The Perfect Gentleman

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Request from @iknowyouwuvme: Newt Scamander x reader where she’s a muggle but a huge animal lover & he falls for her & confesses his feelings & it’s cute? 

Word Count : 3848

You were watching your childhood friend ,Jacob, and his girlfriend ,Queenie, from behind the counter as they shamelessly flirted with one another before leaving the bakery in your hands for the night. They weren’t your average couple but they were definitely the cutest in your book. A smile grew on your face as you watched the two of them. Jacob looked so happy with Queenie on his arm. You couldn’t believe that at one moment you were suspicious of her stirring Jacob into trouble. Queenie was an absolute doll.

You remembered the day Jacob invited you to come have dinner at their apartment. He wanted to officially introduce you to the girl he fell head over heels for and her sister.

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i’ll never smile again

A/N: The funeral scene we all needed. Because Peggy deserves better and Steve needs to break down and be human. 

Inspired by this post by @caleysteggy and by @spookymattboyd, thank you for your inspiration.

also posted here on ao3. 

word count: 1553

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I do not want to be beautiful. I want to be contagious and radiant. I want to leave a mark on not only on the world but on souls. I want to have something to offer; something more than the superficial idea that my beauty is all that I have to give.
—  I have so much more.

I am ashamed of what we made of each other.
in a different world, our younger selves are ignoring
the warnings because feeling love for the first time
feels so important that it’s okay if it hurts.

there are still things I can’t admit.
there are still things I can’t believe
I did to make you love me.

there is nothing about me
that resembles the girl
you first met. this is both
a tragedy and a relief.

—  Fortesa Latifi

of course they don’t understand, baby - 

how could they?

they have not seen
the elation in your eyes
when you greet me
with inexplicable

i do not believe
there is a sight safer
than you 
looking at me.

they have not heard
the softness of your voice
when your lips
part in a
gentle whisper of
three beautiful words;

i do not doubt
the truthfulness
of them.

they have not listened
to your stories,
or uncovered
the fragments of you
i’m not sure
sunlight has seen;

i will never tire
of listening
to the rhythmic way
you speak.

most of all
they have not experienced
the way you love:

way you love

and if they had,
they would have never questioned
how i could love you

—  “inexplicable” by chloe roberts

if I knew an easier way to exist, I would choose that.
people say ‘this is making you stronger’  like I wanted another
reason to stay awake at night. like I wanted another ruler
to measure my survival by.

someone who loves me asks what’s wrong
and if I were braver, I would say this:
I am scared you will leave if I tell you how much hurt I’m carrying-
there are softer people to love. I am afraid of the day you figure this out.

—  Fortesa Latifi - 10:14 P.M.
i met a girl who changed my life.

she is one of a kind,
one shard of glass of a whole
broken window.

her dollar store hair ties
leave temporary scars on
my wrists.

the smell of her flowery
perfume makes me feel as if
i’m living in the Garden of Eden.

the artifical dyes in her hair
remind me of 90s girl bands
singing in the tune of feminism.

her laugh echoes through my mind
weeks after i first hear it.

her miscellaneous knowledge makes
our 3 a.m. coversations interesting.

her chipped nail polish reminds me
that we are human and we are alive.

she is a moonlit dream,
made of magic and emotion.

we were opposite sides of
the same coin, together

but i don’t know her anymore.
—  olympia rose
You broke my heart in September when all leaves were dying, and I think a piece of me died too. I’ve felt cold all winter, even when I should have felt warm. My only birthday wish, was one from you. The only thing I wanted for Christmas, was you back. My only New Years resolution was to find a way to make myself better so you’d regret leaving. There were times it felt like the snow was suffocating me, and all I could do was scream for autumn because it was easier to say than your name. Soon everything will start melting, the grass will start growing, and trees will start healing- so will I.
—  It’s been a long winter, h.v.