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SO    IVE    BEEN    INFORMED                    hella    last    minute    that    im    supposed    to    be    attending    a    birthday    party    tomorrow    and    im    recycling    outfits    bc    im    lazy    and    poor    so    help  .        i    wouldnt    wear    the    tights    with    the    dress    but    im    c onflicted    bc    like    self    confidence   ??      what’s    that   ??

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A theory that Damien/Dark is in constant pain because their body is broken. Literally broken. He constantly hurts everywhere, no amount of medication can begin to numb the pain. He hated it t first, every day was a near struggle to even get up but now it's a reminder of why he did what he did. What his goal is. It's a reminder of what happened at the mansion, what Mark did to him, to Celine, to us, to the Colonel. One pain he can't get over, however, is the pain in his stomach.

S T O P  M A K I N G  M E  F E E L  T H I N G S

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C A N I K I L L YOU P I C E O F W O R T H L E S S L I V E I N G W I T H A R T O F A 2 A G E K I D A N D C A R E L E S S F R I E N D S W H O A R E F R I E N D S W H I T Y O U O N L Y C U Z O F P O P U L A R I T I =) I H O P E I S E E A F A I L L I K E Y O U D E A D I N H E L L •w•

Did a two year old send this to me?? I mean thanks for sending me an ask though!! Hehe, you didn’t have to waste your time tho writing illegable garbage tho

Reasons why Peter Parker is a Disaster™ with secret identities:

  • Makes his spiderwebs in school, during class, with 20+ students and teachers present.
  • Talks vocally about how he stole Cap’s shield and then got beaten up. In a fucking silent gym hall where sound BOUNCES DON’T U KNOW THAT PETER UR SUPPOSED TO BE A NERD-
  • Anyway
  • Blatantly just fuckin. Jumps over 13 ft. fences bc he feels like it. Is Incapable of just Walking Normally like Normal Humans. Beneath him.
  • “Time to go on my daily patrol!” “hm. Where should I go to change out of my everyday clothes and turn into the mystery hero?” “oh, I know!” A FUCKING ALLEY IN PLAIN VIEW OF EVERYONE COME ON PETER
  • Seems to just regularly wear his suit under his clothes? Because there are no ways that could go wrong. At all.
  • Takes his fucking mask off and sits on a roof to brood over his crush whilst she stands under a HUGE ASS WINDOW WHERE ANYONE WHO JUST. VAGUELY TILTED THEIR HEAD UPWARD COULD CLEARLY SEE HIM.
  • For some reason decides it is a Good Idea to take his school bag with him on missions? And wears his school jacket over the suit? Do you….,.,. sweetie are you trying to get caught here?
  • Leaves both his suit+his web fluid in The Most Top Secret of places,,,, the impenetrable fortress that is,,,.,..,.underneath a school locker.
  • Is Generally A Bumbling Fool 
  • Tony u need to teach ur kid some fucking superhero etiquette what on Earth is this

hey you know what makes me furious? all the negative portrayals of Christians in fiction media. We’re not supposed to be hateful and intolerant of every little flaw, we’re not supposed to just /say/ we’re Christians and then do things like cuss have affairs and just… s i n without caring about it. That’s how SO many people write Christians, and it’s inaccurate to how we’re supposed to act and downright infuriating.