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Worth It

Pairing: Y/N & Calum 

Words: 3400+

Warning: nsfw

Sugar Daddy Calum is what dreams are made of 


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Someone That You’re With

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Someone That You’re With

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Hi (: Dean x reader please. The trio head to a bar and the reader gets smashed. Dean wants to take her home but sam offers and tells him to go to a girl thats been eyeing him all night. Sam takes care of reader and stays in her bed so she doesn’t choke on vomit. When dean gets home in the morn he sees his brother shirtless next to the girl he likes(who is in her undies)he freaks and yells and reader has a headache so just goes along with it to make dean jealous and goes on until reader stops? (:

Authors Note: OMG it worked at least I think it did. This post let my copy and paste a hyperlink from Word on a PC. Insert happy dance.



‘Y/N, let’s go!’ Dean yelled banging on the door.

‘I need more than three minutes to get ready, Dean. At least 10 to wash all the damn blood off me,’ she yelled.

Dean sighed, he knew she was right, but still. He wanted to unwind, this last case was horrible. He got flashbacks of Y/N’s face crumpling with pain as the knife pushed into her side. He’d never felt his blood run as cold as it did then. He truly thought they’d lost her. He sent yet another silent prayer of thanks to Cas for showing up when he did.  Dean listened as the water turned off and Y/N moved around the bathroom.

‘How about I meet you there?’ Y/N suggested, opening the door. Her hair still dripping from the shower.

Dean hesitated and looked at her before looking at the door.
‘It’s not that far, I will be fine.’

‘Are you fine though? You’re feeling ok to drive?’

‘I feel great, Cas did a good job.’

Dean nodded and looked over her again. God, she was hot. And he needed to get out of there soon or he was going to break his one rule about relationships and hunting.

‘Alright, we’ll meet you there. Call if you need me to come get you.’

‘Sure,’ she smiled.

She watched as he left and felt her smile fade. The guy gave her whiplash. One minute she thought he was interested in her. The next, nothing. Tonight though, she was going to find out once and for all. She had almost died earlier and she had decided life was too short. She wasn’t going to keep wondering, keep hoping. It was now or never.

She walked back into the bathroom and got ready.

Dean smiled at the blonde who had been checking him out since they arrived at the bar.

‘I thought Y/N’s close call would have sent you blurting out the truth to her, not running in the opposite direction,’ Sam commented.

‘Shut up Sammy.’

‘I’m serious, Dean. You’re that obsessed with her and yet you won’t make a move. She almost died today and what do you do? Instead of telling her you love her, holding her close and being grateful she survived you try and hook up with some floozy.’

Dean glared at his brother.

‘You’re an idiot.’

Dean looked up as the door opened and saw Y/N in some kind of short gold and black patterned skirt and a loose, see-through, ¾ length sleeve shirt. He shifted uncomfortably, as he watched her rake her fingers through her hair and push it out her eyes. He watched as she spotted the two men and her face lit up. She was hot. As she got closer he noticed the cami under her shirt and he was grateful, if it was just a bra, he would have dragged her out the back then and there.

He nodded as she gestured to see if the boys wanted another drink, as she she headed to the bar. He watched the way other men leered at her and struggled to fight back his jealousy.

‘Different look,’ Dean commented, as she handed him his drink.

‘Yeah well, it’s been collecting dust in my cupboard, figured I might as well use it.’

Dean watched as she took a drink and smiled at him.

‘So, what did I miss?’

‘Nothing much.’

Y/N watched as Dean looked over at the blonde and smiled. Her heart shattered, he wasn’t interested. She dropped her eyes to the table, but not before catching Sam’s sympathetic smile. Y/N took a drink and contemplated her options. She wasn’t the one night stand type. Although right now, it was tempting.

Dean got up and got the next round of drinks, and Y/N watched as he flirted with the blonde he’d been eyeing off earlier. She was even more horrified when he had the waiter bring the drinks over so he could stay and chat.

She felt the tears burning in her eyes and fought them back.

‘I’m so sorry Y/Nny,’ Sam said.

‘So am I,’ she said quietly, downing her drink and ordering a bottle of whiskey and a couple of glasses. ‘To Dean,’ she said raising her glass to Sam.

She watched as Sam frowned at her, confused.

‘Here’s hoping his one night stand is tight enough she makes it worth it,’ she downed the glass and poured another.

Sam groaned silently and glared at his brother. Tonight was going to be hell.

‘Am I not slutty enough?’ Y/N asked after ¼ of the bottle.

‘You don’t need to be slutty, Dean’s just too scared. He likes you, Y/N.’

They watched as he laughed at something the blonde said.

‘Shows,’ she grumbled.

She continued to drink and Sam continued to worry about her.

