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Lessons learned while drawing Jojos:

  • If you can’t draw Jolyne’s hand, just turn it into a decorative string to fill in negative space.
  • Jotaro’s face doesn’t have to be symmetrical if you hide half of it behind his hat brim.
  • Giorno is too pretty and illegal to draw.
  • Joseph’s hair swoop is stupid and I hate it.
  • I have not been studying the right anatomy to draw Jonathan beef.
  • How the fuck does a pompadour work
  • Johnny is impossible to pose if I can’t leave him on the floor.
  • Gappy is just happy to be there.

my very vague predictions for skam this week:

- jonas n the boys went to the party after they left isak’s and found out something about even, probably why he moved schools, maybe relating to mental illness or his family. they’ll tell isak, probably after asking for all the Deets from the weekend and isak will confront even about it but it will all go over okay and there will be very little angst and they will have the Talk they’ve been needing to have for weeks

- isak is going to talk to his parents, either just his dad on his own or both his mom and dad, as the text he sent isak yesterday suggests there’s going to be some relationship mending with his family. if even is mentally ill and isak finds out about it before he sees/speaks to his mother, that’ll probably have some impact on how he views her and their relationship. this could possibly lead to him coming out to them in the next couple weeks

- there’s gonna be some drama involving sonja and/or emma. haven’t really thought that through much yet but i doubt that’s over

- this is more wishful thinking but a scene w/ eskild and isak talking about even again, and it’s very sweet and pure and eskild will try to get details outta him

i’ll probably add some more if i think of anything but that’s all i got rn
Flowers, Snow, and a Wolf

Robb X Reader X Jon

A/N: Okay so I think the Robb-Jon dynamic easily gives way to a love triangle. Sooooo, I wrote this. This can definitely give multiple parts if you guys would like that :) With love, Kat

(Also this obviously deviates from actual Game of Thrones a bit, cause Theon doesn’t actually have an orphan sister, but in this imagine, he does!)

Warnings: language, killing a bird with an arrow

Words: 2093

“Robb, Jon, this is my kid sister, Y/N Flowers” Theon said, gesturing to you as you moved from your place behind him.
“I’m not a kid anymore, Theon” you huffed, crossing your arms over your chest. He simply laughed at your reaction and clapped you on the shoulder.
“Aye, I guess not. But you’ll always be my kid sister.”

“I’m Robb” the boy said as he stepped forward, smiling at you and taking your hand to kiss your knuckles, “So Flowers, aye? Not a Greyjoy?”
“Err, no. I’m actually an orphan from the Reach, but the Greyjoys found me when I was five and took me in as one of their own” you smiled and looked back at Theon, you were lucky to have the Greyjoy family, because if not you would probably be a whore somewhere. Orphans don’t command much respect in Westeros.
“Theon here” you said, smacking his shoulder, “was nice enough to let me come visit him in Winterfell.” You turned back to face the two boys,
“So if he’s Robb, you must be Jon” you said, stepping forward and curtsying before him.
“Please, milady. No need to curtsy, I’m a Snow, not a Stark” he said, clearly humbled by his lack of powerful surname.
“No shame in that, Snow” you said, lifting his chin with your small hand, “Wear that name proudly, because it represents that you’re of the North. Never forget that. I may live in the Iron Islands now, but I’m of the Reach and my surname, Flowers, will always remind me of that. Also, no need to call me a Lady, cause I ain’t one” you smirked.

He looked strangely comforted by your words, like nobody had ever told him not to be shameful before. You could tell he felt out of place, even if he was of Stark blood. He clearly felt that his surname severely hindered him. You knew how he felt. He felt lonely, sad, out of place, and curious. You always wished you knew who your parents were, you were sure he wished he knew who his mother was. Theon and Robb were deep in conversation when you broke from your thoughts and you smiled up at Jon, who looked like a sad puppy dog.
“Thank you” he whispered.
“For what?” you asked, stepping towards him.
“For being so nice to me, you barely know me” he said, looking at the ground again.
“Of course, Snow. I make it a habit of being nice to people, it makes life much easier” you smiled.
“Now,” you continued, clapping your leather glove covered hands together, “I heard you were lacking in the archery department.”
Jon laughed, “Who told you that?” he feigned offense.
“Why, my darling brother, Theon of course!” you laughed.
“Well, I hate to admit that it’s true” he said, letting a blush creep to his cheeks. Why was he blushing? Being bad at archery shouldn’t be embarrassing.

