kissing the top of his head

Jim sits back, looking at you with sleepy eyes, “I didn’t get you anything for Christmas”

“You did though, you gave us you. You’re our son, Jimmy. The greatest gift you could ever give the two of us is your love.”

He nodded sleepily, and now that he was in pajamas, you tucked him into bed and both you and Len quietly take your leave.

” I’m really glad we did that, darlin’”

“I am too Len. He was so happy, and it made me happy to see him actually enjoying his childhood”

Len spins you around gently, pulling you forward by your hips, “Merry Christmas, Y/N”

“Merry Christmas, Len”

Not Ready

Fandom: Shadowhunters/The Mortal Instruments

Summary: It has been months after the wedding with Malec, the reader is slowly getting over Alec while taking her time with her new relationship with Raphael. Raphael had told her that he loves her but the reader hasn’t said the same. 

Pairing: Raphael Santiago x (Female)Reader

Requested?: Yes.

Part three of Miss Moving On pleaseee!!! Can the reader slowly get over Alec and start hanging out with Raphael, and something including when they all go to idris (city of glass). And the whole scene with jace/clary/Aline happen?? Please. I think you’ll do great with it!!

Thank you so much is-that-a-kitten for requesting! Sorry it took long to get this out also!

Word Count: 2617 words

Published Date: April 24, 2017

Know: (y/n)- Your Name, 

Note: Sorry for making this one so long, as I continued to write it lots of events and such went through my brain that I had to put down also. This may be the longest Imagine I made yet. There will be a fourth part!

‘Calling me cute is nice, 

Calling me hot is great, 

But calling me yours is all I want.’


Masterlist Request Requesting Requirements 

Part 1 Part 2

It’s been months since the wedding, and somehow (y/n) was already feeling better about her feelings. Though it wasn’t completely okay. The feelings that she had for years on Alec is taking some time to fade, though she knew it would from the beginning. What was helping her move on was the man who kissed her at the wedding. Raphael often showed her things that he would do for her if they were officially together, which he understood how she needed to go slow. (y/n) never expected that things with Raphael could go so far and so good. Their relationship went from just midnight talks and strolls to sleeping in each others bed, talking, dates, kisses, etc. It was just a wonderful experience, knowing that there was someone out there who could feel the same way and do all kinds of things together just cause they want to spend time with each other. Something that (y/n) had never experience before and it was the best thing she ever experienced ever. 

Like right now, she was on one of her midnight strolls with Raphael who had his arms wrapped around her waist and had pulled her as close as possible. The dark sky was clear for once, but it was really hard to see the glistening stars up above since the city lights cover their vision. (y/n) had always wanted to see the stars but she never had the time or exactly the place to look at them. To make out the little dipper or the big dipper would be a miracle, but the other shapes in the sky she would never see because of the city that never sleeps. Though a picnic in the middle of the park would be close enough, which is where their stroll would lead up too since Raphael cannot go out during the day. Turning into dust once contact and all. (y/n) could see that the vampire is trying to be as romantic as he can due to all of their limitations. 

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