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BTS Reacts to You Writing A Song About Your Breakup With Them

faA/N: The song is A Little Braver by New Empire; switch ‘she’ to ‘he’.

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The first time he heard the song on the radio he knew it was about you two, the lyrics told him. The familiar piano melody struck a chord in Namjoon and even though he kept a straight face all of the members knew that he was sad. 

“Are you okay?” Jin asked him quietly. 

“I didn’t know it would hurt this bad”  


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As soon as he heard the piano he remembered helping you compose the piece, you didn’t have any lyrics then but obviously you did now. Everyone was expecting him to become angry or annoyed but he didn’t. Deep down he was extremely sad but he couldn’t let anyone see that side of him so he put on his best face and acted like nothing happened.

“At least she put good use to the piano.’’


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Even though Jin was okay with showing his emotions he didn’t want to. He didn’t want any one to know how hurt he was on the inside, how he felt that his eyes would soon become waterfalls if he heard one more note hit on the piano that your fingers danced across. 

I can’t be hurt over something I caused… can I?


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Everyone knew that something was wrong with their sunshine. What was once usually light and cheerful became dark and quiet. J didn’t realize how bad hearing you sing about your relation with him would hurt him so much, he thought that it would sting but not this bad. He tried so hard to maintain his happiness but he couldn’t.

“She’s singing about me Tae… She’s singing about me.” He mumbled out before he started to cry.


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He couldn’t stop listening to the song, it was the first time he had heard your voice in so long and he couldn’t help it. When Suga tried to take his headphones out he snapped his head in his direction and glared. Yes it was disrespectful but he needed to hear your voice, he needed to hear you. 

“I can hear her heart breaking and it’s only fair that mine breaks as well hyung.’’


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Everyone knew what was wrong with Tae and they all wanted to help but didn’t know how to. Nobody could talk him out of the hole he had dug and buried himself in. He felt like he deserved it, he deserved to feel so sad and alone because that’s how he made you feel. 

Is this what karma is…?


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Jimin became very quiet, he kept to himself after he had heard the song. He kept contemplating going on a rant to one of the members or crying in a corner by himself. He was angry at himself and he didn’t know how to let out his emotions. 

I don’t know what to do…

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