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Taken for Granted (pt 2)

A/N: I’ll go back to texts in the next part, it just didn’t fit with this part. Want part 3?? LET ME KNOW!

P.s. probably won’t be too active till like next week.

Part 1

You had always been close to the guys…well at least six of them. You had worked as an intern at BigHit when the guys were trainees and eventually debuted. However, you moved onto a bigger and better job, but still managed to stay good friends with the group. You somehow ended up at JYP in hopes of being a manager one day. But you were still one of their treasured friends, and they valued your input towards the group.

You don’t know when the feelings started. Well to be completely honest, you didn’t even realize you had these feelings for Namjoon. But what Hoseok said was true. You were always shy around him, but somehow making him happy became important to you. You noticed all the subtle things about him and studied him like a book unconsciously. Before you knew it, you knew all the things he loved and all the things he resented.

But he became increasingly cold towards you. He never really treated you like the other boys, who were always open and friendly with you. And maybe that’s why you fell for him. Because you had to figure him out and he was always on your mind. He became your favorite puzzle to solve and once it was solved, it became your hobby making sure the puzzle stayed whole and beautiful.

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just a couple a gals being Whole-Heartedly In Love And Devoted To Eachother on this lesbian day of visibility <3

me on the left (she/her) my gf on the right (also she/her)

anyway, here’s to my latina lesbians too, i’m mexican, my babe’s dominican and we are… como se dice…. In Love

46 “Ride me.”
48 “This? This belongs to me.”


Jealousy runs through him as he watches her with Dwight. It’s fucking stupid to feel like that, especially since she told him this morning that she loves him.
Now her head falls back and she let out a small laughter. It sounds like music in his ears and he hates himself for feeling that way. Even when he’d never tell her or anyone else about what’s going in his head.
… and his heart.
“(Y/N), back in the penthouse!” He barks, seeing her wince.
She sends him a glare like he can fuck himself and fuck off, the glow in her eyes inflame a fire in his lower abdomen. Smirking he watches her go, can’t stop himself as he slaps her ass. He snickers quietly as she turns around and shows him her middle finger.
As soon as they reach the penthouse he pushes her in his bedroom, closing the door with a kick of his foot.
“You fucking need to understand something. This..” With each word he goes closer to her, his nose almost touching her as he slides his hand under the skirt.
Harshly he grabs with his glove covered hand her pussy, educing a gasp from her. “This is mine.”
With his index and ring finger he spreads her labia to massage her clit with small circles. Her eyes falling shut and she moans in pleasure, leaning in the touch.
“Say it.” He orders quietly, his dick growing from the sight of her and the heat around his fingers.
“I-I’m yours, Ne-Negan… please.” Another moan falls from her lips.
And fuck, he loves when she starts stuttering, because her head fills with bliss he only can give to her.
“Good.” He praises her before pulling back and she sighs annoyed.
A pout is given and Negan has to hold back not to kiss these perfect lips as he steps back.
Maybe later when she earned it, he thinks with a devilish smirk.
“Now come.” He lies down on the bed, still fully clothed. “And ride your leader.”

reddhoodie  asked:

Oh, and is it okay to request another one? "We are not going to steal someone's dog" with Barry Allen? :D If possible could the reader also be a metahuman? If not that's totally fine also, no worries.

“Oh my god! Barry, look at the baby!” Barry turned in the direction his girlfriend was pointing, expecting to see an actual child. Instead, he was met with the sight of a small white puffball that appeared to be a dog.

“That’s not a baby, Y/N, that’s a puppy.” Barry said with a laugh.

“Whatever it is, I want it.” Y/N said as she started to move towards the dog.

“We are not going to steal someone’s dog” Barry said as he pulled her back. 

Y/N pouted and sighed. Barry let go of her arm and she teleported over to the dog and grabbed it. 

“What the actual fuck, Y/N!” Barry said as he raced over. “Give the dog back to them.”

“You’ll have to catch me first!” She laughed as she teleported away. She fully intended to return the dog after she had given it the cuddles it deserved.

