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Who do you hang out with

[1933 Human AU

After 1929, the economic situation of the Weimar Republic was quite bad and particularly the population in rural areas were fit hard by unemployment. Germany hadn’t been a democracy for long, many people were still skeptical of the concept, so even openly “democracy-critical” parties were popular. 

NSDAP (Nationalsozialiste Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) - the Nazi party
Center Party - a Catholic centrist party from empire times that was among the bigger parties 
DDP (Deutsche Demokratische Partei) - a moderate party that was in steady decline from 1919 but was among the core parties; most popular with the middle class]


This Revolutionary War Lieutenant’s coat is being prepared for an exhibition scheduled to open in the fall. As a preliminary step, textile conservator Midori Sato and N-YHS Conservation Assistant Janet Lee examine the garment and decide what kind of treatment and stabilization it will need. 

Officer’s coat.  1785-1795.  Wool, linen, metal. New-York Historical Society.

Naked Surprises - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Prompt by yellowpaperkittens : Reader gets flustered really easily, and still gets embarrassed seeing Liam naked. One day, Liam sends the Reader a nude while the Reader is in public and the Reader lets out a really high-pitched scream and throws it in the air in shock. Mason picks it up sees the nude and laughs uncontrollably

Word Count:

Warning: Liam naked, mentions of Daddy kinks, but no smut.

Author’s Note: I’m sure you expected it to be funny or maybe lead to a hot steamy imagine, but I came up with something I thought was funny. I have no idea if this is what you had in mind, but I had SOOOOO much fun writing this. Enjoy!

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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Y/N’s eyes were boring holes at the clock in the library as the seconds’ hand slowly made its way around. The long hand was slowly reaching the ‘6’ mark, making Liam almost 30 minutes late for his tutoring session with Y/N.

A few months ago, Liam was struggling with his algebra class and his teacher recommended him to go to the tutoring center. He didn’t take his teacher’s advice until Coach Finstock said Liam had to do something to bring up his grade or he would be benched for the rest of the season. When Liam arrived to the tutoring center, he was assigned to Y/N, and the two instantly shared a connection. Liam started going to tutoring every day and eventually they exchanged numbers, which led to texting all day and late night phone calls every night. Two weeks after his first tutoring session, Liam asked Y/N out on a date, and eventually they became a couple.

Y/N sighed as the longer hand reached the ‘6’. Where is he? She thought to herself as she walked towards the back of the library, to the section no one ever goes to, and did a quick locator spell. Being a witch has its perks.

With the locator spell, Y/N knew Liam was in the locker room. As she turned around the corner of the hallway and walked towards Liam’s location, Scott and Stiles had just exited the boys’ locker room.

“Hey guys! Have you seen Liam?” She asked.

“Yeah, he just got out of the shower a few minutes ago,” Stiles answered.

“He should be dressed by now. There’s no one else in there but him. So, you can go ahead and go in.” Scott added.

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  • conservatives: women are trash
  • conservatives: n****rs don't belong here
  • conservatives: immigrants should go back to their own country
  • conservatives: the gays are disgusting
  • conservatives: muslims are terrorists
  • me: you're looking from a very biased perspective, please educate yourself before you go around saying disgusting, discriminatory things
  • conservatives: oh my god I was just joking omg you liberals snowflake sjws are so triggered all the time
  • me: men fail to acknowledge their privilege in a gender-imbalanced society
  • conservatives: noT ALL MEN

In a volume of transcriptions made from 17th and 18th century documents related to the Spanish colonization of America, there was a manuscript map that, while colorful and interesting, was in pretty rough shape. But fear not. The conservation team has already flattened, mended and rehoused it. The map was also digitized, and a small facsimile now holds the place of the original.  

Transcriptions, correspondence and maps. 1854-1858. Buckingham Smith papers and collected materials. New-York Historical Society.

8 Tory politicians who have got in trouble for saying ‘n***** in a woodpile'

Conservative MP Anne Marie Morris has been suspended from the Conservative party after she was taped using the phrase “n****** in a woodpile” in a discussion about Brexit. She is far from the first politician to get in trouble for using the exact same phrase in recent years, however, with a number of Conservatives using the racist slur in recent years.

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Can you do a scenario where Lance goes to meet his s/o's large family at a family reunion

“Babe, make sure you don’t talk about politics. Aunt Jeanne’s a diehard liberal, and grandpa’s super conservative.” (Y/n) reminded him as they pulled in to the drive way. He nodded, holding on to the pies (y/n) had piled on his lap.

“Got it, but can you remind me why we’re bringing four pies to this thing?” he asked, shifting them around in his lap so they wouldn’t fall when he opened the door.

“Because whoever brings dessert is usually the favorite. And I really want them to like you, so you have to bring them in.” (y/n) said, secretly only wanting to not have to carry the mountain of desserts.

“They’re already going to like me. Why wouldn’t they like the coolest, handsomest guy in town?” he said with a wink.

(Y/n) gently pushed his shoulder, getting out of the car and knocking on the front door of their aunt’s house. Lance walked up behind them, trying not to drop any of the pies.

“Remember not to do anything stupid.” (y/n) whispered, right before the door flung open. Inside, there was chaos. This was probably one of the biggest families Lance had ever seen before.

“Hey, (y/n)! Long time no see, huh?” the random family member pulled them into a hug, which they halfheartedly returned.

“Uh, yeah. I missed you!” they said. The family member smiled and walked off. Lance turned to (y/n).

“Who was that?”

“No clue.” they said, hoping that they’d be able to make it through the sea of people without dying.

The two waded through the crowd, finding an empty table to place the pies down on. (Y/n) was stopped by several relatives on the way, being reminded that they’d grown so much and asked if they have a job yet by at least 15 different people.

Eventually, the (y/n) made it to the couch. Lance had wandered off and was being held hostage by a group of elderly women who pinched his cheeks and made a fuss over him. (Y/n) giggled and took a picture, glad that he had been accepted by the family. 

[TRANS] KBOYS × smart 2016-17 A/W Fashion Book - B.A.P

Black Attractive Poses 

A charming sports style that uses black as its foundation

Outfits that are a little more sporty than usual and wanting to try wearing black lightheartedly. With just that, you can get right into that updated look so we recommend it. Here we have the members of B.A.P appearing on our magazine for the first time in black clothing with sweats and t-shirts as their main pieces!

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groups on sacred bones and ascetic house are not very good at all, but have a lot of upper class white people with money backing it from behind the scenes, buying and running the media to “just help their homies” as if it’s not some boys club circle jerk. the murdered-out black bomber jacket exclusivity spectrum of those punk/noiser crossover scenes are dusty as fuck. co-oping an 80s xeroxed-out creep aesthetic doesn’t make you any less of a sellout than some burger/goner records fuckboys in skate shoes n’ ray bans. rich conservatives exist & pull the strings within punk just like everywhere else and it’s miserable to watch tweens drooling over garbage like lust for youth when actual killer freak shit is so disenfranchised by media as a whole that they don’t even want to do an interview for a diy zine.

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Quick question: why is conservative bad? N U talking bout uk elections right?

They r basically “make the rich richer” principle. They r privatising the NHS and wanting to remove the £9,000 cap on uni fees amongst over things (also they said they will have a 12 billion pound cut if they got re-elected but neglected to tell anybody WHERE that money will come from- so imma guess it’ll come from tax payers) they’re just evil bastards who only care about the wealthy