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barrenesca  asked:

❤️ :')

showing up late 2 my ask games smh,, the disrespect
nah but for real jenn u r a lovely person, very kind and sweet and genuine, also very chill ?? i dont find it hard 2 talk 2 u at all which is,, nice bc i struggle to talk to a lot of ppl,, ur also very creative and talented!! idk how 2 explain it but the way u view the world is inspiring ,, like i can see how creative u are just by watching how u interact with nature and how u express urself and stuff which makes No Sense bc im a Loser but ,,, and ur very chill 2 b around and u get my bad sense of humour which is Lovely ,, n ur eclectic in the Best Way Possible 
ur existence is basically an aesthetic and it is one i Hope To Achieve One Day