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jealous!shawn would include...
  • his arms crossed over his chest as he rolls his eyes
  • “ok but how was he not flirting with you”
  • “shawn we’re just friends”
  • “okay… but how was he not flirting with you”
  • little petty comments about the person he’s jealous of
  • purposefully flexing bc he knows it turns you on and then pretending he doesn’t know what you’re talking about when you confront him about it
  • being overly loud when the guy he’s jealous of is talking to the two of you
  • “Oh WOW! you and y/n go way back??? that’s SO WEIRD she’s never mentioned you before !”
  • him getting pouty over your celebrity crushes too
  • “if you say one more thing about how hot jake gyllenhaal is i’m turning this off”
  • giving you pouty lips that won’t go away until they’re being kissed
  • him directing you towards something/someone else if you bump into your celebrity crush at an awards show and said celeb gets too friendly
  • having petty arguments about who gets more jealous
  • “it’s you, Shawn”
  • “pfft. I don’t know what you’re talking about”
  • teasing him about it bc you know it’ll lead to hot sex
  • kissing the top of his cheek that he’s poking his tongue into to make him smile and as a sweet reminder that you’re his

captainemwinchester  asked:

90 please and thank you

Of course! Here you go!

90. “Catch me if you can!”

Prompt List | Send Me Numbers!


“Y/N! Get your ass back here!” Dean’s voice was heard echoing throughout the bunker. Sam sighed at this. From his spot in the library, he could hear the footsteps of you and Dean.

“Catch me if you can!” Your voice followed not long after Dean’s. The younger brother shook his head at this, but left it alone.

“Y/N Winchester. I swear.” Dean growled at you, but you laughed it off. A table separated the two of you. Enough space for you to talk to him, but keep yourself safe at the same time.

“Oh, Tiffany? That’s a new one,” You smirked, scrolling through Dean’s messages. Another girl he was hooking up with, but you stole his phone while he was in the shower.

“Don’t.” Your oldest brother warned. Sam watched from a distance; obviously not getting involved, but still hiding his smirk.

“Would it be a shame if I…” Your fingers finished the sentence for you, as you started typing away. Dean’s eyes went wide as he lurched forward, over the table, reaching for the phone.

His grab was successful, but you had already hit send. Eyes immediately looking for the message you sent. As soon as he found it, your laughter was already heard, as well as your footsteps signaling your escape.

‘Hey, Tiff. Sorry about leading you on. I guess my boyfriend probably wouldn’t approve. :/ ’

Detective John Laurens [John Laurens x Reader] *smut*

Word count:2,146
Au: modern, police force
Triggers: smut ,cursing, mentions of abusive relationships
Author’s Note: I think that nobody really likes my fluff, so I’m going to try and post more smut for you guys. Also this story dragged on forever because I was lowkey watching cop shows when writing. Lol. Also I think I will end up revisting this story. If you have a prompt I would love them. Inbox me. P.S. Let me know what you think.

“Don’t do this. Please Y/N. Just come back inside. I promise I won’t do it again. You have to trust me Y/N. I love you. Just get the fuck back inside. Please I can’t lose you again. Just don’t do this.” You run away from the house that is soiled in the nightmare that is your life. “Don’t look back,” you whisper to yourself, “If you look back you will only get hurt by him again.” You needed to get space between you and Burr, so you kept running until your legs gave out in front of the police department and the exhaustion knocks you out.

When you come to, there is a blinding bright light, and there are two men at your bedside. You struggle to open your eyes, but eventually managed. You winced as you repositioned your body to look at the two men. The first introduced himself as Officer Washington and the other as Detective Laurens. You shook your head, but were unable to speak you words of introductions. Detective Laurens slides a pad of paper. “You had your vocal cords severely bruised in whatever accident you were apart of. Can you tell us your name?” Laurens asks you.

You take the paper and write, “Y/N L/N.” Officer Washington gently takes your hand and looks to Laurens. “She’s the one from the Burr incident last month.” The two men looked at you with complete looks of horror. Laurens moves to your side on the bed and pulls you into his arms as delicately as possible, “It’s ok sweet Y/N.” He strokes your hair and grants you peace and security. “Where am I? Is he gone? I-i-i…” you begin to stammer. “You are safe Y/N, We have sent people to your house-” Washington starts, but just as soon as he does, a man’s voice comes screaming through the walkie-talkie. “Suspect is not found at the place of residence. We will keep looking and post guards around the house. She is safe to return if it’s in her interests.” The walkie-talkie cut out and you felt like you were about to be brought to tears. Laurens and Washington exchanged a brief interaction and Laurens put you in his car. “Hey Y/N, I know that you aren’t having the best day, but I hope you realize someday you will find someone better than that scumbag. Someone who will treat you perfectly.” He smiles at you with an endearing look on his face. Your hand can’t help but reach for his. When the two of you approach to the first red light, he gingerly brings your hand to his lips.

