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Feral!Adrien ask: What happens the first time Marinette gives him human food to try (perhaps croissants or cookies)?


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The thing with the jungle is that there are no decent ovens. Marinette is no Chloé Bourgeois, for sure, and she wasn’t about to complain about the lack of luxurious amenities in their camp. But Marinette truly does miss her family’s oven sometimes. Baking cakes that are up to Dupain-Cheng standards is out of the question; don’t even get her started on how the forest humidity will melt any kind of frosting. But she can make an acceptable version of her sugar cookies, at least, and she makes sure it’s the best sugar cookies the camp has ever tasted in their whole life.

The rangers warned everyone to be careful about bringing food outside the camp perimeter. Stick to trail mix bars wrapped in paper, they’d said, for everyone’s safety. No one wants to get into fights with mischievous monkeys, after all.

But being a baker’s daughter and the camp’s cook, Marinette always has some kind of food on her person. She does remember to remove the said food before she goes into the jungle to sketch, but that day almost immediately after she arrived, Adrien starts sniffing her arm with more gusto than he usually does.

“Chaton,” Marinette scolds as she gently swats him away, “what did I say about the sniffing?”

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WE’RE ALL FAMILIAR WITH THE TALE OF ROBIN HOOD ——– stole from the rich, gave to the poor, blah blah blah. but what about a thief that’s sort of like robin hood IF robin hood stole precious, priceless technology and sold it to the highest, villainous bidders? which is just a long way to say —- NOTHING like robin hood. move over, goody goody green-tights, there’s a new prolific thief in town; the illustrious RED X of the hit cartoon TEEN TITANS 2003. originally established in march of 2017, he’s BACK and ready to ROB YOU BLIND ! just hit that like and/or reblog if you’re interested in this somewhat lovable sticky-fingered shithead. 

  • What I say: I love the 'enemies to lovers' trope
  • What people think I mean: I get off on violence. I think hate sex is the best, don't think healthy and stable relationships are 'interesting' enough, and I purposefully sabotage all my relationships. I frequently ship characters with their abusers and consider dragging someone along and domestic violence 'grey areas' because if you look at context it really just means they love each other.
  • What I actually mean: I love it when two people who hate each other, whether it be seemingly clashing personalities, or actual literal enemies (always enemies who balance each other out. Not 'anti-hero/villain guy constantly harasses heroine girl', but two people who are evenly matched and can hold their own against each other and even in hatred have somewhat respect for the other) who are fighting on opposite sides of a struggle, come together on equal ground and realize that they have more in common than they previously thought. When the two finally join the same side, whether it's due to the redemption of one character or what have you, they may not get along at first, but with time and effort the two eventually find themselves friends with the other. Only *after* they have an established trust and friendship do they then start to have romantic feelings for the other. The 'enemies to lovers' trope does not work if you cannot put 'friend' between the two.

I was hoping that Neville would assist me with the first stage of the operation, and I am sure he will perform it admirably.”  - Remus Lupin

as far as i am concerned, this operation-speak was a slip and is canon proof that the marauders used military-speak (operation, stages, point position, code names) when they were mayhem-making.