“Luckily for you, Snow. I’m one of the best archers in Westeros” you smirked.
“Says who?” he said, narrowing his eyes. He clearly didn’t believe you.
“Says me!” you giggled. Theon interjected,
“Seriously, Snow. She’s one of the best archers I’ve ever seen. She can hit a crow in the eye from fifty feet!” he beamed. You were glad your brother was so proud of your skill.
“I do not believe that” Robb said, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Aye? I’ll show you then” you said. You were confident in your skill, it never faltered. If there was one thing in life you could do, it was shoot an arrow.

You stomped over to the area where the bows and arrows were kept in the sparring area of the courtyard. As you approached the arrows, you let your fingers find the one you wanted, the straightest, most balanced one. You grabbed a bow and returned to the three boys.
“Alright, Theon pick a target.” This was a usual game for the two of you, he picked something challenging and you’d hit it right on target nearly every time. Theon pointed to a crow perched on top of the wall of the castle and smiled at you. It was probably about fifty or sixty feet up and you and he both knew you could do it. You pulled the arrow back and aimed.
“Through the eye, sis.”
“Of course” you smirked, “is there any other way to kill a crow?” With that, you let the arrow go, time seeming to slow down as it ripped through the air. It hit the bird and the bird fell to the ground. You knew you were right on target, so you were in no rush. The boys on the other hand practically sprinted over to where the bird fell and Theon held it up, the arrow sticking straight through it’s eye.

After showing off your archery skills, Jon asked if you would teach him and you gladly obliged, telling him that first thing tomorrow you two can start training. He seemed to take a liking to you almost immediately, especially since the two of you understood one another. You were brushing your hair in your bedchamber when you heard a knock on the door. Putting down the brush, you got up and opened the door, shocked at who was on the other side of it.

“Robb? Is everything okay?”
He laughed, “Yes Y/N, everything is fine. Can I come in?”
“Oh, of course” you said, moving out of the way so he could come into your room.
“What’s up Robb?” you asked, sitting down on the bed and gesturing to a chair beside your bed for him to sit in. After he sat, he spoke,
“So, you’re an incredible archer” he started, smiling at you, “I was wondering if you could help me. I’m good with a sword but I’m basically useless with a bow and I’d like to learn.” He flashed you that gorgeous smile again. It was mesmerizing how his beautiful blue eyes lit up when he talked and how focused he was when he was listening to you speak. How he adorably rested his chin on his interlaced fingers and leaned forward while you spoke.
“Well, I’m actually training Jon starting tomorrow” you said. Robb looked almost hurt at those words. His face fell and you quickly added,
“But I’d be happy to train you too, Robb!” He piped up and looked at you,
“Of course!”
Robb stood to leave and before he moved far from you, he added,
“I’ll train you in sword fighting if you’d like me to, Y/N.” he smiled at you. Damnit if you couldn’t help but let a smile light up your face when he smiled at you. His happiness was contagious.
“I’d love that!” you smiled, standing up and pulling Robb into a hug,
“Thank you!” you giggled, smiling into his chest. He laughed at your excitement and hugged you back.
“Of course, Y/N. It’s the least I can do for a beautiful girl like you.”

You immediately felt a crimson blush rise in your cheeks. He and his brother Jon were both so attractive and he just called you beautiful. It was almost unbelievable. Robb left your chambers then and you couldn’t help but think about how handsome both him and Jon were. They were manly, muscular, strong, taller than you, and they were both so kind to you. You couldn’t help but think about how Theon would tease you endlessly if he found out you were crushing on two boys that he considered his brothers. He’d also probably threaten their lives if they touched you.

The next morning, you got up and went to the courtyard to set up for training Jon and Robb.
“So you’re really doing this, aye?” Theon asked, leaning against the wooden post.
“Yes, I am” you said pointedly, “They are nice enough to house me here, so I’m going to repay any way I can. Plus Robb is teaching me sword fighting in return.”
“Please, Y/N. By the way they look at you, you could bat your eyelashes and they’d be kissing your feet and worshipping the ground you walk on” he scoffed, pushing himself off the post and walking towards you.
“What are you on about, Theon?” you said, setting up some good arrows for the boys to practice with.
“Are you serious?” he said, looking at you with wide eyes, “You don’t see the way they look at you? How they practically fight for your attention and act as if you put the stars in the skies?”
“Seriously, I don’t know what you’re on about.”
“They’re both clearly head over heels for you. Just do me a favor and pay attention to how they act when you’re training them.” he said, leaving you to your thoughts. Could he really be telling the truth?

