For skirts I usually use four different shades. Dark, light dark, medium and light. Those shades should be close to each other, the same color just different hues. I usually use this pattern: D,LD,M,L,M,LD, I just repeat all the way around. For the hem I add a bit of white sometimes to highlight. If you want to do pleats instead of a wavy skirt then I would use three colors. Dark,meduim,light and run a pattern all the way around in that order.
I hope this makes sense…

I added screenshots of the skirts. Sometimes I alter the pattern. In the screenshot of the black skirt the darkest color is doubled. Sometimes depending on the color it make it look smoother.

The pink skirt shows the highlight details I add at the hem to make the bottom of the skirt pop.

If you look at the screenshot of the white dress you can see how I shade my boobs. It’s very important to get the boobs right with a mzbecksboo dress :)



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