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Zarry swimming at the bungalow

“Hey, we’re going to go get pizza,” Louis called out from the sliding doors that led out to the patio, “Any of you want to come?”

“Me,” Niall yelled, hopping off the lounge chair he was sitting on and grabbing his towel. Everyone knew he was only going along to eat half the pizza on the way back, but nobody said anything.

“I’ll come too,” Liam shrugged, following Niall inside. He wanted to get to know Louis and Niall better. He turned to look at the two remaining boys, “Coming?”

“Nah, I think we’ll stay here,” Zayn said from where he sat on the lounge chair. He looked at Harry, who had just come up from air in the pool, “Right?”

Harry grinned, “Right.”

“Suit yourself,” Louis said and the three boys disappeared.

Harry smiled again. He was alone with Zayn at last. Ever since he had met him, he had thought of him as enchanting. Mysterious, maybe, but ever so attracting. He had a gut instinct that it was wrong to feel this way for his fellow band member, but he didn’t care because Zayn made him feel as though he was floating.

It wasn’t so different for Zayn. The younger boy had already charmed him, reeling him in with his dimples and infectious laugh and Zayn was already drawn to him. 

“Come for a swim?” Harry suggested, wiping the wet curls off his forehead. He just wanted to be in close proximity again.

Zayn shook his head, “You know I can’t swim." 

Harry grinned, "I’ll teach you.”

“No thanks,” Zayn laughed, though he was itching to jump in the pool. He knew he might get carried away.

“Come on!” Harry whined, “Please?” He blinked his eyelashes, almost flirtatiously, until Zayn rolled his eyes, giggling and giving in.

“If I die it’s your fault though,” Zayn reprimanded, pulling off his t-shirt.

Harry tried hard not to stare at his toned body, but all he wanted was to trace the tattoo on Zayn’s chest, run his fingers down his abs. He shook himself once he realized he was staring. 

“Come on, into the shallow end,” Harry commanded, moving to the right side of the pool. He watched as Zayn nervously stepped in and grinned when he was standing right in front of him, chest-deep in water.

“Okay, now what?” Zayn asked, trying to focus on the task ahead of him instead of those enchanting green eyes.

“Now,” Harry took a deep breath, “I tell you I’m in love with you.”

Fuck. Harry’s eyes widened. Had he said that out loud? No, no, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

“You’re - you’re what?” Zayn squinted.

“Nothing,” Harry mumbled, blushing, “Okay, so you’ve got to learn how to float first, so -”

“No, no,” Zayn grabbed Harry’s wrist, shooting jittery feelings up his arm, “You said you were in love with me?”

Harry scoffed, “No, I never said that..”

“That’s a shame,” Zayn sighed, and couldn’t help but grin when Harry’s head snapped up, “If you did say that, then I could have said me too, but I guess you didn’t..”

“Wait!” Harry blurted out, “I did - I did say that.”

Zayn grinned, “Then I can say me too.”

“Yay,” Harry said softly, their eyes connecting. 

Sometimes, impulses can be a good thing.

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Larry Stylinson, backstage, food fight :)

“You look stunning,” Louis commented as watched Harry enter the dressing room, clad in his usual blue blazer.

Harry laughed, striking a pose, “Thanks. I do look quite good, if I do say so myself.”

Louis grinned, his eyes raking Harry’s figure as he picked up an apple from the fruit bowl on the coffee table. It was true; he looked gorgeous. 

“We have fifteen minutes before the show,” Louis said, trying hard to tear his eyes away from Harry.

“Mm,” Harry nodded, falling on to the couch beside Louis, “I can’t wait.”

He looked at Louis and the two of them shared a smile that made their hearts beat faster. Neither of them knew it, but they both had small ounces of affection for each other which they let out through minuscule flirting. 

“Is there anything besides fruit?” Louis sighed, trying to move away from Harry’s proximity. Just being near him made him all fuzzy and he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to concentrate during the performance.

“There’s whipped cream in one of those bags,” Harry gestured to the baskets on the windowsill, “One of the fans dropped it off.”

“We’re saved,” Louis murmured, bounding over to the basket and grabbing a can of whipped cream. He was more of a junk-food boy than health-freak. 