Sure enough, Theon’s words were proving true. Throughout your entire lesson with Jon and Robb, they were competing for your attention. When you were showing Robb how to position his elbows, Jon needed help nocking the arrow. When you showed Jon how to position his feet and hips, Robb ‘accidentally’ snapped the string on the bow and needed a new one.

“Fuck!” you heard from behind you as you were adjusting Robb’s grip. You whipped around to see Jon with a very bloody hand.
“Gods, Jon! What happened?” you asked, running over to help him.
“I uhh, went to adjust the arrow and slipped and it cut my hand. I need to find a healer” he said, moving to leave.
“I’ve got it, Jon. I was trained as a healer in Pyke” you said, taking him by his hand to go inside so you could treat his wounds. You realized you left Robb hanging and shouted behind you,
“Sorry Robb! We’ll continue this later, yeah?” You heard him grumble an unenthusiastic agreement and continued inside to help out Jon.

He was sitting in a chair and you were sitting facing him, cleaning out the wound and putting salve on it before you wrapped it. The castle healer was more than friendly when you asked to bandage up his hand, giving you access to her supplies and talking with you about the healing practices you learned in Pyke while she spoke about the ones she learned in the North. Before long, someone was joining you in the healer’s chamber. That someone was Robb accompanied by Theon. Robb’s hand was torn up. It was bleeding and raw and there were splinters poking out of his knuckles as if he had beat the hell out of a wall or a post.
“Y/N, can I talk to you outside for a moment?” Theon asked.
“Sure, just one moment” you said, putting the final bandage on Jon’s hand and getting up to talk to your brother outside.

Once you were outside the room, you saw the concern in Theon’s eyes.
“You need to stay away from them, Y/N.”
“What? Why? Everything was fine until Jon accidentally cut himself. What in Seven Hells happened to Robb?”
Theon sighed and looked at you,
“He got pissed when you went off with Jon and punched the wooden post as hard as he could. A few times. He didn’t want to come here, but I made him so it doesn’t fester and he loses his damn hand.”
“Theon I didn’t ask for this!” you half-yelled as you threw your hands in the air, “I was just trying to be nice! I didn’t ask for them to be fucking injuring themselves because of me!”

Tears were welling in your eyes now. You had gotten so attached to them both so quickly and now they were both hurt and it was completely your fault.
“I think I’m going to just go home, Theon.” you admitted, your features glowing with defeat and sadness.
“Y/N, please don’t go. They’ll get over this stupidity and everything will be fine. I like having you here with me. I missed you when you were in Pyke and I was here. Please don’t go.” It was hard to watch your brother pleading, but leaving may be for the best.
“Theon, if I wouldn’t have shown up here none of this would have happened.”
“Just please, Y/N. Let them sort this out and stay with me” he took your hands in his, looking into your eyes.
“Okay, I’ll stay” you breathed, relief covering your brother’s face.

Hopefully after Jon and Robb were healed this whole crazy situation would just go back to normal.

artsyfartsyteen  asked:

How would you describe the way Mitch feels about Joey and vice versa? I am just wondering what they see in each other.

oh man as someone who is extremely emotionally-constipated this miiiight be a bit of a challenge for me to explain but bear with me

mitch has had a crush on jonas practically since they first met as TWEENS, before he even fully realized he was gay. he,, thinks the world of jonas. practically obsessed LOL. as far as mitch is concerned, jonas is perfect mostly because he is nothing like mitch. he sometimes has trouble conveying his feelings tho. here is a handy diagram of what goes on in his brain

as a boyfriend, mitch is a bit smothering and anyone else might find it a little uhhh Too Much but for jonas its ideal

jonas comes from a weird place and kinda reacts to relationships in a different way. he and his sister were abandoned as kids and grew up in a household with not a whole lot of outward and obvious love? so he attaches somewhat quickly to people who show him real affection, but also has frequent fears of ppl he cares about leaving him. he’s pretty needy and needs to be constantly reminded that he’s loved and won’t be abandoned or forgotten. AND even though he’d probably never admit it he needs to feel safe and protected LOL he’s a very soft wimp (when he cant use his powers in public etc) and mitch keeps the scary ppl away. bc       hes scarier

they also balance eachother out quite a bit. mitch is a lot more conscious of how he acts and mellows out when he’s with jonas, while jonas becomes a little more self-confident!