You two finally reached the house you only so narrowly escaped only hours beforehand. Detective Laurens gets out of the car and walks to your side to let you out. He offers you a large hand which you grabbed for desperately. “It’s ok Y/N, I’m here. Wait here for two seconds while I grab my things.” He smiled then walked toward the trunk of his car and grabbed a backpack and a pillow. He returned your hand to the pocket that was his and the two of you made way into the house.

You made it three hours without letting your feelings overwhelm you. You fell asleep in your old bed, but started having a bad dream about the events of today. “No, no, no!!! STOP IT!! DON’T, PLEASE STOP, I CAN’T! NO-” you started screaming. It was like being trapped inside your biggest nightmare. Detective Laurens shook you out of your bad dream and held you close once he realized you were conscious. “Will you sleep in here with me tonight?” you beg, “I just can’t shake it.” Laurens nods his head in understanding and slips in under your covers pulling you close to his body, putting his gun on your nightstand. “What’s your first name? I haven’t heard your first name yet.” He smiles at you, “It’s John.” With your head on his chest, you fall under a peaceful sleep.

It’s been almost a whole year of nights like that and Burr wasn’t anywhere to be found. You learned a lot about John throughout the months of him taking care of you. Just playing a game of 21 questions you learned that his favorite animals are turtles, his favorite color was blue, he was a huge advocate for equal rights (on both gender and race), and so many other details that you felt like you knew him.

One day, you were cuddling in your bed with him, and he asked, “Y/N, do you think that you’d ever want to be in a relationship again?” He looks down at you and you look up at him and place a gentle kiss on his lips. “Y/N, how long?”He asks you through the kiss. “Since we met and you first held me.”

You were still in fear of Burr showing his face around the house, but having John around gave you the air of peace. You knew that somewhere Burr was waiting, and that he would never be done with you until the event of either his or your life. But it doesn’t matter anyway because you and John were happy and you finally got to be in a healthy relationship that you so desperately needed.

“John, can I ask you a question?” you ask. “Y/N you can ask me anything. Darlin’ what’s on your mind?”he looks at you quizzically. His southern drawl always seemed to come out when he was worried. You place your hand on his chest. “John. I promise it’s nothing bad. It’s just a question not a declaration of hate. I just wanted to know what you have been waiting for?” you look away blushing furiously. He blinks taken aback by your statement, he asks, “Did you not want me to wait for you to get better mentally first?” You stop breathing as he takes your chin between his thumb and fingers and forces you to look at him, “Darlin’ what do you want me to do?” The huskiness in his voice mixed with southern drawl. You pull yourself out of his grasp and hide in the sheets.

“Baby please touch me?” you whisper under the sheets. “Sugar dumplin’ if you want something you have to ask or do it yourself.” You lose all control and throw yourself out of the sheets and on top of your lover. You push him into your mattress and bite and kiss along his neck, trying to yank his shirt off to expose more skin. Your hands roam his body trying to pull off his clothes without actually breaking contact with his skin. Your lips were making their way down John’s body making sure to leave healthy sized hickeys along the the length of his chest. He couldn’t help, but release moans of appreciation as you got lower and lower on his body. You kissed his length through his jeans sucking him hard without even putting his dick in your mouth. John pushed you off of him and ripped the rest of his clothes for you, anxious to return your mouth to his dick. He fumbled with his belt, but he eventually managed getting the damn thing off. You smiled at him shyly and start sucking as fast as you could. “Y/N, may I fuck you?” John looks down at you with pleading eyes and his body twitching with need.

You oblige the man and he takes your clothes off in a hasty manner. He places you up on the bed and stands between your legs. He pulls your body so that it rests on the edge of the bed and goes on to his knees. He licks your womanhood and uses his mouth to explore your opening. His hands are forcing your hips to remain attached to his face and you are going insane. Your hands move to your boobs and squeeze them as hard as your hands would allow. John blows hot breath of your womanhood and sucks his way up your body until he reaches your boobs. He takes control over them away from you and starts teasing your nipples and sucking as hard as he can. Dragging his teeth over each swollen bud, sent you over bored.

