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Meg here, and welcome back to another round of TUTOR TUESDAY! This weeks topic was recommended by Kisarii, thank you! Today we look at anatomy and some tricks that may make it easier to understand. This is a pretty vast topic so this is just Part One of The Human Body ( aka Gosh Darn Bodies are Da Best and Hands are the Worst ‘n’ We Gon’ Find Out Why)

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Aer ( @pinesmoke ) and I are so cute? We wear the compass necklace (with “B”ill and “D”ipper charms I bought for our Pirate Gravity Falls cosplays) and then the Millennium Puzzle and Ring cause we’re also heartshipping trash like god bless

The lips around your finger  (- a Newt Scamander Imagine, NSFW)

inspired by all the beautiful Newt requests I got!  ✿

you and your best friend finally decided to turn your friendship into more

warnings: smut, cocky Newt (yes, this is a warning bc oooh boy)


‘NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWT, I PASSED! I PASSED! I PASSED!’, you screamed at your best friend as you were bursting through the door, crying and laughing at the same time.
‘Baby’, he said calmly with a big smile on his face, ‘what did you expect? My beautiful and talented friend would never fail.’ He hugged you tightly, nuzzling his head in the crook of your neck. You immediately felt all of the tension washing off your body, your muscles relaxed and your hands stopped shaking. It has been a truly exhausting day for you and you were glad that you had such a wonderful and supportive best friend back at home, waiting for you in your shared apartment.
‘I can’t believe that you are working for the Ministry of Magic now, what’s your title again?’, the man asked and his piercing green eyes looked into yours full of admiration.
‘In front of you, Mister Newt Scamander, stands the new Vice Director of Magical Security’, you laughed and put your hands on his shoulders, giving him a quick peck on his soft lips.
‘Well, Miss Vice Director of Magical Security, let’s celebrate this, shall we?’ Newt declared and disappeared into the kitchen.
You used the chance to take your coat of in order to surprise him with the baby pink lace and satin dress you bought for yourself on the way from the office to the flat.
Today was the day. You got a job some people are waiting for their entire life and you had only just graduated a few months ago. You were capable of everything today, even of finally turning those platonic little kisses and that playful teasing into something more.  
Holding a horrible looking chocolate cake on a silver plate in one hand and a bottle of champagne in the other the man came back, almost letting the bottle fall to the ground when he saw you. He didn’t say anything and just did his, oh so loved, smiling shyly and looking to the ground thingy.
‘Don’t you think I’m pretty?’, you asked him playfully and strutted over to the flustered man. He didn’t dare to look up because he knew if he would, he wouldn’t be able to control himself any longer and he wasn’t quite sure what your intentions may be. Maybe this was just a cruel joke, set up by his best friend in order to tease him a bit more than usual. However, he couldn’t stand the teasing and the bit of cuddling anymore. He was sick of it, he longed after something real.
Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware how much you have wanted him to take you in the last few weeks full of sexual frustration. You decided to push him a bit further and scooped a bit of the chocolate frosting from the cake with your index finger. Your big eyes glanced up to him innocently while you were wrapping your pink lips around it.
‘Oh, ooooh no’, he shook his head, ‘th- this behaviour, it can’t be excused, missy!’ he nervously declared in his playful flirting voice but in his mind he had already undressed you and bent over that damn table where he was putting the things in his hands on.
‘Aww but I would love to make up for it’, you told him, your voice even more seductive than you had intentioned. You slowly, way too slowly, put the straps of your dress down your shoulders and let it sink to the ground, revealing to the shocked man that you were only wearing panties and no bra. You took his wrists and brought his arms around your waist. Newt gulped but didn’t hesitate to scoop you as close as possible to him. You couldn’t have been any happier this moment. He clearly wanted this too.
With your delicate fingers you started fiddling with his black bow tie, signalling him that you would rather see it on the floor instead on him right now.
He unwrapped it without taking his eyes off of your body, just the sight of this beautiful girl in front of him was enough to make the bulge, in his now way too tight pants, grow.
He was breathing heavy when you started undoing his button up and you felt so much confidence washing over you making him melt like ice under your touch.
However, suddenly Newt interrupted your actions and put his hand forcibly on yours.
‘(y/n), look at me!’, he said with a stern voice pulling away from you.