SO UH jonas is afraid of ppl leaving him, and mitch has a rly hard time accepting the idea that anyone would actually love him (oh my god im sorry) THEYRE A MESS but they make it work and they make eachother happy so thats whats important

Flowers, Snow, and a Wolf (Part 2)

Robb X Reader X Jon

A/N: Loved that people were asking for a part 2 to this story! You’re all amazing little cinnamon rolls and I love you guys :) If you guys would like me to continue this story, I’d love your input on how you think it should end. Should the reader choose Jon? or Robb? or neither? You can help me decide! With love, Kat

Warnings: Brace yourselves, y’all. Angst to the high heavens in this part.

Words: 1438

It had been a week since the ridiculous Jon and Robb injuring themselves incident and you had been giving both of them the cold shoulder basically the entire week. Tensions were running extremely high and you felt like you were a string wound so tight that you would snap at any second. Every time you ran into Jon and Robb your heart hopped into your throat, rendering you unable to speak and you almost immediately turned and walked out of the room each time you came across one or both of them. Your brother, Theon, could sense your anxiety and tried to pull you into conversation if the boys were with him but you weren’t having it, always managing to find a way out of the situation. On a whim, you decided being holed up in your room for the entire day might help relieve the tension a bit. That didn’t last long, however, because Theon quickly realized what you were doing and came to speak to you. You heard a knock on your door and groaned and rolled your eyes, sliding off your bed to open the door and see who decided to disturb you while you were reading.

“What do you want, Theon?” you asked, just opening the door enough so he could see you and standing in the space so he couldn’t push himself into your room.

“Let me in, Y/N. We need to talk” he barked out, clearly not having any of your bullshit today.

“There’s nothing to talk about.”

“Yes there is! You’re ignoring me just because you don’t want to cause any more problems between Jon and Robb. I told you to stay away from them, not stay away from me!” he slammed his open hand against your wooden door, successfully pushing it open and storming into your room. You grumbled something incoherent about Theon being bossy and shut the door behind him as you went to sit next to your brother on your bed.

“That’s a little difficult when you’re constantly with at least one of them” you frowned, staring at your hands as you fiddled with the hem of your tunic. You heard your brother let out a heavy sigh and you looked up to meet his eyes.

“Shit, Y/N I’m sorry. You’re right” he crossed the room from where he was standing to pull you up and wrap you in a hug. It wasn’t often that Theon admitted he was wrong, he was quite stubborn, but when he really knew he was in the wrong he usually admitted it. He was your brother and your best friend and you absolutely hated when the two of you fought.

“It’s okay, T. I screwed up too. I definitely could’ve handled this better, I just like both of them so much I really hate that this ended up this way” you shrugged, not really sure how you were going to fix this. But you knew one thing, that you were sure as hell going to try your hardest to do so.

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out, sis” he let a small smile stretch over his features, clapping you on the shoulder and leaving you alone in your room once more.

Once you were left to your own devices, you laid back on your bed and thought about what in Seven Hells you were going to do. Eventually, you settled on simply treating Jon and Robb like friends and pushing down your feelings for them as much as possible. It wasn’t going to be the easiest situation, but you figured you’d rather hurt your own feelings than risk hurting either one of them. After your long, difficult session of thinking, you decided to head down to Theon’s room to tell him about the decision you’d made.

“T? You in there?” you questioned as you knocked on the door two times slow and then three times quick, it was the knock you always used with one another.

“Yeah, Y/N. Come in!” you heard the muffled voice through the door, swearing that you could hear more than one voice in the room.

“Hey T, hey Robb” you had a tight smile, not realizing that Robb would be with your brother, “I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

“Not at all” Robb perked up with a bright smile on his face. The voice in your head was screaming at you to get your shit together because honestly your heart was fluttering at the mere sight of his gorgeous smile. He patted the spot next to him on the bed and you gladly walked over and sat down. You found it a little odd that his arm immediately and almost instinctively wrapped itself around your shoulders. Your eyes went wide for a second with shock but you quickly fixed your composure and looked up at Robb who was talking to Theon as if nothing had happened. As if on cue, because you swore by the Gods nothing in your life could ever be peaceful, Jon came walking into the room. When his eyes landed on you and Robb, his jaw clenched and his fists were balled at his sides, looking as if he was going to lunge at his older brother any second.

