n 2x01

Aaaaand the Face Palm Award Goes To...
  • 2x01:
  • Toby: Welcome back Kotter!
  • Walter: Who?
  • 2x06:
  • Cabe: Come on, John McClane.
  • Walter: Who's John McClane?
  • Cabe: Some guy in a movie...
  • ...
  • Ray: Dude! It's just like that movie!
  • Walter: Oh yeah, with John McCain?
  • Ray: Not quite.
  • 2x14:
  • Paige: I don't know. You'd have to ask Elton John.
  • *Insert Mega WAIGE Flirting Session Here*
  • Walter: Okay, I'll tell you the truth as long as you answer a question for me first.
  • Paige: Okay!
  • Walter: Who's Elton John?