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Hey Kayla, I have a question: Months ago, I was sick and I got a get-well card and on it was "I miss seeing you every sunday" from a girl I rarely talk to and see every other sunday. She has also giggled when I said 'hi' back to her at least one time. I don't know why either. She is the sun and I am naught more than a gram of dirt. How can I make things go back to normal so my brain doesn't go dumb around her? I hate this.

bring things full circle and give her a card back that says what you’re feeling

Da ma, stiu.

N-am nici un gram de feminitate.
Nu-s draguta fizic nici comportamental.
Am glume naspa.
Sunt greu de suportat. Chiar imposibil.

Nu-i nimic frumos la mine, absolut nimic.
Si n-am nevoie de nimeni care sa-mi aduca aminte.

Yucca Valley, California

Some people travel California desert Highway 62 by Greyhound Bus. Some people, on horseback. And some people, like us, get there in a rented burgundy Chrysler, Willie’s Roadhouse on the radio and cactus water rolling around the floorboards. 

The last time Gram Parsons, aka Flying Burrito Brother aka Byrdman Junior aka the reigning champ of Cosmic Americana and probably the spirit behind The Rolling Stones’ toe dip in honky-tonk, drove the 62 he was in a wooden box in a broken-windowed hearse, his body stolen an hour earlier from Los Angeles International Airport.  

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I’ll Be Your Boyfriend - Part 3


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Summary: You have to go to a family meeting, but your family isn’t exactly the warmest. Some very annoying aunts want to meet your boyfriend, even though you tell them there is none. TJ, as your best friend, offers to pose as your boyfriend for a few days. Can the façade become real?

Words: 763.

A/N: So sorry for not posting something earlier! I was/am sick and it’s really hard to do anything :( Requests are open. If you want to be tagged/removed, tell me and I will arrenge it!


ps. the gif is TJ’s clothes

Part 1|Part 2 |Part 3|Part 4|Part 5|Part 6|Part 7|Final

You knocked on the door twice, TJ by your side, a bag in each hand. He wouldn’t let you carry not even yours. “What kind of boyfriend will think I am?”, as he had put it.

No one came to answer the door when you tried for the third time. It was the right address your grandmother had sent you.

“Maybe they are out in the city?” TJ suggested.

“No. Maybe they aren’t hearing us,” you said, walking down the doorsteps, TJ hot on your heels. “Let’s go.”


“To the back,” you answered and led him to the gate by the side of the house you saw earlier. You and TJ heard splashing water and laughter as your approached the back the back of the house.

“TJ,” you said, gesturing to the bunch of people in sight, “This is my family.”

There people at the pool, some talking, some cooking, and some just lying on the sun like lizards… And your grandmother, walking straight to you with a big smile.



Your hug was tight, arms around each other for dear life.

“Happy birthday.”

“Thank you, sweetheart.”

She was by far your favorite person in the family and you were the only one she actually, truly liked, besides her husband. Your grandfather was your second favorite because once he told you a non-correct story about the war that cost you a good grade on a test. How would you know the Allies didn’t wear pink badges at age 7?

You pulled apart and her eyes fixated on the man behind you.

“TJ, meet gram. Gram, this is Thomas, my boyfriend.”

It was weird to introduce TJ as your boyfriend, but it made you feel good somehow.

“Ma’am, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” TJ smiled as he lowered his bag to the ground, brought her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles. “Happy birthday.”

You tried not to roll your eyes at TJ.

“The pleasure is all mine and thank you, dear,” she said. “But none of that ‘ma’am’ thing, you’re with family here,” she squeezed his hand. “Make yourself at home.”

TJ was happy to come with you, he truly was, but your grandmother’s words made something stir inside him. And you felt guilty for lying to her.

“Is it Thomas or TJ?”

“Thomas James, but everyone calls me TJ,” he explained.

“Now, [Y/n], why don’t you get this key,” your grandmother gave you a big, golden key, “Put those bags away in the room and introduce TJ around?”

“Sure, gram,” you smiled, though you really didn’t want to do that. “Which room?”

“Turn right at the table, follow the corridor, last door to the right. Hard to miss.”


Then off you and TJ went, before anyone else saw you.

The room had a piece of paper, written “[Y/n] and …”

You really wasn’t expecting to share a room with TJ. Or a bed.

The room had a queen size bed on the far wall, a table with some books pushed to the wall and a big window and a couch. Another door that was probably the bathroom.

“I’m sorry, I’ll talk to them,” you said, walking toward the door.

“[Y/n], wait,” TJ held your arms, “There’s no need. Look, I can sleep on the couch, there’s no problem,” he said, pulling you into a hug, his hands running soothingly up and down your back. “Your family will suspect something’s up if we sleep in separate rooms.”

You pulled away just enough to see his eyes. “Yeah, okay. But I’ll sleep on the couch. You’re already making me a huge favor just by coming here and I’m smaller.”

TJ chuckled and kissed your forehead. “We’ll figure this out later. Now we’ll change and let’s meet your family.”

You changed to a swimsuit and light clothes in the bathroom as TJ did the same in the bedroom. It wasn’t the first time that you did something like, nor the first trip you and TJ went together. It was the first you acted as a couple though.

