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Tbh like the movie played out like they were toeing the line about including violent racism. Like they killed off mikes parents n left him w his grandpa and the bully hates mike the most going as far to say that he wished he could've killed mikes parents himself. Hell mike has one line about how grandpa warned him about mixing with the townsfolk. But then they just ... Didnt follow through and so he becomes the fourth ghostbuster which is a Shane because chosen is a fantastic actor mmm

And like part 2 has like as a big character but he’s separate from the group and isn’t a part of the big kill scene ? So the only way to salvage his character ass in at I on is to edit part 2 like they edited part 1 n I doubt they’ll do that ?

It almost seems like one of those things where they don’t want to deal with the racism storyline in depth because they don’t want people to react as if the movie itself is racist (as in, “racist” because Mike and his family deal a lot with racism from white people). 

It was published in 1986, when the concept of “colorblindness” hadn’t yet turned into the avid denial of societal mistreatment of Black people and white privilege. It was still sort of in a hippie phase. Back then, people didn’t bat an eye at a hit show starring a Confederate Flag-topped car called the General Lee, and their minds were blown when Run DMC did “Walk this Way” with Aerosmith (resurrecting Aerosmith’s career, ftr) because folks did see race, and rock and rap were supposed to be mortal enemies. In 1986, 20 year olds were alive during the AA Civil Rights Movements and 30 year old would have remembered it well. People were still racist of course, but they didn’t fly into rages as easily when race was brought up, so people still thought the book was good and could handle it more in ‘90s when the TV movie came out.

Today? The GA couldn’t handle that much racial commentary in a Stephen King movie. Get Out is whitely considered a “racist” movie, but it was expected to be “racist” because Jordan Peele is known as a “race baiter.” But in a “mainstream” horror movie, it would be too much.

Sorry for all the “air quotes”

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  • He would absolutely adore his small significant other 
  • He’s such a gentleman and he loves to help you out 
  • If there’s something you can’t reach he’ll get it for you 
  • Or sometimes he’ll just pick you up so you can reach it
  • Which often ends with deep chuckles and a couple of jokes
  • He’ll never make too much fun of your height 
  • Though he’ll occasionally try to subtly joke about it 
  • ‘Oh, I didn’t see you down there Y/N’
  • Or he’ll sometimes grab things and hold them up so you can’t reach
  • But if someone else does he always gets super angry
  • And he always tells you about how much he loves your height
  • His favorite thing to do is cuddle with you 
  • He thinks you’re the perfect height for cuddling 
  • So he’ll constantly have his arms wrapped around you 

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Rusty-James: "how do you politely tell someone that you want them naked on top of you"please?? <3 ~genderfluidsodapopcurtis

a:n/ omg bless i love writing from rumble fish, i’ll make this a rusteve imagine just for you ;) @genderfluidsodapopcurtis

rusty-james, patty, and steve were all hanging out at patty’s place. steve had went to the bathroom, and rusty-james pulled patty into another room, to get some advice from her about how he felt about steve. he had been having these uncanny feelings about steve. they were deep, vehemence kind of feelings for him. rj didn’t even look at any other girl, because the stuff he did with them he’d rather do with steve. he needed to tell someone, and patty was the only one he could really trust. little did he know patty knew all about his feelings for steve, she was waiting for him to come to her and tell her himself. she made a bet with the motorcycle boy to see how long he would last, it was obvious to him too. she knew when he pulled her in that room that he was going to tell her. ‘dammit, i lost the bet.’ she thought to herself as rusty-james closed the door. 

“patty, listen, i gotta tell ya somethin’ and you gotta swear not to tell anyone. i mean it. not steve.. not your ma or your siblings.. no one.” there was an utter seriousness in his voice, and he was starting to tremble so he just leaned against the door, stuffing his hands in his pockets of his leather jacket even though they were getting way too sweaty for his liking. “sure rusty-james, i won’t tell anyone. now, what is it?” she asks, acting oblivious to the whole situation. she knew what was coming, but she had to act like she didn’t. “alright, now just keep this open minded.. i think i’m-” his voice was quavering, so he stopped. he took in all the air he could get and let out a somewhat shaky sigh, before finishing his statement. “i may be gay for steve, well shit that’s a fucking lie, i am gay for steve. there’s just something about him.. i don’t know. after you broke up with me, he was the only one there for me. my brother was outta town again, and my father was probably knocked up in some bar, so i only had him. then i realized i wanted him to be in my life until i’m like- 6 feet under. man, i probably sound crazy or something.” he let out a nervous chuckle, looking straight down at the woven carpet that made up the floors of most of the house. patty knew she couldn’t pretend to act surprised, she had to be honest with him. he did trust her, and she was always honest with him. “i already knew that, rusty james.” she said in her usual soft voice, but she was very blunt and concise. when he said that his eyes shot up, his eyes dilated with shock. he had completely forgotten that the walls were very thin, and he talked unbelievably loud, so steve could hear every word. it was manifest to steve though, he hadn’t even looked at a girl in weeks and steve had noticed it. he just couldn’t believe out of all people, rusty-james could have a crush on a nerd like him. he had a crush on rj for the longest time, even when he was with patty, but he had kept it hidden pretty well. 

