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i'm sorry to burst into your inbox uninvited like this but i just watched rlt's interview with the la times and he is just so incredibly important!! not only is his insight into oswald so fucking involved and empathetic but it's so encouraging to see a gay actor be open about his sexuality and how it informs his work and his understanding of characterization and also not shy away from implicating his character as anything less than straight either!! rlt is truly the hero that gotham deserves

Hi! First, I love when people burst into my inbox uninvited and send me thoughtful nice asks! :) So no need to be sorry at all!

Yes that interview was truly amazing, really good questions from the interviewer and it felt like we got so much new info and yeah questions that hadn’t been asked before in that way. So we got in very deep in Robin’s thoughts about playing Oswald and the character.

Robin is just wonderful and so perfect for this role <3
And mentioning that story about the bullied kid and draw a parallel to Oswald! Don’t know if that was meant as even more confirmation that Oswald is queer but I read it that way, and some people will not read it the same way as me and yeah that’s fine and up to everyone to decide for themselves ofc! But anyhow such an amazing character, I love Oswald so much! Also as said in this amazing post about the Gotham characters the fact that he’s ”Queer and disabled but not portrayed as weak or incapable in any way because of it” <3