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T H E F I G U R E S K A T I N G E X P E R I E N C E™

youtube: vol. 1, vol. 2

a non-comprehensive playlist of definitive music and moments in the life of a modern skating fan

volume 1:
isu fanfare - international skating union (0:28)
chambermaid swing - parov stelar (5:44)
spider-man theme - michael bublé (3:04)
pchan raves about yuna - dj bijoux (3:30)
YeeeEEEeeaaAAAAaaaHHH - adelina sotnikova 2012-13 “burlesque” FS (4:12)
el tango de roxanne - moulin rouge soundtrack (4:43)
oooooooh - 2016 4CC replay music (1:00)
the sergei voronov experience™ - sergei voronov 2014-15 FS (4:41)
HEY! YOU! - ilinykh/katsalapov 2012-13 “ghost” FD (0:32)
feeling good - michael bublé (3:57)
million voices (eh eh eh eh eh ah ah ah ah ah) - otto knows (5:57)
ROAR - scott moir, 2013 worlds “carmen” FD (0:06)
je suis malade - lara fabian (4:24)
ICEBERG! RIGHT AHEAD! - jorik hendrickx 2015-16 “titanic” FS (4:47)
i can’t dance - genesis (4:01)
the all-purpose rach 2 cut - sergei rachmaninoff (4:12)
LOCO LOCO LOCO - shoma uno 2016-17 “balada para un loco” FS (4:51)
hard rock operatic bolero - fuji tv (1:13)
the swag song - jusreign (3:28)
sweet baby - andy hamilton, lena fiagbe, steve byrd (2:05)
tatiana tarasova reacting to maxim kovtun - tatiana tarasova (0:12; source)

volume 2:
isu fanfare - international skating union (0:28)
dirty love - johnny weir (3:38)
chimes/technologic - boyang jin 2015-16 EX (2:56)
duetto buffo di due gatti (red cat) - giacomo rossini (3:19)
bahamut - hazmat modine (3:19)
legends (techno harmonicas) - sacred spirit (7:04)
i finally found someone - barbra streisand, bryan adams (3:48)
figga please - FiggaSk8ter (3:13)
yo soy maria - astor piazzolla, horacio ferrer (3:21)
lion king dubstep remix - max aaron 2016-17 FS (1:57)
lonely (bad remix) - akon (3:56)
cowboyang - boyang jin 2016-17 EX (3:04)
my heart will go on (recorder cover) - matt mulholland (4:16)
i put a spell on you - screamin’ jay hawkins (2:26)
the phantom of the opera - kanako murakami 2014-15 FS (4:12)
moondance - michael buble (4:12)
romeo & juliet/the nutcracker remix - denis ten 2016-17 SP (2:56)
sexbomb - tom jones (3:32)
i believe i can fly/what is love - moris kvitelashvili 2015-17 SP (3:01)
iphone ringtone (MetroGnome remix) - mark webster 2016-17 SP (3:19)
#jotem - lara fabian (4:22)
oh my god i hate this event - scott moir, 2012 WTT (0:04)

Music Spells

So I was thinking about all the different ways music could be used in spell writing.. and coming up with meaningful correspondences is fun but what if it was something more formulaic? Like something along the lines of sigil making.

A spell could be as simple as a motif. It doesn’t have to be a full piece with complicated details. It could be just a few notes you would hum to yourself because they have meaning to you and they resonate a certain energy with you.

One idea I have is corresponding pitches to the letters of the alphabet.
There are 12 pitches in an octave, so the letters would be divided into 12 groups. For example,
(0) A, M, Y
(1) B, N, Z
(2) C, O
(3) D, P
(4) E, Q
(5) F, R
(6) G, S
(7) H, T
(8) I, U
(9) J, V
(10/t) K, W
(11/e) L, X
or if you would like to stick to a specific scale (let’s use an arbitrary major scale for this example),
(Do) A, H, O, V
(Re) B, I, P, W
(Mi) C, J, Q, X
(Fa) D, K, R, Y
(Sol) E, L, S, Z
(La) F, M, T
(Ti) G, N, U
For these examples I grouped the letters by having the letters follow the notes alphabetically, and then repeat notes when they ran out. But there are many other ways you could group them, for example, you could divide the alphabet by 12 pitches, and have the first 3 letters be pitch 0, the next 3 pitch 1, etc.

So for the actual spell!
This would be similar to sigils in the sense that you can write a sentence, respresenting your intent, and then using the formula, turn those into pitches!

For example, the phrase “I am safe” would be “8 0 0 6 0 5 4” using the first method, or “Re Do La Sol Do La Sol” using the second.
One you have the pitches you can be creative, by adding rhythms (maybe build phrases based on word or sentence lengths?), harmonies, articulation (maybe accents on capital letters?), etc.

I hope this gives peoples some ideas!

(Also if it’s just for small motifs like this, I am willing to do spell requests! And I can have them played or sung in whatever instrument you like!)

