n a t i c

2k ! ! ! ! !

I  c a n ’ t believe i t ?? 2,000 people think my blog is worth following !! It’s so surreal omg !! I honestly love each and every one of you, and I’m eternally grateful for all your support and your encouragment!! 

Thinking back to when I first started posting on this blog allll the way back in December, I never in my wildest dreams would’ve thought I’d be where I am now !! My time so far in this community has been wonderful, I have met some incredibile people and made many close friends !! I hope you all continue to enjoy my blog for many more months to come !! 

hehehe! I’m going to have to start working on some gifts for you all !!! 

anonymous asked:

i feel my friendship going down dnp heart eye level roads and i really hope for it to but also b e i n ne gle c t e d idk


but then again you’re talking to a hopeless romantic so of course i’d say that right

// A. e. s. t. h. e. t. i. c & d   e   m   o   n  s \

  • hi guys : just wanna do somthing little bit diffrent , requests are open , if you like an aesthetic post with your fav person/ YTer / celebrity , hit me up with colors and their names 
Uncharacteristically Accurate Spark
  • Candela: [takes out a jar of ping pong balls] It’s called “Guess How Many Ping Pong Balls Are In The Jar?”
  • Spark: Umm… [studies the jar] …237.
  • [the other two look at him warily]
  • Candela: Spark… how did you know that?
  • Spark: …Isn’t it obvious?
  • [the other two take a step back]