n fun i guess

  • y/d/n = your date’s name
  • y/d/g = you date’s gender

Y/d/n pulled out a chair for me and I sat down, smiling at y/d/g. 

“Thank you.”

“Of course. Would you like a drink?”

“Yes, please.” 

Y/d/n nodded and headed to the refreshments table. I leaned back on my chair and watched everyone else dancing, not noticing someone else coming to sit by me.

“Looks fun, huh?” 

I was Draco, my best friend. I had hoped he would ask me to come to the ball with him, but when y/d/n asked me, I said yes without even thinking. 

“Why aren’t you up there?” I looked straight ahead, not wanting to make eye contact with Draco.

“Pansy was tiring me out, so I said I was going to the bathroom. So how’s your night so far?” 

“Y/d/n is really fun and sweet, so I guess my night could be worse.” 

“Y/n, look at me.” 

I slowly turned to Draco, and he leaned forward and placed his hands on my waist. 

“Dance with me.” 

“I thought Pansy was–” I stopped at the pleading look in his eyes. I saw y/d/n behind Draco, chatting with his friends at the punch bowl. “I guess one dance couldn’t hurt.” 

I took Draco’s hand in mine and smiled at him. He grinned back, relieved. 

“Oh believe me it won’t hurt. I’m a great dancer and I will definitely not step on your toes.” 


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Hi! I'm hte anon who asked about your drawings on your main, and I would just really love to see sick Victor drawn in your style! (Maybe like from one of your fics?) Only if you feel like drawing it though!

lol sorry i lost this ask at first but found it again so i posted the pics in a different post……. anyway.  here they are in the right place!

i actually drew 3 because i wasn’t sure which part of the fic you wanted.  and i got excited because it was like drawing fan art for myself and i’m a dork lol.  anyway, they reference this fic!

WARNING: vomiting viktor under the cut!

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Ghost!Yoongi au

A/N: I guess these will be little au’s that I throw around from time to time? im confused but I hope y’all get it, mixture of general things and love??? IDK

- wants to fight with whoever made sleeping irrelevant in the after life, who decided to take that from him?

- finds himself saying “I’d rather be dead” to a lot of things but then remembers like oh

- didn’t know he could go through walls and was pissed off at ghost Taehyung for letting him look ridiculous and go through hallways like a lame ass ghost

- once tried scaring someone but the person farted like 4 seconds before he got there and Yoongi was 100% sure he was about to die again

- chooses to stand on the ground instead of floating because he doesn’t like the feeling

- “bro ur a ghost, u can’t feel”

“Wanna test that out, Jimin?”

- chases ghost Jimin around a lot because he doesn’t get tired as a ghost and has nothing better to do

- spends a few minutes trying really hard to grab a Milky Way but his hands! Keep! Going! Through it!

- “bro u don’t need chocolate, you’re a ghost”

- Yoongi wondering why the fuck he hangs around with this guy even in death

- sits in the windowsill while ghost!bts wanders around making ghost sounds and yoongi’s just like, what if I just threw myself out this window right now, like right now, just threw myself and did it

- tries, but comes back in completely unhurt and angry and Jin’s like Yoongi you almost gave me a heart attack don’t do that

- “but bro, ur a ghost, u can’t have a heart attack”

- Yoongi sometimes feels himself being carried away by the wind but let’s it happen and finds himself somewhere in a corner store really confused

- was in the middle of trying to telepathically start up all of the soda machines when he stopped because he heard the bell to the store ring

- he smells like, strawberries or something so he looks back at you like who dis? And when he sees you he almost fckin hides until he remembers that he’s a ghost and stays still while you start looking through the chip aisle and Yoongi just kind of stares like…damn they’re pretty cute

- follows you around the store lightly, doesn’t realize he’s floating though and feels a little light headed which freaks Yoongi out because he hasn’t felt anything for a while now, except his undying hate for ghost Jimin

- giggles when he sees you almost drop a stack of Pringles and he sees your eyes kind of drift in his general direction and he gets scared but excited like… Did she hear me???

- but you keep walking while Yoongi stares at you, and his hands kind of reach out but you just walk through him, straight to the twinkies which makes Yoongi unsure whether to laugh or go see if he can throw himself out another window

- you’re in there for a while, and he just kind of watches you while you drift between the aisles, mouth open while he tries to touch at the things you’ve already touched

- almost gets a heart attack when he hears ghost Jin say boo behind him, which like, the fucking irony, and pretends like he was not just watching you with his mouth open, no

- “…..u think they’re cu-” “don’t say it Jin”

- Jin doesn’t say anything, only breezes between the frozen aisle and rolls his eyes because of fucking course Yoongi would find a human remotely interesting after he died

- Yoongi finds himself making mental notes of things you liked, so maybe when he finally learned how to control things he could steal you like, some hot pockets or something

- he feels something start to ache when he watches you make your way towards the exit, nothing in your hand as you wandered away bored, Yoongi feeling helpless as he watched you push open the door, the bell covering up his choke because; what was that???

- ghost Yoongi is conflicted, doesn’t know whether to follow you or just stay there, but then he remembers he’s a fucking ghost, and what the hell is he supposed to do? Why did you have to walk through the fucking door?? Why was he even here?

- hovers back home while it rains and he watched the drops slip through his skin with annoyance and slight fascination.

