Depending on where you began the story, it was about  C a b e s w a t e r.

              Cabeswater was not a forest. Cabeswater was a thing that happened to look like a forest right now. This was a peculiar magic that meant that it was always very old and very young at once. It had always been and yet it was always learning itself. It was always alive and waiting to be alive again.

I’ll be okay.

Maybe not tomorrow,
Maybe not in 100 days,
But I’ve not exhausted every exit,
and I’m sure I’ll find my way.

Sometimes I’m sure I see it,
Glimmering softly through the dark,
But I get closer and grow hopeful,
To realise it was just a spark.

And sparks burn bright,
but extinguish fast,
Volatile and unreliable,
Like both my future, and my past.

—  “I’ll Be Okay” by Hannah Mansell (hannahmliterature)