Cherik AU : where Charles is an adorable university student, Erik is a handsome hot executive in NYC.

 It was supposed to be a one night stand. Don’t you get it? -Erik Lehnsherr

Then tell me why you’re looking at me like you want to fuck me again, again, again. -Charles Xavier

Charles falls in love with Erik at first sight in a club.(in case you doubt that it’s possible, could you just look at Erik, for a moment?thank you.problem solved)

Erik takes Charles home to fuck him that night. Usually it means nothing to Erik. But Charles, somehow Charles is special. Erik doesn’t know why.

Erik doesn’t believe love. Also, he can’t handle that unexpected feelings about Charles well, It’s so unfamiliar to him, and it scares the hell out of him. So He decides to do what he always does when he is scared. He yells to the cause to fuck off. (yes, he is a dick, I know, sorry) 

Charles finally gives up, says good bye to Erik. 

Erik regrets it immediately. He wants to bring Charles back.(yes, he is an idiot, I know, sorry again)

lovely baby Charles from ‘Starter for 10’, poor and hot Erik from 'Shame’