“wha-? how? how did you fucking know?” his voice boomed throughout the small room as he went closer to her, still not believing that she could’ve known what he thought he kept secret for weeks. “oh come on rusty-james, it was so obvious! you haven’t even laid a hand on a girl for a while, because i would know. plus, i always catch you making goo goo eyes at him. don’t deny it, i know you do it. even your brother knows you like the kid.” she says, holding back a laugh because if she let it out, it would only set him off even more. he was like a ticking time bomb to her when he got angry, he was gonna blow up at any second. but if you tweaked a few things, it would deactivate, for rusty-james, it meant he would just let this slide. he just cussed under his breathe and he let his hands out of his pockets, taking his jacket off and throwing it somewhere on the floor. he sat down in a small love seat that was in the room and he looked over at her, his arms resting on his knees. “patty, you and him are the only one who knows right?” he asked through gritted teeth, he was holding back his rage the best he could because steve was still in the house. he would’ve went and blew off some steam by getting into a fight, but he knew steve hated him being fights. so he stayed, for him. he didn’t know exactly why he was so mad, he just was. maybe because he thought that patty thought of this all as a joke. or maybe he was mad at himself for not hiding it well enough. “yeah, i swear we’re the only two that know.” she says sincerely, walking over to where he was sitting and she sat down in front of him, just picking at the loose strings that the carpet was made of. rusty-james just nodded, feeling a little better after knowing that no one else found out. ‘what would smokey think? and bj? if they found out i was a homosexual, i’d loose my respect for sure.’ he wondered. “so uh, now that you know, how do you politely tell someone that you want them naked on top of you?” he says, making it seem like a joking manner but he was dead serious. he had thought about it a while, and he just had to ask. he didn’t wanna flat out and ask him, now that would just be weird. patty let out a small giggle, soon seeing the look on rusty-james’ face and she knew he wasn’t kidding. “well, um-” she paused, trying to think through this odd question. 

steve heard him ask that and he couldn’t help but let out a quiet laugh himself, ‘at least he asked how to do it politely’, he thought. but steve couldn’t take it, just standing outside the door and planning out every possible outcome if he opened the door and just screamed ‘i like you too rusty-james!’ or something like that. he would have to come up with something better then that. lost in his thoughts, he didn’t even realize rusty-james had opened the door to find him standing there. rj’s heart immediately started beating a hundred miles per minute, his hands instantly getting clammy again and his face was completely flushed. he was glad he had taken that jacket off, he was burning up. and not only in looks. “steve.. did you hear what i said-” steve didn’t respond to him, instead he had pressed his lips against rj’s. he had only kissed once in his life, so he was hoping he was doing it right. rusty-james stood there,completely frozen. he knew he couldn’t let steve keep kissing him on his own, ‘the kid is doing it all wrong’, he thought. after all, this was what he had wanted for a while now. he cupped steve’s face in his calloused hands, taking control of the kiss now. it had felt just as good as they both had imagined it, even more really. patty sighed admiringly as they shared that kiss. “there’s my boys..” she mumbled to herself, a soft smile appearing on her face.

they continued kissing for a little while longer before they had both pulled away, both reddened deeply in the face and breathing a little quicker then before the kiss. “oh and about that question, i wouldn’t mind lying on top of you naked.” steve whispers in rusty-james’ ear, still blushing as he put his glasses back on that were clipped onto the collar of his shirt. “come over to my place then, tonight.” rusty-james whispers back to him before pecking his cheek. “see ya later nerds.” he says while laughing happily, trying to hide the fact that he was so giddy inside. steve watched him leave, a smile forming on his face. he said goodbye to patty before walking home himself. as both of the boys walked home, in separate directions, they could both still feel the other’s lips on theirs. it was a feeling they never wanted to stop having. 

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You should make more art. It's amazing but like two blogs...you sure you can handle that much of your awesomeness?

Awww you’re sweet ;u; but I’ll definitely try n post more art here more often for you guys!


Starting a writing blog

Rip me making a n o t h e r side blog

I’ll rb all my writing on this blog and then post everything from now on to that blog so ppl who are interested can see it without it getting buried on my main

Grown up men can still be boys 🙄

I’ll be the first to say N is a joker. Definitely the class clown and I love it, normally. Our humor meshes well but omg, sometimes I want to throat punch him.

I was tired tonight, but excited about the prospect of starting this new job soon. I remembered that I had bought a few new “professional apparel” items a while back, in case I had to interview again, so I wanted to try them on. I ran to the car, got them, and tried on an outfit and had N take a photo.

He loves doctoring up silly photos and was keeping my phone for longer than he needed, so I figured that’s what he was up to. I asked him to stop messing around but he wanted to finish the photo. I know it’s dumb but I was pretty sad because I was so excited. I wanted him to be excited too and stop messing around for just second but no luck.

Eventually he gave me the phone and it was a dumb picture where he enlarged my head and sent it to some of my friends🙄 luckily he sent it to @sh-aron and she gave lots of compliments ❤ love you!

This is pointless and I know I acted and felt how I did because I’m overtired and anxious, soooooooo, on that note, time for me to hit the hay.

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You know bnha was on my watchlist but I was just meh about it and I've been deprived of wifi for the longest time but after coming across your art I'll probably binge watch all the aired stuff because it gave me a floofy heart that hardly fits in my chest *heart eyes*


oh hELLLOOO– BOII You’re in for one hell of a ride once you meet these young shounen n see their actual relationship lmaoo fcghjkf

nahh but for real, if i had to compare HQ ships, bakudeku would be closer to Kagehina…but like worse lmao ;;; bUT the fluff be still there ;7; least I like to think so ahaha… OTL
and Kirideku would come closer to daisuga/UkaTake

as Kiribaku with IwaOi/KuroTsuki ….on some level just cuz Tsun Baku

rip I dunno if it’ll turn u around cuz of Bakugou’s canon treatment towards Deku in the beginning but personally I love how much more complex their relationship goes beyond what they first appear to be. There’s like…as many layers in their relationship as there are layers in my painttools SAI drawing lmao ;;;; 

tho whichever ship side you land on, I hope you enjoy this series as much as I have or at least enough ;;7;; i’ve enjoyed it so much as to fall into BNHA hell so i welcome you from down below–!! ^q^