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Assassin!Ignis x Reader: The Truth is Sometimes Equivalent to Love—Always Blind

A/N: A 10 chapter commission for @martascully​! I’m only posting this one for now as a tease. I’ll post the rest when it gets closer to completion~! Enjoy, my dear!

By Oreana Galena (blindgeishateahouse.tumblr.com)

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Chapter 1

Lestallum—a city that brought a calming, glittering night to combat against the daemons was full of life per usual that starry evening. Casual banter kept even the dying hours of the town full of some form of energy as (Y/N) kept her head down and her attention focused on why she was sent there.

Hands buried in the pockets of her old gene jacket, her black and mudded boots shuffled across the imperfect, paved ground though finding it within herself to kick about some pebbles and an empty can for the sake of appearing natural. Eyes shifting up to the Leville Hotel as it inched ever closer to her as she dragged onward, (Y/N) fixed her collar and upturned it to not only combat the chill of the night’s kiss but to try and obscure her appearance to anybody nearby.

Here, she thought to herself with a firm look to her eyes. The information I need to aid our cause into Insomnia should be here… But if it were true—that the four assassin men would be lying in wait inside—(Y/N) would have the time of her life cut out for her if her distraction didn’t arrive. Stopping short just at the entryway, her frowned deepened as her eyes shifted about in anxiousness wait for such a thing to occur.

The Templar Order, which allied themselves under Niflheim’s control were asked to primarily focus on the assassins that roamed in the shadows in service of Lucian royals, the Kingsglaive, and to find and keep a close watch on the crowned King Noctis of Lucis wherever he may very well be. (Y/N) could only assume he was primarily on the throne where most royals tended to stay.

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ok ,, this is prolly dumb but mh isn't… real right??? it's all just made up to seem real if that makes sense??

yea!! that’s what ARGs are - augmented reality games

they’re specifically meant to make it seem real, that’s why the character jay (played by creator troy wagner) had a twitter, and there’s multiple channels (totheark (where Spooky heavily coded videos are responses to jays entries, owned by one or multiple of the characters) and Marble Hornets (where the entries r uploaded)

there’s a few that go even deeper, like everymanHYBRID, they had multiple tumblrs, youtube channels, twitters, all held by different characters. they even had an event where you could sign up through email to participate, they left coordinates where viewers could find things, etc etc heck emh’s plot to start out with was that they were trying to make an ARG and then shit went south for Real (but not actually ;0)

it’s meant to be very interactive, the creators Want the viewers to see it as real, that’s their main goal (+ it makes it. very spooky because it seems so real, filmed on handheld cameras n stuff) 

it’s Very good i actually. really adore ARGs

‘Nokia N-Gage - ‘This is Where I Came Back to Life’’

[N-GAGE] [USA] [MAGAZINE] [2003]

  • Game Informer, November 2003 (#127)
  • Hmmm. In retrospect, maybe we should come to respect the N-Gage a little more for being one of the first game-oriented phones. Sure, it was a bad joke at the time and the games were mostly lesser ports, but think of the lessons we learned from Nokia’s big risk and where mobile gaming is today.
Waffles of Love

A/N: I had so much fun writing this! Thank you so much for the amazing prompt. Deadpool would be freaking hilarious at speed dating.

@vegetasvajayjay Prompt: Deadpool walks into a waffle house, gets swept into a speed dating round. Meets several quirky people that either just aren’t right or REALLY don’t fit….and at le end, the reader xD

Warning: The usual swearing because DEADPOOL DOES WHAT HE WANTS

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“You know Dopinder, I really think we can get you over Geeta and under some new babe. Crisp high five” Deadpool raised his hand to his personal chauffeur/taxi driver who immediately hit his hand.

“Mr Deadpool, why is this speed dating taking place in a Waffle House?” Dopinder frowned at the small yellow building in front of them.

“Well I figured it would be fucking awesome to eat waffles for breakfast today, and our kidnap plan failed epically, so this is plan D” the merc waved his hands around in explanation, giggled at plan ‘D’, and walked to the diner, crumbling up the yellow flyer he found on a lamp post.

The flyer read “Waffles of Love: Speed Dating with Free Waffles”

The entrance door opened with a ding, and there were several tables scattered around with place cards on them- around 15 people were stood awkwardly waiting to find “the one”

“Well helllloooo ladies. Haaaveeee you met Dopinder?” Deadpool pushed the Indian man towards the gaggle of single ladies.

Dopinder just stared at them.

“Right. Can the ladies take a seat, and the gentlemen stand next to me. We will begin the speed dating soon” a ginger-haired elderly man declared.

“Dopinder. You got this. Pussy galore in this shindig so throw them some Marsala charm” Deadpool tapped the driver on the shoulder and headed to the counter for some waffles.

“Hey doll, what can I get you?” a middle-aged woman asked, smacking her gum.

“Waffles. For dayz” the anti-hero ordered.

“Speed dating ticket?” she held out her hand.

“The what of what now?” he shook his head- what the fuck was she talking about?

“You need to participate in the dating to get the waffles sweetie” she rolled her eyes.

“Motherfucker. Ugh free waffles or talking. Waffles. Talking? WAFFLES” he practically screamed, and rushed over to the old ginger man to purchase a ticket.

He ran back over to the server, placing the ticket down “waffles. for. days. por favor” he smirked.

“You get them after your dates” she turned away to chat with the other server.

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