Seeing someone fall brings hongbin so much happiness. Legit no respect towards his hyung 😂 what am I gonna do with my smol child

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VIXX Another Idol Likes You

anon asked:  VIXX’s reaction when another idol likes you? (I saw something similar you did for bts hehe)

A/N: When you have a private relationship with them and another idol repeatedly mentions you.

N – Hakyeon is a mixed bag of ego and insecurity. At first it wouldn’t bother him too much because, hey, he thinks you’re rather spiffy, so why wouldn’t others? And it’s him you spend your time with not that other guy. But it would plant a seed which would be watered every time he heard the idol bring you up. Although he’s usually a direct person he doesn’t want to look like he’s worried. So casually he’d toss out negative comments about the other idol or point out when he’s better at something. He’d want them to sound like throw away statements but it’d be pretty obvious to anyone he was miffed.

Leo – Scowls for days whenever it’s mentioned or he saw the other idol. Taekwoon would treat you like absolute royalty in a relationship but he’s also a little on the possessive side. He would find no fault with you, of course you’re attractive to other people. He thinks the sun rises and sets with you so that wouldn’t be surprising to him. But it’d make him feel defensive. Fully aware that whomever you’re with is your decision, he wouldn’t be able to help that instinct of wanting to keep you to himself from rearing its head. He’d be wary of the potential for anyone to ‘steal’ you away.    

Ken – The clandestine nature of your relationship would add some spice that Ken would enjoy. Make it fun. And he’d feel a little smug that others wanted you but you’re already taken. The only thing that might shake his resolve would be if you and the other idol had a lot of contact. Whether it was on air or too often crossing paths backstage, it would make him uneasy but not quite to the point of anxiousness. That would only happen if you started talking about the other idol, mentioning funny things they said or did. Then Ken would feel the need to talk about the situation.

Ravi – Wonsik doesn’t strike me as someone who’s particularly observant of what goes on around him. Usually he’s holed up somewhere writing or composing. That wouldn’t leave much time for monitoring other groups or rumors. So he’d be blissfully unaware. But if he was on some kind of program with the other idol he’d notice. Whatever he’d been doing, hearing your name would prick up his ears. At first he’d think he heard wrong, because that would take some nerve. But then fast on the heels of that thought would be the reminder you guys weren’t public. So he’d sit with a forced smile to hide his annoyance.  

Hongbin – Activate salty Bean! In the beginning he’d be ok. You’re a public figure so surely he wouldn’t be the only one to see your charms. But if the idea caught on with netizens (say something like the Monday Couple) or he saw you react in a positive way he’d be hurt and overly touchy about the slightest things. “Well if you don’t like the way I fold the towels maybe your new love interest can do better?” You’d reassure him that he was your guy which would calm him down but in the back of his mind the thought would always be an uncomfortable itch until the other idol stopped mentioning you.  

Hyuk – Would act like he’s joking about it but isn’t. He’d remain blasé about the subject in front of his other members and when alone with you he’d tease you. “Would you rather so-and-so gave you a back hug?” or “Do you think so-and-so can cook more than ramen?” His tone would be light but he’d also be watching your reaction to see if you seem flustered by the thought of the other idol. It’s not that Hyuk is the extremely jealous type, but he’s mentioned not wanting a lot of guys around his partner. So I think someone being so bold as to mention you repeatedly would make him twitchy.​

Imagine Hakyeon as Peter Pan (w the Jeremy Sumpter outfit). Then we have fairy Leo, merman Hongbin, lost boys Ken & Hyuk, and Ravi is captain hook (though he’s really just a big misunderstood softie). All of them fell hard and fast for the joyful and exuberant Hakyeon (his utter sexiness did not help), even though, true to the story, he will never return any of those feelings beyond being platonic. As N himself has said, he sees no difference between romantic and friendly love