His mouth makes it’s way to your neck and returns several hickeys to your body. “Are you ready?” he breathes onto your skin. You put your hands on his neck and he takes position at your entrance. He pushes in as slowly as he can, the both of you making faces of pure ecstasy. “Y/N, darlin’ I hope your ready.”He moans. He lifts you off of the bed and pushes you against the wall, slamming his dick deeper and deeper into your womanhood. Your body tightens around him and your pleasure become immeasurable. Your head throws itself back and John starts attacking the skin you just exposed. He slams harder into you as he explodes leaving you going crazy. He pulls out of you and lays you on the bed a quivering mess. John throws some blankets on you and says, “One moment, Y/N.” He goes to the bathroom to gather some towels and leaves you in your.little nest of happiness.

Everything was perfect beyond compare. You love John, the sun was warming your room, birds singing, a face looking in through your window. Wait a second. You hid deeper into your nest and whispered for John. “Baby… bring your gun and act normal.” You warned. John rushed out of the bathroom and joined you in your blankets, “Is that him?” And almost as if on cue Aaron broke through your window and attempted to grab your wrists. “Y/N, I let you have your fun, but you’re coming with me.. now!”Aaron basically hissed at you. Aaron must have missed John go under the blankets, and grabs his wrist instead. “Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here.” John growled. Aaron let go and makes the move to run downstairs. You see the gun laying in your bed and load it. “Freeze.” The two boys stop and eyes land on you, holding your gun out. “You basically ruined me. Abused me. You have tried to kill me 3 times now. The list goes on. Each time something awful had to happen because I think for myself. The first I refused to have a child with you.. then it was I didn’t have parents to introduce you to.. but the final straw was when you asked to marry me.. You have two options so listen close asshole. One: you can walk downstairs and surrender yourself to the police that have been waiting for you. Or Two: I will shoot you, and you know that I don’t miss. So make your choice now or I will make it for you.” You hold the gun confidently and point it at Aaron. He walks out of the room and goes down the stairs. Officer Washington is there to personally take him to the precinct.

As soon as he left you felt your body collapse beneath you, and everything after seemed to run a million miles an hour. John put his shirt on you to try and get you decent, and Washington came to thank you for your help. You nod, but cannot force the words out. Washington leaves and takes the rest of the patrolling officers with him. It truly is just you and John now.