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Male!Mc dating the other members + Unknown and dealing with a really homophobic person, Male!Mc being really sad, how do they react? :0

headcannon all of them as gay, it just works better for what I have in mind. So this post is a whole lotta gay.


·         Yoosung grew up surrounded by people telling him he’d meet a nice girl someday, or making fun of him for never having a girlfriend

·         But his family and friends were all very accepting when he came out

·         So when you told him someone had called him a very offensive name at work after finding out you had a boyfriend

·         No

·         Nope

·         N o t h a p p e n i n g

·         This boy was ready to fight whoever dare call you that

·         He was raging around the apartment, but stopped when he saw you sitting on the bed and staring at the ground with tears in your eyes.

·         He calmed down and sat with you, hugging you close and kissing you repeatedly

·         “There is nothing wrong with you, there is nothing wrong with us. I love you more than anything and I’m never leaving you. So please, cheer up”

·         He got some ice cream and put your favourite film/tv show on, you spent the night cuddling and laughing, making good memories.


·         The two of you kept your relationship private, since it could affect Zen’s career.

·         But one day you were spotted by paparazzi, and your secret was set loose

·         It was all over the news and in newspapers the next day

·         ‘Up-and-coming Superstar Zen has been reportedly seen with another man holding hands yesterday at Cohfe Café, what’s to come of Zen’s career is yet to be seen’

·         Zen thought it was outrageous that anyone thought what he does would be effected by who he loved

·         This took a small blow on you, you felt guilt for not being more careful.

·         And because Jaehee warned you in the first place

·         But the worst part was the fans

·         A lot of fans were kind and accepting, saying how much they ‘shipped’ you and Zen

·         But, a lot of fans were not kind and accepting

·         They were the ones who were sure they’d be the one to marry Zen, and they said horrible things about you and your sexuality (not acknowledging that this was also an insult to Zen)

·         Someone, you had seen, went as far as to say you had probably been forcing him into stuff

·         Like Yoosung, Zen was furious, and when he saw how sad you were about it, it only fuelled his anger

·         At his next press conference, he’d gotten a lot of questions about you, most of them were inappropriate.

·         “Do you think you’ll change your mind about being with another man?”

·         “Have you considered how his presence effects your chance of getting a job”

·         Zen had had enough, he was over it, so he stood straight and his voice boomed over the press conference.

·         “Understand me now, and quote me if you want, I am in love with MC. MC is a man and I am very deeply in love with them. That won’t change, and neither will my mind”

·         He got off the stage and kissed you, then the two of you proudly posed for pictures and got on with your life


·         Unlike Zen, he didn’t think twice about showing you off in nice clothing and going to work parties with you

·         He never addressed tabloids talking about him or you, or how “scandalous” it was to be in a gay relationship

·         But after a while, people telling you that you were ruining his credibility and company began to affect you.

·         You got pretty sad and became more reluctant to go to parties

·         You just wanted to stay and pet Elizabeth the Third

·         Jumin noticed this, and had a hard time understanding why you cared about what other

·         Nevertheless, Jumin didn’t like seeing you so down and mopey, he truly loved your smile and although he didn’t show It, it hurt him to see you frown.

·         “MC, my love, you know I would never change my mind about you, right?”

·         “Please do not acknowledge what social media says, I truly love you and do not care what anyone has to say about you. I think you’re beautiful”

·         The two of you cuddled for the rest of the night, with Elizabeth the Third in-between the two of you.


·         You didn’t even get a chance to tell Saeyoung about how some protester stopped you on the street to lecture you about how being gay is a sin

·         Or how you told the protester you yourself were gay

·         Or how the protester spat in your face and told you you’d be going to hell

·         Because Saeyoung already knew

·         He’d heard about recent anti-same sex marriage protests in the area, so when you went out to do some shopping he followed you on security cameras

·         One of his biggest fears had always been god turning their back on him because he was gay, so he had an idea on how you felt

·         He pulled you close and kissed your head, telling you repeatedly that there was nothing wrong with you, that god was a chill person and didn’t hate you

·         And how much he loved you

·         Saeyoung made it a point that you knew how much he loved you

·         He also hacked the protesters social media accounts and posted a bunch of LGBT+ Positive stuff, changed their name to “ilovethegays” and followed a ton of accounts having to do with LGBT

·         Like, he followed over 10,000 people

·         And it wasn’t just one social media account

·         It was all of them

·         Saeran also helped by finding the protesters car and spray painting it rainbow



·         Since Saeran was either locked up with his mother or busy being mentally unstable, he never thought about how people would react to him being gay

·         Saeyoung and the rest of the RFA accepted him, so anyone else’s opinion did not matter at all

·         However, when some woman made an off-handed comment about the two of you being all cutesy in a café

·         Saeran ignored them, but you were hurt by what they said.

·         At first, Saeran was annoyed that you were hurt

·         “Why do you care? Does it even matter?”