‘Let’s go find a hunt,’ she slurred.

‘Ah, no. Sweetie, you’re smashed and emotional. Not a good time to be hunting.’

‘I hunt better when I’m upset.’

‘You die better too,’ Sam pointed out.

‘That was one time,’ she groaned, holding up four fingers.

‘Maybe we should head back to the bunker,’ Sam suggested. ‘Get a coffee, watch a movie, pass out.’

‘Nope,’ Y/N told him simply. ‘I’m gonna drink, till I can’t remember…’

Sam watched as she screwed up her face.

‘Remember what?’ he chuckled, shifting the hair out of her face, before she drunk it with the glass she was downing.

‘Argh! I don’t remember,’ she sulked, dropping her head to the table.

‘Hey Sweetheart,’ Dean frowned as he approached. ‘You ok?’

He watched as she rolled her head and looked at him, she was wasted. He’d never seen her this drunk before.

‘No. I can’t remember.’

‘Remember what?’ Sam asked, watching as she rolled her face across the table, and looked at him.

‘What I wanted to forget.’

‘That’s probably a good sign we should go.’

‘Not yet. I’m still sober.’

‘No, you are so far from sober it’s no longer funny,’ Dean commented, concerned.

‘What does that matter?’ she mumbled into the table. Pulling faces against the cool shiny surface.

Sam watched as her cheeks puffed out amused. She looked like a little kid pulling faces against a glass window. He went to lean over her to pull her up, as she jumped up, smashing her head into his chin.

‘My name, I wanted to forget my name,’ she squealed.

‘Sure, that makes sense, given everything else,’ Sam winced, rubbing his jaw.

She poured herself another drink and Dean watched as she downed it.

‘Come on, Sweetheart, let’s get you to bed.’

‘I may not know my name,’ she frowned at Dean. ‘but I know I’m not your, Sweetheart. Not anymore. Not that I ever was. She is though,’ she muttered.

Her words stung and Dean felt his chest get tight. He fought to keep the tears from welling up and just nodded. He had no idea what was going on, but for her to say that. It killed him.

Sam looked at Dean and saw the pain and hurt as it ripped through him. He couldn’t help but feel the guy deserved it. Maybe he will learn his lesson.

‘Sure, Y/N,’ Dean said quietly.

‘That’s my name?’ she asked Sam, shocked, grabbing the front of his shirt. ‘I’m Y/N?’ she laughed.

‘Yeah Y/Nny it is,’ he chuckled.

She looked at him wide eyed and grabbed his shirt with both hands.

‘No, it can’t be. It’s a sucky name. I need something better,’ she declared, shaking him trying to get her point across.


She pulled Sam in closer and went to whisper in his ear but burst out into a fit of giggles and collapsed against him.

She poured another drink and went to drink it when Sam stopped her. She tried to snatch the glass spilling whiskey over the both of them.

‘Dude, you drunk,’ she snorted, looking at Sam.

‘Sure Sweetie, because you’re so sober,’ Sam chuckled.

‘Let’s go home, Y/N,’ Dean said quietly, watching the scene. The pain he felt earlier only growing when she didn’t tell Sam off for calling her Sweetie. He panicked then, that maybe she liked Sam. That he was never going to get a chance.

‘You know what. I’ll go home, I’m all wet anyway,’ she snorted. ‘You go find your blonde friend and take her home, before she moves on.’

‘It’s fine, Y/N. You’re more important, you need to go get some sleep.’

‘She’s the reason you wanted to get out so bad. Take it,’ Y/N snapped. Grabbing her jacket and stumbling in her heels. Sam grabbed her and held up her.

‘Thanks, Darling,’ she slurred, grabbing her glass.

Dean took it out of her hand and sighed.

‘I’ve got her, Dean. You stay and enjoy yourself,’ Sam said. ‘You’ve had your eye on her all night, make use of it.’

Dean watched as his brother took her home. He knew she was in good hands, that Sam would look after her. But he couldn’t help but worry. He sighed and went back to the blonde. His enthusiasm wanning. He knew he should be there with her. He knew he should be taking care of her. But he struggled to bring himself to do it.

He had rules for a reason. To keep her safe. To protect himself from the pain of losing her. To protect them both if he was stupid enough to screw up.

Sam helped Y/N stumble into her room. He sighed watching her, she was a mess. She went to the bathroom and threw up. Sam holding her hair back so she didn’t get it in there. She reeked of whiskey. They both did, thanks to the fight for the glass earlier.

He watched as she tried to brush her teeth but failed. She yanked her shirt of and pushed off her skirt and climbed into bed.

Sam considered leaving, but watched she dry retched and settled. There was no way he could safely leave her tonight. She’d probably choke on her vomit. And then Dean would kill him and be devastated.