“Y/N?” John rubs the top of your head, “Do you want to lay down and cuddle or something?” Instead you pull him down to sit next you and lay with your head on his lap. He strokes your hair and just sits with you, giving you all the time you needed to recover.

~~~~6 Months Later~~~~
“John, do we have to go outside today? I’m so tired.” You whined. He smiled and picks you up over his shoulder until you were at the place. It wasn’t much, but it was a garden that was hidden from the world. Millions of different shades of green that you thought only artists could see. Bright flowers everywhere and it seemed as though someone already knew you’d be there, since there was a blanket and a basket of snacks on the other side. “Do you like it, Y/N?” You finally turn to look at this man you loved and he is down on his knees blushing furiously. “Aww well isn’t this a great view.” You tease kissing his forehead. “You make this harder than it already is my love. But.. will you Y/N L/N.. marry me John Laurens and make me the happiest man in the world.” You smile and kiss his lips, “I thought you’d never ask.”

Wings and lies

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Castiel x Soulmate!Reader

Warnings : none

Request :  Can I request reader x Castiel where the reader can see his wings and know it means that she’s he’s soulmate but she thinks it’s a mistake/he won’t want her for a soulmate so she doesn’t say anything?, Then maybe one day Cas notices she’s looking behind him, or she sees an injury on his wings and reacts or something and Cas finds out? X

     “ Boys , come on ! That nest will won’t kill itself !” you yelled trying to get Sam’s and Dean’s attention so you could go on that hunt already .

     “ Wait a minute , (Y/N) !” Dean yelled back and you stormed out the bunker letting the door to close itself with a loud thud . Instead of getting into the car you took out the bag of weapons from Dean’s car and took advance of your good relationship with Crowley , whom got you to the nest in a few seconds . You thanked him and without any hesitation you entered in the old house .

     It took you no time to kill all of those vampires and by the time but you didn’t realized that the father was hiding so when you walked to the door you weren’t waiting for someone to jump on your back and sank it’s fangs on your neck . You tried to get him off you but it was no help and things were getting worse as you started to feel lightheaded . 

     You truly thought that you died when you saw a bright white light but a few seconds later you realized that it was from Castiel’s wings . The vampire lose his grip on you little bit little before and when he was fully off your body you turned around and shot him before cutting his head off .

     Castiel came close to you right in time as the blood loss caused you to almost fall . He wrapped his arms around you and held you close to his chest . He got back to the bunker with you , Sam and Dean getting up in an instant when they saw you like that . Cas laid you in your bed and healed you before he went away .

     Hours later you woke up to see two pissed off Winchesters , they looked at you trough narrowed eyes and Dean started  his speech about how you put yourself in danger and how they could have lost you , after that they both hugged you and you three went out to get some food .

     “ Did you noticed how bright Castiel’s wings are ?” you asked while you ate making Dean choke on his food .

     “ What ?” he asked confused , the only time when someone  saw them that persons eyes burst in flames .

     “ I asked if you noticed how bright Cas’s wings are . What’s wrong with that ? Can’t you see them ?” you teased and the shook their heads in disapproval . “ Okay , this is strange and since the man’s of letters don’t have anything about angels on here I would better call Crowley .” you affirmed and got up ready to do what you said .

     “ Why don’t you ask Cas about this ?” Dean proposes but you don’t want to do that since you don’t know what it means .

     “ Hi , Crowley ! I wanted to ask you something ?”

     “ Go on sweetheart !”

     “ What does it means if someone can see an angels wings ?”

     “ They are the angels soulmate , princess .” 

     “ Thank you !” you say before you hung up .

     “ So what did the king of hell said ?” Dean asked when you went back .

     “ He doesn’t knows .” you inform Dean and he laughs .

     “ Do you want me to ask Castiel for you ?” 

     “ No need , maybe I just imagined things .” you say and take a seat digging in your food again .

     Some weeks passed and you kept thinking about you being Cas’s soulmate and you did it a lot while staring at Castiel’s wings when he was around .

     It was clear to you that e will never accept you as a mate . You were to wild and too much of a sinner for the innocent Castiel .

     Right now you found yourself thinking about this again , while Cas was here sitting on the sofa . You couldn’t help but stare at his wings , at their beautiful arch and at the bright color that surrounded them .

     “ Is there something wrong ?” Cas asked as he saw you like that but you just shook your head and look somewhere else .

     “ No , I was just lost in my thoughts .” you affirm .

     “ (Y/N) , I’m an angel , I know when someone lies to me .” he said getting close to you . You closed your eyes and sighed . “ Tell me what did you saw .” he demands and you open your eyes blinking fast trying to stop the tears from falling .

     “ I can see your wings and I know that I’m your soulmate . You can reject me now .” you said waiting for Castiel to say those words but instead his arms wrapped around you and you buried your head in the crook of his neck , sighing content when he familiar scent hit your nostrils .

     “ Mates are very rare ,(Y/N) and nobody is fool enough to reject his mate .” Castiel informs you and you look up at him and try to say something but before a word can leave your mouth Castiel’s mouth is on your kissing you with passion and love .


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Jeongyeon x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 584

Admin Michelle

A/N: Hi, everyone!! Back with an update after a month of inactivity! I’m finished with classes and only have a couple of exams left before the semester is finally over and I can write a bit more until I leave the states. I hope you guys enjoy!