Your eyes, full of disappointment, met his.
‘I- I am sorry, Newt, if this isn’t what you want. I just, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, even dreaming of you and I just realize how stupid it is from me to put our friendship-‘, you stuttered, your eyes starting to water and your mouth didn’t let any more words free.
‘No, no, no, no, (y/n)! This is everything I’ve ever wanted. Please, believe me! I just wanted to know if you are really sure that you want this, that you want me. I don’t want to give you the feeling that you have to do-.’
You interrupted him, pressing your lips onto his. Desperately kissing him hard. He jumped but quickly relaxed and deepened the kiss. Kissing Newt wasn’t new to you, you messed around a lot but this, this was something completely different. It was passionate and hot. His hands pulling at your hair. Your hands around his neck. Moans escaping from the both of you. Him grinding into you. This was everything you ever wanted it to be.
In order to catch his breath he pulled away and you took your chance to attack his neck and plastering it in love bites.
Newts head started to spin and he got dizzy. He put his hand on the table behind him to help him stay on his feet.
While Newt was processing what was going on, you started where you left off and began unbuttoning the rest of his shirt and quickly shoved it from his torso. His pale skin was glistering in the golden sun light that came through the window.
‘God, you look so beautiful, Newt. Do you know that?’, you asked him and didn’t manage to close your mouth. The view was breathtaking. Your comment made him growl and he was so desperate that he couldn’t manage to carry you over to his bed and make love to you for the next twenty-four hours. He was in such shock that the only thing he could do was stand there and look at you in disbelieve. It felt like he imagined an encounter with an angel would feel.
Fortunately, you weren’t fond of him caring for you on this day. You were excited that you could finally show him how grateful you were for him and give him something in return for his otherworldly support he has shown since day one.
Your fingertips were tracing his upper body and you left a trail of soft kisses from his neck down to his pants.
You shot Newt a quick look, hoping for approval.
‘Oh god, yes (y/n)! Please, I beg you!’, he almost whimpered and he didn’t have to tell you twice.
Faster than he could look, his pants were already laying on the wooden floor. You bit your lower lip in the sight of his erected member trying to escape from his navy boxers. You quickly pushed his boxers down and started peppering kisses upwards on the inside of his tights.
Your hot breath meeting his tip, Newt let out a husky moan that made your lady parts tingle and you were glad you were already kneeling in front of him because your legs wouldn’t be able to hold your weight.
Not really knowing what else to do know, due you being an extra virgin, you took his length into your mouth and teasingly slowly rocked your head back and forth.
Newt shut his eyes tightly and threw his head back in desperation.
‘I swear, kitten, if you don’t stop teasing me, I’ll punish you so hard’, the usually so giggly and wholesome man spoke and you decided he had enough of teasing. You fastened your pace and it didn’t take long for Newt to warn you.
‘Hell, (y/n) I’m gon- I’m gonna’, he wasn’t able to finish his sentence because his words drowned in his moans.
‘It’s okay, baby’, you assured him softly and shortly after his warm fluid filled you mouth, which you swallowed, not complaining. Newt was a mess but quickly got himself together.
‘Look at you, you are such a good girl, my good girl. So pretty and pure. So diligent’, he showered you in compliments and brought you up to him. He pressed a sweet kiss on your forehead and you brought your head to his chest, which was still raising up and down uncontrollably.
You were shaking because of what just happened. You couldn’t believe that your best friend just called you his good girl. Your thoughts were racing, you were so happy but oh so shocked.
Scamander, who got a hang on what was going on in your head, tried to distract you and joked: ‘You know, I can now tell everyone I received fellatio from the Vice Director of Magical Security.’ He shot you a cocky grin and you couldn’t help yourself but start laughing and playfully hit his chest.
‘I hate you, Newt!’ you giggled.
‘I love you too’, he responded but his playful voice suddenly got all serious and passionate, ‘actually, I really love you, (y/n)!’
Your heart jumped and ached in excitement and you whispered a small ‘I love you too’ to him.
‘Well after that is from the table, do you want some cake?’, he asked with a smile but you suspiciously eyed the brown dough that looked more like a turd than it resembled something to eat.
‘I know it looks horrible but it’s actually really delicious’, he assured you and you gave it a try.
And it was. It really was delicious.   

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