·         That hurt you even more

·         Now he feels like a complete asshole

·         When you got home you were going into your bedroom when Saeran grabbed your arm, spun you around and kissed you hard.

·         “Don’t listen to what any of them have to say, I love you, who gives a damn what anyone else thinks”

·         He pulled you on to the couch and hugged you closely, not letting you go until you were peacefully asleep

·         He also knows nothing about the woman’s car being totally defaced, what, no, nothing.

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Idk I just see them as friends :0

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A - age: 21
B - biggest fear: being a failure i guess
C - current time: 17:03
D - drink you last had: minty tea
E - every day starts with: my mother making noize
F - favorite song: geez i can’t choose just one
G - ghosts, are they real? nope. would be fun if they were though
H - hometown: minsk
I - in love with: rock’n’roll
J - jealous of: people with jobs haha :(
K - killed someone: no… why would i do that? no.
L - last time you cried: can’t remember
M - middle name: i don’t have one
N - number of siblings: 0
O - one wish: people stop being ignorant assholes
P - person you last called/texted: @mothonsomemoon
Q - question you’re always asked: why so quiet
R - reason to smile: nice weather, clean sheets, tasty food
S - song last sang: dystopia by megadeth
T - time you woke up: 9:50 am
U - underwear color: no underwear
V - vacation destination: the dead sea
W - worst habit: not washing my hair for a long time
X - x-rays you’ve had: teeth, vertebrae
Y - your favorite foods: everything italian, fruits, potatoes in all shapes
Z - zodiac sign: cancer

I tag: whoever wants to do this

my dad and i stopped by the bowling alley today to see how much a birthday party for my sister would cost, and i love this mural. i love the aesthetic of bowling alleys but i especially love how much it implies a desolate, futuristic space with glass floors and nothing in sight but translucent bowling balls and pins and time does not exist. take me to Desolate Future Bowling Wasteland. 

i n f i n i t e  b o w l i n g  h e l l   2 0 0 0

you   are   a   church   of   broken  glass   &   hallelujahs .    
you   are   h a u n t e d   like   e v e r y    o t h e r    h o l y    t h i n g .    
what   tried   to  D  E  S  T  R  O  Y    you   did   not   have   the   strength 

              still   you   stand.
                                     S T U R D Y.
                                               &   smelling   of   s m o k e 

selective   &   private    e m o r i    from   t h e   1 0 0 .     as   told   by   m .

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Did you heard the news about the Mulan live action remake? No songs! AND no Li Shang! Wtf is wrong with Disney? Tadashi didn't die for this!

YES my friends are all over it !!!

#A N G E R Y R E A C S

Like why?????would they???remove???such a??? Big and important character???like that????

Mulan is not Mulan without Shang, bring this man back to the movie cuz people loves him too like Mulan do >:0


[ T A I N T E D G R A Y ' S  S E N T E N C E  M E M E ]

T h e  1 0 0 . E a r t h  S k i l l s  S t y l e

               send me one of the following and i’ll write a little something from my character to yours inspired by the phrase

“Come on, we gotta go!”
“We are so screwed.”
“I know what it looks like, but there’s another explanation.”
“I know this is hard… but we don’t have time.”

"This is home now.”
“What’s wrong with a little chaos?”
“You’re dead.”

“Attacked…? By what?”
“You have no proof.”
“Who benefits most from my death?”

"I have nothing to do with the attempt on your life… but I’m not surprised that it happened.”
“You’re too weak to do now what has to be done.”
“You’re making friends fast…”
"I’m not going anywhere.”

“It’s not an adventure, it’s a suicide mission.”
“You could have been killed.”
“I hear you have a gun.”
"I don’t need a babysitter.”

“I’m gonna make your life a living hell.”
“That’s a lie, and you know it.”
“Hey! I saw that – you cheated!”
"You’re too hot to be my brother’s bitch.”

“Maybe one of these days you’ll realize you can’t control me.”
“Wanna keep it down…? I’m trying to concentrate.”
“Brave princess…”
"Better late than never.”

“Your secret’s safe with me.”
“He may not be my real brother – but he’s always been there.”
“You’re not gonna cry, are you?”
“Go on… I’ll be fine.”
"You have someone who would do anything for you… I envy that.”

“Go on – this should be good, my delinquent psychiatrist.”

“Great, what’s falling apart now?”
“Hello, beautiful.”
“Hey… where are you going?”

"We’ve got nothing but time.”
“Hey, how do we know this is the right way?”
“See? You’re invisible.”

“We didn’t ask for this…”
“The truth is, I don’t know if he’s alive or dead.”
“Did someone call for a mechanic?”

"I don’t get it… why are you telling me this?”
“Can you do it or not?”
“I’m going with you.”
"Who’s hungry!?”

“He’s stable for now, but… without medicine…”
“I’m not doing it.”
“I thought there were no rules?”
"Come on… we’re on first watch.”

“I won’t be disobeyed.”