“Hey Jon!” you exclaimed, trying to prevent tension and quickly shrugged out of Robb’s grip to get up and walk over to the boy who looked like he was more than angry. To try and buffer some of his rage, you pulled him into a sweet hug, resting your chin on his shoulder and humming a little at the feeling of him pressed up against you. He responded after a short delay from surprise, wrapping his arms around your back and you could feel him lightly press his face into the crook of your neck, smiling into your skin.

“If you two are done groping one another, we were having a conversation” Robb barked out, his eyes were narrowed and if looks could kill Jon would most likely be dead on the floor this instant. Yes, your conversation was just interrupted but by you, not Jon. Robb was being quite rude and when you didn’t respond almost immediately he scoffed and mumbled a ‘whatever’ before going back to talking with Theon.

“You’ve got a problem with Y/N hugging me Robb?” Fuck. Jon just had to poke the wolf. Of course he had to. Your life couldn’t be easy.

“What the fuck are you trying to say, Snow?” Robb spat out Jon’s surname like it was poison, standing and walking over to the two of you. You stepped to the side, successfully wedging yourself between the two boys.

“I’m saying you’re jealous that you’re not getting all of her attention!” Jon raised his voice, talking directly over your head at Robb. Both of their chests were puffed out as if they were trying to show off and ready to fight one another at any second.

“Yeah well you looked pretty jealous yourself when you walked in and my arm was around her!” Their volume was increasing with every sentence, the tension in the room was thicker than molasses and it felt like you were suffocating.

“She’s not going to choose you, Robb! You can’t appreciate her the way I do! You can’t properly appreciate anything because you’re a damn spoiled brat.”

“The fuck if I can’t! I can give her the whole North. Seven Hells, I can give her all of Westeros if I damn well please! You can’t give her anything, Snow. You’re nothing but a bastard of the North” Robb yelled, his words stinging like venom and it was evident in Jon’s face. This had gone on far too long for your liking. You needed to end this, now.

“Enough!” you yelled loud enough to silence both boys, placing a hand on each of their chests.

“You cannot expect me to choose either one of you when you’re fighting like this. Especially with the hurtful words that just came out of both of your mouths! So if you’re going to continue with this ridiculousness, I’m going to go home to Pyke. You boys get back to me tomorrow on your choice. You make up or I go home.” your eyes were nearly welling with tears by the time you left the room. Silently hoping they’d make up and not allow you to leave, you cursed yourself for still having feelings for the both of them. You knew that not only was this far from over, but that if you stuck around eventually you were going to fall for one or both of them…

prepare to be enlightened with an abundance of details on a man who does not even know himself. the one and only (perhaps not just one), magnificent magician (for he likes to believe), jonas delanore  n o l a n r i s c h. oh, what a grifter; what a paradox; what an enigma. if you are interested on knowing more, sit back and relax, grab a drink, and wear your glasses if you must. enjoy. 

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Imagine #142 Wingman

*Three months ago*

We were out, my best friends and I. We had a great time and I spotted a guy, who looked nice, but I was too shy to talk with him.

“You are staring at him,” Neymar, my best friend suddenly said laughing.

“He is cute.”

“Want me to talk with him?”

“Would you really do that?” I asked excited, because Neymar was famous and people always enjoyed talking with him.

“Don’t I always?” he had a point.

Then I looked at him walking to the guy I liked and then they started talking. Suddenly they both walked towards your group of friends.

“Hey” the guy smiled at me and I noticed Neymar behind him winking.

“Hey, I’m (y/n).” I smiled back.

“Jonas. How is it going?” he asked and we started talking.

Since that night, we talked all day and after about three weeks, we started dating.


“How is it going with Jonas?” Neymar asked once I got inside his house where all of the others friends were.

Since I started my relationship with Jonas, I did not pass much time with Neymar, also because Jonas got jealous of him many times.

“It’s okay.”

“You sound weird.” He said and walked me inside the living room.

“What? No, it’s good.” I smiled, but forced myself. The truth was that what Jonas and I had was falling apart. However, he did not let me break up with him. Many times he grabbed my had so hard that I had bruises and it hurt me, he did not like me being around other guys.

I was afraid to tell the truth to Neymar or just anyone else, I always found excuses when Neymar invited me so I would not come and avoid fighting with Jonas.

Today I lied to him; I told him I was going to meet my best friend.

We had a great time; I missed laughing with my friends, spending time with Neymar, who was the only person that made me feel happy and safe. I wanted to stay at his place forever, I was afraid of going back at Jonas apartment, but I told him when I would be back so I had no choice.