When you returned, sunglasses in your head and your hair pulled in a messy bun, TJ was ready to go.

You walked inside the house towards the background.

“Just follow the loud cheers,” TJ said, making you laugh. When you were approaching the double doors, TJ intertwined his fingers with yours.

You looked at him quizzically, but he just shrugged and squeezed your hand. His warm hand on yours made you happy somehow and calmer to see your family, that was a perk.


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Baby Bird and the Clown Prince Pt.5

Pairings: Jerome x reader, Gertrude x reader

Warnings: angst

A/N: little short because it’s just a filler, thank you so much for reading the series you are angels.

Summary: after another strange encounter with Barbara kean y/n lashes out at Jerome and they fight, and y/n goes to Gertrude for advice

Once again jerome found himself alone with y/n, he looked over the seat at her and admired her expression. She looked confused and was clearly upset and a little shaken.
Jerome didnt know what to say he wasnt the kind of guy you could talk about how you were feeling, but never the less he decided to try and broach the situation, he put it down to curiosity.
“You ok baby bird?” Jerome asked softly.
“Im fine just drive.” Y/n replied curtly, she wasnt in the mood to talk, especially to Jerome she knew he didnt care anyways, besides the only person she wanted to talk to was her grandmother, she always knew what to say and how to cheer y/n up.
Jerome was pissed,here he was teaching this girl how to shoot, and caring about her feelings and all he got was attitude, but he also felt something else perhaps it was hurt but he choose to focus on the anger he didnt want to face his other emotions.
“You know you’re a real bitch sometimes.” Jerome spat he wanted to make his anger clear to y/n, he was after all the Clown Prince of Crime and he couldnt have anyone disrespecting him.
“If you weren’t penguins kid i would have killed you already.” He added when y/n didnt react.
“Please your just a coward.” Y/n quipped malice dripping in her voice, she didnt need Jerome getting at her on top of everything else, after that moment they had at the club y/n was beginning to think she had got the wrong impression of Jerome but now it was clear her initial impression was correct.
Anger was evident in Jerome’s eyes and his knuckles began to turn white from the force he was now applying around the steering wheel.
“You’re just a kid who had a temper tantrum and killed his mommy.”
“And look at you now, you couldn’t even kill Galavan yourself and now you’re hiding in the shadows like the coward you are!” Y/n continued.
Jerome slammed on the breaks, he decided that was enough he didnt have to take this shit even if she was Oswalds daughter.
“Get out!” Jerome screamed harshly at y/n. The forceful tone Jerome used caused y/n to flinch she was rather shocked apposed to scared. She scoffed in Jerome’s direction and swung the door open purposefully and stomped out.
“Asshole!” Y/n shouted as Jerome sped off.
Luckily y/n wasnt far away from home and soon reached her familiar brown door, she inserted her key and turned it solemnly.
“Grams?” Y/n shouted questioningly, as she rounded the corridor of her fathers mansion, she spotted her grandmother sitting in the leather chair in the corner of the living room.
“What is wrong my darling girl?” Gertrude questioned her granddaughter who looked small and frail, and her face was visibly tear stained.
“Did you and your boy fight my child?” Gertrude asked concern apparent in her tone as she moved across the room to embrace her granddaughter.
“He isnt my boy grams, and no its this woman, Barbara Keen, i dont know she just- I get this strange feeling I know her, and my father he-we used to be so close and lately- i just i don’t…” Y/n’s voice trailed off as she felt the tears well in her eyes again, but she found herself unable to cry her eyes were too sore and she had used up all her tears.
“Shh now my child, your father loves you he always has and he always will you must talk to him if this is how you’re feeling” Gertrude spoke softly placing a hand soothingly on her granddaughters back in an attempt to comfort her.
Y/n decided to take her grandmothers advice, she did need to talk with her father. Her spirits where somewhat lifted after talking to her grandmother, but she still felt a sadness washing over her, she also felt bad about the way she had spoken to Jerome, who was only trying to be kind to her which is something extremely rare for him.
Y/n began looking for her father around the mansion, when she couldn’t find him anywhere else she decided to look in his office, she approached the large wooden doors that lead into her father’s office and turned the brass doorknob.
When she stepped inside she saw her father with Victor Zsasz and Butch he didnt look happy and was pacing wildly across the room.
“Papa can i speak to you?” Y/n asked her father cautiously.
“Sorry my child not now im very busy.” Her father replied irritability.
Y/n decided it was best not to argue and decided to go to bed.
When y/n finally laid down on her welcoming bed she allowed her mind to wander over the shitty events that was this day.
She felt bad for yelling at Jerome and things where still unresolved with her father, plus she still had Barbara kean to worry about.
As y/n lay on her bed sleep finally overcame her and she drifted off.
When y/n woke in the morning she found herself recalling the events of yesterday.
She decided to find her father and get the opportunity to speak to him that she was denied last night.
As she got out of bed and rounded the corner of the dining room she saw Jerome, she immediately gulped the lump that had formed in her throat and Jerome’s gaze shifted to the floor.
“Ah y/n im glad you’re up i want you to accompany Jerome to another job.” Oswald told his daughter.