“What do you mean you’re done?” Jeongyeon’s voice was bitter, filled with disbelief as she watched you move back and forth from the dresser to the suitcase that lay open on the bed. You were throwing your clothes in rather than folding them, slamming drawers shut as you emptied them. Closing the zipper, you turned towards her.

“Exactly what it sounds like,” you said. “I’m. Done. I’m tired and I can’t do this anymore. I’m going to stay with a friend until I find something more permanent.”

Jeongyeon felt her chest begin to ache when she saw the tears in your eyes. You weren’t going to let yourself cry, not in front of her, not when you had been fighting and were too stubborn to let her see you upset. But she knew you well enough to know that you were close and were holding it together with all you had. She couldn’t believe that she had let it get this far. She couldn’t believe that after all the promises that you had made each other, the two of you were ending up here.

She took a step towards you, reaching out to grab your hand, to touch you and comfort you and make you change your mind. All she could do, however, was lower her hand when you swatted her away, wrapping your arms around your torso and staring down at the floor.

“I’ve been trying…I’ve been putting so much effort into this because I love you so much, Jeongyeon, I swear I do,” you muttered. Taking a deep breath, you forced yourself to look at her. You didn’t want to run away from this conversation and you wanted to make sure that she heard and understood everything that you were saying. “I never wanted this…Long term relationships, moving in with someone…I never wanted any of that until I met you. I broke my rules for you. And, you have no idea how much it hurts that this meant nothing to you.”

“(Y/N), don’t say that,” Jeongyeon pleaded. Even if you weren’t going to, she could feel herself beginning to cry. “You mean the whole world to me.”

“Then why don’t you act like it?” the hurt and bitterness in your voice took both you and Jeongyeon by surprise. “Why do I have to stay up waiting for you and go so long without hearing from you? Why do I have to stay in a relationship that you said yourself you didn’t think would go anywhere?”

Jeongyeon started to defend herself, to tell you that she hadn’t meant that, that you had caught the wrong part of a much bigger conversation. She started to apologize or ask or even beg for forgiveness. But she knew you and she knew that, at least now when you were still hurt, there was going to be no way to convince you that her words had meant anything other than what you thought.

When she didn’t speak, you just sighed. “That’s what I thought,” you said, grabbing your suitcase. As you headed towards the door of your apartment, you mentioned something about coming back later for the rest of your things.

She didn’t follow you or reply. Instead, Jeongyeon stood where you had left for long enough for you to push past her and for her to hear the front door shut before finally squatting down on the floor, arms wrapped around her knees as she let small tears turn into sobs that shook her whole body.


Requested by Anon #295

Barry: Savitar let these people go!
Y/N: *runs up to Barry* What’s the plan?
Barry: I distract Savitar long enough for you to get people out of here.
Y/N: Okay. Be back in a flash. Flash. *laughs*
Barry: Scorch, not funny and also stay safe.
Y/N: Got it! *runs to the people* Julian?
Julian: How do you know my name?
Y/N: Um…I know everyone’s names in Central City. I have to get you out of here.
Julian: What about Y/N?
Y/N: What?
Julian: My…friend Y/N, she was with me a moment ago and now I can’t find her.
Y/N: We don’t have time to look for her right now!
Julian: Then I’m not leaving without her!
Y/N: I’ll get her out of here! But first you!
Julian: Fine.
Y/N: *runs to a safe place* Stay here.
Julian: Find Y/N. Please. I don’t know what I’d do without her.
Y/N: I…I mean she really means a lot to you huh?
Julian: Yes she does.


😂😂😂 Jinson auditioning at a casting
JY passed… JS… 😂!

cr. GOT_7_CHAI

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Shower Favor

Author: @riversong-Sam

Request: Anonymous asked:
Yay can I have a Dean x male reader with Dean needing a favor 😉😉 from his lover?? Idc what the favor is really, but the more random the better, thank you 😊

Parings: Dean x Reader

Word count: 196

It’d been six weeks since Dean threw out his shoulder. Ever since he’d been having trouble lifting his arm above his head. Dean was beyond frustrated even with his boyfriends help. He couldn’t reach the dishes above him, or scratch his head very well. He was even more frustrated when he couldn’t wash his own hair, which was his dilemma now. He really didn’t want to have to call (Y/N) in. Biting back his pride he stuck his head out of the bathroom, “(Y/N)?”

He rushed over instantly hearing Dean, “yea baby?”

“I uh… Can you do me a favor?”

“Of course anything for you ” he replied coming into the bathroom.

Dean was blushing slightly, “ can you help me wash my hair?” He asked quietly (Y/N) smiled and stripped down, “on your knees Dee. You’re too tall for me.” (Y/N) says climbing in as Dean obeys kneeling in front of (Y/N) as he starts washing deans hair. Dean found himself enjoying the feeling of his boyfriend washing his hair as he rested his head against (Y/N)s stomach. “Thank you baby.” Dean murmurs contentedly. “You’re welcome Dean i love you.” (Y/N) smiled “I love you too ”


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The first time I tried bottoming the guy was playing Maxwell and his chihuahua was in the room. So like already I’m mentally under duress and being attacked by evil energy on all sides. So like he did his little salad tossing thing (gave it 2 stars, didn’t recommend to my friends) and like tried to run up in it you know? I wanted to ask if he was high but he definitely was we shared a blunt and laughed our asses off at the fairytale episode of family guy but anyways. So here he is knocking on my back door but the deadbolts locked and I don’t have the key. After like 15 minutes of this hell (I kept telling myself maybe this is fine. His peckers small, maybe it’ll find its way in somehow) he n******* on my back and fell asleep. I’m in this strangers house, don’t know where NOTHING is. With my back looking like a basquiat painting. Anyways my ass was sore for a few days and that was when I knew bottoming just wasn’t for me.