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social media aus give me life So i would humbly suggest an attwt social media au. lena tweets one night at 3:25am the phrase 'i'm trapped between two assholes who are arguing in their sleep' and follows it up that morning with 'they were arguing about balogna. i don't even know what to say'

people @ her to ask at least who won the argument and she’s like, “i can’t tell bc i fell asleep in the middle of it”

alex totally tweeting something like “no we didn’t do that” & then “but if we did, clearly i’d be the one who won” and reign would be like “you winning? literally only in your dreams lmao”

and then they’d start the argument all over again, this time Awake and on twitter while lena is just like “… do you see what i have to put up with?”

thealexandriaarchives replied to your post: So we saw Valerian this week. And it was a…

This movie was so bad that my boyfriend and I ended up moving past rage to laughing silently so hard we cried. The last 40 minutes broke us.

I loved the first ten minutes (the intro to David Bowie + the bathing suit wrestling), started complaining and whining starting from “Admit it, you’re attracted to me” and I think after that the turning point was Bubble, after which the awfulness tipped into hilariousness. It’s fun when it’s that bad! Especially when you can snark at each other about it.

one of my favorite things about Stormlight Archive’s languages/names is that I can’t apply the “just follow the pronunciation rules of Tolkien’s Elvish, it’ll probably be correct” strategy that I use for most fantasy books

take care of your skin you miserable person