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Batboys x Reader
Alfred Pennywoth (mentioned)

A/N: After being forced to go to a boring party, most of the batfamily begins looking for any understandable reasons to leave.

Warnings: Language.

480 Words

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“I can’t wait for this to be over with,” Tim said. You looked towards him and set down your drink on the table that you, him, Jason, and Damian were leaning against.

“Same. Could these get any more boring?” Jason sighed, “Where’s the action? And do I even need to mention the clothes?”

You glanced down at your dress that stopped just above the knee and the boys’ suits. Your dress was uncomfortable and you guessed their clothes were too.

“Father wished for us to attend, but I do not see the reason for it,” Damian grumbled. A gathering that Bruce Wayne was holding at some building in the city. He made everyone go.

“At least Dick’s having fun,” You tried to lighten the mood, considering you didn’t want to be there either, “Look, here he comes now.”

“Great,” Jason muttered.

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Here are the Kingdom Hearts World Logos of several cartoons that is made by PortadorX from Deviant Art. Enjoy

Update! New stuff coming in so be sure to reblog again if you like.

Update: Here is South Park, Lakewood Plaza Turbo, and the 4 Nations! This is the best I find for LPT and the 4 Nations by the way.

just cute crossover things

star butterfly and mabel pines being best friends

sam manson and dib creating a team of paranormal investigators 

helga chilling with the kankers and messing with boys

coop sort of “adopting” robot jones

sam and jane lane dating 

zim and peridot screaming

morty and dipper finding weird stuff together

dipper probably joins the paranormal investigator club

all of the kids who can teleport play dimension tag (star butterfly, steven on lion, morty and dipper steal rick’s portal gun, etc)

star butterfly and mabel go to wander’s dimension and they become best friends

extra-dimensional entities like bill, aku, and Him get together on the weekends for tea and evil

blossom and dexter constantly one-upping each other

grim being rly frustrated that danny phantom exists

alien support group ft. zim, peridot, and marvin the martian

that one video where everyone in the room is petting one cat except its courage

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Klance finger gun wedding me and @lanceologist planned last night? Well if u insist…

So basically, obviously Lance is bisexual, and it is a well known Fact that all bisexuals do finger guns

One day while team voltron is on an alien planet, after saving everyone, Lance finger guns at Keith probably to say something along the lines of “nice work out there” and the planet’s inhabitants immediately Freak Out

On this planet, finger guns is basically asking for an immediate marriage, so they quickly begin planning the wedding, and literally everyone but Lance and Keith know whats happening

So basically Keith and Lance manage to get onto the alter and they still haven’t figured out what this ceremony is and everyone is crying and they just think its some Platonic Bro Thing

And of course the aliens dont use the word husband they use some other alternative so Keith and Lance awkwardly agree to it and they also dont use rings they get flower crowns and a small tattoo on their biceps

Pretty much the entire thing is a wedding, obviously a wedding, but only if you pay attention for longer than five seconds, which neither Keith and Lance do because theyre too busy with their mutual pining

And even tho at this point in time theyre friends everyone is still really shocked they agreed to get MARRIED and they bring it up a few weeks later and Keith and Lance have this matching look of realization

Its a fun story to tell their kids that they didnt even know they got married for three weeks. Almost as fun as the time Lance did jazz hands and accidentally challenged Allura to a duel

Cartoon Network 25th Anniversary

My tribute to Cartoon Network on its 25th anniversary. Starting as just reruns of classic Hanna-Barbera and Looney Tunes cartoons and eventually delving into original programming which became classics of their own. The channel is responsible for introducing me and many others to some of the greatest pieces of animation ever. 

If you complain that your favorite show is somehow not represented, then go back to watching Squirrel Boy, you pleb. Just kidding, but I might revisit this someday and add more characters.

bakusquad and memes

–kaminari is the resident memer, big fan of surrealist memes. at 3 am he messages the gc with a pic of a stuffed bear holding a gun that says “THIS IS A GENDER FREE ZONE”. everybody tells him to go tf asleep.

–sero likes memes that are currently popular and also very aggressive positive memes. like, he’ll point at a picture of a dude smashing a brick to his face and say “that’s me forcing love and support onto my friends”

–kirishima finds old memes hilarious, is hardly up to date on current memes and nobody can stand it. (“bakugou do you want your pizza…🅱️oneless” “i swear to god you’ll be boneless if you keep asking me that”)

–mina finds weird and slightly creepy memes. nobody knows where they’re from. nobody knows if they’re supposed to be scary or funny. some are written in russian.

–no memes in bakugou’s terrible christian household (memes about him destroying deku are allowed, but those are few and far between and he’s the only one that makes them)

the talk we need to have about idols coming of age

you’ve heard it all, but this is just something imo hardly anyone really says? 

theres this grey area between childhood and adulthood where we have to grow and adapt. a birthday is just a day; it doesn’t necessarily mean our brains are matured yet. its not magic, so we need a little time.

high schoolers mentalities are still kind of raw and vulnerable when we graduate; and yes, everyone has different experiences, but this is real trust me lol and yes, of course we want you guys to see us as adults!! not baby us! but when it comes to certain comments its like “that’s.. . uncomfortable chill out maybe lol ??

so when you sexualize some of us before we’ve even gotten the chance to prove ourselves as adults, its kind of.. . awkward and sometimes even creepy .. .

like i hate having to put this in words, but no matter what someones gonna cry “STOP INFANTALIZING” or “STFU NJSNSK NO ONE FUCKIN SAYS THAT WHATTA REACH” but thats why i’m sharing this to the best of my abilities! like ofc they aren’t innocent but that’s not your cue to just overwhelm someone with your comments. idols are human too, so chill with the “they signed up for this” comments, we dont know if sexy comments are even wanted right off the hour they come of age. 

until they’ve proven themselves as adults or have expressed so, please consider keeping your lustful comments to yourselves for a bit, be cool about this. dont be selfish and creepy.. .