Chrysalis overlooked the rocky chamber from her elevated platform. It was time. The first official meeting of the queens of Equestria’s changeling hives. It would serve as a speaking platform, a neutral ground to settle border disputes and other concerns before bloodshed could occur. She herself would serve as judge, the ultimate authority, Queen of all queens. Maybe it would help.
She scanned the room once more. Around a stone table, the queens of the four biggest hives of Equestria were settled. To her left, Miasma was tapping her hooves, bored and impatient at the lack of proceedings. Further down, Myxine was inspecting some documents that Chrysalis’ centurion had bothered to draw up before the meeting, an approximate overlook over the various resources, lands and numbers of the attending hives. She was probably the only one to study them this intently. Across her, Ambrosia was content to play with some glowing bugs she had found underneath the table. Only one seat was empty.
Chrysalis sighed. They had waited long enough. She cleared her throat to catch the others’ attention.
“So, I take it we’re all present?”
Miasma let out a theatrical yawn.
“Not yet. We’re still missing the creepy one.”
“Is that what you call me these days, you spoiled brat?”
The queens collectively turned their heads as a sharp voice rang from the entrance of an adjoining tunnel. Clacking footsteps sounded as a gnarled shape undid itself from the darkness, a withered, elderly changeling adorned in scars, one blind eye peering out from behind white strands of hair. The hunched figure made her way towards the table.
The room was silent but for a sharp hiss as Miasma sucked in air through her teeth.
Chrysalis shook off her confusion and addressed the intruder:
“Who are you?”
The newly arrived guest gave her a silent smirk, then nodded towards Miasma.
“She knows.”
The hiss from Miasma descended into a growl; and then she snapped at the other queen:
“But that’s impossible! You are dead! I killed you!”
The white-haired changeling gave another smirk as she came up behind Ambrosia, wandering to the seat opposite Miasma.
“Is that so?”
A bright red flame suddenly leapt over the figure, transforming her into a more familiar form. Milky white eyes peered from behind a dirty brown mane flowing over a rust-red carapace as the queen of the Necropolis Hive sat down at her designated place at the table.
“Calliphora”, Miasma growled, while the other queens shifted uneasy glances.
“I should have known. But how did you know what she looked like?”
The eerie apparition before her inspected her perforated legs, then absent-mindedly trailed the surroundings, finally coming to rest on the purple-backed queen opposite her. For the blink of an eye her white irises shifted to a blood red colour as she cocked her head.
“I have my ways”, she smiled.
Chrysalis considered the scene that had just played out before her and then looked towards the other queens. They shrugged.
The meeting was off to a good start.

Whenever a new generation of changelings is born, the queen makes sure to check the newly-laid eggs as often as possible. Since the entire hive is descended from her genetic code, any genetic mutation, virus or biological agent would spread with incredible speed and possibly result in fatal consequences for the hive. Any abnormalities are therefore promptly ejected from it.

“You…you saved me?”

——————- Changelings of the Hagfish Hive often let themselves be rescued from “drowning” so they can feign admiration for their rescuer and prey on his feelings, but occasionally they’ll also turn the tables and help ponies caught in a shipwreck - that they usually caused themselves. Since ponies aren’t all THAT big on seafaring, they can’t do that too often though and have to keep a close eye on their resources. Sometimes they’ll instead disguise themselves as crew and hire aboard a ship to simply gain love and respect from fellow crew members. Since they have excellent knowledge of Horseshoe Bay and surrounding areas, many Hagfish changelings have already gotten a good filling working as helmsman or even captain. When food is extremely scarce, they tend to wander into nearby fishing towns and try their luck there. Sometimes it’s as simple as disguising themselves as an old salt and gaining love from children for telling stories. Since most of their hive’s chambers are connected through underwater tunnels, they don’t take husks for their hive.

Commission: Strangers in paradise

Well, not complete strangers. The male pony is TheJboy88’s ponysona Jay (who I want to thank at this point for being my most loyal customer to date) and the female pony is actually Myxine in disguise, about to indulge in a rare all-you-can-eat meal.
For while the Hagfish Hive usually restricts itself to only taking bits and pieces here and there, on some occasions they manage to stage a shipwreck in such a manner that most ponies involved are presumed dead by the authorities and thus won’t be missed by others. It’s a high risk maneuver that requires a lot of planning, time and utmost precision: The ponies involved must at least show some attraction to the disguised changelings before the crash, the crash must be guided in a way that comes across as a natural mishap, no other parties may be allowed to interfere, and finally, the ponies themselves cannot be allowed to rescue themselves or each other. Each and everyone (should there even BE multiple survivors) must think themselves to be the last survivor, stranded only with the disguised changeling to accompany them, in order to take away their inhibitions and allow for an undisturbed meal.
Since this maneuver requires so much effort, it is only rarely employed; usually when the hive needs to be expanded. A rare treat indeed, and one of the few times that Myxine can let herself go and eat her fill.

A: “Psst, I think some of them look rather cute. What do you think?”
M: “I say we kill them.”
More Don Bluth style emulation! Cause it’s fun to draw and people seem to like it.
Are they kinda ugly? Hell yeah they are! They’re the villains! If you can’t tell the villains from the heroes by look alone, you’re probably not in a Bluth movie.

so after some thinking (and some asks), i’ve come to the conclusion that, while an underwater hive is rather silly, a seaside hive might actually be cool.

so here’s queen myxine and her changelings. they live in hollowed out caves along the shore and eat seafood to produce their building material (which might resemble corals). usually they’ll either play the drowning to be saved, or save the drowning. sometimes they build sharp spires underwater and try to navigate ships into them. sometimes they’re lazy and just simulate a shark attack by swimming with their horn looking up over the water like a shark fin.

they are a pretty small hive as ponies aren’t all that big on seafaring. overall they’re pretty pragmatic and a direct contrast to the honeycomb hive’s song and dance.

Like I said in this picture, I normally draw young changeling queens with young Fluttershy’s body type, so I wanted to do just that. And since I didn’t draw Myxine last time, she’s the perfect fit.

So this is an actual “canon” pic of Myxine shortly after she’s born. Now she has to go out into the world and make her first husk to prove herself worthy of being queen. Normally young queens instinctively assume the shape of a foal because they know it will get them the most love. Sometimes they simply turn up at the doorstep of a childless couple, but occasionally, after keen observation and thorough analysis of the risks, a queen might replace an existing child to gather even more love. This is where a common misconception about changelings comes from, that they replace children in the cradle - when in fact it is only queens that can do so.