- Jin wants to tell him that it’s okay, you go back everyday, but Yoongi doesn’t want to hear it, only sitting back in the windowsill of the abandoned house, not even Jimin comes to bother him

- ghost Jimin trying to also figure out how to control things so he can google how to get person to see ghost

- Yoongi kind of caught up, sitting in the windowsill, and he starts talking before he can help it

- “why did we die, Jin?”

- kind of catches everyone off guard, but he doesn’t wait for an answer before he drifts off, because he knows none of them remember, just like him

- goes to his favorite place which is this little abandoned patch of garden that grows uncontrollably a few streets down from his building

- drifts around while he watches the stars, wondering how high he could float, wondering if that’s how he finally got to put an end to how miserable he felt

- almost has another heart attack when he hears some shuffling and turns around, like that’s one loud ass squirrel

- but it’s not a squirrel, it’s you, the one from the store, and Yoongi kind of does a double take like what?

- you look a little paler than he remembered and he’s kind of taken aback, are you okay??

- flies up to you knowing he won’t get a reaction before you speak, startling him

- “is anyone there?” You’d mumble, your body shivering, Yoongi didn’t realize how cold it was, he couldn’t feel the weather on his skin

- you looked disheveled and upset, repeating to yourself that your dream was for nothing, and it was stupid to come out this late

- Yoongi isn’t sure how he figured it out, but he vaguely remembers wandering Towards you, feeling his empty insides rumble as he could’ve sworn he began to warm up

- a little shy, until he remembers he’s a ghost, and wraps his body around you, you can’t feel him but he doesn’t care, he tried for soda, he can try for you

- your shivering seems to visibly stop, and you take one sniffle, looking straight at his face, but Yoongi knows you can’t see him, or feel him, so he stares right back, not sure what your pupils were focusing on, but sure it wasn’t him

- “warm.” You’d mumble, not sure where it was coming from, but letting it wrap around you

- Yoongi didn’t mean to make you fall asleep, it just kind of happened and he saw your head fall lightly, snores emitting from your mouth and whatever’s left inside of him swells

- you wake up the next morning, still there in the garden, upset from another dream, before you turn your head, and there in your hand is s clutched vibrant pink rose, and you’re not sure where it came from, there’s no roses here

- a few trees away is a watchful Yoongi, eyes upturned as he saw you stuff your face into his rose and inhale, he feels real for once

- a few moments after you leave, an excited ghost Jimin pops out, proud of himself as Yoongi gives him a small hug, smiling to himself, maybe Jimin is useful sometimes

- frequent trips to the garden after that, Jimin continues teaching Yoongi how to move things

- Jin giggling while he watched Yoongi arrange a note in the pavement with a black crayon before sighing loudly and throwing it, why is it so hard for a ghost to get a pen and paper? Why can’t you just ever have a Ouija board on you???

- you’re unsure why you keep coming to the garden, but you keep it up, hoping maybe to feel that same warmth you felt in the store that one time, and that one cold night after you dream

- Yoongi smiling everyday you come, he didn’t expect you to, he’s a ghost, he knows you might not be coming for him, but he lets a little piece of him believe you are

- he figures out your name, and mumbles it to himself sometimes.

- both of you gliding through the garden while Jin watches you both from afar, hoping that one day, he’ll figure out this mess, while you sat in the garden, Yoongi swiping his hand through yours in a crude attempt at hand holding (unbeknownst to you), while you hoped that you’d be able to pinpoint your feelings, with a voice, a face, that same warmth you once felt not too long ago

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I'm trying to figure out my last name and since I was adopted by UtPapyrus,UfPapyrus,and UsSans it would their last name(s) and I thought maybe gaster could be the last name and I started laughing because Frisk Gaster sounds so funny but I'm not getting any feeling that would help me to know if it's right~Frisk


Requested by Anon #54

Y/N: Doctor?
Doctor: Yes, who are you?
Y/N: Sorry rude of me isn’t it? The name is Y/N Tyler, but you can just call me Y/N.
Doctor: Y/N Tyler? Tyler? As in…?
Y/N: As in Rose Tyler, Defender of Earth…well at least I think that’s what you said to her at Dårlig Ulv Stranden.
Doctor: How did you find me?
Y/N: Oh my mum and dad gave me some teleporter that they had at Torchwood.
Doctor: Dad?
Y/N: Yeah other you. Human you.
Doctor: Okay so why are you looking for me?
Y/N: Well mum was said that she had a great time and learned a lot about herself when she was travelling with you so here I am!
Doctor: You want to travel with me?
Y/N: Yep! Hey I guess since the other you is my dad that means you are kinda like my half dad huh?
Doctor: I guess so.
Y/N: This should be fun.
Doctor: Okay then let’s go!
Y/N: Allonsy!
Doctor: Geronimo!


“Harry! Congratulations to you and Y/N on the pregnancy!” The interviewer cheered, Harry smiling shyly in response as he glanced at you in the front row. 

“Thank you very much.” 

“Now, I’m a little curious. Why did you decide to just tweet it out of nowhere?” 

“I think.. we just wanted to kind of drop it out of nowhere.. It worked, I guess – so that was quite fun. Y/N likes to surprise people. She surprised me when she told me the ‘pee stick’ told her she was pregnant.” He laughed, watching as you rubbed your growing tummy affectionately. “But, you know. ‘M pretty excited n’ all that. Can’t wait to finally start a family with her.” 


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baby tommo is on THE WAY