I was feeling so upset and scared of leaving.

“I’ going home now.” I said in Neymar’s ear so he walked me to the door.

“I hope you’ll come around soon.” He said and then gave me a hug, a hug that made me fall in tears from all that sadness and fear I had inside of me.

“Hey, hey what’s going on?” he asked confused, since I did not let go off him.

“I just… I missed you.” I said, not strong enough to admit the entire truth about Jonas.

“Oh preta, I missed you to, you have no idea how much I miss this little cheeks.” He smiled and grabbed my cheeks.

Then I kissed his cheek and walked back in to my car. I was so upset I cried my eyes out before heading to his house.

“Jo, I’m back.” I said once I walked back inside but it was quiet.

“Where were you?” He asked serious walking out of the kitchen.

“I told you, I went to see (y/bf/n).” I knew he somehow found out.

“Then why did she come here asking for you?”

My heart started racing faster and I felt like throwing up. I was scared he was walking towords me and then grabbed my hand to stop me.

“Were you cheating me?”

“No, I did not I promise!” I cried.

“Lier!” he shout as he slapped me.

I found the strength to push him away and I ran out of the house, I somehow made it to get in the car and drive away in tears. I have never been so scared. I wanted Neymar.

I left my car in front of his house and knocked on the door, since it was locked.

“Jesus Crist calm down I am coming.” I heard Neymar’s voice.

“Please open, please.” I cried and then finally he was in front of me so I jumped in his arms in tears.

“Oh my, what is wrong (y/n)?” he closed the door and walked me upstairs in his room.

It took a while for me to calm down and I was so scared that I could not let go of Neymar.

“It’s going to be okay, I’m here.” He tried to calm me down.

When I finally stopped crying I moved my head up, “who did this to you!?” Neymar immediately asked as he noticed my cheek.

“Please stay calm…”

“Jonas? It was him?” he was getting angry and got up, to get out of the room.

“Neymar please stop.” I said scared of where this was leading.

“It was not the first time he hit you, was it?” he said as he walked back to me and moved up my sleeves and noticed the bruises I had.

“Oh my God I feel sick. I am going to kill that son of a bitch!” he got back to the door and kicked in to a drower then walked out of the room.

“No, please stop…” I followed him.

“Hey, what is going on?” Gil walked to the stairs.

“That fucking idiot! Look at what he did to her!” Neymar shout and went to take his keys.

“Please calm him down.” I cried afraid that he might get in trouble.

“Ney! Hey! You need to calm down man.” Gil said grabbing his shoulders, when Jo and Rafinha came to see what was going on.

“I am going to kill him, look at her! Look at what she had to go through!”

As he said that I walked to him and hugged him, “please don’t get on his level, please Ney.”

This calmed him down a little until someone knocked on the door strongly.

“It’s him.” I said afraid.

Jo went to open the door as Neymar pulled me behind him, “don’t move.”

“Hey, I came to pick up (y/n),” he acted friendly and calm.

“She’s not coming with you.” Jo said.

“Of course she is, c’mon let’s go home.” He said and looked at me behind Neymar.

“If you do not want to get in troubles you better leave now and never come back.” Neymar said and walked closer to him.

“Who are you to tell me what to do, huh?”

At this point Neymar totally lost his mind and punched him in the face.

“Neymar!” I shout crying.

Before Jonas could do anything Gil and Jo took Neymar back inside the house and Jonas went away shouting and threatening.

“Are you crazy?! He is going to call the police; you do not need these problems!” Gil said angry at him.

“I do not give a fuck! He fucking abused her man! Look at her body!” Neymar said and walked to me and hugged me tightly.

Then Marcela went to make me some tea to calm me down and Neymar took me back in his room.

“Are you okay?”

“You shoudn’t have hit him.” I said afraid that this would lead him in to many problems also because he was famous and people would talk shit about him.

“(y/n) he shouldn’t have hit you! Look at your body, why didn’t you tell me! I can’t even look at you now, I feel bad for not realizing this sooner,” he sat next to me and put his face in his hands.

“I’m sorry.” I said, as I got closer and hugged him, “thank you for caring.”

“Don’t leave me ever again. For no one.”

“What?” I was confused not knowing what he was trying to say.

“Let me take care of you, let me be your man.”

As he said that he moved his head up and I moved closer to his lips and slowly touched him with mine until we got in to a kiss.

“I waited for this for so long.” He said putting a smile on my face as I kissed him again.