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Aaaaa!! I had so much fun doing this collab with @kiekyun She’s super sweet, and an amazing artist so go check her outtt~ Kie drew Izuku in Gon’s clothes, and I drew Shouto in Killua’s clothes!! (we couldnt decide between hxh and bnha so we did both!)


Hello, friends!

Meg here, and welcome back to another round of TUTOR TUESDAY! This weeks topic was recommended by Kisarii, thank you! Today we look at anatomy and some tricks that may make it easier to understand. This is a pretty vast topic so this is just Part One of The Human Body ( aka Gosh Darn Bodies are Da Best and Hands are the Worst ‘n’ We Gon’ Find Out Why)

Have any recommendations for tutorials? Send them on over to either this blog or my personal blog here! Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next Tuesday!

me, talking about myself: 

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me, talking about jisung+jeno+mark’s rap in we young:

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// Art by Fasama //

I saved this at one point, I think from a fan-website dedicated to Qui-gon and Obi-wan. A lot of my Japanese and Korean links are now dead, and when I try and go back, I’m having a low success rate, due to the free website providers a lot of these sites were being built on, terminating. And I did a reverse search on Pixiv but that also turned up no results, unfortunately. 

Some of the art I want to post will unfortunately fall into this category for having unknown origins. I did my best with sourcing as much as I could, so I apologize that some art will end up like that.