A cascade of snowflakes

Summary: Logan and Rory’s affair happened in their mid-twenties and resulted in Ricarla Lorelai “Ricci” Gilmore. While Rory didn’t keep Logan away from their daughter, she refused to take Huntzberger hand-outs and moved to Philadelphia with the plan to work for Truncheon as an editor while pregnant. Rory found a steady job at Philadelphia Center Cable News (PCCN) as a news writer and worked her way up to a segment host for a half-hour show called ‘Live at Nine’. Jess and Rory have been living together since she moved to Philly, and their relationship has slowly built into something more in the five years they’ve been together. This story takes place over Christmas and New Years of 2015.

| Family, romance, friendship, drama | rated T | 11, 600 words | Literati


I’d like to think that Viktor knows how to play the piano and it’s something that nobody knows. He had one in his apartment and he usually plays it when he feels the need to unwind, to lose himself in the music. It relaxes him and Yuuri only finds this out when he goes to stay with Viktor in Russia for a few weeks, discovering the piano that rests in the wide space of his living room. 

“You play the piano?” Yuuri asks, surprised as he allows his fingers to grace the cold black and white keys. 

Viktor comes out from his bedroom, their bedroom, as he’s placed their luggage in there before smiling lightly. “Yeah, I do. I learned to play while growing up but stopped because skating become more of a priority.” He admits and Yuuri can’t help but smile at the thought of a young Viktor sat at a grand piano, blue eyes wide as he took in what his teacher explained to him. 

“Can you play well?” Yuuri asks teasingly, laughing when Viktor gasped and placed a hand over his chest, feigning offense. 

“I’ll have you know that I was one of the best.” Viktor tells him, making his way towards the bench before sitting himself down. He pats the space beside him and Yuuri takes a seat next to him, pressing in close but not so close to limit his movements. 

Viktor gives him a small wink before his fingers begin to dance across the keys, sweet music filling Yuuri’s ears. Yuuri stares in amazement as he watches slender fingers move and press, the sounds blending together to create something so beautiful, unlike Yuuri has ever heard. 

He glances at Viktor and his heart warms at the sight of a man who has lost himself in the flow. His blue eyes are closed, his head slightly tilted towards the ceiling as if he was looking at the sky. The early morning sun dresses him in its light and he looks almost magical, like something that isn’t of this earth. 

An angel, perhaps. 

Yuuri closes his eyes, peace washing over him, as he gently rests his head on Viktor’s shoulder. A soft kiss is pressed against his head but the music still plays as Viktor continues to lull them into this sense of comfort. It’s warm, breathtaking and absolutely everything that is good in this world. 

It was like home. 

It seems like time has gone when Yuuri awakens in Viktor’s bed, covered in a duvet with a blanket on top. He hears the distant sounds of Viktor in the kitchen and the smell of something delicious cooking on the stove. 

He didn’t even realize he had fallen asleep but it was just so perfect that he couldn’t resist the temptation. 

The sound of Viktor’s music still dances within Yuuri’s mind as he throws on a sweater and makes his way into the kitchen to greet him, smother him in kisses and whisper those three words that they both love to hear. 

Yuuri brushes his fingers gently across the piano keys as he walks past, a kiss upon his fingertips. 

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Haphne for the otp asks?

i am pretty sure this was a request for another ask game, but i decided to keep it in my inbox to use for the @slytherdornet winter/holiday challenge!

  • harry had never been ice-skating before.
  • daphne was gaping up at him as he explained this, and he was really tempted to sarcastically ask her when she thought he would have had time to do this in his life, but he stopped himself.
  • they had recently sparked up a rather.. unlikely friendship.
  • it happened shortly after they came back for their eighth year at hogwarts.
  • they were assigned to be potion partners - harry was dreading it as soon as he heard her name called with his, but he learned quickly that daphne greengrass wasn’t all that bad.
  • he actually had grown quite fond of her.
  • too fond of her.
  • there was no way that she would ever want to go out with him.
  • he was awkward; she was flawless and fluid.
  • the odds were not in his favor.
  • however, they were now hanging out by the burrow during their holiday break from hogwarts.
  • and their conversation about ice-skating was sparked because of the frozen pond in front of them.
  • “i still can’t believe it, harry,” she explained, “that just seems like it should be a part of everyone’s child, even one like yours.”
  • “the dursley’s would never let me have fun, let alone leave the house.”
  • harry could tell she immediately regretted her last few words and looked away from him with a frown on her face.
  • “it’s awful,” she whispered, “how they treated you. everything you have had to go through, and to think that my family was a part of your pain.”
  • harry didn’t know how to respond other than to grab her hand. they entwined their fingers together, and he felt her look up at him - he kept his eyes out on the frozen pond.
  • “it’s not your fault, it’s over now.”
  • “that still doesn’t mean i’m not sorry.”
  • he finally decided to look at her.
  • he was always amazed by how grey her eyes were. they were gorgeous; they were mesmerizing.
  • they reminded him of a storm - harry knew there was a reason he always liked them.
  • he wasn’t sure how it happened, because his mind went fuzzy once it did, but she leaned forward and softly pressed her lips against his.
  • he felt the wool of her white sweater on the side of his cheek, and he now felt his hands in her soft hair.
  • they pulled away slowly, and harry was the one to open his eyes first.
  • daphne seemed dazed.
  • she fluttered her eyelids some once she opened them.
  • he expected her to say something, but instead, she reached over for her wand, and before he knew it, she had made ice skates appear.
  • i think,” she said softly with a small smile, “it’s time for you to ice skate.”
  • he watched as she laced her skates up and followed.
  • she got up before him and offered him her hand.
  • he grabbed it and rubbed the pad of his thumb against her knuckles.
  • he swore he felt her shiver - and he wondered if it had to do with him or the cold.
  • “i think that you are right, daphne greengrass.” 
Rewind, Chapter 6