He looked around for somewhere to sit and groaned. Y/N room consisted of one double bed, a wardrobe and a dresser. He kicked his shoes off and climbed in next to Y/N, knowing she wouldn’t mind or care.

He struggled with the smell of the whisky, smoke and stale beer on his shirt. He stripped it off and tossed it across the room. He considered going back to his room to find a clean outfit, but he watched as she heaved in her sleep and sighed again. He wasn’t going anywhere.

Sleep came to him, regardless of how hard he fought it off. He woke the next morning to Dean yelling at them.

‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?!’

Dean looked at the scene in front of him, both Y/N and Sam were asleep barely clothed. Y/N curled up against Sam’s chest. His heart broke. She did like him. Dean hated himself and Sam so much in that instant. And Y/N, yes he hated her too. He hated her for being so perfect, for suckering him in, for making him fall in love. He hated her for the pain that she caused him.

‘Shh,’ Sam hissed sleepily.

‘Shh? That’s all you have to say. You sleep with Y/N and all I get it shh?’

Sam looked down and saw Y/N laying on his chest. He remembered something about her bursting into tears in her sleep because she was a pathetic loser. He hugged her and they both fell asleep.

‘Dean, keep your voice down.’

‘She’s my girl Sammy, how could you?’ Dean growled.

‘For her to be your girl you’d actually have to make a move and tell her you’re interested. Not leave her feeling like crap while you go hook up,’ Sam snapped, pissed that she was now stirring.

Y/N blinked sleepily and groaned.

‘Turn off the light, please,’ she whined.

Dean flicked the light off and took in her hung over appearance. Even like this she was gorgeous.

‘You knew damn well how I felt!’ Dean yelled.

‘Cos that showed last night and every other damn time!’ Sam growled.

‘I’m so confused,’ Y/N complained, rolling over and burying her head into a pillow.

She half listened as Dean yelled at them both, at Sam for his betrayal. For sleeping with Y/N. This got her attention. They didn’t have sex, at least she hoped not. The other half of her was sobbing silently over a sore head that was only growing worse every time Dean yelled.

‘So this was you’re plan the whole time, get her drunk, distract me and steal her away!’

Y/N lifted her head off the pillow and looked at Dean like he was an idiot.

‘Hang on, back that up. Sam didn’t get me drunk, I managed that all on my own. And it’s not like I was that drunk-.’

‘Yeah, you where,’ both Winchester’s said at once.

‘Whatever. You happily chased that blonde, without any encouragement. She’s all on you, Dean. At least I’m assuming she was, how was that by the way? She looked like she knew what she was doing.’

Dean glared at her.

‘As for Sam stealing me. He didn’t, you pushed him. You pushed us both,’ she snapped.

Dean’s face went a shade of red neither Sam nor Y/N had ever seen and he let out another tirade of abuse.

‘Thanks for that,’ Sam sighed into her ear.

‘You’re welcome,’ she grinned, kissing his cheek and rolling over so she could look at Dean.

She had to admit the situation looked bad. She was in almost nothing, Sam only slightly better and she really didn’t remember much.

‘We didn’t right?’ she mumbled into his ear.

Sam shook his head and shifted her hair that was tickling him.

‘She was never yours to do this to,’ Dean yelled.

Y/N’s head was pounding so bad by now that she thought she was going to throw up from the pain.

‘And who’s was I, Dean?’ she snapped weakly.

‘Mine. You were supposed to be, mine,’ Dean whispered. His anger giving away to pain, tears filling his eyes. ‘It’s all I ever wanted.’

Y/N looked over at Sam, who nodded and got out her bed and found his shirt and left.

‘You’ve got a funny way of showing it.’

‘I couldn’t, I have rules. You could die by being with me.’

‘Apparently, I could without being with you, so that arguments null and void.’

‘None of it matters now. You’re his,’ Dean spat.

‘I’m not.’

Dean scoffed at her, and ran a hand over his face.

‘I passed out, woke up crying because I wasn’t good enough. Sam hugged me and I fell asleep again. We didn’t do anything. My clothes are missing, cos well I can’t answer that. I have absolutely no idea. But we didn’t do anything thing. And if we did, Sam did it while I was stone cold out of it. Which he wouldn’t do.’

‘No,’ Dean admitted quietly, ‘he wouldn’t.’

‘I got drunk, because well you were with her. Once again, off hooking up and I was left longing for a man who had no interest in me. One I’ll never be good enough for.’

Dean looked over at Y/N and saw the tears in her eyes. He went to comment but was interrupted by a knock on the door and Sam came in with some water and pain killers.

‘Sorry, but she’s going to need this.’