Neisseria meningitidis

Neisseria meningitidis, often referred to as meningococcus, is a gram negative bacterium that can cause meningitis and other forms of meningococcal disease such as meningococcemia, a life-threatening sepsis. The bacterium is referred to as a coccus because it is round, and more specifically, diplococcus because of its tendency to form pairs. About 10% of adults are carriers of the bacteria in their nasopharynx. As an exclusively human pathogen it is the main cause of bacterial meningitis in children and young adults, causing developmental impairment and death in about 10% of cases. It causes the only form of bacterial meningitis known to occur epidemically, mainly in Africa and Asia. N. meningitidis is spread through saliva and respiratory secretions during coughing, sneezing, kissing, and chewing on toys.

Persons with confirmed N. meningitidis infection should be hospitalized immediately for treatment with antibiotics. Because meningococcal disease can disseminate very rapidly, a single dose of intramuscular antibiotic is often given at the earliest possible opportunity, even before hospitalization, if disease symptoms look suspicious enough. Third-generation cephalosporin antibiotics (i.e. cefotaxime, ceftriaxone) should be used to treat a suspected or culture-proven meningococcal infection before antibiotic susceptibility results are available. Empirical treatment should also be considered if a lumbar puncture, to collect CSF for laboratory testing, cannot be done within 30 minutes of admission to hospital. Antibiotic treatment may affect the results of microbiology tests, but a diagnosis may be made on the basis of blood-cultures and clinical examination.

Key characteristics: Gram(-), diplococci, oxidase(+), glucose(+), maltose(-), lactose(-), sucrose(-), grows best at 35-37°C with ~5% CO2

Powdered Alcohol Got Me Drunk the Worst Way Possible 

Editor’s note: Please don’t try any of this at home. You could get hurt and anyway, it’s a really complicated way to get hammered. Just sip on a martini or shotgun yourself a nice beer.

Last month the idea of powdered alcohol took the internet by storm when a website appeared for a product called Palcohol. “Sometimes liquid isn’t convenient," read the site’s original copy. "Because Palcohol is powder, you can take it just about anywhere to enjoy a cocktail! That’s why we say: Take your Pal wherever you go!" 

The future of drinking was here—then, suddenly, it wasn’t. After the initial flurry of "LOL powdered alcohol!” articles came the “Say NO to powdered alcohol!" articles, and the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau—which originally approved seven Palcohol flavors—rescinded their approval. (They said it had been approved in "error,” which may be code for, “We didn’t realize it would make people so upset.”) And New York Senator Chuck Schumer is calling for the FDA to block Palcohol once and for all.

But Lipsmack, the company behind Palcohol, thinks the powder is revolutionary and appears ready to fight back, releasing a YouTube video titled “The Truth About Palcohol” and redesigning their website to emphasize the product’s “many positive” uses, not just the getting-fucked-up-on-the-road aspect of it. 

Palcohol, the company says, will save space in your pack when you want to hike up a mountain and kick back, and it’ll even shave some dollars off your next flight—since Palcohol weighs less than liquid booze, airlines can save fuel if they start stocking drink carts with the powdered stuff. Just add water, and your powdered martini is ready to drink. The future of America is drunken campers and cheap flights and powdered booze for all.

OK, sure. But I don’t own an airline and I won’t be hiking up any fucking mountains anytime soon. When I hear that Schumer is worried about powdered alcohol being “sprinkled on food and even snorted,” I’m like, “Oh, good idea, Chuck!”

With Palcohol still a long way from the production line, I had to take matters into my own hands. Popular Science posted a recipe for powdered alcohol on their site, so I started gathering ingredients.

External image

The two key components in powdered alcohol—powder and alcohol—were pretty easy to find. The recipe called for N-Zorbit M, a.k.a. Maltodextrin, a powder that is great for absorbing oils. It seems like the kind of thing fancy chefs might use on a cooking show if they want to sprinkle a pinch of powdered watermelon juice onto a tart. But it can also apparently work with liquor—all I’d need to do, according to the recipe, was pour some booze into N-Zorbit M and stir it in.

Simple enough, but I didn’t want to make wimpy powdered booze like Palcohol, which you need half a pouch of to make a single drink. I wanted something strong.

Everclear is legal in the state of New York (Chuck Schumer hasn’t asked the FDA to ban it, yet) so I picked up a fifth of 192-proof Spirytus Wesoly grain alcohol. With 100 grams of N-Zorbit M under one arm and a fifth of hooch cradled in the other, I raided the VICE kitchen for everything else I’d need: a mixing bowl, a fine mesh sieve, a whisk, and a big Tupperware container so I could take the stuff on the road. Then I set up shop at VICE’s newly-installed wet bar and got to work.


A Christmas to Remember

Summary:  Connor’s dad kicks him out just days before Christmas when Connor comes out. With nowhere to go and not wanting to spend Christmas alone, Connor turns to his roommate Jude, even though he doesn’t know Jude all that well. What will Jude say?

Find links to all previous parts here!

Part 5

*2 Days Until Christmas*

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What We Learned From 5 Million Books