n e lincolnshire

Joan Ainley

SEARCH RECALL REFLECT REMEMBER speaks of the one shared silent public place and time where the common focus of emotion is palpable.  For two minutes every year the country is quiet whilst we recall, reflect and remember past events which we annually hope will not be repeated.


Camouflage is normally used to conceal but in this work its intention is to reveal.


Peace is a leitmotif in Joans practice and this work is accessible to all and has the capacity to engage viewers.


The poppy is a potent iconic symbol which whilst individually small has in its transformed state the power to both engage and focus attention.  Joan has used this in a number of settings including an installation at the Demarcation Line at Descartes in France, a WW2 shelter in Wheathampstead and in Southwell Minster.


This work forms part of a series of installations, publications and exhibitions covering the hundredth and the seventy-fifth anniversaries of the outbreak of WW1 & WW2 and culminating in the hundredth anniversary of the start of WW1 and the hope that thereafter the world will see an ongoing period of peace.


The artist’s books ‘SEARCH: REFLECT RECALL REMEMBER’ and ‘Peace Upon Earth’ are in the Hyman Kreitman Artists Book Archive at Tate Britain.


In addition work will include a series of pieces that draw on the experience of the inter-war years.