Dean nodded and watched as Y/N smiled at Sam. That same smile she always gave him. He knew then nothing happened. And felt like crap for the abuse and yelling. She was hung over and hell and he no doubt didn’t help the situation.

Sam left the room again and YN felt around on the floor and pulled on a pair of trackies that she normally wore to bed.

‘I’m sorry, Sweetheart,’ he said, sitting down on her bed.

‘So am I, Dean.’

The two sat quietly for a while.

‘I want to be the one you’re with every night. That someone you curl up against,’ Dean admitted. ‘But that’s not worth losing you over.’

‘The fear of losing me is worth never being that person I’m with?’

Dean considered what she said. Was she worth that? Were they worth that risk?

‘Regardless, I’m sorry but I need to lay down before I throw up,’ she admitted, lying back down and pulling her blankets up.

Dean brushed the hair out of her eyes and sat back and watched as she drifted in and out of sleep. She was worth moving mountains for, she was worth dying for, giving up this life to be with. Hell, he’d sell his soul, make a deal and not bother trying to get out of it for her. She was worth far more than that risk. But he couldn’t stop thinking about what happened if she died.

He ran his finger along her jaw and smiled at her.

‘You’re worth more than I could ever give you,’ he said quietly.

‘And despite that, you are still all she wants,’ Sam said softly from the door. ‘You’ve got your chance at happiness, Dean. Take it. I doubt she will stick around if you don’t.’

Dean looked at her once again and watched ash she stirred and rolled over. Before getting up.

Sam watched sadly as Dean walked off down the hall towards his room. With nothing left he could do for either of them, we went and shut himself in his room.

Dean came back and stood in her door way, a little bit later watching her sleep, hoping he had made the right choice.  

Y/N woke up a little while later to dark room, memories flooding back of everything that happened. Dean’s rant and confession, all of it. She rolled onto her back and fought against a flood of tears. He wanted her as much as she did him. But he wouldn’t give up his stupid rules for it.

‘So,’ a voice said. ‘Can I be that someone that you’re with?’

Y/N looked over and watched as Dean pushed off her dresser and came over to the bed.

‘You’re worth the risk Y/N. You always have been. But what if you die because of me?’

‘Then I die happy and loved, with no regrets.’

He smiled at her, ‘Yeah, you would. I guess we both would.’

He sat down on the edge of the bed and ran his fingers through her hair.

‘It’s stupid and risky.’

‘So just another day in the lives of us.’

Dean laughed, ‘Yeah I guess. I can’t guarantee you will be safe. I’ll fight for you, hell I’d die trying to achieve that. But once word gets out, once they know how much I care about you. They might come and…’

‘Dean, it’s the same risk that’s always been there for me. I’m a hunter, and I hunt with you and Sam. You two have enemies that would use me just because I’m a friend.’

He nodded, ‘So?’ he asked.


‘Can I be that someone?’

She smiled at him, a bright, happy emotion filled smile, that seemed to light up the dark room.

Dean leant down and kissed her. It was only meant to be brief, but once he started he struggled to stop, both getting lost in it. He lay down next to her and pulled her in tight as he breathed her in and savoured the feel of her skin. She was definitely worth it.

anonymous asked:

Time travellers bellarke au they're the only time travellers alive and now and again they bump into each other over the universe and always end up in trouble together saving each other

title: time is the longest distance between two places
wc: 3400

a/n: apparently i am incapable of writing a drabble | ao3


October 1905

She first saw him as he passed the small dress shop she was working at. It was before it all happened. Clarke was seventeen, trying to learn a trade to support her family after her father was killed in elevated rail accident.

He was smiling, talking to a small girl with similar olive skin and dark hair. His eyes crinkled when he laughed— but then he was gone. Clarke settled back into her sewing and a year later she felt the first circuit pulling at her.


April 2005

She was confused, a warm prickling sensation behind her eyes erupted and her vision began to blur. She squeezed her eyes shut and when she opened them again, she was standing in the middle of the road— strange machines blaring alarm at her.

A girl named Raven found her— she told her what was happening, that she was a Traveler. That she would travel through time and that there were people, acolytes, everywhen to help her adjust to each circuit.

Her senses were in overdrive. Why was 2005 so loud? Her head was pounding and not because she was about to travel again, but because she had been ripped from every time and place she’d ever known.

The first few months, Clarke stayed with Raven, poring over history books and researching fashion and customs and memorizing presidents. Four months after she arrived in 2005, Clarke felt the warm prickle for the second time and Raven took her to the channel and explained that if she left from a channel, she’d arrive in one and it would be easier to contact the acolytes and adjust to the new period.

“But just remember—”

But Clarke left before she finished that sentence.

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