He sprayed the delicious sugary cream into his mouth, closing his eyes as he took in the glory.

“Can I have some?” Harry asked, getting off the couch, “It looks delicious.” He grinned, “But then again, you make everything look delicious.”

“Oh, shut up you flirtatious bastard,” Louis rolled his eyes, though he was getting jittery inside, “You’re not getting any.”

“Please,” Harry said, lowering his voice. His eyes gleamed misheviously as he put his lips next to Louis’ ear, “Please?”

Louis’ blood started pumping at the hot breath. He turned, somewhat annoyed at Harry for the power to make him feel this way, and sprayed a whole lot of the cream on the younger boy’s face.

Harry paused, blinking as the cream fluttered off his eyelashes, “What the fuck, Louis?”

Louis couldn’t help but laugh as he backed away, knowing he would retaliate, watching Harry grab more food out of the basket. 

“Come here, you,” Harry growled good-naturedly, wiping the cream off his face as he lobbed bananas at Louis.

“Ow, fuck!” Louis laughed, rubbing his shin where a banana had hit him.

“That’s what you get,” Harry stuck out his tongue, giggling as the two emerged themselves in the food fight that would get them into heaps of trouble.

It was soon that Harry found himself in a headlock by Louis, the scattered food around them (and on them). Louis gripped Harry, “Sa you’re sorry.”

“No way,” Harry laughed, trying to squirm out of the tight grip.

“Say it!” Louis cried, “Say it or I’ll…I’ll..I’ll kiss you!”

He paused, surprised at what he had said. He wasn’t supposed to say that - it was an unspoken rule. What would Harry say now? Oh no, their relationship would be spoiled, he would ..

“Kiss me then, you idiot.”

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hey! i just started following you, your blog is stunning, i stalk you since 1,5 hours ago and I love it. good woork! :) but my question is do you follow carrotsandturtles and/or ifuckedlouis? :3 can you tell me your honest opinion about them/their blog? hah idk, i just wrote down my fav 2 1d blogs just to attack you with a random question :') xxxx

awww thank you so much! :’)

yes i follow both their blogs!

carrotsandturtles: i’ve never really talked to her, but her blog is so quality and i love her theme! her posts are awesome and she seems really nice :)

ifuckedlouis: linda is so sweet, i love her! her blog is amazing as well!

haha thanks again! x

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What was your challenge? :) I can't hear it at school.

it was the one direction accent challenge! 

My name and username and where I’m from

Pronounce the following words: harry, liam, louis, zayn, niall, one direction, chinos, jack wills, turtles, carrots, vas happenin, 1d, scone, alri, bin, forever young, torn, barbara, bromance, lamborghini, hesitation, fungi, onesies, picturesque, spoons, oreo, rogan josh, energy drink, chicken oriental, curly.

Which  superhero did louis claim to be in video diary week 9? 

Complete the sentence: “keep the change, you ___ _____!

What is zayn’s last name? 

What did one direction sing during week one of the x factor live shows? 

Who was one direction’s mentor during the x factor? 

Where is harry from?

What is your favourite bromance?

If you could choose a song for 1d to sing, which song would you choose?

End with three of your favourite one direction quotes.

I also just answered some questions and gave a few shoutouts (:

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Do you know what the boys parents and siblings names are? thanks :) x


  • parents: Maura and Robert
  • brother: greg


  • parents: anne and joe milward
  • sister: gemma


  • parents: amie and collin
  • sisters: ruth and nicola and charlotte


  • parents: mark and johanna (jay)
  • sisters: Charlotte, Felicite, Daisy, Phoebe
  • parents: i dont know :/
  • sisters: Doniya, saffa, waliyha

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Of course. Just stating the facts. :) Now you got me reading through your blog. You're so amazing! Where do you get your ideas? x

:$ This is so nice of you, thank you so much. I’m tearing up :’)

Well, mostly from movies and books I guess. Or things I think would make cute dates. Or even just things I wish would happen to me, teehee. Or song lyrics! Ideas are everywhere! :)

Oh, could I be in your tumblr family? Louis’ suspenders ;D ? Thanks again!! xx <3