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Pairing: Gratsu - Gray Fullbuster / Natsu Dragneel

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Major Character Death; Graphic Depiction of Violence

Summary: When a mission turns out to be fatal for one of the team members, Natsu finds himself being given another chance to change the events.

Additional information: weekly updates; every Sunday.

Beta by @serpenttailedangel <33

Tagging list: @f-r-f-t @truedreamchasing @mushi0131 @eitomagical @thatartcorner @eternalsterekbitches @becausewhenyoupracticeyouimprove if somebody else wants to be tagged (or not tagged anymore) in the future, please let me know!

Note: Ultear is still young in this fic, in case you were wondering.


When their shopping tour finished, it was already past five. Jellal had followed them in some of the shops, but he hadn’t tried to come close to them.

They were running out of time, and Gray was growing more and more nervous with every second. Natsu dragged Gray into a deserted backstreet, and beckoned Jellal to join them.

“Is Ultear already here?” he asked as soon as Jellal was in earshot.

“Yes, since half an hour or so. She’s waiting in the forest close to Magnolia, since she’s not familiar with this town and doesn’t know where you live. Meredy’s here, too. She refused to let Ultear go alone.”

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If your looking for cheating fic inspiration listen to Gasoline by Troye Sivan

oh no now my heart is breaking <//333


tw cheating

“Baby, do you know where I put my keys?” Jack said softly, to ease Bitty out of his sleep. 

Bitty didn’t stir, he’d come home late last night and passed out next to Jack immediately. Jack didn’t have the heart to actually wake him up, so he gave him a quick kiss and called an Uber instead of spending more time to look for his keys. 

When the echo of the front door closing faded, Bitty’s eyes fluttered open. He caressed the lingering warmth of Jack’s lips on his cheek and almost broke into a sob right then and there. His phone buzzed with a text from Jack, who wouldn’t even have gotten into an Uber yet. 

Jack: Omw to practice, love you <3 :-)

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+ RPF + Natalia Dyer / Charlie Heaton + pg + 1702 words


“Thanksgiving? In her family? Aww, dude–”
Charlie rolled his eyes.
“I mean, Thanksigiving is a big deal here. I know that you are english but, it’s quite important on this side of the Atlantic. So, dinner with her family? I see… Are you planning to ask for her father’s permission? Or -SHIT!- you are going to propose?”
“Shut up Joe!”

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Hurt / Comfort Dialogue Prompt

eirenical inquired:
12 or 15 for Combeferre x Courfeyrac? ^_^

@eirenical So I had a go at number 12 too :D (It’s an odd mix of pain and fluff, I’m not sure what happened, sorry!) 

Courferre Reincarnation AU, where Courf starts to remember their previous life. 

12. “I heard you scream. Nightmares again?”

A broken scream tore through the apartment, piercing the night with a heart-wrenching tone of agony. Combeferre dropped the book he was reading and scrambled upright, almost tripping over his own feet as he ran to the bedroom.

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I do not want to be beautiful. I want to be contagious and radiant. I want to leave a mark on not only on the world but on souls. I want to have something to offer; something more than the superficial idea that my beauty is all that I have to give.
—  I have so much more.

when love leaves, I am so reckless-
short dresses, long sweaters, lipstick
so red it’s a warning flashing in the night
but no one’s paying attention
and it ends up on a boy’s shirt collar anyway.

I hurt myself just to prove I can.
I smoke cigarettes I don’t want
and drink liquor that comes in plastic bottles.
I fall asleep drunk and screaming at



Fortesa Latifi - when love leaves

from We Were Young

available here

of course they don’t understand, baby - 

how could they?

they have not seen
the elation in your eyes
when you greet me
with inexplicable

i do not believe
there is a sight safer
than you 
looking at me.

they have not heard
the softness of your voice
when your lips
part in a
gentle whisper of
three beautiful words;

i do not doubt
the truthfulness
of them.

they have not listened
to your stories,
or uncovered
the fragments of you
i’m not sure
sunlight has seen;

i will never tire
of listening
to the rhythmic way
you speak.

most of all
they have not experienced
the way you love:

way you love

and if they had,
they would have never questioned
how i could love you

—  “inexplicable” by chloe roberts

I am ashamed of what we made of each other.
in a different world, our younger selves are ignoring
the warnings because feeling love for the first time
feels so important that it’s okay if it hurts.

there are still things I can’t admit.
there are still things I can’t believe
I did to make you love me.

there is nothing about me
that resembles the girl
you first met. this is both
a tragedy and a relief.

—  Fortesa Latifi